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QSL Information Pages - Bolivia (BOL)

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1098580 km2
8300500 inhabitants
capital : Sucre & La Paz

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 171, FM 73, shortwave 77 (1999)

(Southern America)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Bolivia

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  1. Domestic
  2. La Voz de Campesino
  3. R Abaroa
  4. R Aclo
  5. R Andes
  6. R Ayopaya
  7. R Bandera Beniana
  8. R Bandera Tricolor
  9. R Batallon Topater
  10. R Camargo
  11. R Caravani
  12. R Centenario la Nueva
  13. R Centinela
  14. R Chiwalaki
  15. R Difusora Mamore
  16. R Difusora Tropico
  17. R Eco, San Borja, Benii
  18. R El Mundo

Domestic Stations

La Voz de Campesino Index Bolivia Index America South

6537, R. LV de Campesino, 300 watts from Sipe Sipe, full-data card, plain yellow with stn stamp, in just over 4 mos., v/s Enrique Carvajal Arrazola. (via J.Berg-USA) J.Wright-NSW-AUS DXplorer-ML Sep 02
R LV de Campesino, Sipe Sipe 6537 k T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-01 Jan 03
5680.73, R La Voz del Campesino, Sipe Sipe, They verified with email QSL. V/s: Jorge Cruz, Director del programa "La Voz del Pueblo", I heard. Address: Calle Rafael Urquidi 238, Comunidad Huañakaua, Provincia de Sipe Sipe, Departamento de Cochabamba, Bolivia. E-mail: . I.Masato-J DX Window 312 Nov 06

R Abaroa Index Bolivia Index America South

4722 kHz, Riberalta 13.08.81 14.09.81 32 days, QSL : kort brev v/s : Rolman Medina Mendez G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Sep 81

R Aclo Index Bolivia Index America South

600 kHz. Radio ACLO, Casilla 538, Sucre. QSL electrónica (aclo[ät] Contestó en 3 días. J.Moacir Portera de Melo-B Conexion Digital 286 Okt 04

R Andes Index Bolivia Index America South

4777.1V Radio Andes sent a formed date only QSL letter, in 2 months. v/s Francisco Quisbet Salinas (Secretario Permanente del Consejo de Administracion). The station is owned by -Federacion Regional de los Trabajadores Campesinos del Altiplano Sur-.Station personnel is as follows : Francisco Quisbet Salinas (Secretario Permanente del Consejo de Administracion), Audo Ramos Colque, Rita Salvatierra Bautista, Cesar Geronimo Ali Flores (Reporteros). Station is located at Calle Final Uruguay s/n, Uyuni, Provincia Antonio Quijarro, Departamento de Potosi. Send your report to : Casilla No.16. Tel : 0693-2145. T.Inoue Nozaki-J DX Window 042 Dez 96
4777.7 R Andes (..) I phoned the station in Dec to inquire about my report from Aug last year. An apology and a QSL is now in. Francisco Quisbet and German Carme say that my report was the very first one to arrive at the station, and, once it was posted on the air, many people turned up to see for themselves if the letter really existed. And so, in the process, the letter was lost. (..) H.Klemetz-CLM Dateline Bogotá 1997 Jan 97
R. Los Andes on 4777, v/s Sr. Francisco Quisbert Salisas. QTH : Calle Final Uruguay s / n, Casilla 16, Uyuni, Departamento Potosi (SWB 1338, Sweden / Play DX # 921 Feb. 10 1997) C.Sandberg-S TFW Feb 97
R. ANDES on 4777.8, QSL letter stencil pro forma, photos of the inauguration, 1st December 1996, v/s Francisco Quisbert Salinas, Rapresentante Permanente del Comitado Administrativo, in 150 days for 1 IRC. (Play DX # 954 26 October 1997) B.Gornati-I TFW 042 Nov 97
R. ANDES on 4777, QSL, n. 2 sent one report. v/s Francisco Quisbert Salinas. (Fine Tuning 887, USA / Play DX # 969 Feb.16) K.W.Field-USA TFW 053 Mrz 98
Today I received a very nice QSL letter + postcard from Radio A.N.D.E.S. Uyuni, Bolivia, heard on 4.777.77 kHz, It took about 8 weeks, I enclosed no return postage, but I enclosed a copy CD of The Buena Vista Social Club-Presents " Ibrahim Ferrer ". v/s was Erwin Freddy Mamani, Reportero Radio Anos. R.Vos-HOL HCDX-ML Jul 99
R. A.N.D.E.S. Uyuni 4777, 5 letter. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-07 Aug 99
4778 R. A.N.D.E.S., C. 16, Uyuni, Bolivia (Freddy Mamani, Resp. de px), carta QSL Contesto en 32 dias, Foto de integrantes del Comite Ejecutivo de la Federacion de Campesinos del Altiplano Sud, propietarios de la emisora. J.Carlos Buscaglia-ARG Conexion Digital 025 Okt 99
4795, Radio ANDES, verified with a full page date / fqy ltr in 37 days for a follow-up rpt, from v/s E. Freddy Mamani M., Responsable de Programacion. According to the ltr, his full name is Erwin Freddy Mamani Machaca, 21 years old and in charge of rcvng ltrs sent to the stn. A stn dedicated to the needs of the campesinos, the name A.N.D.E.S is an acronym of " Antonio Quijarro, Nor Lipez, Daniel Campos, Enrrique Baldiviezo and Sud Lipez. " In his ltr he mentions the existence of " Los Andes " in Tarija, so they changed the name of Radio ANDES to Radio MALLKU, which apparently means Condor. The name change was approved on Sep 29. Stn personnel : Froilan Condori, Presidente; German Carme y Flviana Porco, Titulares; Rene Mamani y Francisco Quisbert, Suplentes. Sked is 1000-1200 & 2100-2400 UTC. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1556 Dez 99
I got a qsl from Radio A.N.D.E.S. after the closure and move to the new Radio "MALLKU", written on a paper with the letterhead of "MALLKU "as was the envelope. Verisigner was Erwin Freddy Mamani Machaca, Responsable de Programación (as he also was on A.N.D.E.S.), and the address is Radio Emisora "MALLKU", La Voz de los Trabajadores Campesinos del Altiplano Sud, Casilla No. 16, Uyumi, Potosi, Bolivia Btw, the telephone number is 0693 2145. Good luck J.Edh-S HCDX-ML Feb 00
R Andes 4795 kHz, f/d letter, rp : no, 37 days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA WDXC QSL Report Apr 00

