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QSL Information Pages - Singapore (SNG)

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648 km2
4300400 inhabitants
capital : Singapore

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 0, FM 16, shortwave 2 (1998)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Singapore

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  1. Domestic
  2. 938 Live
  3. 98,5 Singapore
  4. Capital R
  5. City Sounds
  6. Media Corp R
  7. News R
  8. Passion FM
  9. Perfect 10
  10. R Heart

Domestic Stations

938 Live Index Singapore Index Asia

938 Live 6150 kHz verified with an undet. card in 18 days. QTH: Mediacorp Radio Singapore, Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Nov 06
Radio 938 Live Singapur: für den Empfang auf 6.150 kHz (06.11., 0:00 UTC - Brief ab am 13.11.) nach 19 Tagen heute die QSL, eine Ansicht von Singapur bei Nacht, mit der Bestätigung, dass ich die Sendung gehört habe. Eigentlich wollte ich auf der Frequenz Radio Bayrk aus Zypern hören. Nun ja, es wurde ein weiteres bestätigtes Radioland. F.Wittlieb-D A-DX-ML Dez 06
Local FM station relayed on 6150 khz through Radio Singapore International Report, sent via e-mail at 938LIVE[at] , answered in 24 days with a RSI QSL with a blue "938LIVE" stamp on. However, data fields about the reception report were left blank! C.Diemoz-I direct to QIP Jan 07
Bei mir kam gestern 938Live aus Singapur mit einer schönen Qsl für einen RR vom 18.Feb per mail an. Abgestempelt am 20.02. R.Ladusch-D A-DX-ML Feb 08

98,5 Singapore Index Singapore Index Asia

98,5 Singapore / 6150 kHz, 49 days, undetailed qsl-letter, Doppel-CD, Kugelschreiber, Stickar / IRC; geh. in CHN. T.Brandenburg-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-12 Jun 00

Capital R Index Singapore Index Asia

95.8 FM Capital R no 6000 lt 81. (TR.v/s Ms Vicki Loh, Prog Director) G.Brown-G BDXC-UK QSL report 2002-05 Mai 02

City Sounds Index Singapore Index Asia

City Sounds 6000 qsl-letter no r.postage 24 days Z.Liangas-GRC WDXC QSL Report Dez 96

Media Corp R Index Singapore Index Asia

6150 Media Copr Radio. Informe enviado el 03 de junio del 2004 por escucha realizada a las 23.04 utc por los 6150 kHz. Bonita QSL y stickers. VRS-/ no C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Conexion Digital 273 Jul 04
Sekilas Pandangan Dari Singapura - MediaCorp Radio: Radio Singapore International, 7235 kHz, mit übergroßer QSL- Karte (selbes Format verwenden Damaskus, IRIB, KBSWR u.a.). Programmheft in Malaiisch und Pickerl. PostRR ohne Rückporto. E- mail: (lt. Karte). Website: P.Gager-AUT A-DX-ML Mai 06

News R Index Singapore Index Asia

News R. 93.8 / 6150 kHz 10 days detailed QSL card, pers. qsl letter v/s Hui Wong - Programme Manager / IRC. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX 1999-06 Mrz 99
News R. 93.8 / 6150 kHz 125 days qsl-card pers. QSL letter Notizblock I IRC, Foto, picture postcard,. W.Stengel-D ADDX 1999-06 Mrz 99
News Radio 93.8-Singapore. 6150. Left reception report on RCS website. Received a nice personal non data thank you card (with News Radio logo), pen and post-it pad in 26 days. The RCS website address is Alternatively, the direct e-mail address for News Radio is : T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Jul 00
NEWS Radio 938 on 93,80 MHz QSL-Card 187d. NO IRC. QTH: WRTH 2002. (hrd in Singapore) V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1164 Aug 02
NewsRadio 93.8-6150, card in 4 weeks for e-mail report. L.Weirell-S direct to QIP Feb 03
News Radio 93,8, 6150 kHz verified in 41 days with an undet. Radio Singapore Int. QSL card on which "News Radio 93,8" was stamped. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Jan 04
6080, News Radio 93.8 (93.8 Live) via Radio Singapore International verified in 44 days for a follow up report with a full data picture postcard of "The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is Singapore's newest attract" card and a form letter from v/s Sakuntala Gupta, Senior Programme Director at RSI English Service. The form letter include the news about RSI's closedown. Also included were a mouse pad, several blank QSL cards, lanyard for an ID card, a pile of stickers, magnetic puzzle coaster, and a CD case. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 08

Passion FM Index Singapore Index Asia


Perfect 10 Index Singapore Index Asia

Perfect 10, 6150 kHz verified with an undet. Letter and mousepad in 27 days P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Okt 98

