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QSL Information Pages - Peru (PRU) - Part 2

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1285220 km2
27483900 inhabitants
capital : Lima

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 472, FM 198, shortwave 189 (1999)

(Southern America)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Peru - Part 2

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  1. Domestic
  2. R La Merced
  3. R La Oroya
  4. R Layzon
  5. R Lider
  6. R Lider del Norte
  7. R LTC
  8. R Luz y Sonido
  9. R Macedonia
  10. R Madre de Dios
  11. R Manantial
  12. R Maranon
  13. R Maria Misericordia
  14. R María, Lima OAX4M
  15. R Melodía
  16. R Miraflores
  17. R Mundo
  18. R Municipál Panao
  19. R Nacional del Peru
  20. R Naylamp
  21. R Nor Peruana

Domestic Stations

R La Merced Index Peru Index America South

Radio La Merced-Tongod, 6755, full data prepared card in 9 years! Takayuki Inoue was visiting the station, found it, brought it back to Japan and mailed it to me! Notice that the mint OA stamps were removed from the card. I guess they needed them for more important mail, hi! Probably one of my rarest QSLs from Peru. Many thanks to TIN. C.Lobdell-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 01

R La Oroya Index Peru Index America South

R. La Oroya, 4905, recently replied with a long personal letter in Spanish from the station's director, Jacinto M. Figueroa Yauri. A nice pennant was also received. The address is : Apartado 88, La Oroya, Depto. de Junin. (Play DX #837) M.Schnitzer-D Jihad DX 33 Mai 95
Radio LA OROYA 4904, 8 kHz e-mail reply 2d ! after 2 F / ups v/s : Jacinto Figuroa Yauri, proprietario (QSL-Report, Naswa, USA, Feb. 99) T.Palmersheim-MT-USA Play-DX 1022 Apr 99
4904.73, R. La Oroya, full-data ppc in 38 days for taped rpt, v/s Jacinto M. Figueroa Yauri. Power " 1.00 Vatios, " obviously incorrect. Also sent two " 30th Anniversary 1961-1991 " pennants and a personal ltr on their ltrhead. D.Nelson-OR-USA Numero Uno 1581 Jun 00
R.LA OROYA 4904, 7 kHz E-MAIL REPLY.v/s : JACINTO FIGUEROA YAURI (Director Gerente) E-MAIL : radoroya[ät] (SHORTWAVE BULLETIN N°1438, JULY 2000) S.Björn-S Play-DX 1085 Okt 00

R Layzon Index Peru Index America South

RADIO LAYZON 1170 MW. QSL LETTER received during my visit to Cajamarca city early December 2005, vrs/ Manuel / Locutor. C.Pérez Dioses-PRU direct to QIP Nov 05

R Lider Index Peru Index America South

Radio Lider 4845 kHz (now inactive on SW) reported in 1994 V/s: Mauro Calvo Acurio Gerente General QTH: Urbanisacion Bancopata, avenida José Antonio de Sucro, Cusco. (QSL-Report, NASWA, USA) K.W.Field-USA Play-DX 1163 Jul 02
CAJAMARCA: RADIO LIDER TARJETA QSL /QSL CARD. Fecha/ Date : 27-Oct-06. Hora/ Hour : 04.50 UTC. Frec: 970 kHz.. Vrs. Doris Machuca / Gerente. Confirmación recogida personalmente durante una vista a esa emisora C.Pérez Dioses-PRU direct to QIP Jan 07

R Lider del Norte Index Peru Index America South

R. Lider del Norte, Cajamarca, 5305, two-page personal SP letter plus date / freq -Certificado de Sintonia- in 3 weeks after f / up with SASE, 3.5 years total. Letter states they now only operate on MW and FM. Signer : J. Elias Machuca A., Gerente. C.Lobdell-MA-USA Cumbre DX 092 Jun 96

R LTC Index Peru Index America South

R LTC, Juliaca 6011 b via Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, direktør ved R La Hora i Cuzco. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-02 Mrz 02
Radio LTC 5005 v kHz new Address: Jiron Union 242, Juliaca, Puno. (DX-CLUBE do BRASIL, Atividade-Dx 91, Brasil) J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B Play-DX 1163 Jul 02
R LTC, Juliaca 5005,7 e-post 17d, v/s Fernando Bustamanta Rosamedina A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-06 Okt 04
R. LTC JULIACA 6011 kHz. V/s: Mrs. Juana Rodriguez de Torres (Administradora) (VIA SWB 1557, SWEDEN, TNX HELP DXer Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, Peru) J.Edh-S Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06

R Luz y Sonido Index Peru Index America South

6473, Radio Luz y Sonido verified with a full data -Certificado de Sintonia- card and a personal letter in just 11 days from v/s Sor Maria Milagros Sdj., Representante de Radio Luz y Sonido for a follow-up report. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Cumbre DX 066 Dez 95
6473 Radio Luz y Sonido, f/d -Certificado de Sintonia- card, stamped and signed by Sor Maria Milagros Sdj, Representante de Radio Luz y Sonido. Also received a personal letter from v/s. This after one follow-up in 87 days. - I ? Cumbre DX 067 Jan 96
Estacion Radial Luz y Sonido on 6473 kHz, v/s Orlando Bravo Jesus, dir. (QSL on the air, n.6/96 Malmoe DX Club KVK, Sweden via Play DX 911 Nov.25 1996) R.Aakesson-S TFW Nov 96
3235 Radio Luz y Sonido, Huánuco replied to me with a very nice confirmation, containing computer-made card, -Certificado de Sintonía-, v/s : Pedro Martinez Tineo, Encargado de la emisora. Also letter with information about the station, 2 picture postcards with texts from two of those who work at the station + 5000 soles de oro. Has the following addresses : e-mail : luz.sonido[ät], / page / luzysonido / Address : Jirón Dos de Mayo No. 1286 Oficinas 308-309, Huánuco, Tel (064) 51-8500, fax (064) 51-1985. B.Fransson-S DX Window 135 Okt 98
3235 Radio Luz y Sonido, Huanuco, 71 days, QSL-Card (Certificado de Sintonia), letter with a stations introduction, both signed by Pedro Martinez Tineo, Administrador, two postal-cards, a 100 Intis banknote, Address : Jr. Dos de Mayo No. 1286, Oficinas 308 - 309. Phones : (064) 51-8500 Tele / Fax : (064) 51-1985, e-mail : luz.sonido[ät] and webpage :[ät]page/luzysonido/ W.Monges-VEN Cumbre DX 215 Nov 98
Radio LUZ Y SONIDO 3235 kHz QSL p / d in 1 year, sent 1 US $, peruvian mint stamps v/s : Pedro Mardnez llneo (Myers, USA, NASWA, QSL Report, The Journal, Dec. 98, USA) G.D.Myers-FL-USA Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
3235, R. Luz y Sonido, QSL-card and personal ltr from Pedro Martinez Tineo, Director-E. In 4 mos.; also sent nice postcards. R.Rodriguez R.-CLM Numero Uno 1520 Mrz 99
Radio LUZ Y SONIDO 3235 kHz QSL card + form letter, postcards, stamps 168d. NO IRC v/s : Pedro Martinez Tineo, encargado de la emisora, Seydel Saavedra Cabrera, productora de audio e video, Robedo Nunez Vasquez, operador & locutor QTH : Jiron 2 de Mayo 1286, Oficinas 308, Huanuco. V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1022 Apr 99
R.Luz y Sonido - 6472 in 1995 v/s Sor Maria Milagros Sdj, Representante, sent report with casssette & $ 1 note to the addresse written on the WRTH J.Nishikawa-J HCDX-ML Apr 00

R Macedonia Index Peru Index America South

R Macedonia, Arequipa 4895 e-post v/s Chris Gardener T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-03 Apr 03
4890, R. Macedonia: For an E-mail rpt detailing what I had hrd over two nights, they replied: "Ian, Thanks for writing. That was our radio station R. Macedonia, we are undergoing repair work on the antenna and over the next three months things ought to increase quite a bit. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more." Chris and Andria Gardner, (NZRDXL via J.Berg-USA) I.Cattermole-NZL DXplorer-ML Mai 03
4890 kHz, Radio Macedonia. Received a n/d e-mail response from Chris and Andrea Gardner for an e-mail report and audio clip in 3 weeks. The text of their message: "Thank you so much for getting in touch with us. That is definitely our radio station that is located in Arequipa, Peru. I hope that you enjoy the station as it continues to grow." Their e-mail as published before: gardner[ät] J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX-ML Jun 03
R Makedonia, Arequipa 4890 e-post v/s Chris Gardner O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-04 Jun 03
Radio Macedonia (4890 kHz), eMail 1 Tag nach einem Reminder per eMail an den Stationseigentümer Chris Gardner gardner[ät] Die Station habe ich in Dänemark mit sehr guter Ausrüstung und unter guten Bedingungen gehört. J.Waga-D direct to QIP Aug 03
R Macedonia, Arequipa 4890 kHz, e-post 18timer A.Bue-N Norwegian DX News 2003-08 Nov 03
Radio Macedonia, Arequipa 4890kHz. Received an English VL from Chris Gardner, for a English report and CD of the recording sent to their Arequipa address. The form VL has a computer-generated logo and watermark. Chris says they don't have souvenirs yet because they still don't have the budget. The sentence reads a little cryptically though it looks like they intend generating revenue through advertising. A QSL card and "souvenirs" will be sent when they're available. Although a form letter, there is some customisation as Chris refers to the CD. P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Dez 03

R Madre de Dios Index Peru Index America South

Radio MADRE DE DIOS - Daniel Alcides Carrion 385 - Puerto Maldonado 4950 kHz - QSL in 32 dd, 1 USD sent S.Mannelli-I Webpage Jan 1998
Thanks to the NU tip about TIN's trip to Peru, I contacted him and he was able to secure QSLs from the following stns for me. All the ppc's were signed and stamped. TIN did a very thorough job. All " elapsed time to QSL " periods are based on date original rpt was sent. Thanks so much, TIN ! [.] 4950, R. Madre de Dios, ppc plus their own full-data QSL-card in 5-1 / 2 mos., originally sent tape and ms, v/s illegible. -- [.] J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Numero Uno 1601 Okt 2000
4950 RADIO MADRE DE DIOS - Puerto Maldonado - Perú. Tarjeta QSL en 20 dias Informe enviado el 10 de julio del 2004. Frecuencia 4950 kHz banda de 60 metros 01.30 utc Vrs. No C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Conexion Digital 276 Aug 2004
QSL Recibida - Radio Madre de Dios 4950 kHz. Radio Madre de Dios Tarjeta QSL. Demoro 82 dias. Direccion : Alcides Carrion 387, Puerto Maldonado. Telefono : 00 - 55 - 82 - 571050. C.Rojas Gordillo-PRU direct to QIP Apr 2006
4950, Radio Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonando, recibida tarjeta QSL con datos completos, no V/S en 100 días. Se acompañó 1 US $ junto al informe de recepción. Dirección: Radio Madre de Dios, Apartado 37, Puerto Maldonado, PERÚ. M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Jun 2006
Radio Madre de Dios: Great! I have received the same card today, but in 43 days and without USD. I.Sotomayor-E HCDX-ML Jun 2006

R Manantial Index Peru Index America South

4990.8, Radio Manantial verified with a frequency-only Spanish language electronic reply in 11 days from Pastor Leoncio Paco Conce, Gerente Administrativo de Radio Manantial (reply came from although I used postal mail and a different electronic address). He noted the official shortwave frequency is 4,985 kHz and that they also broadcast on 960 AM and 94.9 FM. He gave the familiar website:, which has pictures of the Pastor broadcasting. A couple of days later, I got another e-mail from Pastor Leoncio Paco requesting help in obtaining equipment (crystals and Amperex tubes) for the station since Radio Manantial is 6 kHz off their assigned frequency of 4985. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 2008

