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QSL Information Pages - Kiribati (KIR)

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717 km2
94100 inhabitants
capital : Tarawa

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 1, FM 1, shortwave 1 (1998)

(Australia / Oceania)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Kiribati

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

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14917,7 kHz, Bairiki 18:25 08.03.91 12.12.91 279 days, QSL : Kort G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Dez 91
9810, R. Kiribati, for a June 14, 1997 rcpn, short personal ltr from Moia Tetoa, Radio Manager, and a full-data signed and stamped ppc, 2 mos. after my last follow-up. Xmtr power listed as 1 kw. The last follow-up included a tape and mint stamps (used). Tnx to Don Nelson for opening this one up and for the scan of the BPA logo (see NU 1571 [.]). One mystery was attached to my card--an index card from Tom Williamson asking them to verify his original rpt ! G.Maroti-NY-USA Numero Uno 1581 Jun 00
9810, R. Kiribati, Their " own " card that they said they were going to put together, similar to Don Nelson's design. Full data (1 kw), stamped and signed by Tetoa and the Engineering Mgr (signature illegible); also ltr from Tetoa. Nice stamps on envelope. In 3 yrs. total, 2-1 / 2 yrs after written follow-up and 2 mos. after E-mail copy of original rpt to Tetoa at " I have gone through our rcpn rpt file and found your rcpn rpt as you stated in your e-mail. I have also checked our studio log book and confirmed that you were listening to us on 14th May, 1997 (1658-1816) our local time. " I QSLed them years ago, but it's nice to have this one too. Thanks, Don ! Tom, you must be next. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1581 Jun 00
9825, R. Kiribati : Yes, the QSL prophets were right (see Maroti / Berg in NU 1581) ! Card and ltr in 8 wks. after sending tape, v/s Moia Tetoa, for $ 1. This finally after 7 yrs, reporting (ltr rpts before) ! In desperation I sent the original (and the only tape I had) of a 1993 recording made on a vist to OZ. I have had a few decent rcpns in Canada, but no tapes of them. T.Williamson-ON-CAN Numero Uno 1582 Jun 00
This week I received a verification by email from T3K1 Radio Kiribati, Tarawa, confirming my reception on 846 kHz in arctic Norway last October. See for details about our KONG DXpeditions. The station was heard in Kongsfjord also in October 2003, and these are so far the only mediumwave loggings in Europe of this station. A.Bue-NOR HCDX-ML Aug 05
T3K1 R Kiribati 846 e-post (pm) v/s Kautabuki Rakeiariki. Hvilket navn! B.Mjelde-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-05 Sep 05
T3K1 R Kiribati 846 e-post b k v/s Kautabuki Rubeiairiki bekreftet to rapporter. O.-J.Sagdahl-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-06 Okt 05

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