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QSL Information Pages - Iraq (IRQ)

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437072 km2
23332000 inhabitants
capital : Baghdād / Baghdad

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 19 (5 are inactive), FM 51, shortwave 4 (1998)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Iraq

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  1. Domestic
  2. R Republic Iraq

Domestic Stations

R Republic Iraq Index Iraq Index Asia

Radio Republic Iraq, 909 kHz. F/d QSL-card from Radio Iraq International in near 190 days, no r/p, v/s Jamila Naji. Sent RR in English to: P.O. Box 8145, 12222 Baghdad A.Mak-UKR direct to QIP Apr 02
Radio Iraq 909 kHz. Undetailed folder and schedule of the External Service after 114 days for 1 IRC. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Aug 02

External Service

R Baghdad
[since 1998 R Iraq Int]

R Baghdad 9745 kHz, det. DIN-A5 card in 250 days, pennant R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Sep 80

R Iraq Int [until 1998 R Baghdad] Index Iraq Index Asia

R Iraq Int - det. Faltkarte verschiedeneAnsichten 9770 kHz 2000 14.12.88 105 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mrz 89
11785, R. Iraq Intl, sent a colorful and kind of strangely designed folder, confirming rcpn of their GM svc in Feb. The QSL text is handwritten by a member of their GM lang. svc. Have not seen too many QSLs coming out of Iraq lately. Address : R. Iraq Intl, P.O. Box 8145, CN. 12222, Baghdad. This one took 4 mos. of patience. H.Kuhl-D Numero Uno 1480 Jun 98
Radio Iraq International sent a QSL via Air Mail for its German Service on 11785 kHz in 92 days, return postage was 1 IRC, return address given as Radio Irak International, P.O. Box 8145 CN.12222, Bagdad - Irak. So they consequently used German spelling (Irak inst. of Iraq and Bagdad inst. of Baghdad). The QSL card itself is a folder card (smaller that that from the 80'ies), colored pictures (iraqi flag, a statue, historical buildings from Mesopotamia) on the outside, black nd white drawing of Iraqi map (monuments as illustrations) inside. The inside also had my full adderss and the partial data verification (date) signed by M.el Wettar. Two weeks between issuing QSL card and stamp date on the envelope. The envelope contained nothing else than the folder card. M.Schöch-D HC-DX-ML Jul 98
R Iraq Int - det. Klappkarte verschiedeneAnsichten 11787 kHz - 14.03.98 139 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jul 98
Radio Iraq International 11785, f /d " Murals of Baghdad " folder card in 162 days. Mark says that this his VIC #136 and a nice one it is. (md) M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-11 Nov 98
R. Iraq Intl. / 11785 kHz, 61 days, detailed qsl-card (v/s M. el Wettar). H.-J.Koch-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-02 Jan 99
R. Iraq Intl. / 11785 kHz, 89 days, detailed qsl-card, pers. letter. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-02 Jan 99
Radio Iraq Int'l 11785 qsl-letter, 1 IRC, verified and written by Jamila, Station Announcer, 152 days. D.Sharrard-G WDXC QSL Report Feb 99
Radio IRAQ INTERNational 11 787, 5 kHz p / d QSL 80d. sent 1 IRC v/s : Mohammad el Vaettar (Kurzwellenfreunde Sachsen, Gerrnany, Nov. 98) ? Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
Radio IRAQ INTERNational 11785 kHz f /d QSL on statin certificate v/s : Jamila, speaker DJ in 90d. sent EE rpt. Rpt sent to : P.O.Box 814E, Baghdad (QSL Report, Dec. 98, Monitoring Times, USA) M.Choleva-USA Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