R Maranon Index Peru Index America South

Radio Maranon 4935 kHz in 3 days apologizing for the delay (!). Again I included an audio clip- this one of the end of the NA and beginning of the broadcast day incl full ID and QTH. The response was a non-QSL with a statement that they have no QSLs since they just returned to the air. They should have them in a few weeks. They said they will mail out a letter with a Radio Maranon Almanac on Tues Jan 8 "that you should get between Jan 20-25". No mention that the report was correct or what the letter would say. I sent the e-mail to 3 station personnel plus the general e-mail given. It came back from Marco Rumiche, Periodista (journalist) at mrumiche[ät] He was not one of the 3 at the station that I sent my e-mail to. I also sent a snail-mail report here. J.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 02
4835 kHz, Radio Maranon verified with a registered, no data personal letter from Marco Rumiche Purizaca, Periodista (journalist) and full data station logo card from Francisco Muguiro Ibarra, S.J., Director in 1 month after both an e-mail and a registered snail-mail report. Also received full-sized calendar and 3 pocket calendars. I had originally e-mailed the station. Marco answered the e-mail 4 days later promising to send me the calendar on Jan. 8 and I should receive the letter between Jan. 20-25. Sorry, but no QSLs available but will be in soon. So I assume he waited for the QSLs to come in because the letter was sent on Jan. 22nd. J.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 02
4835, Radio Marañón verified with a full data logo QSL card, letter, wall calendar, and three pocket calendars in 49 days from v/s Marco Rumiche Purizaca, Periodista. The package was sent by priority mail. A verification by e-mail was previously received. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 02
He recebedo QSL da Radio Marañon 4835, Jaen -Peru :10 dias C.Perez Dioses-PRU Radioescutas-ML Feb 02
R Marañon 4835 k b v/s Marco Rumiche Purizaca. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-02 Mrz 02
4835 kHz - Radio Marañon, Jaén. Recebido cartão QSL full data assinado por Francisco Muguiro Ibarra (S.J.), Diretor e carta de agradecimento assinada por Marco Rumiche Purizaca (Jornalista). Enviado relatório de recepção em espanhol por email (correo[ät] acompanhado de arquivo de som em Real Audio. Demora de 14 dias. M.Toniolo dos Anjos-NY-USA Radioescutas-ML Mrz 02
4835 RADIO MARAÑON. Confirmacion a traves de Tarjeta QSL firmada por Francisco Muguiro Ibarra, S.J. Director, Ademas carta de Marco Rumiche Purizaca y calendario de bolsillo 2002. Contesto en 40 dias, ya que fue franqueada desde el 14 de febrero pero solo hasta hoy aterrizó en mi buzon. R.Rodriguez R.-CLM Lista Condig-ML Apr 02
4834,9 kHz, Jaén Cajamarca 02:31 17.04.92 26.08.92 131 days, QSL : kort. brev, tidningsurklipp v/s : P. Ubaldo Ramos Cisneros G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Aug 92

R Maria Misericordia Index Peru Index America South

Thanks to Henrik Klemetz, I have just received a verification e-mail from Radio Maria, Peru. This is for reception on 1300 kHz, heard at the time id'ing as Radio Misericordia (Radio Mercy). P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Okt 00

R María, Lima OAX4M Index Peru Index America South

580kHz in 3 days for e-mail report in SS. V/s P. Ricardo Rodríguez Alvarez, Director de Programación (rmtecnica[ät] S.Forsyth-NZL direct to QIP Mai 04

R Melodía Index Peru Index America South

Radio Melodia-Arequipa, 5995, date / frequency form letter in 6 months after follow up on third try, three years total time. Sent stickers, decals and nice cloth pennant. QSL signed by Elba Alvarez De Delgado, Jefa de Administracion Personal y Financiera. C.Lobdell-MA-USA Jihad DX 45 Aug 95
R.Melodia on 5995, v/s Hermogenes Delgado Torres, director. (SWB 1373, Sweden / Play DX 976 April 1) T.B.Vik-NOR TFW 058 Apr 98
5995, R. Melodia, stencil ltr with full-data returned in just 25 days, v/s Elba Alvarez de Delgado (Jefa de Administracion Personal y Financiera), who mentions there are 5 SW stns in Arequipa. D.Martin-VIC-AUS Numero Uno 1487 Aug 98
5940 kHz, R. Melodía with Maroti-designed ppc and 2 stickers showing a dog with headphones in 15 weeks for a cassette tape, mint stamps (not used) and SAE (used). V/s Hermogenes Delgado Torres- General Gerente. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX-ML Sep 02
5906.4, R. Melodia, QSL ltr, CD and 3 stickers in 28 days, V/S Jefe de Comercializacion en AM. (via RNM) Y.Uemura-J DXplorer-ML Feb 04
QSL letter from Radio Melodía, Arequipa, Perú : PERÚ, 5940, Radio Melodía, recibida carta QSL con datos completos, que se copia abajo, firmada, V/S por la Manager de la emisora Dña. Elba Alvarez Delgado, tarjete postal de la ciudad de Arequipa, dedicada y firmada por el equipo de la emisora y pegatina de Radio Melodía. La carta tardó en llegar 2 meses y junto al informe de recepción se envió 1 US $. La carta dice lo siguiente: "Radio Melodía, A.M. 1220 Khz. F.M. 103.3 MHz. Onda Corta 5940 Khz. 49 mts., San Camilo nº 501-A Cercado, Teléfonos A.M. 205811 - 223661, F.M. 285152 - 206095, Telefax 054-204420, Arequipa - Perú." M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Feb 05
5940, Radio Melodia verified with a date/frequency form letter, postcard of Volcano Misti in Arequipa, and a sticker in 75 days from v/s Elba Alvarez de Delgado, Manager. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 05
5940 R. Melodia, Arequipa-PRU, 123 dias. Recebido: Carta confirmatória, adesivo, cartão postal. V/S: Elba Alvarez de Delgado, Manager. QTH: San Camilo nº 501-A Cercado, Arequipa, Peru. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Conexion Digital 339 Okt 05
R. Melodia 5940 kHz - San Camilo 501-A Cercado - Arequipa - Peru con lettera e adesivo in 220 giorni. v/s Elba Alvarez de Delgado Manager. Si 1 IRC. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Okt 05
Radio Melodia 5939,2 f/d form letter signed by Elba Alvarez de Delgado, Manager, postcard signed by L. Roxana Delgado Alvarez, Gerente FM and nice sticker. All in 8 weeks for a CD recording and mint stamps. A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Okt 05
Radio Melodia 5940 kHz verified with a det. letter and post card in 164 days. 1 IRC for RP. QTH: San Camilo N°501-A Cercado, Arequipa, Peru. e-mail: ; v/s Elba Alvarez de Delgado, manager. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Nov 05
OBX6I R Melodia, Arequipa 5939 ste pk sti 8 weeks A.Skalmeraas-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-08 Nov 05
R. MELODIA AREQUIPA 5940 kHz. QSL-Letter + PPC F/d. + Sticker + Postcard "machu pichu" taped report C10 + 2 $ US in 225 days. Address: Radio Melodia Arequipa, San Camilo N° 501-A, Cercado, Arequipa, Peru. V/s: Mrs. Elba Alvarez de Delgado (Directora) P.Albini-I Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06

R Miraflores Index Peru Index America South

Anyone having trouble QSLing Radio Miraflores from a few years back when they were on SW, may like to dig out their old report and try at the moment. I have just QSL'd 1250MW and received a friendly letter in EE from 25 year old Renzo Palma, whose grandfather opened the station back in 1935. Renzo also said that R Miraflores would shortly have 6 pages on the web, and e-mail. P.Ormandy-NZL Cumbre DX 131 Mrz 97

R Mundo Index Peru Index America South

The following prepared card veries were rcvd tnx to the very valuable assistance of TIN during his recent trip to Peru : [.] 5082.5, R. Mundo (original rpt Nov 93). [.]. Muchas gracias, TIN, for all your help ! R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1601 Okt 00
R Mundo 5082 kHz, rp : ?, 2600 days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA WDXC QSL Report Jan 01
Radio Mundo 5045 kHz (now inactive on SW) Cusco. V/s: Miluska Olivera Mogrovejo Director General. (QSL-Report, NASWA, USA) K.W.Field-USA Play-DX 1163 Jul 02

R Municipál Panao Index Peru Index America South

3172.7 kHz, Radio Municipál Panao, f/d Maroti card for one report and their own p/d paper QSL for my other report), in 54 days for $1, ms and SAE (none used) and address sticker (used). Also received 2-page typed letter, 2 very colorful business cards and a photograph of 3 men on a mountaintop (I assume one is the veri signer). V/s Pablo A. Albornoz Rojas. Rich D'Angelo was kind enough to give me Pablo's home address (after I awoke him up from a deep sleep at his work desk) which I used instead of the station address. Pablo's address is Jr. Tacna No. 385 Panao, Provincia de Pachitea, Huánuco, Perú. He appears to collect stamps, postcards, stickers and decals. He also mentions DX News and National Radio Club but not sure in what context. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 04
3172 RADIO MUNICIPAL - PANAO - HUANUCO - PERU. Tarjeta QSL recibida en dos años Informe enviado el 09 de agosto del 2002 Frecuencia 3173 kHz banda de 90 metros 22.30 UTC Recibida el 5 de agosto del 2004. Vrs. Alfredo Albornoz Rojas - Gerente Técnico C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Conexion Digital 276 Aug 04
R. Municipal Panao / 3173 kHz, 143 Tage, teildetail. Karte, W / $, f/up; geh. in EQA A.Schmid-D ADDX 2004-23 Dez 04
R. Municipal Panao / 3173 kHz, 239 Tage, teildet. eMail nach f/up / geh. in EQA A.Schmidt-D ADDX 2006-02 Feb 06

R Nacional del Peru Index Peru Index America South

R. Nacional del Peru on 6095, v/s Henry Xragon Ibarra, dir. general in 2 weeks (SWB 1364, Sweden / Play DX # 958 Nov 24) B.Fransson-S TFW 044 Nov 97
R. Nacional del Peru on 6095, letter in 6 months. (Play DX # 958 Nov 24) J.Manolo Cabrera Perez-CNR TFW 044 Nov 97

R Naylamp Index Peru Index America South

R. Naylamp (freq. ? ? -ed.), QSL letter personally handwritten in 75 days. Sent 1 USD. Also got QSL card f /d, beautiful pennant with God Lambayeque on a ship sailing a river. v/s Dr. Juan Jose Grande z Vargas, Dir. Gerente. QTH : Avenida Huamachuco 1080 Lambayeque. (Play DX # 916 6 / 01 1997) B.Gornati-I TFW Jan 97
R. NAYLAMP 4580 kHz. Pers.Letter + Photos + F/d. Postcard in 90 days. NO IRC Sent. V/s: J. J. Grandes Vargas (Gerente). (QSLreport, Febr.2006,NASWA,USA) S.Barto-USA Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
LAMBAYEQUE: RADIO NAYLAMP : TARJETA QSL /QSL CARD. Fecha/ Date : 12-Sept-06. Hora/ Hour : 23.00 UTC. Frec: 1580 kHz. Vrs/ . Dr.Juan Jose Grandez / Gerente. Demoró 3 meses, envio de informe por correo postal a la séte dirección: Radio Naylamp, Av Belaunde Terry 140 , Lambayeque- PERU C.Pérez Dioses-PRU direct to QIP Jan 07

