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QSL Information Pages - Nepal (NPL)

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140800 km2
25284500 inhabitants
capital : Kathmandau / Kathmandu

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 6, FM 5, shortwave 1 (January 2000)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Nepal

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

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R Nepal 5005 kHz, det. qsl-card in 58 days / 2 IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Dez 94
R. Nepal on 5005, QSL card in 3 months for a taped report. 2 IRCs sent. v/s R.S. Karki A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Feb 95
I got a QSL from Radio Nepal the other day for that Dec.7 reception. I was flabbergasted ! After 15 years of reports, all of a sudden there's a card after 40 days. R.McVicar-EQA Jihad DX 20 Feb 95
R. Nepal, 5005, f/d -Town of Pokhara- card in 91 days for an EG report and 3 IRCs as requested by the v/s, R.S. Karki. S.Martin-CA-USA Cumbre DX 082 Apr 96
R Nepal 5005 qsl-card 3135 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 96
R Nepal 5005 qsl-card rp : 1US $ 195 days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 96
Radio Kathmandu 5005. Nice QSL showing picture of Pokhara township, supposedly the second largest town in Nepal. I only hope it's not the second largest city ! A nice surprise to find this one in the mailbox the other day. Veri signer looks to be RS Karki. Received in 8 months for a US Dollar and postcard of Sydney R.Jary-SA-AUS Cumbre DX 126 Feb 97
5005 Radio Nepal f/d 'Pokhara' cd. in 11 mos. after 13 rpts. over 16 yrs. ! v/s : R.S. Kharki C / V# 215 T.Palmersheim-MT-USA Cumbre DX 129 Mrz 97
R Nepal 5005 qsl-card 1 IRC 98 days, v/s : Ram S Karki. P.Miroshnikov-RUS WDXC QSL Report Apr 97
5005 Radio Nepal signer is R S Kaiki. Back in 130 days no reply postage. L.Boyer-NZL TFW 041 Okt 97
R. Nepal : On 23 / 10/97 I receievd a QSL card from R Nepal signed by RR S Karki for a reecption of 20 / 02 / 1996 in 5005 1605-1613. Adress radio broadcasting service POB 634 Kathmandu Nepal Z.Liangas-GRC TFW 042 Nov 97
5005 Radio Nepal full-data " Pokhara " card in 3 weeks for $ 1.00 and local postcard. v/s : R. S. Karki. G.Maroti-NY-USA Cumbre DX 168 Dez 97
5005 Radio Nepal. full data -Mountain Scene- card in 44 days for $ 1.00 + taped report. v/s : R.S. Karki - Engineer. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 172 Jan 98
5005 Radio Nepal full data 'Pokhara' QSL card in 44 days for English report, cassette recording, 3 IRC's and a local postcard. v/s : R.S. Karki. M.Mohrmann-VT-USA Cumbre DX 172 Jan 98
Radio NEPAL - P.O.BOX 634 - Kathmandu 5005 kHz - QSL in 145 dd, no IRC S.Mannelli-I Webpage Jan 98
R Nepal 5005 qsl-card 1 IRC 66 days, v/s : Ram Karki. J.Kumar-G WDXC QSL Report Jul 98
Radio Nepal 7165 and 5005. Color card with view of mountains. Received three years and ten months after reception, and four months after the fourth follow up. This is my only reception of Radio Nepal to date. $ 2 return postage. J.Evans-TN-USA Cumbre DX 217 Nov 98
5005 Radio Nepal partial data QSL showing Pokhara, Nepal (Nepal's second largest city, according to the card) with mountains in the background. Received in 11 months for an English report and 3 IRC. (Received six months following first follow up letter.) R.E.Hankison-KS-USA Cumbre DX 217 Nov 98
Radio Nepal, 3230 kHz., full data " Pokhara " card received 14 weeks after a " let's give it one more try " followup and $ 1.00 U.S. for a 1988 (!) reception. v/s R. S. Karki. That's definitely my record for the oldest reception verified ! E.Tilbury-ALS direct to QIP Dez 98
R.Nepal / 3230 kHz, 215 days, detailedqsl-card / $. J.Waga-D ADDX 1999-02 Jan 99
R Nepal - det. Karte Pohara Bergmassiv 7165 kHz 1400 11.01.90 3300 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jan 99
R. Nepal, 5005, 80 Tage, K, Ram S. Kharki (IRC). U.Heller-D Eastside DX 06 Jun 99
R Nepal - det. Karte Pokhara 3230 kHz 1400 11.12.89 3600 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Okt 99
R Nepal - det. Karte Pokhara 5005 kHz 1400 11.12.89 3600 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Okt 99
R Nepal 5005 kHz, f/d card, rp : 1, 573 days. N.Borovenski-RUS WDXC QSL Report Okt 00
7165, R. Nepal, rcvd not one but two color postcard QSLs within a few weeks of each other for an ancient 1994 rpt after numerous follow-ups over the years. v/s R. S. Karki. J.Herkimer-NY-USA Numero Uno 1604 Nov 00
5005 R.Nepal, Khumaltar-NPL, 373 dias, cartão QSL full-data. v/s : R.S.Karki. QTH : Radio Broadcasting Service, P.O. Box 634, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B radioecutas-ML Feb 01
R. Nepal / 5005, 110 days, detailed QSL-card / IRC. H.Wolff-D ADDX 2001-06 Mrz 01
