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QSL Information Pages - Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Cambodia

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BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Cambodia

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  1. R of the Provisional Government of Cambodia

R of the Provisional Government of Cambodia Index Cambodia Index Clandestine

- Radio of the Provisional Government of Cambodia. A report sent to the New York address listed in Passport To World Band Radio 97 was returned as undeliverable by the US Post Office. This is the Khmer Rouge station, possibly with their gradual decline of influence in Cambodia they can no longer support their US office ? R.Jary-AUS Cumbre DX 111 Nov 96

V of Khmer Krom Index Cambodia Index Clandestine

V. of Khmer Krom, 15660 kHz, full data card via TDP in 10 days; v/s Ludo Maes. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Mrz 04

Vo Justice Index Cambodia Index Clandestine

[TWN] The Voice of Justice : I got a really nice and interesting reply from Tioulong Saumura (Ms.), who is in charge of the radio broadcasting for her party, Sam Rainsy Party, and also a member of Parliament in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She wrote : " Maybe we should have a 10 minute-condensed programme out of our 60 minute-programme for non-Cambodian speakers such as you. I shall submit the idea to my party leaders ".website : email : She also write : " I thank you for the very useful report of our broadcasting ", so I consider it as a kind of confirmation, even if there are no details in it. B.Fransson-S HCDX-ML Feb 01
[TWN] 15455, Voice of Justice, non-QSL E-mail reply from v/s Tioulong Saumura (Member of Parliament) at, who said as soon as the people in charge of the b/c came back from Seim Reap where the Sam Rainsy Party Congress was held over the weekend of Feb 17-18, he would ask them to verify my rpt. Reply in a day. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1619 Feb 01
[TWN] Voice of Justice : Voice of Justice 15455kHz, e-mail QSL letter in 169 days. Report sent to 49, Street 214, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Reply from v/s:Phi Thach, Head of Sam Rainsy Cabinet K.Hashimoto-J direct to QIP Okt 01
[TWN] Vo Justice 15455 [TWN] e-post 9d Clandestine-stasjon rettet mot Burma, som rapporteres å sende herfra. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2001-08 Dez 01

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