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QSL Information Pages - Somalia (SOM)

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637657 km2
7488800 inhabitants
capital : Muqdisho / Mogadishu

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 0, FM 0, shortwave 4 (1988)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Somalia

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

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Being an eternal optimist, I tried sending a report to Radio Hargeisa, Somalia. Returned today with a stamp on the back in French indicating that there is no mail service to that country, looked like it was stamped in Frankfurt. Is there any alternate route to Somalia, or alternate contact for this station ? R.Jary-AUS HCDX-ML Apr 00
In early 1997 Radio Hargeisa was heard here in Finland on 7537 and I tried to send them a reception report. I contacted our Postal Service Headquarters and they told me that letters from Finland to Somalia are ok and they'll be delivered to Hargeisa Airport. Anyway, after couple of days my envelope bounced back (from Frankfurt I guess) with " Retour - service postal suspendu " markings. Earlier I had noticed that the Ethiopian Postal Service was very reliable, so I decided to try them. New envelope, this time " via Ethiopia " was sent. Couple of weeks went by and again my envelope came back. This time it had travelled to the town of Jijiga near the Ethiopia-Somaliland border. Good try. Checking the map, I noticed there is (or has been) a railway from Djibouti to Hargeisa. Next letter was sent " via Djibouti ". And still waiting for the results : -). At this stage I gave up. There might be a chance by routing a letter via Yemen, who knows. But of course if one has personal contacts to the area it's best to use their help. J.Savolainen-FIN HCDX-ML Apr 00
Auch wenn laut Postmitarbeiter Österreich einen Briefverkehr mit Somalia unterhält, nützt es wenig, da Deutschland dies offensichtlich nicht tut. Denn mein Brief an Radio Shabele kam nach ca. 2 Monaten (!) aus Frankfurt/Main zurück - mit der Begründung, daß keine Postverbndung zwischen D und SOM besteht, und es auch nicht absehbar ist, wann diese wieder aufgenommen wird. P.Robic-AUT A-DX-ML Apr 05

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