R Heart Index Singapore Index Asia

Radio Heart 91,30 MHz Letter 210d. NO IRC. V/s: Michael Lim (Assistent Technical Manager) QTH: Union works Pte. Ltd, 510 Thompson Road, "B"N°1-02, SLF Building, Singapore 28135. (hrd in Singapore) V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1164 Aug 02

R Oli FM Index Singapore Index Asia

R. Oli FM, 7170, full data card in 4 weeks. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Apr 04

Singapore BC Index Singapore Index Asia

Singapore BC 5052 kHz, det. qsl-card in 66 days, infos / IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Okt 84
6155 kHz, Singapore 15:45 11.03.94 26.08.94 168 days, QSL : brev info sticker v/s : Julene Lim G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Aug 94
SBC R One 5052 n / d letter in 10 wks after f/up for a receptn of a year and a half ago. No money or IRC enclosed on advice from PWBR. v/s Yong Wui Pin Also sent me a pad of One-FM post-ist. M.J.Ondrechen-MA-USA Jihad DX 61 Nov 95
RCS Radio 1 FM 6155. Full data Radio Singapore International card, with RCS Radio 1 FM's details added. Received in 100 days. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Nov 96
6155 R Corporation of Singapore / RCS 1FM : f/d card from R Singapore Int. (stating that I received their domestic service) in 108 days. They also sent a viewcard and sked for RSI and returned my $. H.Sandte-D Cumbre DX 123 Jan 97
R One FM 6155 qsl-letter no r.postage 17 days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Jan 97
Radio 1 FM 6155 qsl-card rp. returned 38 days, v/s : Lily Chong, Programme Assistant. H.Frankham-G WDXC QSL Report Feb 97
RCS One FM 6155 qsl-card 1 IRC 27 days, v/s : Lily Chong, Programme Assistant, David Saunders, GB D.Saunders-G WDXC QSL Report Apr 97
SBC R 1 on 5052, fd QSL card, schedules, sticker, report form, info in 26 days (DSWCI SWN 08/97) M.Mitsuaki-J TFW 034 Aug 97
1 FM / 6155 kHz, 155 days, detailed qsl-card / IRC, SBM. G.Klösel-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-20 Okt 99
R. Corporation of Singapore / 6150, 34 days, detailed QSL-card von RSI, AK, PG, Pin, Sticker, Zettelblock, Info / $ (zurück). E.Röscher-D ADDX-Kurier 2001-06 Mrz 01
Singapore BC/Class 95 6150 k 2sti jakkemerke sigarettetui 5m. K.-E.Stridh-S Norwegian DX News 2001-03 Apr 01

Symphony FM Index Singapore Index Asia


Warna R Index Singapore Index Asia

WARNA Radio (SBS) 94, 2 MHz p / d pers. letter 22d. NO IRC v/s : Surtini Sarwan, programme director. QTH : P.O.Box 942, Farrer Road, Singapore (hrd in Singapore) V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1043 Nov 99
RCS Warna 7235 kHz, card, rp : ret 34 days. Z.Elias-CZE WDXC QSL Report Apr 00
Malay Service, 7.235 kHz, 4 weeks, partial data letter, sticker, v/s Isadhora Mohamed, Assistant Programme Director, 1 US$ (sent back) R.Bessler-D direct to QIP Dez 03
Radio Warna 7235 kHz verified with an undet. letter and sticker in 33 days. 1 IRC for RP. QTH: MediaCorp Radio Singapore Pte Ltd, Radio Warna, Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939. v/s Halawah Shakir, Senior Promotions Executive Warna 94.2 P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Mai 08

