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BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Sri-Lanka

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IBC Tamil Index Sri Lanka Index Clandestine

IBC Tamil - Radio I.B.C. 7475 kHz ppc, sent 1 IRC v/s : Tavasin, rpt to IBC, Wyvil Court, 10 Wyvil Road, Lodon SW8 2TG, GB. C.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 0985 Jun 1998
IBC Tamil - 7475, IBC via Georgia, no-data confirmation ltr in 14 days for a follow-up rpt, from v/s S. Shivaranjith, Manager. The address on the ltr is P.O. Box 1505, London SW8 2ZH, U.K. From the ltr : " IBC is an International Tamil Radio, which b / cs 24 hrs. for Europe and an hour on SW for the rest of the world on a fqy of 16 m., 17, 496 kHz., at 2.57 pm to 3.25 pm (London time). We have about 600, 000 listeners in all over Europe and a few thousand in rest of the world, specially in India, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Our prgms include mx, religion, nx and current affairs, discussion and etc. " R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1550 Okt 1999
IBC Tamil - 15075, IBC-Tamil via Dusheti, veri ltr from v/s S. Shivaranjith (Manager) for follow-up sent to Postal reply came in 33 days, total wait 26 mos. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1551 Nov 1999
IBC Tamil [MDG] 17490, IBC Tamil relay, [MDG] full-data personal ltr in 15 days, v/s S. Shivaranjith (Manager). V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1563 Jan 2000
IBC Tamil - 7475, IBC Tamil, sent a nice ltr in response to a May 1998 rpt (no follow-up), but the text has no phrases that a lawyer could claim as a QSL statement. Author is Gopu, Public Relations Officer. I have sent back a note to explain what a QSL is. Mail address is P.O. Box 1505, London SW8 2ZH, and E-mail may be He / she says that the current SW sked is 1500-1530 on 17495 and 0000-0100 on 7460. And a P.S. about E-mail : the ISP says that the address no longer exists and that the domain will expire in 30 days. J.Campbell-G Numero Uno 1565 Feb 2000
IBC Tamil - 7460, ditto in one yr., 3 mos. after written follow-up. Used my SASE (but not the ppc). E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Numero Uno 1567 Feb 2000
IBC Tamil [GEO] 15075, IBC (via Georgia), same ltr as rcvd by John Campbell (NU 1565). Well, at least they said thank you for the rpt, and it is a nice ltrhead. According to the old " intent " theory by which confirmation was interpolated from very little, they wouldn't have said thank you if it wasn't them, right ? ! [.]. One month after 4th follow-up, 30 mos. total. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1567 Feb 2000
IBC Tamil - 7460 I.B.C.-Tamil via Dushanbe. ' Thank you for my rec.rpt.' letter with information / schedule / e-mail address in one year, 3 months after written follow-up.Used my SASE (but not the PPC) e-mail : address PO Box 1505 London SW8 2ZH. U.K. v/s Gopu Public Relations Officer E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 284 Mrz 2000
IBC Tamil [GEO] IBC Tamil 7475 kHz [GEORGIA], n/d letter, rp : no, 14 days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA WDXC QSL Report Apr 2000
IBC Tamil - During the week I got a letter QSL from IBC, International Broadcasting Corporation, who confirmed my reception of IBC Tamil on 17495 kHz. Adress : P O Box 1505, London SW8 2ZH, U.K., email : website : /~ibc Does anybody know which transmitter is used on that frequency ? B.Fransson-S HCDX-ML Dez 2000
IBC Tamil - 7460 & 17495, IBC-Tamil, originally QSLed by ltr in Feb 2000, but now rcvd a 2d QSL ltr verifying two past rpts, time and fqy only, and apologies for not responding sooner. From P.O. Box 1505, London SW8 2ZH; tel. 0171-787-8000, FAX 0171-787-8010. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1610 Dez 2000
IBC Tamil - 7460, IBC-Tamil, ltr rcvd in 18 days for $ 1. For rpt to the Germany address. D.Henderson-MD-USA Numero Uno 1611 Dez 2000
IBC Tamil - 7460 & 17495 IBC-Tamil f/d letter received nine months after initial reply. Apologized for the delay. Must be cleaning up their stack of reports. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 330 Jan 2001
