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QSL Information Pages - Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Papua New Guinea

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BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Papua New Guinea

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  1. R Free Bougainville
  2. R Independence Bougainville

R Free Bougainville Index PNG Index Clandestine

- 3865, R. Free Bougainville, ppc filled out completely by Sam Voran, and signed by him, giving the power as 80 watts, b / cing from -the mountains and jungles of central Bougainville.- In 3 wks. for SASE (used) and $ 1. Sam gives his address as : 2 Griffith Avenue, Roseville, NSW, Australia 2069. He is the Director for Overseas Disaster Assistance and Development, gives his phone number as 61-2-94171066. My best QRP from Oceania. Logged in Australia, rptd in EG. D.Henderson-MD-USA Numero Uno 1493 Sep 98

R Independence Bougainville Index PNG Index Clandestine

- Radio Independence 3850 Bougainville, Panguna, PNG QSL received in 10 days. Power 80 watts. QSL indicated this was " first SWL report received. " v/s Sam Voron, 2 Griffith Ave. Roseville, NSW, Australia. D.Norrie-NZL Cumbre DX 228 Feb 99

R Independent Mekamui Index PNG Index Clandestine

Radio Independent Mekamui : Just received a QSL letter from Sam Voron for Radio Independent Mekamui, 3850kHz 80 watts. To quote (verbatim): "Broadcasting from the 15km no-go zone centred on the Panguna copper mine and defended by the peoples Mekamui Defense Force (MDF). The no-go zone is set up by the current traditional land-owner Francis Ona, President of the Mekamui National Congress. This congress is the voice of the traditional chiefs supporting the no-go zone in Central Bougainville." "The short wave radio station is the people's only communications to the outside world. Living in the mountains and jungles around the mine site, the people set up the no-go zone to stop efforts to regain control of the mine now that the 10 year civil war has ended and peace restored" Sam now has an e-mail address: svoron[ät] P.Ormandy-NZL BCL-News-ML Nov 02
R. Independent Mekamui on 3850 kHz: fulldata letter in 81days. V/s: Sam Voron. QTH: VK2BVS 2 Griffith Ave., Roseville N.S.W., Australia 2069. Address of e-mail: svoron[ät] J.Yamada-J Jembatan DX 142 Nov 02
Radio Independent Mekamui 3850 kHz, F/D "QSL" sheet in 29 days from v/s Saun Voran (Sp?) [Sam Voron -CRW] for 3 IRC's. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2003-05 Mai 03

R Paru Paru Index PNG Index Clandestine

- QSL letter received today, March 12, for Radio Paru Paru Central Bouganville, 3865 kHz 80 watts, for tentative tape report of reception on 24 December 1998. QSL received from Sam Voron in Sydney in response to a very tentative tape recording I sent to him following a DX session at Christmas. The delay was mine, not Sam's. Apologies for not posting the original logging, but I couldn't id the tape myself. C.Mackerell-NZL HCDX-ML Mrz 99
- Radio Paru Paru, Bouganville : QSL from Sam Voron in Sydney for very very tentative reception of unid station on 3865 kHz heard on 24 / 12 / 1998 in native language. I couldn't get a firm id, so I sent a tape of my reception to Sam. He says it is Radio Paru Paru 100%. QSL says " 1st SWL report received " but this is photo-copied between Sam's hand-writing so I'm not sure if it is really that or not. C.Mackerell-NZL HCDX-ML Apr 99

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