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QSL Information Pages - Guyana (GUY)

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214970 km2
697200 inhabitants
capital : Georgetown

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 3, FM 3, shortwave 1 (1998)

(Southern America)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Guyana

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

Guyana BC Index Guyana Index America South

5950 kHz, Georgetown 09.12.79 26.01.80 48 days, QSL : tryckt brev v/s : L R E Case G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jan 1980
GBC, 3290. Date and freq only form letter, in 30 days from Chief Engineer, Siroxley Goodman, for US $ 1 rp. Had previously been sending a very old report, from the early 1980's, without any response from the station, so this was on my most- wanted list ! Obviously, now is the time to QSL GBC, before the novelty of their new transmitters wears off ! Also received a -one-sheet- on Guyana, with a scribbled note indicating the GBC operates -stand-by links- on FM 102.5 (250 watts) and 101.1 (20 watts). D.Sharp-FL-USA Cumbre DX 093 Jul 1996
3290.0 GBC Georgetown They QSLed with a nice full-detailed personal letter within 40 days. Verie-signer is Indira Anandjit, Personnel Assistant. M.Elbe-D DX Window 022 Jul 1996
GBC, 3290, date-only form letter in 2 mo. for taped rpt, v/s S. Goodman, CE. -This is a new Energy Onix SW xmtr which operates on dual freq. This xmtr company is in Hudson, NY.- J.Berg-MA-USA Cumbre DX 100 Aug 1996
Guyana Broadcasting Corp. 3290 a date only form letter signed by M. Phillips in 1 month for an English report, $ 1 and local radio station stickers. M.Prindle-NY-USA Cumbre DX 127 Feb 1997
QSL letter and card received from Guyana Broadcasting Corporation 3290 after 6 months, signed Indira Anandjit, personnel assistant. Reception report July 30, 1996 on 3290 kHz and a late-night musical. W.Mellquist-S Cumbre DX 127 Feb 1997
GBC Georgetown on 3290, folder form letter, info, v/s M. Phillips in 6 months and half with 1 USD after a f/up (SWN-Denmark March 1997) M.McGovern-IRL TFW Mrz 1997
GBC Georgetown 3290 qsl-letter rp : 1US $ 190 days, v/s : M Phillips. M.McGovern-IRL WDXC QSL Report Apr 1997
Voice of Guyana 3290 qsl-letter 1 IRC 23 days. Z.Elias-CZE WDXC QSL Report Mai 1997
GBC Georgetown on 3290, letter, NY folder in 193 days for 1 IRC (DSWCI -SWN, QSL Corner June 97) H.-D.Buschau-D TFW 031 Jun 1997
GBC Georgetown on 3290, fd kond letter, sticker in 7 weeks (DSWCI SWN 10/97) N.Reiner-D TFW 041 Okt 1997
Guyana Broadcasting Co. on 3290, letter, infos in 43 days for 1 USD (hrd when in Antigua / Play DX # 958 Nov 24) S.Mannelli-I TFW 044 Nov 1997
Voice of Guyana 3290 qsl-letter 1 IRC 67 days, v/s : M Phillips pp S Goodman. J.Crowley-IRL WDXC QSL Report Jan 1998
Guyana Broadcasting Corporation 5949.4. Prepared card signed by S. Goodman, Chief Engineer. Received 8 years after the first in a long series of unanswered reports. This verification was for a January 1998 reception. It was hand delivered to the Chief Engineer by an amateur radio operator friend in June. $ 2 return postage. J.Evans-TN-USA Cumbre DX 204 Aug 1998
Voice of Guyana 5950, P / D " form " letter in 1 month from v/s M. Phillips for S. Goodman, CE for a f/up report and US $ 1. M.Delmage-AB-CAN CIDX 2000-03 Mrz 2000
Received a standard QSL letter from the GBC Guyana 3290 kHz after 1 follow up total 80 weeks, v/s S.Goodman, Chief engineer. The rr was about a BBC px. R.Vos-HOL direct to QIP Jul 2000
GBC Guyana - Mr. Goodman must have cleaned out the files as I too received a f /d form letter after I asked for all details from a previous report. Mine was for the 5 MHz reception from July 1999. On a post-it note he mentioned my first report did not include a date but a copy of the original report shows that it did. M.Delmage-AB-CAN HCDX-ML Jul 2000