External Service

R Singapore Int Index Singapore Index Asia

9530 R Singapore International sent a colorful QSL-card plus a viewcard, form letter, sticker and schedule within 14 days for a follow-up report sent to their Andrew Road address. My earlier reports via email and a follow-up report to their address listed in WRTH 96 (Farrer Road, P.O. Box 5300) did not produce any reply. Oddly enough the Farrer Road address is printed on their QSL-card. H.Sandte-D Cumbre DX 091 Jun 96
Radio Singapore International 9530. Full data card and stickers in 105 days. Card celebrates Singapore's 30th National day Parade. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Jun 96
R Singapore Int. 9530 qsl-letter no r.postage 23 days, v/s : Sakuntala Gupta, Programme Manager. E.M.Waqson-CAN WDXC QSL Report Jun 96
9530 kHz Radio Singapore International : f/d card for a '94 reception in 21 months, after 1 f/up, for an IRC. B.Krepp-MA-USA Cumbre DX 106 Okt 96
R Singapore Int. 6015 qsl-card 1 IRC 56 days. E.M.Waqson-CAN WDXC QSL Report Jan 97
R Singapore Int. 6015 qsl-card no r.postage 35 days. E.M.Waqson-CAN WDXC QSL Report Sep 97
R Singapore Int. n / d qsl-card no r.postage 161 days. I.Zhurkin-RUS WDXC QSL Report Nov 97
R.Singapore Int. 6150 63 days, Card, view-card, magazine. S.Sivarajan-IND UDXL-India Webpage Dez 99
R. Singapore Int. 6150, 9590 f/d 'City Hall' card in 3 weeks. Pin, stickers, 3D fold-out calendar, postcards, etc. received. No v/s. T.Palmersheim-MT-USA HCDX-ML Jun 00
R. Singapore Intl. / div. kHz, 154 days, detailed qsl-card, Info. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX 2000-18 Sep 00
9575, R. Singapore Intl, full-data card in 3 mos. V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1600 Okt 00
R Singapore Int'l 6150 kHz, f/d card, rp : 1, 37 days. N.Borovenski-RUS WDXC QSL Report Okt 00
Radio Singapore International ist nach der Abschaltung der gut hörbaren Tropenbandsender des Stadtstaates in Europa wesentlich schwerer aufnehmbar. Im letzten Winter klappte es kurz vor Sendeschluß des englischen Programs von 13.30 - 14.00 UTC auf 6150 kHz. Der RR wurde nach 42 Tagen mit det. QSL-Karte, Stationsinfos und Sendeplan bestätigt. Rp 1 IRC. Zuvor waren ein Email-Bericht und ein schriftlicher Bericht ohne Rp unbeantwortet geblieben. Adr. : Radio Singapore Int., Farrer Road, P.O.Box 5300, Singapore 912899. Fax : (65) 259 1357 Web : http:// E-mail : J.Adolph-D Eastside DX 12 Nov 00
R Singapore Int'l 6150 kHz, card, rp : no, 66 days. N.Zharkov-RUS WDXC QSL Report Nov 00
Radio Singapore International 9600, full data QSL (SNG City Hall), program schedule, stickers, button, and picture post card after 28 days for an e-mail report to U.Volk-D direct to QIP Dez 00
R Singapore Int 6150 k sch kal 45d. Ø.J.Vang-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-10 Dez 00
Radio Singapore International 9590, f /d " Raffles Place - Singapore " card, post card, stickers, schedule and a map of S.E. Asia in 49 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2001-02 Feb 01
9600 Radio Singapore International, Full data QSL card showing the Singapore City Hall Building, Profile of RSI, program schedule,two stickers and received in 78 days in response to my mail Reception Report one IRC. (Kim Mar 10) H.M.Kim-KOR Cumbre DX 338 Mrz 01
9590 - Radio Singapore Int. - Kranji-SNG - Cartão QSL, prog., informativo "RSI Connexion", boton, postais, adesivos, marcadores de livros e calendários 2000 - 31 dias. v/s: English Service. QTH : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, 1st Storey Annex Building, Andrew Road - Singapore 299939. J.C.Ferreira-B DXCB 2001-03 Mrz 01
R Singapore Int 92.4 MHz, card, rp : no, 58 days. S.M.Kolesov-UKR WDXC QSL Report Mrz 01
9590 - Radio Singapore Int. - Kranji, Cartão, prog., informativo "RSI Connexion", boton, postais, adesivos, marcadores de livros e calendários 2000 - 31 dias v/s: English Service QTH : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, 1st Storey Annex Building, Andrew Road - Singapore 299939. J.Cordeiro Pereira-B Atividade DX 018 Apr 01
R Singapore 9600 kHz, card, rp : no, 38 days. P.Watson-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 01
9600 kHz, R. Singapore International, P.O.Box 5300, Singapore 912899. Tarjeta QSL. Verifico en 64 dias. M.A.Cornachioni-ARG Conexion Digital 115 Jul 01
Radio Singapore Int. 7235,00 kHz, 59 days, qsl-card, PG. ST, details : yes. P.E.Boeck-D EAWRC 291 Aug 01
Radio Singapore Int. 6150 full data "City Hall Singapore" card in 6 months, received post card, key chain, stickers and RSI Best Wishes envelopes. J.Talbot-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 374 Nov 01
R.Singapore Int. EG bcing. rcvd QSL, stickers, prgm, in 35 days. G.Iwata-J Japan Premium 216 Jun 02
R Singapore Int.6150 k sch avis 2sti 4penner 259d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-04 Jun 02
9600 - R. Singapore International - Singapode-SNG - Recebido cartão QSL sem assinatura de V/S, adesivos e folhetos. 58 dias. Enviado 1 IRC. E-mail: Site: QTH: Farrer Road, P. O. Box 5300, Cingapura 912899. M.Roberto Polheim da Silva-SC-B DXCB 2002-09 Sep 02
