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QSL Information Pages - Jordan (JOR)

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92300 km2
5153400 inhabitants
capital : 'Ammān / Amman

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 6, FM 5, shortwave 1 (1999)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Jordan

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R Jordan 9560 kHz, det. qsl-card in 101 days, schedule, tourist info R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Nov 88
13655 kHz, Amman2 10.03.89 15.07.89 127 days, QSL : kort G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jul 89
R Jordan - det. Karte Radio-Logo 9560 kHz 1700 10.01.89 197 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jul 89
R. Jordan, 9560, f /d card; v/s Jawad Zada, for Dec. '88 reception. In 7 years and 8 months, after 12 f/ups and innumerable IRCs and -green stamps.- Delighted to have finally bagged this one. B.Krepp-MA-USA Cumbre DX 102 Sep 96
R Jordan 11690 kHz, det. qsl-card in 187 days, schedule, sticker R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Nov 96
R. Jordan Int. on 11970, v/s Jawad Zada, Director. (DX-clusive 733 / Play DX # 916 6 / 01 1997) V.-J.Rinkinen-FIN TFW Jan 97
R Jordan 11690 qsl-card no r.postage 20 days. R.Patrick-G WDXC QSL Report Feb 97
R Jordan 11690 card schedule sticker 48 days. J.Svendsen-NOR Norwegian DX News Mrz 97
R Jordan on 11970, QSL card in 78 days, no IRC sent, v/s Jawadzada, Director (Play DX # 926 16 / 03 1997) J.Quinones A.-PRU TFW Mrz 97
11690 Radio Jordan full data card with schedule and 2 stickers in 78 days. Verification signer Jawad Zada. D.Ziolkowski-WI-USA Cumbre DX 135 Apr 97
R Amman 11690 card 14 weeks. T.H.Hesjadalen-NOR Norwegian DX News Apr 97
R Jordan 11970 qsl-card no r.postage 75 days, v/s : Ajawad Zada, Director. P.Miroshnikov-RUS WDXC QSL Report Apr 97
11690 Radio Jordan Full-data logo card, schedule and stickers by airmail in 6 weeks for 2 IRCs from Jawad Zada, Director. Address : Box 909, Amman, Jordan. C.Lobdell-MA-USA Cumbre DX 140 Mai 97
11970, a full data logo / thank you QSL card and schedules from Radio Jordan in 16 months for an English report. Verification signer-Jawad Zada. M.Prindle-NY-USA Cumbre DX 141 Jun 97
Radio Jordan 11690. Full data card in 748 days (!) v/s Jawad Zada, Director. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Jun 97
Radio Jordan (Jordan R + TV Corp.) f /d card with sked on back. 6035 kHz HS relay Arabic 0050 UTC Dec. 27, 1994. Report in EE, no IRC, reply in 2 yrs 8 mos, v/s Jawad Zada. S.Ashimori-J Cumbre DX 148 Jul 97
R Jordan 11690 qsl-card no r.postage 25 days, days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Jul 97
R Jordan 11690 card schedule 84 days. T.Nielsen-NOR Norwegian DX News Aug 97
Radio Jordan 11690 kHz, 1600 UT, English, Aerogramme report form. Sent : 30 / 11/96 Received : 22 / 7/97 v/s Jawad Zada (Dixon, New Zealand) ?.Dixon-NZL TFW 034 Aug 97
R Jordan 11690 qsl-card no r.postage 90 days. E.M.Waqson-CAN WDXC QSL Report Sep 97
R Jordan, Amman 11690 card schedule 2 weeks. C.W.Englund-S Norwegian DX News Okt 97
Der englische Dienst von Radio Jordan (Post Office Box 909, Amman, Jordanien) besaetigte nach 29 Monaten einen Empfangsbericht Für die mittlerweile nicht mehr eingesetzte Frequenz 9560 kHz mit Karte und aktuellem Sendeplan. Zwischen Ausstellung der QSL-Karte und dem Versand lagen noch einmal 14 Tage. H.Biener-D NTT Aktuell Okt 97