3290, GBC, stnd QSL ltr after one follow-up, total 80 wks., v/s S. Goodman, CE. (in HCDX) R.Vos-HOL Numero Uno 1587 Jul 2000
Guyana BC Corp - det. PPC det. PPC 560 kHz 1355 10.11.00 52 Tage, heard in Tobago D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jan 2001
GBC Georgetown (3290) verified by letter without details a report from September 7, 1997 (no follow up!). Signed by M. Phillip. W.Passmann-D HCDX-ML Jun 2001
GUYANA BC 3290 FORM-letter 180d. SENT 1 IRC. V/s: M.PHILLIPS. QTH : BROADCASTING HOUSE, 44 HIGH Street, WERK-EN-RUST, GEORGETOWN. A.Fernández Llorella-E Play-DX 1134 Dez 2001
3290 - Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, Georgetown - 64 dias. Recebido carta QSL "partial data" e folheto sobre dados geográficos da Guyana. v/s: W. Carr. Enviado relatório de recepção e 1 IRC. QTH : Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, 44 High Street, Werk-en Rust, Guyana. Meu 132º pais confirmado. M.Toniolo dos Anjos-NY-USA Atividade DX 106 B Jul 2002
GBC Georgetown confirmed today my reception report dated 16 Dec 98 by letter signed by S. Goodman, Chief Engineer. This station was in no hurry to answer (770d after f/up, 1348d in total). E.Gehrig-E HCDX-ML Aug 2002
3290 - Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, Georgetown - 714 dias. Recebida carta QSL e folheto "Geographical Data". v/s: S. Goodman, Chief Engineer. Enviado 1 IRC. Vamos aproveitar que parece que eles estão limpando a gaveta e finalmente enviando os QSL's. Esse é o meu segundo QSL da Guyana em 3 semanas. Porém esse informe foi enviado em Maio de 2000. M.Toniolo dos Anjos-NY-USA Atividade DX 111 Sep 2002
GUYANA BROADCASTING CORPORATION 5950 kHz letter signed by W. CARR (CHIEF ENGINNER) Address: 44 HIGH Street, WERK-EN-RUST, GEORGETOWN. G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1175 Nov 2002
Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, 3291.25 kHz, date and frequency form letter with verification statement, v/s Winston Carr Maintenance Engineer-Transmitters, with info sheet on Guyana, in 2 months, for taped report and 2 IRCs Rp. Mailed from Cuba. J.Talbot-AB-CAN Cumbre DX-ML Dez 2002
3290 - Voice of Guyana - Georgetown-GUY - Recebida carta QSL, cartão de visitas, folheto com informações sobre a Guiana e uma carta pessoal redigida de próprio punho por Winston Carr, engenheiro de manutenção dos transmissores. 90 dias. V/S: Wisnton Carr, Maintenance Enginner-Transmitters. QTH: Operations Centre, 44 High Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, Guiana. C.Fernandes Lopes-MG-B DXCB 2002-12 Dez 2002
3290 kHz - R. Voz da Guiana - Georgetown - Guiana. Recebido carta confirmatoria. 37 dias. V/S: S. Goodman. QTH: Operations Centre, 44 High Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, Guiana. (via radioescutas) M.Rogerio Rodrigues-B Atividade DX 226 Nov 2004
Radio Guayana, Upata 820 kHz, heard: 18.2.1985 SFF?, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 2005
3291.2, Guyana B/Cing Corp., partial-data form ltr in 70 days, V/S S. Goodman, Chief Engineer. (H. Watanabe & Uemura-Japan, R. Nuevo Mundo) Photo of QSL in the RNM bltn shows address as: National Communications Network, Inc. Radio, Homestretch Ave., D’Urban Park, Georgetown, Guyana. Gives fqys as 3290 and 5950. J.Berg-MA-USA Cumbre DX-ML Apr 2006
Voice of Guyana, Sparendaam 3290 kHz, letter, v/s S. Goodman, Homestretch Av., D'Urban Park, Gerorgetown, 9 weeks G.Huijbens-BEL direct to QIP Mai 2006
National Communictions Network 3291,16 kHz verified with a partly detailed letter in 48 days. 1 US-$ for RP. QTH: Broadcasting House, P.O.Box 10760, Georgetown. v/s S. Goodman, chief engineer. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Mai 2006

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