R Singapore Int 6000 kHz, det. qsl-card in 104 days, schedule, sticker, magazine "Connexion". Report was sent via EAWRC Middle East DX Contest. Answer received from RSI, Farrer Road, P.O.Box 5300, Singapore 912899. R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Nov 02
R SNG International confirms my RR after 70 days on the 6150 kHz with a f/d QSL-card, PG, two newspapers a magnet and a sticker. MediaCorp R SNG Pte Ltd, Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Annex Building Level 1, SNG 299939, K.-P.Hilger-D BC-DX 615 Mrz 03
Radio Singapore Int, Newletter of October 2002, connexion, sticker and a card that reads………”Dear Emmanuel Ezeani, thank you for the email. We hope you will continue to listen to our programs”. I am tempted to keep this as a non data qsl. E.Ezeani-NIG direct to QIP Mrz 03
R.Singapore Int'l 9665 f/d "Parliament House/ Boat Quay skyscrapers" cd; w/ mention that I heard their Malaysian Svc.; sticker, metal "Logo" bookmark and 2 nxletters (one featuring excerpts of a letter via Jerry Berg on the "Mailbag" page!) and English Svc. schedule in 30 ds for 1 IRC and f/up rpt. to the English Svc. Dept. S.R.Barbour Jr-NH-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 03
Radio Singapur Int 6000,00 kHz, Contest 56 Tage, QSL-Karte, Details: ja diverse-D EAWRC 310 Mrz 03
9665 kHz Radio Singapore International, Kranji-SNG. 63 dias. Recebido: Cartão confirmatório, cartões postais, adesivos e publicações (jornais) "Teman Anda". V/S: Ilegivel. QTH: Radio Singapore International, Caldecott Broadcast Centre, 1st Floor Annex Building, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Atividade DX 151 Mai 03
Radio Singapur International 6000 kHz, 518 days, det. Karte Motiv Swana wander freely in the famed Singapur Botanic Gardens ,2 Sticker, Anstecker,PG,2 RSI Zeitungen/ 2 Dollar D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mai 03
9665 Radio Singapore International -- Kranji (SNG) -- Recebido belíssimo QSL full data (Swans wander freely in the famed Singapore Botanic Gardens), English Programme Schedule, adesivo, porta-cédulas, de metal e três jornais RSI Conexion . 355 dias. V/S: ??. Obs: Escuta de programa em malaio, mas o IR e carta forma enviados em inglês para o departamento de língua inglesa da RSI. A resposta foi recebida depois de ter enviado o IR pela segunda vez. IR enviado para o seguinte e-mail: . QTH: MediaCorp Radio Singapore Pte Ltd (English Service), Caldecott Broadcast Centre Andrew Road Annex Level 1, Singapore 299939 R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 152 Jun 03
Radio Singapore International: 9600 (Kranji, Singapore). QSL card, schedule, 2 stickers, badge, 2 issues of "RSI Connexion" (Feb and Oct 2002) - all in 63 days. Report sent to S.Rogov-LTU DX Signal DX102b Jun 03
6150, RSI ("News Radio 938), nice Singapore postcard with "News Radio 938" sticker added to the back, and with my name and address penned in but all spaces for rpt data left blank. Two yrs. total after an E-rpt and an E-follow-up as well as a postal follow-up, three mos. after the latter. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 03
9600 Radio Singapore International, P.O.Box 5300, Singapore 912899. Tarjeta QSL con datos completos, 2 nuevas calcos, esquema de emisiones y 3 ediciones del newsletter "Conexion". Se remite el informe via el e-mail: y contesto en 11 dias. M.A.Cornachioni-ARG Conexion Digital 227 Sep 03
Radio Singapore Int. A qsl card,verie not clear. Report of 25/7/2003 on 9600. E.Ezeani-NIG direct to QIP Sep 03
R. Singapore / 6150 kHz, 70 Tage, det. K, PG, Zeitschrift, Sticker / 2 IRC K.-P.Hilger-D ADDX 2003-19 Okt 03
RSI no ret. postage, 6150 kHz, qsl-card 2 years (reply after many f/u) J.Berg-MA-USA BDXC-UK 2003-10 Okt 03
R. Singapore / 6150 kHz, 34 Tage, detail. Karte / $ D.Rosenau-D ADDX 2004-23 Nov 04
R Singapore Int no return postage, 7235 kHz, qsl-card 55 days P.Gager-AUT BDXC-UK 2006-06 Jun 06
SINGAPORE. RSI, QSL package in 47 days; full-data QSL, V/S looks like Kenny S.; four more blank QSL-cards; five RSI stickers; an RSI mouse pad; large window decal (headphones and RSI logo); CD case that will hold 12 CDs; combo coaster/refrig magnet; ltr regarding their ceasing operations on Aug 1. They also returned the SAE I sent them and the loose mint stamps as well. [via NASWA] M.Rohde-OH-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 08
Today from Radio Singapore Intl. I got a QSL card for my airmail report on 6150 khz of 6 Jul 08 along with a letter about their closing SW and goodies like a CD case, 7 picture post cards, 2 Mouse pads, 17 Stickers of 2 types and 2 packets of Magnetic Memos. (Clearing all shelves?) J.Jacob-IND DXLD-ML Aug 08
SINGAPORE. 6080, RSI, nice QSL-card with many, many stickers, nice ltr "thanking me for listening all these years," a CD of local mx, a gift for my wife, and an RSI lanyard for a company ID badge; for a postal mail rpt and CD; in 25 days. D.Henderson-MD-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 08