R Nor Peruana Index Peru Index America South

R Nor Peruana 9654 card foto bro f/up. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99

R Norandina Index Peru Index America South

Radio Norandina, 4461, no data but very attractive -10th anniversary Diploma- and 10th anniversary pennant in 62 days. A hand-walden note on the back confirmed reception and said I could fill in the diploma myself. K.MacHarg-EQA Jihad DX 38 Jun 1995
4461 kHz R. Nor Andina F/d ppc for a Dec 2000 report never sent to station, only given to TIN. Original report from June 2000 that was sent was not answered. V/s illegible. Stn power is 1000 watts. Thanks to TIN's latest trip to Perú ! J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 2001

R Oriente Index Peru Index America South

6190,04 kHz, Yurimaguas Loreto 00:00 30.07.94 15.02.96 565 days, QSL : brev v/s : Pedro Capó Moragues Gerente Técnico G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Feb 96
6188.03, R. Oriente, Simple n/d e-QSL from Geovanni Acate C. (Director Radio Oriente - Vicariato Apostólico de Yurimaguas) in 7 dys for SP rpt $2 and CD sent snail mail. Also attached a JPEG photo of the front of the stn and included this site, for the stns info page. D.Valko-USA CDX-ML Okt 03

R Ovacion Index Peru Index America South


R Pampas Index Peru Index America South

Radio Pampas, pampas tayacaja 4855 f/d QSL certificate, postcard in 1983 v/s Luis F.d Mestre, administrador (station a long time ago closed). R.Vos-HOL direct to QIP Jun 83
4854,6 kHz, Pampas 18.08.83 29.11.83 103 days, QSL : tryckt brev G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Nov 83

R Panorama Index Peru Index America South

5906.8 Radio Panorama.Last Saturday I was happy to receive a letter signed by Segundo Ayala Brione, owner of Radio Panorama, in which he confirms my reception report from past January. In his letter, he says that he and his brother Miguel have set up La Voz de los Andes, 1400, mediumwave, and Radio Panorama, 5900. They belong to an evangelical church and that's the reason why they broadcast their Global 2000 morning program which, apart from prayers, consists of religious music. The mw outlet carries commercials and so it is the economical backbone of the sw operation which does not carry any commercials. Schedule, somewhat irregular, is 1000-1200, 2300-0200. As for Recopampa, he tells me that it is a " centro-poblado " belonging to the jurisdiction of Sorochuco, having approx. 700 inhabitants. Its full name is San Juan de Recopampa. One may write them via La Voz de los Andes, which is located on the Plaza de Armas or Sorochuco, or directly to Radio Panorama, Centro-poblado Recopampa, Distrito de Sorochuco, Provincia de Celendín, Departamento de Cajamarca, Región Autónoma del Marañón, noted the name of Region, maybe ex-Region Nor oriental del Maranon) Peru. There is also a phone number, which can be used, + 51 (44) 820 321, although this number is to a public phone booth. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz for correct translate. R.Rodriguez R.-CLM TFW 084 Apr 99
Radio Panorama 5906,8 KHz letter-QSL V/s: Segundo Ayala Brione (owner) station belong to an evangelic church. Schedule: 1000-1200; 2300-0200. QTH: San Juan De Recopampa, Sorochuco. Rpt may be sent via brother station LA VOZ DE LOS ANDES, Plaza de Armas, Sorochuco, Distrito de Sorochuco, Provincia de Celendin, Departamento de Cajamarca, Region Autonoma del Marañon. Reply in 90d. Phone: (+51) 44-820321 (public phone booth) (Thanks to DXer H.Klemetz for correct details & translation in English text) (via H.Klemetz-S SWB via T.Nilsson-S) R.Rodriguez-CLM CDX-ML Okt 03

R Paucartambo Index Peru Index America South

5895, R. Paucartambo, nice detailed ltr from v/s Roberto Castelo Melo (Director-Administrador), plus ppc, at address : Plaza de Armas No. 124, Paucartambo, Cusco. 5-1 / 2 yrs. since rptd, reply via TIN. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1548 Okt 99
6520, R. Paucartambo, verie ltr and ppc from v/s Roberto Castelo Melo (Director-Administrador). Dating back to a 1994 log on 5895, this one was a relatively recent July 99 log. Tnx again TIN . D.Martin-VIC-AUS Numero Uno 1549 Okt 99
6520, R. Paucartambo, partial-data personal ltr, photos from various local events, in 32 wks., v/s Roberto Castelo Melo (Director). V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1564 Feb 00
6520, R. Paucartambo (follow-up to NU 1572) : Address used was Plaza de Armas 24, Paucartambo, Region Cusco. V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1583 Jun 00
6520 kHz, R. Paucartambo with p/d Certificando de Sintonía typewritten letter on station letterhead via Carlos Gamarra Moscoso of R. La Hora in 8 mos. total time (5 months since report sent to Carlos) for taped report, mint stamps (used), $2 US and SAE (used). V/s Roberto Castelo Melo, Director of Radio & TV. Letterhead had older frequency listed, not where I heard them. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX-ML Sep 02
R Paucartambo 6520 b T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-03 Apr 03
CUZCO: RADIO PAUCARTAMBO: CARTA QSL /QSL LETTER. Fecha/ Date : 17-Jul-04. Hora/ Hour : 01.00 UTC. Frec: 6520 kHz.. Vrs. Roberto Villasante / Administrador. Demoró 29 meses y varios follows up, envio de informe al séte QTH: Radio Paucartambo, Plaza de armas 124, Paucartambo, Cuzco, PERU C.Pérez Dioses-PRU direct to QIP Jan 07

R Peru Index Peru Index America South

5637 Radio Peru f/d ppc picked up for me by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki on visit to station. v/s Idelso Vasquez Chacon, gerente propietario. D.Moore-IA-USA Cumbre DX 215 Nov 98
7999.6, R. Peru, verified by signing and stamping my ppc while TIN was visiting. Total round trip was 275 days from v/s Idelso Vasquez Chacon, Gerente Propietario. Mucho Gracias, TIN . R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1501 Nov 98
5636, R. Peru, v/s Idelso Vasquez Chacon (Gerente Proprietario), who also signed and stamped a ppc. Many thanks to TIN for obtaining these three QSLs while in the area in late September. QSLs were for 1996-97 rpts. D.Martin-VIC-AUS Numero Uno 1504 Dez 98

R Programas del Peru Index Peru Index America South

680, 870, 790 kHz R Programas del Peru, finally got a reply by e-mail out of them. though not a QSL rather a note from postmaster[ät] saying that I needn't bother struggling to hear them on MW because they now have Real Audio " en vivo " on the WWW ! A note explaining a bit more about DXing and why we bother to hear them at all was returned including a request for the e-mail address of Rolando Estremadoyro, a Director who has been known to QSL in the past. Will keep you all posted ! P.Ormandy-NZL HC-DX-ML Jun 99
89,7 - R. Programas del Peru FM - Lima-PRU - Recebido QSL. 15 dias. V/S: Lucho Mora (Luís Mora). E-mail: luigimora[ät] QTH: Jr. Alejandro Tirado 217, Santa Beatriz, Lima 1 - Peru C.Rotolo de Moraes-SC-B DXCB 2002-04 Apr 02

R Quillabamba Index Peru Index America South

R. Quillabamba on 5025 kHz, f /d card 28 days, QTH : Apartado 76, Quillabamba. No IRC (via Play DX 911 Nov.25 1996) N.Reiner-D TFW Nov 96
Radio QUILLABAMBA 5025 kHz v/s : (Padre) Francisco Panera. QTH : AP. 76, Quillibamba (Atividade DX 170, Sept. 98, Brasil) J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B Play-DX 1002 Nov 98
I should explain that the prepared card had the signature, stamp and date QSLd written on it by the station. It looks like no data had been filled in the body of the ppc by Radio Quillabamba. Carlos Moscoso apparently filled in the data on the ppc and mistakenly wrote Mayo 12 instead of Marzo 12. Thus, the two "dates" I mention below and also why it looks like they verified a report in April that didn't come until May. J.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Jun 02

R Reina de la Selva Index Peru Index America South

R. Reina de la Selva on 5465, QSL card f /d, personal letter in 79 days. v/s Jose David Reina Noriega, Ger. General. QTH : Jiron Ayacucho 944, Chachapoyas, Region Nor Oriental del Maranon. Also got a postcard and an invitation to visit the station. (Play DX # 916 6 / 01 1997) B.Gornati-I TFW Jan 97
R Reina de la Selva on 5486, after F / up, v/s Jose david reina Noriega, gentile. Gentile. QTH : Jiron Ayacucho 944, Chachapoyas. (Frekvensnytt 10/96, Finland / Play DX #921 Feb.10 1997) J.E.Österholm-FIN TFW Feb 97
5486.72, Radio Reina de la Selva, Full data prepared card and brief letter received in 4 weeks for a report in Spanish, audio CD, and $2.00. Also enclosed was a color greeting card promoting an archeological site in Chachapoyas. Although the v/s on the prepared card is illegible, it matches the one on the letter which was stamped Jose David Reina, Gerente General. Power listed as 250 watts. They now have a website at: Thanks to Henrik Klemetz for his help in getting this one. (Maroti-NY) G.Maroti-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 03
5486.7, Radio Reina de la Selva signed, stamped my prepared card and sent a short letter confirming my reception in 17 days from v/s José David Reina Nirega, Gerente General who included several nice photographs of Chachapoyas and the surrounding region for US$1.00 return postage. Thanks to George Marotti tip for this one! R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 03
5486 kHz, Radio Reina de la Selva with f/d Maroti card and 2 Christmas picture cards for a November 2002 reception. 250 watts. V/s Jose David Reina, Gerente General. No add listed. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX-ML Jan 04
Tarjeta QSL, postal y carta firmada por el Gerente General Jose David Reina Tardó en llegar 40 días.  Radio Reina de la Selva, Jr. Ayacucho 944 - Plaza Mayor, Chachapoyas - Amazonas, PERU. E.mail : joreno[ät] Web : C.Rojas Gordillo-PRU Noticias DX-ML Sep 05

R San Andrés Index Peru Index America South

5544.6, Radio San Andrés responded to a postal report that included a prepared card and US$1.00 return portage with a frequency only e-mail Word five page letter attachment reply, including photographs, in 134 days from Leoncio Samane Meza leoncio_meza[ät] My verie signer is 48 years old, married with three children (Percy, Wilson and Juan). He indicates the station is transmitting on 5,540 kHz and the station is the property of the Municipality of San Andrés. His profession is an electromechanical engineer but has always had a liking for radio. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Jun 05