Received a QSL-folder with partial data from the German section of Radio Iraq International, after 186 days. v/s was Mr. M el Wattab on behalf of the German language section. C.Mocanu-ROU Cumbre DX 235 Mrz 99
Radio IRAQ INTERNational 9685 kHz letter n / d 80d. QTH : P.O.Box 8145 Baghdad. R.Scaglione-I Play-DX 1043 Nov 99
R. Iraq lntl. / 11785 kHz, 47 days, undetailed qsl-card / IRC A.Heiles-LUX ADDX-Kurier 2000-04 Feb 00
Radio Baghdad bestätigte nach 39 Tagen den RR mit handgeschriebenem QSL-Brief in deutscher Sprache, v/s M. Waettar. Frequenz war 11785 kHz. Adr. : R. Irak International, POB 8145, CN 12222, Baghdad, Irak. P.Schramm-D Eastside DX 09 Feb 00
Radio Iraq International 11787, non data QSL folder 50 days after follow up report. No v/s. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Apr 00
11785 Radio Iraq International Folder with partial data but with full confirmation ".your reception report is quite correct ". No veri signer, in 8 weeks, for no rp. S.Delle Vedove-I Cumbre DX 299 Jun 00
R. Iraq lntl. / 11785 kHz, 52 days, teildetailed qsl-card, / 2 IRC. K.-P.Hilger-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-16 Aug 00
R. Iraq Intl. / 11785 kHz, 111 days, K; v/s Ghazi Faisal - Diektor. H.Krüger-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-18 Sep 00
Radio Baghdad 11787,00 kHz, AK, SAE, Rp - 209 Tage, QSL-Brief. D.Schulz-D EAWRC Bulletin 286 Mrz 01
RADIO IRAQ INTERNational 9684 QSL-FOLDER, 63d. NO IRC. QTH : P.O.BOX 8145, CN, 12222 BAGHDAD. (BANKS, USA, Monitoring Times, FEBR.2001) ?.Banks-USA Play-DX 1105 Mrz 01
11785 - Radio Iraq Int. - Baghdad Cartão com um longo Cumprimento em EE no verso - 56 dias QTH : P.O.Box 8145, CN 12222, Baghdad - Iraque. J.Cordeiro Pereira-B Atividade DX 018 Apr 01
Radio Irak Int. 11787,00 kHz, - 101 Tage, handgeschriebene QSL-Karte, Details : ja. P.E.Boeck-D EAWRC Bulletin 287 Apr 01
R Iraq Int - det. Faltkarte verschiedeneAnsichten 11787 kHz - 02.03.01 38 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Apr 01
11785 Radio Iraq International heard 26 March 2000 at 0350-0402. SINPO=25432. No data QSL with a personal note received after 395 days in response to third remionder + $2 + Santa Fe postcard. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 345 Mai 01
Radio Bagdad : Da brauchts kein Rückporto, so viel Geld hat der irakische Staat auch noch, um einen Brief zu verschicken. Ich habe übrigens am Samstag einen QSL-Folder vom deutschen Dienst aus Bagdad bekommen, Laufzeit 241 Tage. M.Elbe-D A-DX-ML Jun 01
11785 - R.Iraq International, Salah-el-Deen - 1 ano e 65 dias. Recebido cartão QSL sem assinatura do v/s C.Perez Dioses-PRU Atividade DX 107 B Aug 02
R. Iraq Intl. / 11787 kHz, 82 Tage, teildet. K / $; 3. Versuch. M.Arndt-D ADDX-Kurier 2002-18 Sep 02
Radio Baghdad International, 15340. Folding card in 7 weeks for 1992 report and postcard. No-data personal note, just barely a QSL. Have attempted to verify this station on no less than 8 occasions over 21 years, so very pleased to get a response, especially given current international politics (Australia DX News) I.Baxter-AUS DXLD 1-137 Sep 02
11787 kHz. Radio Irak Internacional, Salihiya, P.O.Box 8145, Bagdad. Tarjeta QSL (Verificador: Jamila), ilustrada en los dos lados con un mapa del país y con dibujos de su cultura, a colores. Verificó en 120 días. V.Castaño-I Conexion Digital 195 Jan 03
Radio Iraq International. QSL-folder for my report sent to P.O.Box 8145, Baghdad, Iraq. Report has been written in English. 116 days. Besides QSL-folder, enclosed were two mint stamps with Saddam's face. (MIDXB No.303) I.Yaremenko-RUS Signal 087 Feb 03

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