Relayed Stations or Programs

AWR (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

AWR Relay / 11895 kHz, 81 Tage, detaillierte Karte D.Rosenau-D ADDX 2007-04 Apr 07
AWR / 15225 kHz, 29-153 2 Tage, detaillierte Karte für einen RR (direkt) S.Arndt-D ADDX 2007-04 Apr 07

BBC (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

BBC Relay Kranji 3915 kHz, det. ppc-card in 52 days direct from BBC Far Eastern Relay Station, P.O.Box 434, Singapore / IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Mrz 85
BBC - det. Karte Station Kranji 3915 kHz 1700 18.02.96 17 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mrz 96
BBC Relay on 3915, in 90days, no IRC sent, rpt to P.O.Box 434, Singapore (Play DX # 941 June 30) G.Domina-F TFW 032 Jul 97
The Singapore Post has just returned my reception report to BBC Far Eastern Relay Station (3915 kHz), due to -Old P.O. Box, - so DX'ers are advised to not use this address anymore. (NASWA LN August 97) P.Machado Coelho de Castro-SP-B TFW 034 Aug 97
BBC - det. Brief Merlin Vordruck 7160 kHz 1659 25.02.98 66 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mai 98
BBC Relay / div. kHz, 71 days, det. qsl-card, Sticker, program guide / Fax-RR. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
BBC Relay / 3915 kHz, 65 days, det. qsl-card. P.Gager-AUT ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
BBC Relay / 3915 kHz, 71 days, detailed qsl-card, progr. schedule, Schreibblock. W.Fiedler-D ADDX 1999-02 Jan 99
BBC WS relay 9740 kHz, card, rp : no, 35 days. C.Richardson-G WDXC QSL Report Mai 99
BBCWS relay 7110 kHz, card, rp : no, 158 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Jun 99
BBC via Kranji 7110, f /d " Transmitter Site " card in 158 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1999-07 Jul 99
I received a QSL card from BBC Asia Relay Station in about 70 days; full data, with Merlin Communications logo printed as well as that of BBC; no signature but the sender is typed : Ms. Jaruwan, as many of you know. A.Oomiya-J HCDX-ML Nov 99
BBC 6195 kHz, f/d card, 10/30/95, v/s : Far Eastern Resident Engineer "Far Eastern Relay Station" card, site : Kranji J.Dybka-TX-USA Webpage Jan 00
BBC FERS Singapore - 9740 - det. post card via air mail / RR sent by snail mail, 12 days (!) M.Grallert-D direct to QIP Jan 02
BBC Relay / 3915 kHz, 12 Tage, detailed qsl-card (direkt) / IRC H.Wolff-D ADDX 2003-06 Mrz 03
BBC - RELAY, 3915 kHz Det. Karte, 41 Tage M.Martin-D EAWRC 326 Jul 04
Another surprise from BBC relay station there. For my report of 5th of 2003 on 9740 kHz, (wrongly inserted 2004). E.Ezeani-NIG direct to QIP Aug 04
BBC Relay / 6195 kHz, 17 Tage, detail. QSL-Card / $, RR an Merlin SNG F.Hucklenbroich-D ADDX 2004-18 Sep 04
BBC Relay Kranji / 6195 kHz, 38 Tage, detail. Karte / $ D.Rosenau-D ADDX 2004-23 Nov 04
BBC Relay Kranji / 7160 kHz, 17 Tage, detail. Karte E.Röscher-D ADDX 2004-23 Nov 04
15360, BBC Far Eastern Relay Station, Kranji verified with a full data transmitter site card in 21 days direct from relay station. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 04
9740, BBC, f/d "BBC Far East relay station-Kranji" card in 37 days for 1 IRC and a report sent direct to the site. S.R.Barbour-Jr-NH-USA HCDX-ML Feb 05
9740, BBC Far Eastern Relay Station, Kranji verified with a full data antenna card in 22 days indicating that the transmitter is 250 kW. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 05
BBC/Kranji 3915 kart 9d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05