R San Antonio, Atalaya Index Peru Index America South

Radio San Antonio, Atalaya, Perú, 4940, answered an e-mail report after exactly one day! The director of the station is Gerardo Zerdin (zerdin[ät] Sr. Zerdin is a catholic priest and comes from Croatia. He expresses his surprise that many people in the world can read und write the Spanish language. Obviously he has got some reports recently written in good Castellano. He promises to send to me a "certificado de recepción" in the next days via the normal postal way. However he points out, that the postal services wouldn't run very well there, because there are a few roads only. The only way of transport would be the Ucayali river and sometimes an airplane is landing in Atalaya. Well, we will see, if the Rio Ucayali can carry a QSL, too. In any case I was very pleased to get once again a message (even if only an electronic one) from this exotic corner of the world. M.Schnitzer-D HCDX-ML Dez 01
4939,98 kHz, Villa Atalaya 00:05 01.12.01 03.12.01 2 days, QSL : e-mail v/s : Gerardo Antonio Zerdin G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Dez 01
Radio San Antonio 4940 kHz in 1 day basically saying "you probably heard our station". Brought back the days of my first "QSL" response from the BBC and their Big Ben QSL that had box #2 checked off. They used a similar statement. He did promise a more detailed response in the future. I sent a snail-mail report anyway. My e-mail included an audio clip with "San Antonio" mentioned in it but no discernible ID. Answer was from Padre Gerardo Zerdin at zerdin[ät] I had asked for a snail-mail addr since this stn is not listed anywhere. His e-mail indicated the following: Plaza Juan Santos Atahualpa, Atalaya Ucayali, Peru. Tel. (051) 64 461240 J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 02
4940 kHz, R. San Antonio, e-mail response from Gerardo A. Zerdin in 1 day for a follow-up e-mail telling him I received the return receipt card from my snail-mail report and did he get a chance to listen to the cassette. His original e-mail was a "thanks for your report" answer with a promise of more details in the future. I have to ask someone at work Monday, but AltaVista basically says ""Indeed, you managed to listen to us". It goes on about not being near a highway and that the station is new and located in the forest. He says something about sending a listening certificate but "one does not imagine the types of hardships I have". The bishop named him to respond to letters. He thanks DXers who wrote and they tried to answer although with some delay. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 02
R San Antonio, Villa Atalay 4940 e-post v/s Gerardo Zerdin. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-02 Mrz 02
Radio San Antonio AM-FM, a través de Certificado de Sintonia, incluyendo una atenta carta del Director Sr. Juan Lopez Encina y una Postal de la Plaza de Armas de Pucallpa en Ucayali. Confirmo en 60 dias. rasat[ät] R.Rodriguez R.-CLM Conexion Digital 176 Sep 02
4940 Radio San Antonio, Calle Iquitos 499, Atalaya, Ucayali, Peru. QSL card or "Certificado de Sintonia" full data in 113 days. v/s Juan Lopez Encinas, station Director. The QSL card view San Antonio picture. Sent a friendly letter with details about the station and Ucayali city. Sent too a post card of "Parque Natural de Pucallpa" Zoo, in the Lake and Regional Museum of Ucayali. The electronic address is: rasar[ät] A.L.Slaen-ARG Cumbre DX-ML Sep 02
R San Antonio, Atalaya 4940 kHz, card letter pers.card inf 4m A.Bue-N Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 02
4940, R.San Antonio, Atalaya, partial-data card, pers.letter,, post-card in 9 months, v/s Juan Lopez Encinas (Director). V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Okt 02

R San Antonio, Padua Index Peru Index America South

R.San Antonio, Callalli 3375 b. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-09 Nov 2000
Radio SAN ANTONIO 3375 letter signed by (HERMANO) JOSE' GAMERO 60d. letter MAILED FROM AREQUIPA, 3, 80 STAMP SEAL. G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1095 Jan 2001
Radio San Antonio 3375,00 kHz, - 35 Tage, QSL-Brief, Details : nein. S.Schliephacke-D EAWRC 285 Feb 2001
3375, Radio San Antonio de Padua de Callalli verified with a no data e-mail reply to 18 DX'ers from v/s Hno Rolando del Carpio Montalvo, Director. The reply took 23 days in response to a postal report with US$1.00 return postage. The v/s mentions the station is on the air from 5,00 to 8,30 am Peruvian time (1000-1330 UTC) and 5,00 to 8,30 pm Peruvian time (2200-0130 UTC). Rolando indicated a postal reply would be coming soon. His e-mail address is: He gave the station's postal address as: Hno Rolando del Carpio Montalvo, Director, Radio San Antonio de Padua de Callalli, Apartado Postal 1817, Arequipa, Peru I'm quite pleased with this one. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 2002
3375, Radio San Antonio with a 2-page personal letter and signed/stamped my prepared card in 34 days from v/s Hno. Rolando A. Del Carpio Montalvo, Director. This was a follow-up to an earlier e-mail reply from the station. [.] R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 2002
RADIO SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA 3375 kHz - Apartado postal 1817 - Callalli - Perù con lettera e bandierina in 36 giorni. V/s Hermano Rolando A. Del Carpio Montalvo Director. 1 IRC (via R.Scaglione) R.Pavanello-I BCL-News-ML Jul 2002
3375 kHz. Radio San Antonio, Parroquia San Antonio de Padua, Plaza Principal s/n, Callalli, Departamento de Arequipa. Carta de verificacion (Verificador: Hermano Rolando del Carpio Montalvo, Director), banderin con la imagen de San Antonio de Padua, patron de esta parroquia y fachada de la misma. Respondio en 35 dias. R.Orlando Rodriguez R.-CLM Conexion Digital 166 Jul 2002
R San Antonio de Padua 3375 b ste C.Brunström-S Norwegian DX News 2002-05 Aug 2002
3375, R.San Antonio de Padua, Callalli, partial-data pers.letter, pennant in 9 months, v/s Hno.Rolando A.del Montalvo (Director). V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Okt 2002
3375,12 kHz, Callalli 00:45 30.05.02 31.10.02 61 days, QSL : e-mail v/s : Rolando del Carpio Montalvo Director Ny rapport : 31.08.02 G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Okt 2002
RADIO SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA - Arequipa - PERU. CARTA QSL recibida 21 de setiembre confirmando informe enviado el 05 de setiembre del 2002 FRECUENCIA : 3375 kHz QTH : Callalli - Caylloma- Arequipa - Peru Verifica :Hmno Rolando del Carpio Envia bonito Bamderin / Flamula/Pennant. (via lista Radioescutas) C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Atividade DX 121 Nov 2002
Radio San Antonio de Padua sent a f/d ppc Maroti QSL for an April 2002 reception. Original report sent registered was returned as undeliverable because of the severe weather condx they had down there earlier this year. Resent registered report after e-mail from Hno. Rolando A. del Carpio Montalvo (also the v/s on the card) said mail is OK to go through. Reply came in 98 days. Instead of letter as D'Angelo received, they sent their 1st year, 1st edition of a well done 20-page booklet dated October 2002, commemorating their station's 9th anniversary. Much info on the station with pictures of studio, transmitter console and the entire staff with families. Also pictures of the San Antonio church, and beautiful pictures of each district within Arequipa province. For mint stamps (not used and postage was over standard with the booklet enclosed), SAE (used) and $1 US. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 2002
R San Juan de Padua 3375 2s-b ste (f/up) K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2002-07 Nov 2002
R San Antonio, Callalli 3375 2s-b v bilde, v/s Rolando del Carpio M. O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-01 Jan 2003

R San Francisco Solano Index Peru Index America South

R San Francisco Solano, Sondor, 4750 kHz. Full data QSL certificate in 3 months for SS rprt, $ 1.00, ham QSL. v/s R.P. Manuel J. Rosas C., Vic.Parr. He also sent a very nice letter apologizing for the delay in answering and mentioned that it was a test broadcast that I had heard. Also enclosed was a 3-page copied letter with details on the area and station. Address : Radio San Francisco Solano, Calle San Miguel No. 207, Distrito de Sondor, Provincia de Huancabamba, Depto. de Piura, Peru. Thanks again to Henrik Klemetz for help in IDing this one. R.McVicar-EQA Cumbre DX 067 Jan 96
4750 kHz, R. San Francisco Solano. Registered letter in 1 mo. for mint stamps (not used) and address label (used) for a registered letter and cassette. Enclosed f/d PPC signed by Reverend Padre Isidro Chinchay Jacinto. On address side of QSL was a personal note from the radio announcer on at the time of my report- Sumner Mercedes Manchay Santos. The Padre enclosed 3 pictures- one is 5x9 and is a picture of Virgin of the Assumption. On the back, he mentions he arrived here at the parish to replace R.P. Manuel Rosas Castillo (the former QSL signer in 2001 PWBR). The other 2 pictures were of Padre Jacinto himself. To top it all off, he enclosed a cassette of beautiful Marineras and Huaynos music! Sent to addr in 2001 PWBR- return add on envelope was similar. J.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 01


R San Martin Index Peru Index America South

OAX9R R San Martin, Tarapoto 4810 e-post A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-01 Jan 06

R San Miguel Index Peru Index America South

4965, R. San Miguel, ppc for follow-up rpt via TIN. v/s Margarita Mulado. -- These were my first OA QSLs since 1996 ! J.Wilkins-CO-USA Numero Uno 1548 Okt 99
The following prepared card veries were rcvd tnx to the very valuable assistance of TIN during his recent trip to Peru : 4966, R. San Miguel (original rpt Jan 94). [.] Muchas gracias, TIN, for all your help ! R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1601 Okt 00

R San Miguel de Pallaques Index Peru Index America South

5500,2 Radio San Miguel, Jr. Alfonso Ugarte Nº 668, San Miguel de Pallaques, Cajamarca, Perú. QSL letter with complete dates received from e-mail for a reception report of July 08, 2002. I sent my reception report by ordinary mail and received my QSL from email. V/S: Jose Cabanillas Luna, from the next electronic address: cococabanillas[ät] He wrote a very pleasant letter too. He is a journalist and the station general manager Inelso Cruzado Díaz request him answer my letter. The station hasn`t electronic address and Jose Cabanillas Luna (nickname: Coco) live in Cajamarca and sent me the mail from that city. Coco like subscribe to our Conexion Digital electronic bulletin!! A.L.Slaen-ARG Cumbre DX-ML Okt 02
5500 kHz, R. San Miguel de Pallaques, lengthy p/d e-mail QSL in 2 mos. for snail-mail report. Using AltaVista, this is a short version of what was said [..] : The e-mail was from Jorge Cabanillas Luna, Lawyer in Journalism by direction of the station manager, Inelso Cruzado Diaz. Mr. Diaz has no e-mail in San Miguel, so he authorized Jorge (nicknamed Coco) who lives in Cajamarca and does have the Internet that ". your reception report is true and that the Manager certifies you had tuned to Radio San Miguel, that it transmits from the city of San Miguel, province of San Miguel, department of Cajamarca, Republic of Perú; the 7 of July 2002 between 19:31 to 20:00 and the 8 of July between 19:29 to 20:00 in our frequency of short-wave." Those were the dates of my cassette/reports. They obviously know how to respond to reception reports. They also mention they have been on AM and FM for 6 years, but just started SW on July 2nd of this year. They mention other interesting facts like staff size, the broadcasting situation in San Miguel, etc. They may have even made it a full- data e-mail but I incorrectly reported them on 5055 in my report instead of 5500, so they just left it as "their SW frequency" in the response. A very nice surprise that appears is going to be my only response from the station. E-mail addr is cococabanillas[ät] Postal addr at bottom of e-mail different than street addr I used. They list: Jiron Alfonso Ugarte No 668, San Miguel, Cajamarca, Peru. J.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 02

R San Nicolas Index Peru Index America South

5470.78, R. San Nicolas, made a reply with n / d letter, studio's photo and personal card, for my reception report in 20 days. v/s Violeta H. Grandez Vargas, the station administrator. According to the reply, Radio San Nicolas -Voz de Rodriguez de Mendoza- was established on April 4, 1986, broadcasting on 3860 kHz. The station has studios at : Jiron Matias Rimachi 507 frente al Palacio Municipal, and also at Pasaje Hilario Lopez No.111 entrada del -Hotel Grandez-, Rodriguez de Mendoza. I think that the later one is used for the reception office. Seemingly the station has not operated on 1380 kHz mediumwave for years. (via Relampago Dx # 15 / FEB / 1998 T.Inoue Nozaki-J TFW 052 Feb 98
Radio SAN NICOLAS 5470 kHz QSL f /d 90d. after 3rd report sent SS rpt v/s : Dr. Juan Jose Grande Vargas, dir. gen. (NASWA, QSL report The Journal, Dec. 98, USA) K.W.Field-USA Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
5471, R. San Nicolas, Rodriguez de Mendoza, partial-data personal ltr, photo, business card, in 10 wks., v/s Violeta Grandez Vargas, Administradora/Locutora. V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1617 Feb 01
Radio San Nicolas 5470.8 kHz - Pasaje Hilario LOpez 111 - entrada del " Hotel Gràndez " - San Nicolas - Prov. Rodriguez de Mendoza - Perù con l'e-mail allegata da in 14 giorni. v/s Abraham Valcazar Grandez. Si 1 IRC. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Jun 08