Yesterday a friend of me has sent me by fax a letter received from R Jordan after 9 years of his letter and is rewriten : Dear listener, Since your last reception report some nine years ago a lot of changes have taken place in our network of short-wave programs transmitted to your area we have installed power full transmitters all computerised and state of the art We have created a special unit to look into your letters and reception report and respond to them. Your letters will be aired on a twice weekly program -friends abroad- designed to respond to your inquiries immediately on air prior to mailing you the information you request Our English language program on the short-wave of 11690 kHz are transmitted daily from 10 : 00 to 1630 GMT, We would highly appreciate receiving your reception report on this frequency. Sincerely, Jawad Zada Radio Jordan, P.O. Box 1041 tel 773111 Exch cable Add TV - telex 22282 21244 Z.Liangas-GRC TFW 038 Okt 97
R Jordan 11690 qsl-card no r.postage 37 days, days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Okt 97
R. Jordan on 11690, QSL card, schedules in 31 days. (Play DX # 958 Nov 24) R.Borelli-I TFW 044 Nov 97
R Jordan 11690 qsl-card no r.postage 34 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Nov 97
11690 R.Jordan sent TWO full-data QSL cards for a single taped report covering two days' reception. v/s Jawad Zada. In 35 days for 2 IRCs. R.Stewart-MO-USA Cumbre DX 169 Dez 97
R Jordan 11690 qsl-card no r.postage 63 days. Z.Elias-CZE WDXC QSL Report Jan 98
Radio Jordan. 11690, usual green-red-black full data card in 39 days. v/s Jawad Zada, Director. On back of card is schedule as of May 1, 1995 ! Also received the current sked. H.Sellers-ON-CAN ODXA 1998-02 Feb 98
R.Jordan on 11690, QSL, schedules, v/s Jawad Zada, dir., in 230 days. (Play DX # 969 Feb. 16) S.M.Kolesov-UKR TFW 053 Mrz 98
Radio Jordan 11690, f /d " Frequency Chart " card and schedule in 114 days from v/s Jawad Zada. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-07 Jul 98
R Jordan 11690 qsl-card no r.postage 28 days. J.Kumar-G WDXC QSL Report Jul 98
R Amman 11960 qsl-card, no ret. postage, 72 days. R.Takács-ROU WDXC QSL Report Okt 98
R. Jordan / 11690 kHz, 46 days, det. qsl-card, program guide, Sticker, pennant. M.Martin-D ADDX-Kurier 1998-21 Nov 98
R. Jordan / 11690 kHz, 36 days, det. qsl-card, Sticker, program guide. T.Höhne-D ADDX-Kurier 1998-21 Nov 98
R. Jordan / div. kHz, 184 days, detailed qsl-card, progr. schedule, W, Sticker. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-02 Jan 99
11690* Radio Jordan /.Jordan /.-very nice QSL-card, sticker, sched. small pennant of Jordan 2 ms. Several attempts before. v/s : Jawad Zada, Director (heard in Iran, via E.Bergmann-D) I.Hegedüs-HNG direct to QIP Jan 99
R. Jordan / 11690 kHz 41 days qsl-card Sticker, px-schedule. W.Stengel-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-06 Mrz 99
R Jordan, v/s Jawad Zada, Director 11690 kHz, card, rp : no, 73 days. R.Martínez-E WDXC QSL Report Okt 99
R Jordan 11690 card 123d. T.Nielsen-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99
Radio Jordan schickte nach 52 Tagen für einen RR über das auf 11690 hörbare englische Px detaillierte QSL, Sticker, Frequenzplan und Fahne. Adresse : R. Jordan, POB 909, Amman, Jordanien. P.Schramm-D Eastside DX 09 Feb 00
R. Jordan / 11690 kHz, 52 days, qsl-card, Infos, Sticker / SAE. D.Schulz-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-07 Apr 00
R. Jordan / 11690 kHz, 31 days, detailed qsl-card, Papierfahne. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-07 Apr 00