Deutsche Welle (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

5975, DW via Kranji, card showing Nauen xmtrs and xmtng hall. New style QSL has all details and location, a significant improvement. v/s B. Klaumann (Xmsn Mgmt). 14 weeks wait. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1483 Jul 98
5990, DW relay, Kranji, full-data card in 70 days, v/s B. Klaumann (Transmission Management). V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1513 Feb 99
13755 kHz (f/d card), 50 years DW-jubilee booklet T.M.Rösner-D direct to QIP Dez 03
Deutsche Welle 15190 kHz, 4 Tage, det. Karte /Portoersatz D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mai 04
DEUTSCHE WELLE – Relay Station –Kranji, Date : February 23, 2004, Hour : 10.20 UTC, Freq :15190 kHz. Vrs. : Horst Scholtz C.Pérez Dioses-PRU HCDX-ML Mai 04
DEUTSCHE WELLE Kranji 15425 kHz, QSL card and sticker in 28 days. No RP. QTH: Technische Beratung - D-53110 Bonn (Germany). L.Botto Fiora-I HCDX-ML Jul 05
15425 Deutsche Welle via Kranji. Reported as Singapore and came back as this..interesting. Reply in 14 days. v/s B. Klaumann Also sent schedule in German. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN ODXA 2005-08 Aug 05
Deutsche Welle / 15340 kHz, 5 Tage, detaillierte Karte mit QTH / RR per eMail E.Röscher-D ADDX 2007-02 Aug 07

R Australia (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

17865, RA via Kranji, "sunrise behind aerials at Shepparton" card, with all data incl. location, in 12 days. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1619 Feb 01
15435 Radio Australia via Kranji heard 17 February 2001 at 1407-1417. SINPO=25332. Full data QSL signed by John Wright received in 43 days in response to my mail DX Report + 2 IRCs (returned) + UFO brochure G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 346 Mai 01
9730, R. Australia (via Kranji), card in 8 wks., v/s John Wright. V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1636 Jun 01
R. Australia Relay / 12010 kHz, 62 Tage, det. K (60 J. R. Australia) P.Gager-AUT ADDX 2005-06 Jun 05

R Canada Int (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

15360, R. Canada Intl via Kranji, 1988 Winter Olympics card with full data and relay location in 24 days. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1547 Okt 99
15360 RCI via Singapore f/d Fessenden & Marconi cd in 22 days v/s Bill Westenhaver. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN ODXA QSL Album 2001-08 Aug 01
Radio Canada International 15360 kHz, F/D card in 12 days from v/s Bill Westenhaver. A.Rugg-ON-CAN CIDX QSL Column 2001-11 Nov 01
RCI Relay Singapore 15360,00 kHz, E 27 Tage, K, PG, ST Details : ja. P.Robic-AUT EAWRC Bulletin 294 Nov 01
15360, RCI relay, full data card, pennant, schedules in 4 weeks. Verie signer: Bill Westenhaven. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Dez 01
13735 RCI relay. F/D card in 26 days from Bill Westenhaver. J.Wilkins-CO-USA Cumbre DX 389 Mrz 02