R San Suan Index Peru Index America South

4000 R. San Suan Nice letter and cassette with interesting huaylas and huaynos received from Miguel Bacillo A., whose record company APROBA, sponsors the -Fortaleza Peruana- program on this station. The letter confirms that -La Voz de la Amistad- is a block of religious programs. At 0617 on 23 June the announcer mentioned a shift in frequency to help reception in Canada and Germany. (Dateline Bogotá via Lobdell) H.Klemetz-CLM Cumbre DX 095 Jul 96

R Santa Ana ndex Peru Index America South

4965.8, Radio Santa Ana verified with a full data personal letter from Nicolas Cordoba Orozco, Gerente General in 21 days for US$1.00 return postage. Also, he signed, stamped my prepared card and sent a photo of an announcer standing next to a satellite dish plus four business cards. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 2006
4965.8, Radio Santa Ana verified with a full data personal letter from v/s Nicolás Córdova Orozco, Gerente Propietario in 629 days for a Spanish postal report and US$1.00 return postage. Also included was an oversized station pennant, a Certificado de Excelencia signed by Nicolás Córdova Orozco and a photo of their telecom satellite dish (also signed by Nicolás Córdova Orozco). Nicolás is married to Marleny with two children, Nicolás and Jhon. This is a second reply having received an initial reply back in January 2006! The first reply signed/stamped my prepared card. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 2007

R Santa Monica OAZ7B Index Peru Index America South

OAZ7B R Santa Monica, Cusco 4965 kHz, 2b v v/s Walter S. Farfán Flower, Gerente General. Brev også fra Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, som hjalp til i kulissene. Les hele historien om dette og andre kremsvar i LA-spalta! A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-04 Mai 04
OAZ7B R Santa Monica, Cusco 4965 kHz, 2b v v/s Walter S. Farfán Flower, Gerente General. Brev også fra Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, som hjalp til i kulissene. Les hele historien om dette og andre kremsvar i LA-spalta! O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-04 Mai 04
R Santa Monica, Cusco 4950 letter 2m, Oyvinds QSL kom med assistanse av heders-mannen Carlos Gamarra Moscosco. Ø.Kolobekken-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-06 Okt 04
R Santa Monica, Cusco 4950 letter 2m. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-06 Okt 04
Radio Santa Monica, 4965 kHz, p/d Maroti card with incorrect month, no date and incorrect year(!) for a taped report to Carlos Gamarra Moscoso of Radio La Hora as Santa Monica's QSL Manager. Also had "approximate" time and no frequency. It was nicely stamped and v/s was Walter S. Farfán Flower, Gerente General. Listed on QSL as 400 watts. One month total time from Carlos. Original reports were for March 6 and 11, 2003. Sent Carlos $2 and SAE and mint stamps (both used). Peruvian QSL #40. J.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 05
R. SANTA MONICA 4965 kHz Cusco. V/s: Walter S. Farfan Flower (Gerente General)(DXers ABU & JE, SWB BULLETIN, Sweden) J.Edh-S Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06

R Santa Rosa OBX4I Index Peru Index America South

1500 kHz Radio SANTA ROSA, Casilla Postal 4451, Lima 1 o Convento Santo Domingo, Jr. Camana 170, Lima 1 (direccion alternativa). Tarjeta QSL y Carta QSL, ambas con datos completos. v/s Padre Juan Sokolich A, director de la emisora. 35 dias. A.Leonel Slaen-ARG Conexion Digital 025 Okt 1999
Santa Rosa 6045. QSL card with date only in 1m for USD, SS report & postcard. Shows email as, web / santarosa. R.Jary-SA-AUS Cumbre DX 296 Mai 2000
Don't lose heart, I got a QSL from Radio Santa Rosa, Peru on 6045 yesterday. From here at home just to the north of Sydney I have heard Latins running supposedly under 1kW, so it can be done. The main trick is a decent aerial that handles those frequencies and is also low noise. Or of course, a bush trip with a longwire ! R.Jary-SA-AUS EDXP-ML Mai 2000
QSL : Radio Santa Rosa : Received a personal handwritten letter today from Carlos Turrin Villanueva in 5 weeks for USD & postcard. The handwriting doesn't help, my Spanish is bad enough anyway, but he is the " conductor del progromo " Iglesia tros los rejos " which airs at 7 : 30 pm. The rest of requires more work ! R.Jary-SA-AUS HCDX-ML Jun 2000
6045.41, R. Santa Rosa, map QSL, full-data, no power indicated, v/s P. Juan Sokolich, Director. In 44 days. D.Nelson-OR-USA Numero Uno 1581 Jun 2000
Radio SANTA ROSA 1500 kHz LIMA, REPLY BY E-MAIL : (ARCTIC RADIO CLUB, APRIL 2000) B.Fransson-S Play-DX 1073 Jun 2000
R.SANTA ROSA 6045, 5 kHz E-MAIL REPLY v/s : PEDRO FLORES, Periodista. E-MAIL : (SHORTWAVE BULLETIN 1438, JULY 2000) J.Edh-S Play-DX 1085 Okt 2000
Report to R. Santa Rosa, 1500 kHz, addressed Casilla 4451, Lima came back marked " No Reclamado " (not claimed). Any ideas ? M.Elbe-D HCDX-ML Dez 2000
RADIO SANTA ROSA 1500 kHz QSL-letter 180d. SENT 2 $.V/s:Padre ISAIAS FLOREZ CHUMPITAZ. QTH : CASILLA 4451, LIMA1. F.Carnevalini-I Play-DX 1134 Dez 2001
6045 kHz, R. Santa Rosa, their own full-data QSL for a taped report, mint stamps (not used) and SAE (not used) in 5 wks., v/s P. Juan Sokolich A., Op. Director. URL is J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX 399 Mai 2002
Radio Santa Rosa 1500 kHz letter 40d. No IRC. Sent Italian stickers + Taped report. V/s: Padre Juan Sokolic. QTH: see WRTH 2002.e-mail: (QSL-report, NASWA, USA) J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Play-DX 1163 Jul 2002
Radio Santa Rosa 1500 kHz letter 40d. No IRC. Sent Italian stickers + Taped report. V/s: Padre Juan Sokolic. QTH: see WRTH 2002.e-mail: (QSL-report, NASWA, USA) S.Nuzzi-I Play-DX 1163 Jul 2002
R Santa Rosa 6045,4 kHz, pers.card 6u A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 2002
6045, Radio Santa Rosa verified with an e-mail from Florecita Rodriquez Le Torre in 1,112 days (ah, the speed of the Internet) noting she is a Journalist at the station and that the station is interested in monitoring from a distance. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 2002
Radio Santa Rosa 1500 f/d e-mail for a tape report. v/s Juan Sokolich A., O:P. and Lucy Palma Barreda ( A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Nov 2003
Radio Santa Rosa, 6045, f/d "Tarjeta de Verificacion" cd w/ station seal and pamphlet in 50 days for $2 and an EG rpt. S.R.Barbour Jr.-NH-USA DXLD-ML Jun 2004
R Santa Rosa 1500 2k 11m A.Skalmeraas-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-07 Okt 2004
R Santa Rosa $ 6045 kHz, full data card, 7 years (Several f/ups over 7 years. v/s P. Juan Sokolich) P.Cody-IRL BDXC-UK 2005-02 Feb 2005
1500 OBX4I R.STA. ROSA, LIMA, Sent e-report, received f/d email IN 4h.30m. V/S: Fr. Benjamín de la Torre, Subdirector. contacto (a) M.Molano Sánchez-E mwdx-ML Aug 2010

R Santiago Index Peru Index America South

5730.03 Radio Santiago, Puerto Galilea; sent a pleasant package with full data QSL letter, pictures, mini national flag, and handmade -certificado de sintonia- with station stamp and municipal office stamp. Verification signature is Juan Tuchia Oscatea. He said that his family migrated from the Prefecture of Gifu, Japan to Peru a long time ago, and he is the third -Nikkei- generation. Stn address is simply : Puerto Galilea, Provincia de Condorcanqui, Dept de Amazonas, Peru. (via NU, Dec 14) T.Inoue Nozaki-J BC-DX 341 Dez 97
5730.03 Radio Santiago, Puerto Galilea; sent a pleasant package with full data QSL letter, pictures, mini national flag, and handmade " certificado de sintonia " with station stamp and municipal office stamp. Verification signature is Juan Tuchia Oscatea. He said that his family migrated from the Prefecture of Gifu, Japan to Peru a long time ago, and he is the third " Nikkei " generation. I think that his family name was originally spelled as Tsuchiya, but after many years it was slightly changed as Tuchia which may be easily pronounced. Radio Santiago was officially inaugurated on September 20, 1996. Station address is simply : Puerto Galilea, Provincia de Condorcanqui, De partamento de Amazonas, Peru. T.Inoue Nozaki-J Cumbre DX 169 Dez 97
R.Santiago on 5730 (S / OFF around 2300 UTC), in 25 days after 4th report ! Personal letter, ppc, photo, station pennant, v/s Juan Tuchia Oscate, Alcade of District of Rio Santiago and Guillermo Gomez Garcia, dir.; sent a SASE and a taped report. (in Fine Tuning 887, USA / Play DX # 969 Feb. 16) H.Lazarus-LA-USA TFW 053 Mrz 98
Radio SANTIAGO 5730 kHz pers. letter + QSL card + peruvian flag, photo station in 120d. NO IRC ! v/s Juan Tuchia Oscate (Alcade de Puerto Galilea) QTH : Municipalidad Distrital Rio Santago Puerto Galileaa, Condor Canqui, Amazonas. V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 0988 Aug 98

R Satelite Index Peru Index America South

6724,3 kHz, Santa Cruz Cajamarca 03:00 26.04.92 18.01.93 267 days, QSL : kort brev v/s : Sabino Llamo Chavez Gerente G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jan 1993
R. Satelite on 6725, QSL card and letter in 3 months for mint stamps. v/s Sabino Llamo Chavez, Gerente A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Aug 1996
R Satelite Cajamarca det. Karte Radio-Logo 6725 kHz 2010 27.08.96 60 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Okt 1996
6725.6 R.Satelite. Nice Blue / red f/d card w / excellent 2-page typed letter. Said xmtr w / 2 4-400s modulating + 2 4-400s as finals, is putting out about 500 watts into a horizontal dipole. v/s Sabino Llamo Chavez. In 51 ds for SP rpt, cassette, + $ 1. A.Yoder-NY-USA Cumbre DX 111 Nov 1996
Radio Satelite 6725 kHz verified with a det. Card and letter in 41 days. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Nov 1996
R. Satelite on 6725.5 kHz, QSL certificado + QSL letter f /d with a lot of technical news in 60 days. Sent 2 USD, stickers of Italian FM Radios + TV. V7s Sabino Llamo Chavez, gerente. QTH : Jiron Cutervo 543, Santa Cruz, Provincia Santa Cruz, depart. Cajamarca. Received a registered letter. (via Play DX 911 Nov.25 1996). G.Bernardini-I TFW Nov 1996
R. Satelite on 6725, QSL card, personal letter in 40 days for 1 USD. (DSWCI-SWN Jan 97) D.Nehring-D TFW Jan 1997
R.Satelite on 6726, QSL card, letter in 10 weeks (DSWCI SWN 10/97) J.Rasmusson-S TFW 041 Okt 1997
R.Satelite on 6726.5, letter, v/s Sabino Llamo Chavez, dir gener., in 180 days for 1 USD. (Play DX # 958 Nov 24) R.Borelli-I TFW 044 Nov 1997
R.Satelite on 6725, QSL, personal letter, v/s Director Sabino Llamo Chavez, in 183 days for 1 USD. (Play DX # 963 Jan 5) L.Botto Fiora-I TFW 049 Jan 1998
Radio SATELITE - Jr. Cutervo 543 - Prov. Santa Cruz - Cajamarca 6725 kHz - QSL and letter in 72 dd, 1 USD sent - v/s Sabino Llamo Chavez - Gerente S.Mannelli-I Webpage Jan 1998
R. Satelite / 6725 kHz 38 days qsl-card pers. QSL letter / 25, SBM. W.Stengel-D ADDX 1999-06 Mrz 1999

