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QSL Information Pages - Tonga (TON)

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748 km2
104200 inhabitants
capital : Nuku'alofa

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 1, FM 2, shortwave 1 (2001)

(Australia / Oceania)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Tonga

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

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A3Z / 1017 kHz, 58 days, det. qsl-card qsl-card. P.Gager-AUT ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
QSL from A3Z Radio Tonga 1017 : Yesterday I received a very nice verification by email from Radio Tonga, confirming my reception on 26th October 2004 (heard during the KONG11 DXpedition in Kongsfjord in Arctic Norway). v/s was'Elenoa 'Amanaki, General Manager-TBC. The fact that Radio Tonga had been heard in Norway was in their headline news at 1 o'clock midday, and they even played a part of my CD recording on air. A.Bue-NOR HCDX-ML Nov 04
A3Z R Tonga, Nuku´alofa 1017 e-post 16d, Oseania-delen taler i grunnen for seg selv. Ikke akkurat hverdagskost, dette... T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-08 Nov 04
R Tonga, Nuku´alofa 1017 e-post v/s Elenoa Amanaki O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-01 Jan 05
Received a QSL card från Tonga 1017. Not often you get that exotic QSL-cards. The station was heard in october in Parkalompolo, Sweden. L.Hedberg-S mwdx-ML Feb 05
Radio Tonga 1017 Nuku'alofa, Tonga. Full data QSL card and full data letter from 'Elenoa 'Amanaki, General Manager, in 55 days for follow up report and $2 U.S., along with CD recording of my reception. ..... a nice one to get for my 1100th MW station N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2005-08 Aug 05
R Tonga 1017 e-post (pm) v/s Sioeli Maka Tohi B.Mjelde-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-05 Sep 05
A3Z R Tonga 1017 e-post. v/s Sioeli Maka Tohi. Det attende forsoket gav uttelling for Odd Jorgen... O.-J.Sagdahl-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-06 Okt 05
A3Z Radio Tonga, Nukuálofa 1017 kHz, heard: 1.11.2005, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05
Received today full data QSL card and personal letter from A3Z signed by Mrs.. Siosi O Pele. 1017 KHz. 52 days for a CD with recording and 1 IRC. M.Toniolo-NZL direct to QIP Apr 06
R. Tonga / 1017 kHz, 77 Tage, det. K nach f/up für RR aus 90er Jahren / $ S.Arndt-D ADDX 2006-12 Dez 06

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