R Japan (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

Radio Japan, 11860, full data -Cherry Blossoms and Castle- card in 32 days, plus magazine, sticker, program schedules, etc. K.MacHarg-EQA Jihad DX 34 Mai 95
Radio Japan 11860, f /d " Maple Trees " card, schedule, NHK info and NHK World in 21 days from v/s Y. Fushimi. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-09 Sep 98
R Japan relay 11860 qsl-card, no ret. postage, 30 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Dez 98
Radio Japan 11860, f /d " The Four Seasons in Japan " card, calendar, schedule and NHK World in 39 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2000-05 Mai 00
NHK relay 11740 kHz, card, rp : no, 21 days. S.M.Kolesov-UKR WDXC QSL Report Mrz 01
R Japan Singapore det. Karte Across a Bridge and over Lake 6035 kHz 2100 31.05.02 26 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jun 02
Radio Japan, 11740 kHz, Kranji transmitter, a full data QSL card signed by J. Tada in 31 days. The card's photo is a red carp. Two newsletters called NHK World News (2002 Autumn and 2003 Winter), a B02 frequency schedule, two 2003 calendar and a reception report form also enclosed. E.Zhou-CHN direct to QIP Feb 03
NHK RADIO JAPAN via Ekala, 17755 kHz, det. Karte, Sendeplan, RR-Vordruck, Info, 47 Tage P.E.Boeck-D EAWRC 326 Jul 04
11740 kHz - R. Japao - via Kranji - SNG Recebido bonito QSL full data, formulario para IR, folheto sobre o departmento de portugues e de espanhol, calendario de bolso e schedules. ?? dias. V/S: ??. Obs: IR enviado por e-mail e com audio em anexo. QTH: Nippon Hoso Kyokay, Tokyo, 150-8001, Japan. R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 274 Okt 05
11860 via Singapore NHK World Radio Japan. 'Waiting for their turn' Children's School QSL Card in 6 months time. v/s: T. Sato. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Nov 05
R. Japan Kranji 11920 kHz, Cartolina QSL, report form e scheda in 16 giorni. E-rpt spedito a: V/s: T. Sato. L.Botto Fiora-I ForumRadio-ML Mai 06
Station: - NHK World Radio Japan. Date: - 29-08-2007. Frequency: - 11780 kHz (Singapore). Time: - 0130-0200 UTC. Language: - English. Description: - Verified by T. Sato. Verified by T. Sato. "Fireworks and Sakurajima Island" (Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture). M.Kumar-IND direct to QIP Sep 07
Station: - NHK World Radio Japan. Date: - 09-09-2007. Frequency: - 11780 kHz (Singapore). Time: - 0100-0130 UTC. Language: - English. Description: - Verified by T. Sato. Paper String Art / Crane & Turtle. M.Kumar-IND direct to QIP Okt 07
Station: - NHK World Radio Japan. Date: - 13-09-2007. Frequency: - 11780kHz (Singapore). Time: - 0100-0130 UTC. Language: - English. Description: - "The day in autumn" (Asuka-mura, Nara Prefecture). M.Kumar-IND direct to QIP Okt 07

R Korea Int (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

9640 Radio Korea International via Kranji heard 21 October 2001 at 2240-2254. SINPO=22322. Personal letter from Michelle Franks at Merlin in London in 24 days in response to my mail DX Report + IRC + Painted Ponies brochure. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 374 Nov 01

R Netherlands (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

Radio NEDERLAND relay via tx Kranji 6120 kHz QSL card 120d. NO IRC v/s : Asbari N. Krisna. QTH : P.O.Box 222, NL-1200 JG Hilversum, Netherlands. V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1006 Dez 98
Radio Netherlands relay 7280. Full data card in 15 days. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Jan 00
11690, RN via Kranji, one in a series of " Nature in our own Backyard " QSLs, v/s seems unsure of QSLing job, as wrote correct fqy, but date QSL was handled and total b / c time rather than actual time hrd. Three mos. after follow-up, total time 7 mos. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1572 Apr 00
R. NEDERLANDS 6120 RELAY KRANJI, QSL 17 d., NO RP. RPT TO : P. O. BOX 222, NL-1200 JG HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS. L.Botto Fiora-I Play-DX 1065 Apr 00
6120 kHz Radio Nederland via Kranji, QSL-c f/d for e-mail report to, schedule, pocket calendar etc. in 221 days v/s Jaime Baguena N.Eramo-ARG direct to QIP Feb 04
9795 Radio Nederlands via Singapore. Full data ( with site indicated) 'A Dutch Morning' QSL Card, in 5 months, 38 days after sending a e-mail follow-up to E.Kusalik-AL-CAN direct to QIP Okt 07
9795 kHz Radio Nederland, Kranji. Recebido cartão QSL. 104 dias. P.O. Box 222, 1200 JG Hilversum, The Netherlands. F.Mattos-SC-B radioescutas-ML Mai 10

R Telefis Eireann (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

RTE Radio 1 relay 15360. Full data card in 10 days. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Sep 98
RTE relay Singapore 11740 kHz f /d card NO IRC rpt to : Broadcasting Developments RTE, Dublin 4, Ireland. V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1043 Nov 99
RTE Radio 1 - Ireland (via Singapore) - 11740 - Best. per Email 1 Tag, det. Karte, 3 Tage, v/s Julie Hayde (absoluter Rekord !) M.Grallert-D direct to QIP Jan 00
RTE Relay / 15280 kHz, 8 Tage, detailed card ohne QTH H.Matt-D ADDX 2003-15 Aug 03
RTE/Singapore 15280 card (pm) 195d, v/s Bernie Pope B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-07 Okt 04