R Sicuani Index Peru Index America South

4826, R. Sicuani, ltr and ppc, v/s Mario Ochoa Vargas (Director), for a 1998 rpt. D.Martin-VIC-AUS Numero Uno 1549 Okt 1999
Radio SICUANI 4826, 5 kHz REPLY BY E-MAIL : v/s : MARIO OCHOA VARGAS Director. (SHORTWAVE BULLETIN 1429-1430, MARCH-APRIL 2000) R.Wikström-S Play-DX 1072 Jun 2000
4826.5, Radio Sicuani, F/d computer-generated "Certificado de Sintonia" letter via Carlos from above. V/s Lic. Mario Ochoa Vargas, Director and Esau Gamarra Pino, Administrador also in 1 mo. Letter has my date of reception (May 21, 2000) and time, but the date printed at the top of the letter is listed as 4835 kHz. Carlos has done a very TIN-like job in securing the necessary info from the station. He also has apparently expanded his ability to get other QSLs from what I gather in his letter, I think even more than what I last saw reported. He lists having access to the following radio stations: R. Ayaviri, R. Madre de Dios o R. Lider de Cusco o Radio Mundo, R. Cusco, R. Paucartambo, R. Quillabamba, R. Sur Oriente de la Convencion o Radio LTC de Juliaca. I'm not sure why some stations have "or" between them, so I listed them as Carlos did. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 2001
R. Sicuani / 4826 kHz, 527 Tage, detail. qsl-letter, pers. qsl-letter / $; 103 Tage nach f/up; v/s Mario Ochoa Vargas & Esaú G. Pino -J.-Waga-D J.Waga-D ADDX 2002-04 Feb 2002
Radio Sicuanì 4826, 5 kHz Letter 30d. V/s: Lic.Mario Ochoa Vargas, Director. (QSL-Report, NASWA, USA) K.W.Field-USA Play-DX 1163 Jul 2002
R Sicuani, Sicuani 4826 b T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-01 Jan 2003
RADIO SICUANI 4826 kHz V/s: DANILO NUNEZ SALAS (DIRECTOR) (VIA SWB 1504, SWEDEN) R.Akesson-S Play-DX 2003 Apr 2003
4825 - R. Sicuani, Sicuani - 33 dias. Recebida carta confirmatória, flâmula em papelão. Enviado CD com gravação da emissão. V/S: Carlos Gamarra Moscoso QTH: Av. Garcilaso, 411-Wanchaq, Cuzco, Peru C.Fernandes Lopes-MG-B Conexion Digital 279 Sep 2004
Radio Sicuani 4826,4, n/d e-mail in 8 weeks from Mauro Condori Condori, Productor Quechua ( A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Okt 2005
CUZCO: RADIO SICUANI: CARTA QSL /QSL LETTER.Fecha/ Date : 03-Sept-06. Hora/ Hour : 00.50 UTC. Frec: 4825 kHz.. Vrs. Doris Ochoa Vargas / Directora. Demoró 3 meses, carta dirigida al séte QTH. Radio Sicuani, Jr. 2 de Mayo 206, Sicuani- Canchis . Cuzco, PERU C.Pérez Dioses-PRU direct to QIP Jan 2007
4826v RADIO SICUANI. E-QSL fornato .jpeg "Certificado de Sintonia". v/s Edwin Sallo Diaz. Informe enviado a: Demoro: 1 dia, Incluyo fotos de los estudios y personal. (via Y.Gaviria-CLM) R.Orlando Rodriguez R.-CLM NoticiasDX-ML Feb 2010

R Sudamerica Index Peru Index America South

5522, R. Sudamerica, very friendly two-page personal ltr with a printed ltrhead, ppc and photo of v/s in the studios of the stn, rcvd 6 mos. after follow-up with SASE (used), and 3 yrs., 3 mos. after original rpt. v/s Jorge Paredes Guevara, Gerente Administrativo. Address : Jr. Ramon Castilla No. 646, Cutervo. Says (as well as I can translate it) that " sadly, on Dec 18 of last year, all our xmtng equipment was burned or set afire by bad people.. " (" lamentablemente el 18 de diciembre del anyo pasado todos nuestros equipos de transmision fueron incendiados o quemados por gente mala "). However, they are now b / cing on MW and expect to return to SW soon, and they hope that they will be hrd again in the U.S. (" gracias a DIOS ya estamos trabajando en Onda Media, proximadente lo harenos en Onda Corta para que ojala Nuevamente nos vuelvas a escuchar en USA "). To put it mildly, this one made my year. H.Lazarus-LA-USA Numero Uno 1517 Mrz 99
5521, R. Sudamerica, partial-data ltr in over a year, v/s Jorge Luis Paredes Guevara. S.Paszkiewicz-WI-USA Numero Uno 1519 Mrz 99

R Suoroiente Index Peru Index America South

R Suoroiente, Quillabamba 5067 letter T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-06 Okt 04

R Tacna Index Peru Index America South

6571,5 kHz, Tacna Tacna 23:20 18.01.92 25.03.92 67 days, QSL : tryckt brev litet standar v/s : Yolanda Uda de Caceres G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Mrz 92
QSL by Radio Tacna Radio Tacna verified a reception report sent by ordinary mail a few days ago with a electronic mesagge. The v/s is:Ing.Alfonso Cáceres Contreras. He hope the reception reports to: scaceres[ät] A.L.Slaen-ARG DXplorer-ML Jun 02
R Tacna 9505 kHz, e-post 36d v/s Ing. Alfonso Caceres T.-H.Ekblom-FIN Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 02
Received today e-mail verification for my taped report from last summer. Ing. Alfonso Cáceres Contreras, Gerente de Operaciones sent a nice letter with information about Tacna. His e-mail: "Radio Tacna" scaceres[ät] J.Hytönen-FIN Dez 02

R Tarma Index Peru Index America South

4774,9 kHz, Tarma 05:00 24.01.91 18.04.91 84 days, QSL : brev vykort sedel v/s : Mario Monteverde Pomareda G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Apr 91
4775 PERU: R. Tarma, Tarma, 10 dias. Recebido: e-mail confirmatório + port-folio eletrônico da emissora. V/S: Mario Monteverde Pomareda. QTH: Molino Del Amo 167, Tarma, Peru. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B ConDig 408 Feb 07

R Tawantinsuyo Index Peru Index America South

6174, R. Tawantinsuyo, verie ltr from v/s Ing. Raul Montesinos Espejo (Director Gerente) at Av. Sol No. 806 (or Casilla 39), Cusco. Enclosed September prgm sked, stn folder and two booklets. Rpt originated from 1989, but TIN on his recent travels did the trick. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1548 Okt 99
The following prepared card veries were rcvd tnx to the very valuable assistance of TIN during his recent trip to Peru : [.] 6175, R. Tawantinsuyo, v/s Ing. Raul Montesinos Espejo, Director Gerente (original rpt Jan 94). Muchas gracias, TIN, for all your help ! R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1601 Okt 00
6175 Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, Informe enviado en Julio del 2003 Carta QSL recibida el 11 de septiembre del 2003 V/S: Sr. Ivan Montesinos, Gerente QTH: Av . El Sol 806, Cusco, Perú. C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Conexion Digital 228 Sep 03
OAX7C R Tawantinsuyo 6173,9 v, v/s Ivan Montesinos. Ogsa her har Senor Moscosco bidratt med en hjelpende hand. A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-06 Okt 04
R. TAWANTINSUYO 6173,8 kHz. V/s: Mrs. Claudia Montesinos (Secretaria) (VIA SWB 1557, SWEDEN, TNX DXer Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, Peru) J.Edh-S Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
PERU, 6173,8, Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, recibida carta QSL con datos completos en 45 días. V/S Ivan Montesino. En la carta se puede leer: "Radio Tawantinsuyo, en el corazón del pueblo OAX7B 1190 Kcs. Onda Media Servicio Local OAX7V 4910 Kcs. Onda Tropical 60 metros, Servicio Regional OAX7C 6175 Kcs. Onda corta 49 mts. Servicio Nacional e Internacional FM 91.3 Mgs. [.. ] Radio Tawantinsuyo OC 49 Mts. Cusco-Perú. 5 Kw., Av. Sol nº 806, Cusco-Perú". El informe de recepción con 1 US $, se envió a D. Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, director de frecuencias de Radio La Hora, Cusco, y que, además, se encarga, gentilmente, de gestionar QSL's para los DX-istas europeos y americanos de emisoras peruanas de los departamentos de Cuzco, Juliaca, Tacna, Puerto Maldonado, Quillabamba y Sicuani. Agradece se acompañe IRC ó US $ para el sello de retorno. Su dirección: Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, Avenida Garcilaso 411, Distrito de Wanchaq, Cusco, Perú. M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Jun 06
Recibida el día Lunes 31/07, carta QSL de Radio Tawantinsuyo a través de los buenos oficios de Carlos Gamarra Moscoso en 24 días, tras el envío de un follow-up por un informe de recepción enviado directamente a la emisora en Diciembre de 2004, por lo que el tiempo total fué de 582 días. La dirección postal a donde se envió el informe más un dólar norteamericano es: Sr. Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, c/o Radio Tawantinsuyo, Avenida Garcilaso #411, Distrito de Wanchaq, Cusco - Perú.- G.Schvartz-URG Noticias DX-ML Aug 06
Recibida QSL de Radio Tawantinsuyo, que emite en 6173,5. Me han enviado una carta con datos completos y firmada por Iván Montesinos. Tardó 16 días a un informe enviado a: Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, Avda Garcilaso 411, Distrito de Wanchaq, Cusco, PERÚ. I.Sotomayor-E Noticias DX-ML Okt 06
R. Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, 6174 kHz, partial data e-mail verie also saying that a "certificado de sintonia" will be sent to me shortly. In 15 days after follow up, v/s Teresa Lopez (Administradora). V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Apr 07
6175 RADIO TAWANTISUYO, Carta-QSL. V/S Ivan Montesinos. Gracias a la ayuda del amigo y colega Carlos Gamarra M. de Radio la Hora. Demoro 120 dias, informe y 1 dolar enviado a: Av.Garcilaso No. 411 Wanchaq, Cusco, Peru. R.Rodriguez R.-CLM ConDig 422 Jun 07

R Tingo Maria Index Peru Index America South

4759,2 kHz, Tingo Maria 04:49 10.04.92 22.07.92 103 days, QSL : brev info visitkort v/s : Gina de la Cruz Ricaldi G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jul 92

