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BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Sudan

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  1. Vo Freedom and Renewal

Vo Freedom and Renewal Index Sudan Index Clandestine

- Got an e-mail verification from Voice of Freedom & Renewal, a clandestine station broadcasting to Sudan. There is no frequency given, it used to be v 7000 kHz, but this gives new times for their transmissions : From infosaf[št] Fathi Abdelaziz SAF Secretary for Culture & Information Asmara, State of Eritrea [.] J.Patala-FIN HCDX-ML Okt 00
- QSL with a virus : Voice of Freedom and Renewal, 7000 kHz, verified by email my report from infosaf[št] after I sent them a sound file of the progrmaming which I heard. Getting the QSL involved a few messages back and forth, as they are only able to handle WAV files. But watch out when you receive an e-mail from them; an attachment sent to me was infected by a virus and had to be deleted. TX power said to be 10 kW, QTH undisclosed. PX schedule every day from 0330-0430 and 1300-1400 UTC, except on Friday, when they are on the air at 0600-0800 UTC. v/s Fathi A\Elaziz, SAF Secretary for Culture and Information - SAF meaning Sudan Alliance Forces. They have not responded to my message informing them about their virus infection. M.Mäkeläinen-FIN HCDX-ML Nov 00
- Voice of Freedom and Renewal : Today I got a really nice reply from Sudan National Alliance/Sudan Alliance Forces in Asmara, Eritrea. In a personal letter in English, Secretary Amir Babkir confirms my reception of the station on 6985 kHz and adds that the radio station is working with 10 kW. Address: SNA/SAF, Culture and Information Office, Neguse St. No. 6/8, Asmara, Eritrea (P O Box 9257). Old email address doesn't work any longer, so use temporary address: pmbsaf[št] He also sent lots of information material about the organisation. I also got another letter the same day from Com. Mhadi M. Nour, who brought my letter from the post office to the station. He sent a personal letter, picture postcard and 2 photos of himself. You can reach him via the address above! B.Fransson-S direct to QIP Nov 01

Vo Sudan Index Sudan Index Clandestine

- Voice of Sudan, 16 Cameret Court, Lorne Gardens, London W11 4XX, GB, e-mail : sudanvoice[št], Full data letter in one day via e-mail. N.Grace-DC-USA CRW 002 Apr 98
- Voice of Sudan, 16 Cameret Court, Lorne Gardens, London W11 4XX, GB, e-mail : sudanvoice[št], Quick reply and confirmation of report in a few hours via E-mail. B.Fransson-S CRW 003 Apr 98
- Voice of Sudan, 16 Cameret Court, Lorne Gardens, London W11 4XX, GB, e-mail : sudanvoice[št], Full data QSL-diploma for cassette rr from the London-address after having an e-mail contact with them before. Also some copies of letters to the UN general secretary were included. B.Fransson-S CRW 004 Mai 98
- Voice of Sudan 0400-0420 Large full-data certificate in colors - very nice ! Plus a personal letter and 3 essays - by post from U.K. in 8 days for an E-mail report. Signer : Abdullahi F. Elmahdi, 16 Cameret Court, Lorne Gardens. London WI1 4XX. My 1st QSL via an E-mail report. W.Flynn-OR-USA Cumbre DX 189 Mai 98
- Voice of Sudan sent its nice A4 QSL certificate from their offices in the U.K. for a follow-up via E-mail for a Feb 1996 rpt, then sent to their (not working) address in Asmara (I also tried their FAX number in Asmara back in 1996 without getting any reply). The prgm hrd then was one of their very few EG b / cs; I still have the tape. They also sent some background information dealing with the situation inside Sudan. All this in arnd one week after sending the E-mail. A huge thank you goes to Nick Grace for opening this one for QSL hunters ! By the way, after rcvng the A5 QSL-certificate from R. Venceremos in the early 80's, this (apart from letters and PPLs) is the largest clandestine QSL rcvd so far. H.Kuhl-D Numero Uno 1477 Mai 98
- Voice of Sudan QSL's. Abdullahi Elmahdi, Secretary General of the National Democratic Alliance (which operates the Voice of Sudan), tells CRW that he receives approximately two reception reports a week. He has produced attractive diplomas for correct letters and appreciates the tremendous interest people have shown in his organization, its struggle, and the radio station. We should thank him for his generosity and kindness towards the listening community. (TFW 062) N.Grace-DC-USA CRW 005 Jun 98
- National Democratic Alliance - V of Sudan with award diploma QSL on a A4 paper computer made s / g Abdulahi F Mohdi - NDA SG Office director. Adress : 16 Cameret Court Lorne Gardens London W11 4 XX tel : 1344 874123 fax 628077. Fequency was 8000 kHz on 3 May MY letter sent via email on 11-5. reply letter received 21-5 Z.Liangas-GRC TFW 062 Jun 98
- Voice of SUDAN 8000 kHz v/s : Adbullahi F. EI-Mahdi, Nda sgt office dir. (in DX-clusive 767) J.Havakunnas-FIN Play-DX 0989 Aug 98
- 8000 Voice of Sudan full data 8 1 / 2 " x 11 " verification certificate with several pages of information about the National Democratic Alliance of Sudan in 27 days for a taped report. & 1 IRC. v/s : Abdullahi F. El Mahdi - Office Director. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 213 Okt 98
- Voice of Sudan 8000 certificate no ret. postage, 51 days. G.Grigoriev-RUS WDXC QSL Report Nov 98


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