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RAI relay 11925 qsl-card no r.postage 74 days. P.Miroshnikov-RUS WDXC QSL Report Apr 97
RAI International Italy, via BBC relay on 11925, f /d card, QTH : Casella Postale 320, Centro Corrispondenza, IT 00100 Roma, Italy (please, consider the very snail postal mail here in Roma ! --ed.), in 330 days (Play DX 951 Oct 6) V.Korinek-AFS TFW 039 Okt 97
RAI International; Italian; 11925 kHz; June 30, 98; 10.45 - 11.00 UTC; no v/s and data QSL postcard; Enrico Reycend painting : Donna e bimba in giardino; 54 days; sticker, Qui Rai, map of the North Italian lakes; report in English; Largo Willy De Luca, 00188 Rome, Italy. S.Ashar Depok-INS Laporan DX 98-09/10 Sep 98
RAI Relay 11920, no detail QSL (G. Marconi) after 397 days via Rome. U.Volk-D direct to QIP Dez 00

Swiss R Int (SNG) Index Singapore Index Asia

Swiss R Int Kranji det. Karte Fluß Gebäude 9810 kHz 1200 01.04.98 4 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Apr 98
Swiss R Int Kranji det. Karte Wappen Obwalden 9575 kHz - 01.04.98 27 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Apr 98
9810, Swiss R. Intl via Singapore, William Tell monument card with full-data but no location. 7-1 / 2 wks. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1477 Mai 98
Swiss Radio relay via Singapore 9810. FD on reverse card show " The Castle ". and sked, 4 months for 1 USD. J.Wright-AUS Cumbre DX 198 Jul 98
Swiss Radio International 9575, f /d " Altdorf-William Tell Monument " card in 25 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-10 Okt 98
SRI Relay/9575 kHz, 25 days, det. qsl-card, Singapur-Aufdruck. P.Gager-AUT ADDX-Kurier 1998-21 Nov 98
Schweizer Radio International bestätigte elnen RR über die Relaisfrequenz 9575 kHz nach 19 Tagen mit elner detaillierten QSL-Karte. Derzeit laufen die Programme via SNG auf deutsch von 12.00 bis 12.30 UTC auf 9540 kHz. Rp ist nicht nötig. (Eckhard Röscher-D) Adresse : SRI, Giacomettistraße 1, P.O.Box, CH-3000 Bern 15. E.Röscher-D Eastside DX 04 Dez 98
Swiss Radio International relay 12010. Full data card in 7 days. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Feb 99
Swiss Radio relay 6165, full data " Old Town " card and sked received in 6 weeks. P.Kerr-ON-CAN ODXA 1999-03 Mrz 99
Swiss R Int Kranji det. Karte Wappen Thurgau 12010 kHz - 07.03.99 38 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Apr 99
Swiss R Int Kranji det. Karte Wappen Basel Land 21770 kHz - 13.05.99 17 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mai 99
Swiss R. Relay / div. kHz, 12-36 days, detailed qsl-card, pers.qsl-letter, program guide. diverse-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-14 Jul 99
Swiss R Int Kranji det. Karte Wappen Basel Stadt 17670 kHz - 19.06.99 18 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jul 99
SRI via Singapore Relay 12010 f/d card with site in 8 months, two months after f/up. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 271 Dez 99
Swiss R.Int. Relay 9575 61 days, Card. S.Sivarajan-IND UDXL-India Webpage Dez 99
Swiss R. / 12010 kHz, 30 days, qsl-card / SAE. D.Schulz-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-07 Apr 00
SWISS Radio INTERNATIONAL 13735, f /d " Photo's of Switzerland " card and schedule in 16 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2000-06 Jun 00
SRI via Singapore / 12010 kHz, 74 days, detailed qsl-card. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-18 Sep 00
SRI Relay/9575, 19 days, detailed QSL-card / RR per Fax. P.Vaegler-D ADDX-Kurier 2001-03 Feb 01
SRI Relay / 12010, 73 days, detailed QSL-card. S.Gerhard-D ADDX-Kurier 2001-03 Feb 01
9540 Swiss Radio via Kranji f/d /Multi Pictures of Switzerland' cd in 40 days v/s E. Neidhammer M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2001-05 Jun 01
Schweizer Radio International 13735 kHz, 12 Tage, det. Karte / Briefmarke D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 01
Swiss R Int Kranji det. Karte verschiedene Ansichten 13735 kHz 1200 11.08.01 12 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 01
Swiss Radio International 9575 kHz F/D 'windows on Switzerland' card in 3 1/2 months. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN CIDX 2001-10 Okt 01
Swiss R Int./Singapore 9575 k 28d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-08 Dez 01
SRI Relay / div. kHz, 11-50 Tage, detail. qsl-card. diverse-D ADDX-Kurier 2002-04 Feb 02
13735 SRI via Kranji f/d 'Switzerland Pictures' cd. in 68 days M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2002-02 Feb 02

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