R Tropical Index Peru Index America South

Radio Tropical 4935 Tarapoto. Nice letter from Luis F Mori Roatogui, Gerente. Confirms report and gives details about the station. ie. runs a 3kilowatt Phillips transmitter. Air in 10 weeks for 1 USD and a postcard. J.Wright-AUS Cumbre DX 152 Aug 97
4935 Radio Tropical partial data logo QSL card with no-data letter received via registered mail in 41 days. for a Spanish report. and $ 1.00. v/s : Mery A. Rengifo Tenazoa - Secretaria. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 164 Nov 97
4935 kHz Radio Tropical, Tarapoto. No data QSL card received with stickers and friendly letter. The letter says their transmitter is Philips with 3 kW, located in the high parts of the city of Tarapoto. I sent them a letter, reception report, and a postcard on Sept.19. Confirmation received today Oct.15. Total time : 26 days. Address : Radio Tropical, S.A., Jr. Bolognesi N 157, Tarapoto, PERU, v/s : Mr. Luis F. Bosi, Gerente E.David Escoto Romero-HND Cumbre DX 212 Okt 98

R Unión Index Peru Index America South

6115 Radio Union, n / d SP e-mail from station, verifying the report + telling me to ask further questions via Internet. Said that a QSL is coming soon. v/s Juan Zubiaga S., Gerente. Add : runion[ät] Really cool ! [To my knowledge, the first e-mail QSL from a Peruvian SWBCer. You beat me to it Andy. Radio Tacna never answered my e-mail report. (Moore)] A.Yoder-NY-USA Cumbre DX 122 Jan 97
R Unión 6115 email 8 months Rapport sendt pr brev. A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News Jun 97
6615 Radio Union, Lima has finally printed a full-data QSL-card, which I got in two copies yesterday, together with stickers and an excuse for late answering. My QSL's come from listening in Jan 1995 and Dec 1996 . Gerente Genéral is the verie- signer, but I cannot read his full name, starting with Juan Zubia. ? My 25th Peruvian station verified ! B.Fransson-S DX Window 088 Nov 97
R.Union on 6115, v/s Juan Zubiaga S., ger. (via SWB 1359, Aug. 97 / Play DX # 955 Nov 03) A.Bue-NOR TFW 042 Nov 97
R.Union on 6115, QSL card, sticker, v/s Juan Zubiasa Santivanez, gerente, in 1 year and 5 months for 1 USD. (Play DX # 958 Nov 24) F.Hunger-D TFW 044 Nov 97
6115 Radio Union, date-only oversize -Certificado de Sintonia- card unsigned, also two stickers. Received for a Spanish report with tape, $ 1 and used commemorative stamps. Total time out 319 days.Card was filled out on 9 / 12/97 but not mailed 'til 12 / 31. Patience is a virtue. R.Stewart-MO-USA Cumbre DX 173 Jan 98
Union R. on 6115, QSL, stickers in 546 days ! v/s Juan Zubiasa Santivanez, ger. general (in Distance # 15/97, Sweden / Play DX # 969 Feb. 16) D.Olsson-D TFW 053 Mrz 98
Union R. on 6115, QSL, stickers in 546 days ! v/s Juan Zubiasa Santivanez, ger. general (after F / up / Play DX # 969 Feb. 16) F.Douren-S TFW 053 Mrz 98
Union R. on 6115, QSL, stickers in 546 days ! v/s Juan Zubiasa Santivanez, ger. general (after F / up / Play DX # 969 Feb. 16) K.Norlin-S TFW 053 Mrz 98
Radio Union 6115, f /d " Logo " card and stickers in 2 1 / 2 years from v/s Juan Zubiaga Santivanez, Gerente General for US $ 1. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 1998-06 Jun 98
6115 Radio Union QSL card, -certificado de sintonia-, 2 station stickers, - UNION la emisora mas potente del Peru-. for 1 IRC and 1 US Dollar in 2 months. M.Caneva-ARG Cumbre DX 209 Sep 98
R Union 6115 qsl-card 1 IRC 140 days, v/s : Carlos A Gonzalez Solimano, Director Gerente. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Sep 98
6115 Radio Union bestaetigte nach zwei Monaten per Karte, Aufkleber und einem sehr freundlichen Brief in Spanisch, v/s Natividad Albizuri Salinas, Secretaria de Gerencia. Anschrift : Av. Central No. 717 Piso 12, San Isiddro, Lima 27, Peru. Rueckporto erhoeht die Chancen auf eine Antwort. H.Kuhl-D ADXB-OE-ML Nov 98
Radio Union 6115 partial data logo card with 2 stickers in 87 days after 4 taped follow ups & $ 1.00. The last 3 follow ups were sent registered. v/s : Carlos A. Gonzalez Solimano - Director y Gerente & Natividad Albizuri Salinas - Secretaria de Gerencia. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 218 Nov 98
QSL from Radio Unión, 6115, f/d card, sticker, in 130 days. (SWN 11, DSWCI) M.A.Cornachioni-ARG DX Window 141 Nov 98
Radio Union 6115 with a well detailed QSL card, stickers, and business card, v/s was NATIVIDAD ALBIZURI SALINAS, Secretaria de gerencia, received after about 7 weeks. R.Vos-HOL HCDX-ML Dez 98
R Union, Lima 6115 qsl-letter qsl-card (pm). Ø.Kolobekken-NOR Norwegian DX News 1998-10 Dez 98
6115, R. Union, QSL-card, v/s Carlos Gonzalez Solimano, also personal ltr from Natividad Albizuri Salinas, Secretary. In 2 mos.; also sent stickers. R.Rodriguez R.-CLM Numero Uno 1520 Mrz 99
6115 kHz. Radio UNION, Apartado 833, Lima 1, Peru. Tarjeta QSL, calcomania. Contesto en 14 dias. J.Carlos Buscaglia-ARG Conexion Digital 006 Jun 99
OBZ4N R Union, Lima qsl-card qsl-letter sti., v/s Natividad Albizuri Salinas, Sec O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-06 Jun 99
Radio Union 6115, f /d large " logo " card, pennant and two decals in 88 days from v/s Carlos A. Gonzalez Solimano, Director Gerente for a taped reort. The card was dated May 26 but posted on August 6th. (md) M.Delmage-AB-CAN CIDX 1999-09 Sep 99
R. Union / 6115 kHz, 85 days, qsl-card, sticker. G.Opalka-D ADDX 1999-20 Okt 99
6115 Radio Unión. Full data QSL card in 110 days. Very sign Carlos A. González Solimano, Director Gerente of the Station. I enclosed 1 USD with my report. M.Méndez-E Cumbre DX 277 Jan 00
Radio Union 6115 kHz, f/d card, 5/9/95, v/s : Not listed "Certificado de Sintonia", site : Juan Zubia Santivanez J.Dybka-TX-USA Webpage Jan 00
Union R. / 6115 kHz, 61 days, detailed qsl-card, pers. qsl-letter, W, Sticker / $ A.Schmid-D ADDX 2000-04 Feb 00
R Union 6115 k sti 3m. R.Håland-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-10 Dez 00
6115 kHz. Radio Unión, Apartado Postal 833, Lima. Tarjeta QSL (verificador: Raúl Ribbeck Jiménez, Director Gerente), calcomanía. Contestó en 150 días. C.Morales-ARG Conexion Digital 108 Mai 01
6115, R. Unión, Apartado Postal 833, Lima, QSL-card, v/s Raúl Ribbeck Jiménez, Director Gerente; also decal. In 150 days. (Conexion Digital) C.Morales-ARG Numero Uno 1633 Jun 01
6115 (fn) - Radio Unión, Lima - 18 dias Recebido cartão QSLe adesivos. v/s: Raul Ribbeck Jimenez - Gerente de Administracion e operaciones QTH : Av. Central 717, Piso 12. San Isidro. Apartado Postal 833. Lima -Peru. A.Assis de Oliveira-MG-B Atividade DX 065 Okt 01
RADIO UNION 22d. NO IRC. (1300 BC STATION VERIFIED) R.Pavanello-I Play-DX 1134 Dez 01
6115 kHz, Radio Unión with f/d Maroti card, f/d station QSL and p/d personal letter for a January 2000 reception. 10 kW. Also enclosed bumper sticker. V/s Augusto Ruiz Tello, Gerente General. New Addr: Av. José Pardo No. 138, Piso 15-1501, Lima 18. Old addr (Av. Central 717) on the QSL-Card. Both still list Apartado Postal 833. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX-ML Jan 04
6535.7, R. Union, big QSL-card, ltr and three stickers, in 65 days, V/S Sr. Augusto Ruiz Tello. (via RNM) Y.Uemura-J Dxplorer-ML Feb 04

R Universal del Cusco Index Peru Index America South

Acabo de recibir la tarjeta QSL numero 001 de Radio Universal del Cusco (6089.1 kHz), tal cual me indica el gerente Luis Villasante, tienen web page: A.Cañote-PRU Lista Conexion Digital-ML Jul 06
RADIO UNIVERSAL - CUZCO. QSL CARD and letter. Date/ Fecha: 14- 07 - 2006. Tour/ Hora: 12.00 UTC. Frequency: 6090 kHz. VRS/ Luis Villasante Colpaert / Director Gerente C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Conexion Digital 380 Aug 06

R Universo Index Peru Index America South

6815.7 R Universo, Saposoa (..) Victor S. Lozano Tantaleán verified a report from Jarmo Havukunnas in Finland. saying that the stn is on the air1130-1700 and 2330-0300 with a power varying between 0.5 and 1 kW. Lozano is the same fellow who operated another R Universo, from the " caserío " of Pandalle, in the Chota area, in the mid-80's. The village had no electicity at that time, so they had to run the txer on fuel brought in by car from Chota, Lozano said in a QSL-letter to me at the time. [H.Klemetz] J.Havukunnas-FIN Dateline Bogotá 1994 Jan 94