R.Jordan hat 109 Tage nach Mahnung im letzten Dezember bestaetigt, allerdings mit dem falschen Jahr und ohne auf diverse im RR gestellte Fragen einzugehen.e-mail Adresse des v/s - Mr. Jawad Zada, Director - ist zada[ät] f/up Versuch koennte sich also lohnen. Bitte f/up nur bei SEHR seltenen Empfängen, BITTE nur neuer Bericht, für Jordanien sind gestempelte Briefmarken und Ansichtskarte empfohlen (Sammler !). W.Eibl-D A-DX-ML Apr 00
Radio Jordan 11935, f /d " Logo " card, sticker and schedule in 61 days from v/s Jawap Zada. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2000-05 Mai 00
R. Jordan / 11690 kHz, 51 days, detailed qsl-card, prog.-guide, Sticker / 2 IRC. C.Edler-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-12 Jun 00
R. Jordan / 11690 kHz, 9 days, eMail ohne Bestätigung. G.Klösel-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-12 Jun 00
7155 Radio Jordan heard 24 February 2000 at 0249-2104 while at sea in the Aegean Sea. SINPO=53344. QSL signed by Jawad Zada, Director + schedules + stickers in English received in 139 days following a FAX reminder to my original mail DX Report + $1.00 + 10 U.S. stamps + American Indian postcard. HOORAY---MY 100th COUNTRY VERIFIED! G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 304 Jul 00
15435, Radio Jordan, full data card with stamp, v/s Jawad Zada-Director, in 49 weeks, for $1 US, received station and national flag stickers and program/frequency schedule. J.Talbot-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 306 Aug 00
R Jordan 11690 k sch sti 213d. Ø.J.Vang-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-10 Dez 00
R. Jordan / 11690, 150 days, detailed QSL-card, PG, Sticker. P.Vaegler-D ADDX-Kurier 2001-03 Feb 01
R Jordan, v/s Jawad Zada. 11690 kHz, f/d card, rp : no, 239 days. J.Murphy-IRL WDXC QSL Report Jun 01
9830 kHz. Radio Jordania, P.O.Box 909, Ammán. Tarjeta QSL (verificador: Jawad Zada, Director de Radio Jordania), calcomanías, esquema de emisiones. Verificó en 120 días. C.Morales-ARG Conexion Digital 113 Jul 01
R Jordan 11690 k sch 2sti 67d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-05 Aug 01
11690 Radio Jordan, JOR 211 Tage, det. QSL-Karte, Px, Sticker. M.Martin-D Eastside DX 15 Sep 01
RADIO AMMAN 11690 QSL + SCHEDULE + STICKERS (2 MODELS) in 135d. AFTER F/up.NO IRC. V/s: AL HATTHAM SHIBLI ATOOM Director. QTH : P.O.BOX 909, AMMAN. F.Magrone-I Play-DX 1134 Dez 01
11935 Radio Jordan via Qasr el Kharana f/d 'white ' cd. w/ schedule and sticker in 195 days v/s Haitham Shibli Atoom, Director M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2002-02 Feb 02
R.Jordan, Reported : 28.09.00, Reply : 07.06.01, UTC : 1416, Lang.: E 11690 kHz, card, sticker, schedule. 252 days V.Ostroverkh-D Signal 072 Sep 02
R.Jordan, Reported : 29.05.00, Reply : 07.06.01, UTC : 1115, Lang.: A 15290 kHz, card, sticker, schedule. 374 days V.Ostroverkh-D Signal 072 Sep 02
Radio Jordan : it was my toughest QSL ever: I took about 20 years to have Radio Jordan QSLed, though I didn't send many reports: about 7 or 8 in all those years. In 2001 I received a QSL card and a couple of stickers in a few weeks; report was sent as plain letter, unregistered, and without IRCs or money. I really don't know why they replied, or why they didn't in the past. The card was an old one, with yellowed and slightly mouldy paper, and this says much about the number of QSLs they're sending out...It's a rare verifier, so it's worth trying again and again, until your letter arrives to a person in a good mood, willing to take the time to find a card in some obscure cellar. F.Magrone-I HC-DX-ML Mrz 03

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