IBC Tamil - 11570, IBC-Tamil (via Novosibirsk), to-the-point QSL ltr with all details except xmtr location, from v/s K. Pillai at P.O. Box 1505, London SW8 2ZH, U.K. Took 13 wks. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1614 Jan 2001
IBC Tamil - 11570 IBC via Novosinirk f/d ltr in 152 days v/s K. Pillai IBC-Tamil M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2001-01 Jan 2001
IBC Tamil - 11570, IBC Tamil (via Novosibirsk), full-data form ltr in 22 wks., v/s K. Pillai. V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1617 Feb 2001
IBC Tamil [RUS] IBC relay 11570 kHz [Russia], letter, rp : no, 152 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Feb 2001
IBC Tamil [D] Tamil Broadc. Corp. 21500,00 kHz, PPC, - 23 Tage, PPC, PG via Deutsche Telekom Jülich. D.Schulz-D EAWRC 286 Mrz 2001
IBC Tamil - INTERNational BROADASTING CORPORATION 17495 letter 245 d. NO IRC. Sent taped report CASSETTE C60.V/s: K. PELLAI. QTH : P.O.BOX 1505, LONDON, SW8 2ZH, UNITED KINGDOM. G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1105 Mrz 2001
IBC Tamil - IBC TAMIL Radio 17495 letter 50d. NO IRC.V/s: K. PILLAI. QTH : P.O.BOX 1505, LONDON, SW8 2ZH, UNITED KINGDOM. E-MAIL: G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1107 Apr 2001
IBC Tamil [RUS] IBC via Novosibirsk 11570 kHz, F/D verie letter in 152 days from v/s K. Pillai, IBA Tamil. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2001-05 Mai 2001
IBC Tamil [D] 21590, Tamil Broadcasting Corp. via TDK, full data pers. letter, TDK schedule, photo of the transmitter site in 3 weeks, verie signer: Walter Brodsky (TDK). V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Dez 2001
IBC Tamil [D] IBC Tamil Wertachtal 7110 kHz, E-QSL in 1 giorno. E-rpt spedito a: V/s: Walter Brodowsky. L.Botto Fiora-I direct to QIP Dez 2005
IBC Tamil [D] IBC-Tamil 7315 via Wertachtal. I received a full-data e-mail 13 hours after sending an e-mail to Walter Brodowsky at T-Systems for a logging in Bao Loc, Vietnam. I had previously reported this direct to IBC-Tamil and sent a follow-up but received no response. Which isn`t surprising since IBC-Tamil never replied to any of the several reports I have submitted over the years for loggings in Kansas. W.Craighead-KS-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 2006
IBC Tamil [D] 7225, IBC Tamil via Wertachtal verified through Walter Brodowsky at T-Systems in Juelich with a partial data e-mail reply to my e-mail report in 4 days indicating “You did listen to a transmission of IBC Tamil which was broadcasted towards SAS by using a 250 kW transmitter from Short-wave Radio Station Wertachtal. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 2007
IBC Tamil [D] Station: - IBC Tamil (via T - System), Date :- 17-08-2007, Frequency:- 7115 kHz (IBC Tamil), Time: - 0000-0100 UTC, Language:- Tamil, Description: - e-QSL. "Dear Mukesh Kumar, Thank you very much for your kind reception report which we confirm andwhich is attached to this email. You did listen to a transmission of IBC Tamil which was broadcasted towards SAS by using a 250 kW transmitter from Short-wave Radio Station Wertachtal. Kindest regards, Walter Brodowsky". M.Kumar-IND direct to QIP Aug 2007
IBC Tamil [D] I received a letter from Sabine Garvol, Back Office Shortwave Sales at T-Systems, in which she stated that my reports from April 4, 2004 to October 2006 were correct. She listed IBC Tamil, CVC, RTI and WRN. Quite a change from Walter Brodowsky (via QSL Report, Aug NASWA Journal) M.Field-MI-USA DXLD 7-093 Aug 2007
IBC Tamil [D] IBC Tamil 7205 kHz (via Wertachtal) verified with a det. pdf-File via Media Broadcast in 128 days. E-mail: .v/s Michael Puetz P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Dez 2008

Tamil Oli R Index Sri Lanka Index Clandestine

[D ] 21590 USB + Preamp. Tamil-Oli Radio located in La Courneuve, France broadcasting from Jülich heard 30 March 2001 at 1243-1308. SINPO=25311. Letter confirmation received from Deutsche Telekom signed by Walter Brodowsky + photo of Jülich transmitters received in 47 days in response to my mail DX Report + IRC + photo of our house. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 348 Mai 01

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