R Victoria Index Peru Index America South

R. Victoria on 6018.3 kHz v/s Marta Flores Ushinahua, segr. (Evangelic fanatic !) (QSL on the air, n.6/96 Malmoe DX Club KVK, Sweden via Play DX 911 Nov.25 1996) R.Aakesson-S TFW Nov 96
R.Victoria on 6018, v/s Martha Flores Ushinahua (in SWB 1368, Sweden / Play DX # 969 Feb. 16) B.Eriksson-S TFW 053 Mrz 98
Radio VICTORIA 6018 kHz v/s : Marta Flores Ushiriahua, segr. (Distance 10/98) D.Olsson-S Play-DX 1002 Nov 98
780 / 6018v/9720v Radio Victoria, very prompt e-mail QSL rec'd for follow-up to 1997 report. v/s Martha Rojas, from IPDA, Iglesia Pentecostal Dios es Amor, producer of the " La Voz de la Liberacion " program. Also heard on R Caravana, Guayaquil 750, R Nacional de Chile 1140 and an unid Peruvian on 1480. E-mail address : P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Mrz 99
Radio Victoria 9720 with a personal letter and magazine named " Testimonia " v/s was Senora Martha Flores Ushinahua they have E-mail R.Vos-HOL HCDX-ML Mrz 99
6020, R. Victoria, partial-data QSL in 1-1 / 2 mos., v/s Martha Flores, S.Paszkiewicz-WI-USA Numero Uno 1519 Mrz 99
Radio Victoria in Peru - QSL'ed with a nice and long e-mail from Martha Rojas. K.Olofsson-S HCDX-ML Apr 99
6020, R. Victoria, pleasant verie ltr from Martha Rojas at E-mail address in 12 days. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1522 Apr 99
Yesterday I received an Email verification from Radio Victoria, Peru. Unfortunately the letter doesn't include my reception datas. As in the letter are details about the station itself I enclose the received I enclose further in the text the received Email. E.Bergmann-D HCDX-ML Jul 99
9721, R. Victoria, verified a follow up rpt with an E-mail reply from v/s Patricia Arbizu Sanchez, in 10 days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1547 Okt 99
R Victoria 9722 letter div. v/s Martha Flores T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-09 Nov 99
R Victoria, v/s Patricia Arbizu Sanchez 9721 kHz, e-mail, rp : 7 days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA WDXC QSL Report Apr 00
R. VICTORIA 9721, 6 letter, 15 d., NO RP. QTH : JIRON VICTOR REYNEL 320, LIMA 1. E-MAIL : soermi@mixmail. com (CONEXION-DX N°128, DEC. 1999, ARGENTINA) A.L.Slaen-ARG Play-DX 1063 Apr 00
Thanks to the NU tip about TIN's trip to Peru, I contacted him and he was able to secure QSLs from the following stns for me. All the ppc's were signed and stamped. TIN did a very thorough job. All " elapsed time to QSL " periods are based on date original rpt was sent. Thanks so much, TIN ! [.] 9720, R. Victoria, ppc plus personal ltr in 4-1 / 2 mos., ltr appears to describe prgm I was listening to as being " La Voz de la Liberacion " from the Dios es Amor Pentecostal Church. Originally sent tape and ms, v/s of ppc was Carlos - ? - (no title), of ltr Angela Sifuentes de Jimenez, Secretaria. They list their website as J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Numero Uno 1601 Okt 00
QSL Radio Victoria, 6020: R. Victoria bestätigte in 35d einen Bericht mit einem p/d ltr und Stickern. V/s war Jose Ferreira Campos. Als Rückporto war 1 USD beigelegt. Der Bericht ging an R.Victoria, Jr. Victor Reynel No. 320,Lima Besondere Freude haben mir wieder mal die schönen Briefmarken gemacht. Warum unsere Post AG immer solche tristen Marken rausbringt?? M.Zwoch-D A-DX-ML Sep 03
R Victoria, Lima 6020,27 kHz, letter 3sti 8m v/s Jose Ferreira Campos,Administrador. Med dette er et langsiktig mål innfridd, skriver Arnstein, dvs. Peru-QSL nr. 40! A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-08 Nov 03
Radio Victoria, Lima (6020 kHz) bestätigte meinen Empfangsbericht innerhalb von 40 Tagen per Brief und zwei Stickern. V/s war Henrique Silvio Ramos; eMail: . Mein Bericht ging aber per Post, Beilage 1 $. J.Waga-D direct to QIP Aug 05
R.Victoria, Lima, 6020 kHz, personal letter, stickers in 10 weeks. V/s Henrique Silvio Ramos (Administrador). V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Aug 05
R. Victoria / 9720 kHz, 36 Tage, undet. B, Sticker / $ E.Röscher-D ADDX 2005-10 Okt 05
R. VICTORIA 6020 kHz. Replied Personal Letter + Stickers !! in 70 days. NO IRC or US $ !!. V/s : Henrique Silvio Ramos (Administrador). Address: Avenida Arica 248, Brena, Lima. V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
Radio Victoria, 9720, recibida carta de confirmación, no datos completos, firmada por v/s Henrique Silvio Ramos, administrador de la emisora, así como varios stickers y bonita postal de Lima. Tardó en llegar 165 días y junto al informe de recepción se envió 1 US $ para ayuda del sello de retorno. La carta, hace mención al informe de recepción, enviado el 14 de Julio de 2005, y sigue: "Nos da gusto saber que nuestra emisora llegue tan lejos. Nosotros prestamos servicio a la Iglesia Pentecostal Dios es Amor en el programa La Voz de la Liberación, que transmite una palabra de fe para los corazones, anunciando a Cristo como el salvador del mundo". [..] El informe de recepción se envió a la siguiente dirección: Radio Victoria, Avenida Arica 248, Breña, Lima, PERU. M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Feb 06
R. Victoria 9720 kHz - Av. Arica 254 - Brena - Peru con lettera + card + adesivi in 243 giorni. v/s Henrique Silvio Ramos Administrador. Si 1 IRC. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Mrz 06
R Victoria $1 6020 kHz, qsl-card 25 weeks (v/s Henrique Silvio Ramos. Correct address: Av. Arica 248, Brena, Peru.) P.Cody-IRL BDXC-UK 207-06 Jun 07

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4804,5 kHz, Huancavelica 23:10 31.12.91 12.02.92 43 days, QSL : stencilkort vykort G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Feb 92

R Virgen del Carmen Index Peru Index America South

4887, R. Virgen del Carmen (RVC), full-data personal ltr, stn info, a photo of Inca ruins, in 6 weeks. v/s R. P. Samuel Moran Cardenas (Administrador). V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1503 Nov 98
Radio VIRGEN DEL CARMEN (ex HUANCAVELICA, ex ex VILLAREAL) ppl + pers. message in 30d. sent 1 US $ + stickers radio Itly v/s : Reverendo Padre Samuel Moran Cardenas QTH : Jr. Virrey Toledo 466, Huancavelica (600 Watts power). G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
Radio VIRGEN DEL CARMEN 4886, 7 kHz letter f /d + postcard 35d. v/s : R.P.Samuel Moran Cardenas, administrator QTH : Jiron Virrey Toledo 466, Huancavelica (QSL-Report, Naswa, USA, Feb. 99) S.Barto-USA Play-DX 1022 Apr 99
4886.7 kHz, Radio Virgen del Carmen, F/d "Maroti" QSL with partial data letter in 2 weeks for mint stamps, SAE (neither used), $1 US and cassette recording. Also enclosed postcard of town of Huancavelica. Letters appears to state former v/s Reverend Samuel Cardenas (Station Gerencia) is no longer with the station and Jose Lopez Alvarado has been the director since 2001. A new address is also given that differs from 2003 PWBR: Plaza Bolognesi No. 142, Cercado, Huancavelica, Peru. Also signing the card was Bishop William Molloy McDermott, President of Radio Virgen del Carmen. Bishop McDermott then added a personal note in English on the back of the QSL-Card. As if all this in 2 weeks was not enough, an e-mail received on Thursday from the Director, Jose ( indicated that he had already sent out a Certificado de Sintonia! It looks like with Bishop McDermott there, an English report might also be possible. Even Jose closed in English in both the letter and e-mail. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 03
R.Virgen del Carmen, Villa Rica, 4886.7 kHz f/d letter enclosed postcard in Villa Rica and program schedule in 32 days. v/s: Jose Santos Lopez Alvarado, director genral. H.Yokoi-J direct to QIP Mai 03
RADIO VIRGEN DEL CARMEN – Huancavelica –Peru. I have received a nice QSL via e-mail verifying my report sent on July 16,2003 Frequency : 4885 kHz, Band :60 mts, Date : July 16, 2003, Hour :11.25 a 12.30 UTC, VRS/ : José López Alvarado, Director de Radio Virgen del Carmen. He says a QSL LETTER will be sent by air mail this week. C.Pérez Dioses-PRU HCDX-ML Aug 03
4885 R Virgen del Carmen p/d cd in a month v/s Jose Santos Lopez Alvarado. S.Paszkiewicz-WI-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 03
4886.7, Radio Virgen del Carmen verified with a personal letter, post card of street scenes of Huancavelica, and by signing and stamping my prepared card for US$1.00 return postage in 33 days from v/s José Lopez Alvarado, Director. As is often the case, the letter stuck to the envelope making opening a real challenge without destroying some of the contents. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 03
Radio Virgen del Carmen, 4885 kHz. Tarjeta QSL impresa en papel para foto en b/n. Verificada por director general Jose Santos Lopez Alvarado. Carta personal. Demoro 9 dias. Direccion : Plaza Bolognesi 142 Cercado, Huancavelica - Peru. Telefax : 51 - 67 - 451257, Web : E.mail : Datos : Frecuencias : 99.1 FM, 1580 AM, 4885 OC, Transmisor : Potencia 1 kilovatio Horario de Transmision : De 5:00 am a 9:00 pm, La mayor parte de la programacion es en quechua C.Rojas Gordillo-PRU direct to QIP Mai 06

R Visión Index Peru Index America South

R. Vision 4385.8 kHz - Jr. Juan Fanning 457 - Urbanizacion San Juan - Chiclayo - Perù con e-mail da in 11 giorni. v/s Pastor Francisco Cordova Rodriguez. Si 1 IRC R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Mai 06
R.Vision, Chiclayo, 4386, a nice e-mail verie in 26 days for a snail mail report; v/s Jorge Tesen, who says that they have now moved to 4790 and that the correct QTH is Jr. Juan Fanning 457, Urbanizacion San Juan, Chiclayo. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Aug 06
4790, Radio Vision verified a postal report with an electronic reply in 10 days from Pastor Francisco Córdova Rodriguez.  The reply also contained photos of the Pastor preaching at the pulpit and a picture of the outside of the station.  In his letter the Pastor noted that he is 60 years old and that he and his wife, Carmen Tafur Palm, have 7 children.  They operate Radio Vision in the 1350 of OM and 4790 of the OC.  The Pastor mentioned that the station plans to increase power in approximately 15 days, which would be close to the end of September, and that he would like reports on the improved signal. They have Andean evangelical and musical programming.  He provided the website for listening online ( R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Sep 07

R WB Index Peru Index America South

6690, it is " Radio (Estudio) WB, " not Radio DW. I rcvd a partial-data ltr dated Oct 30 from Water Espinoza, Gerente Propietario, and a booklet " El Manguara, " in 2-1 / 2 mos. The stn uses a Yaesu FT-101F amateur transceiver with maximum power of 400 watts. The studio and xmtr facilities were burned down by a suspected case of arson at 1930 Oct 25. Since it has been rptd again since mid-Nov, it seems he purchased a new xmtr, and he mentioned " la nueva direccion " on the letterhead. The stn seems to have moved to a new studio. He gives very little information, but the mailing address is : Radio " WB, " Jr. Alonso de Alvarado #1435, Correo Central Moyobamba, Provincia de Moyobamba, Departamento de San Martin. Tnx to TIN for helping to translate the ltr. T.Sejimo-J Numero Uno 1507 Dez 98
Radio ESTUDIO " WB " MOYOBAMBA 6890 kHz E-mail QSL 27d. NO IRC v/s : Walter Espinoza Trujllo, ger. prop. E-mail : karolineneil[ät] QTH : Jiron Alonso De Alvorado 1435, Correo Central de Moyabamba. V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1029 Jun 99

R Willkamayu Index Peru Index America South

10354.9, R. Willkamayu, Cusco, ltr and postcards in 12 days, V/S Julio Cesar Tello Aguilar, or (RNM, via J.Berg) H.Watanabe-J DXplorer-ML Jun 03
CUZCO: RADIO WILKAMAYU: CARTA QSL /QSL LETTER. Fecha/ Date : 13-Jul-06. Hora/ Hour : 14.30 UTC. Frec: 10354 kHz.. Vrs. Julio Tello Aguilar / Gerente . Informe enviado a Carlos Gamarra Moscoso , Av. Garcilaso, 411-Wanchaq, Cuzco, Peru C.Pérez Dioses-PRU direct to QIP Jan 07

RPP Index Peru Index America South

RPP on 4 MW freqs finally QSL'd by e-mail after many previous s-mail and e-mail attempts. V/s was Juan Vargas Sanchez, economic reporter for RPP (economia[ät], who sent a friendly letter mentioning his awareness of New Zealand and seemed genuinely interested in DXing. P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Jun 02

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