5005 - R.Nepal, Khumaltar-NPL, 373 dias, cartão QSL full-data. v/s: R.S.Karki. QTH : Radio Broadcasting Service, P.O. Box 634, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B DXCB 2001-03 Mrz 01
QSL from Radio Nepal arrived in 168 days. Sent my report by ordinary mail, no return postage included. Address was taken from WRTH-2000 (Radio Broadcasting Service, P.O.Box 634, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal). D.Puzanov-KAZ Signal DX 006 Mrz 01
Radio Nepal 5005,00 kHz, - 286 Tage, QSL-Karte, Details : ja. P.E.Boeck-D EAWRC 287 Apr 01
Radio Nepal 5005 full data "Pokhara Nepal" card with station stamp, v/s R.S Kharki, in 19 months, for report, rp and 2 f/u's. When QSLing, never give up and try anything! DXer Ed Kusalik told me that many years ago! I never have. Well, outside laying on the front sidewalk, a QSL from Radio Nepal! The postman must have missed the mail-box and I just missed hitting it with the spray of the garden hose. A long story behind this one. The report was mailed early in Feb 2002 from Laos by my youngest brother who was heading up a drilling project for a Canadian oil drilling contractor for fledgling Laos National Oil Company. J.Talbot-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 401 Mai 02
A QSL dropped in : Radio Nepal 5005, full data QSL-card, though the stamp had been stolen and most of the print had flaked off - you should see it ! But who cares ? For a report in December 2002 with tape enclosed. J.Berglund-S HCDX-ML Jun 02
QSL card from Radio Nepal. Reception on 7165 kHz, sent a report more than a year ago (reception on 11 Jan 2001, during the Italian AIR Contest). Pokhara town is featured. Verification form was created by laser printer, but the card's surface is too smooth, so some letters have been dropped away already. Date-Time-Freq written manually, signed by Rjkarki. It's my 114th radio country. D.Mezin-RUS Signal DX 061 Jun 02
I recvd. a QSL card yesterday from Radio Nepal for RR 10-09-2001. I had heard that Radio Nepal has stopped replying RR's with a QSl. B.Kulkarni-BNG GRDXC-ML Sep 02
R Nepal have been long known as BAAAD QSLers. Two years ago I actually visited them and asked on behalf of a Ge friend who had sent them a dozen reception reports over the years. And they said, "Oh yes, we have those reports!" and showed me a big stack of UNOPENED mail from all over the world, some of it years old, and "What about it?" I tried to explain to them the idea of reports and QSLs which just earned me blank stares and shrugs... On top of that they ARE desperately poor, R Nepal that is. So, apart from that fact I just think there isn't anybody who cares enough - that's the sad state of affairs. The idea of folks listening to far- away radio stns and then even send them a report about it, expecting some sort of verification is just a bit too alien to folks in a country where the stn engineer goes taxidriving in the evenings to feed his family. With the present crisis, an unpopular king who ousted the elected govt and appointed a new one, so-called Maoist rebels who don't seem to have any progr beyond killing people and the economy in a complete shambles, I think we can all just bury our hopes for a QSL from R Nepal. Matter of fact, my personal believe is: if it weren't a good propaganda instrument which the king makes good use of, a 'Radio Nepal' would have long ceased to be...Tape them if you can and let that be your QSL. swl Nov 8) T.Roth-D BC-DX 599 Nov 02
Full data QSL card receiveed from R Nepal after 266 days. The card depicts Annapurna Ranges at Pokhara signed by R. S. Karki. The snail mail report was sent to Radio Nepal, P.O. Box - 634, Kathmandu, Nepal. S.Chakrobrty-IND HCDX-ML Mrz 03
RADIO NEPAL 5005 QSLcard in 330 d. SENT 2 IRCs ADDRESS : SINGA DURBAR, KATMANDU. F.Carnevalini-I Play-DX 2003-4 Apr 04
Nepal Broadcasting Service 1IRC 5005 kHz, c 210 days, T.Edge-G BDXC-UK 2004-06 Jun 04
Radio Nepal 5005 kHz, F/D "Annapurna Ranges, Pokhara" card in 300 days from R.S. Karki. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2004-09 Sep 04
RADIO NEPAL: Full details QSL CARD received on July 11th, 2005. Showing "Annapurna Ranges, Pokhara" #. Rport sent on August 16, 2002. Frequency: 5005 at 10.30 UTC. Vrs./ R.S. Karki. Note: It was a nice surprise to receive this longer expected QSL CARD I really gave up with this rare station. C.Pérez Dioses-PRU HCDX-ML Jul 05
Radio Nepal, Surkhet 576 kHz, heard: 13.9.2005 FFF, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05
Radio Nepal, Kathmandu 792 kHz, heard: 13.9.2005, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05
R. NEPAL 5005 kHz QSLcard F/d. in 3 Years !! NO IRC SENT. V/s: R.S. Karki (QSL-Manager) (2005) C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
R Nepal 5005 kHz QSL Card F/d. in 226 days. SENT 1 US $. Address : P.o.BOX 634, Kathmandu. R.Strautmalis-LVA Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06

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