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QSL Information Pages - Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Cameroon

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BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Cameroon

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  1. R Free Southern Cameroons

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[RUS] 11840 Radio Free Southern Cameroons ( via Armavir, Russia) . Received a e-mail National News Group reply, stating that "RSFC received clearly in Canada" , with a statement that 'below is a recent report of reception in Canada'. Also attached was my original report. In the statement, mentioned that reports where received from Australia, Sweden, Austria.etc. They mentioned that the broadcast on the 25-meter band between 11,ooo - 12,ooo kw, from 7 PM Southern Cameroons time every Sunday. After which have been receiving daily bulletins from this clandestine group. Unfortunately, by posting your report to: resulted in getting on their mailing list. Reply in eight days after posting my report. I guess that this will be as good as it gets for getting a reply from this organization. E.Kusalik-B-CAN direct to QIP Mrz 06
[RUS] R. Free Southern Cameroons Samara 15695 kHz, E-QSL in 2 giorni. Nuovo E-QTH: L.Botto Fiora-I CoRad Newsletter-ML Jul 06
[RUS] Radio Free Southern Camaroon (f/up) e-mail 15695 kHz, e-mail 142/2 days J.Parker-G BDXC-UK 2007-02 Feb 07

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