R Ayopaya Index Bolivia Index America South

When I received my QSL from Radio Ayopaya in Independcia (Cochabamba) it was a great thrill to me. As far as known it is the first in the world from this station. But the story beyond it is still more astonishing. First a ”simple” email from director Jorge Aquino (both email och postal addresses are already presented on the list), thanking me for my report of reception, telling how proud and surprised they were to be heard that far away. And also promising a ”official” QSL and more information later. (You´ve read that before from different stations, haven´t you?) But there it was. About four weeks later two new emails - one with a ”certificate” with all QSL-information, one extensive information ”broschure” of Radio Ayapaya that is probably the station transmitting from the highest place in the world! The shortwave transmitter is homemade, putting 1 Kw out in the air on ”official” 3344 kHz. To get my report of reception to Radio Ayopaya (when it could finally be identified through Rogildo in Bolivia), I contacted my Swedish wellknown DX-friend Henrik Klemetz, and also the people beyond the project in Germany through their homepage, and got some addresses that eventually gave the result abouve. Henrik also contacted Andy Schmid (”Pennant museum”) who was on his way to Bolivia, and asked him if he could get some information on the station. Also Rogildo in Bolivia participated to collect more information. With the help of the address from Rogildo, Andy and Rogildo also could find (not easy though) the house of director Jorge Aquino in Cochabamba and met him. By the way, he spoke some German and also had a German helper. Jorge Aquino knew nothing about listners reports, but Rogildo told him about those, and he also helped him with a ”formula” to handle them. Jorge Aquino also invited Rogildo to visit them at the station, five hours away in bus on bumpy roads. Henrik Klemetz also tells me that he didn´t get any answer himself on his email to Jorge Aquino, neither did Samuel Cassio in Brasil, when he tried to help Henrik to collect information on the station. But I was the lucky one this time. To get the correct address, and get a letter through all the way to the recipient in a case like this, is a real thriller. Then to have a reply posted and safely get all the way back... It´s not ”just” to put the letter in the mailbox. With the help of email, the possibility to get an answer is increasing. But still, you have to have lots of luck. And in this case also the kind help of people around the world on ”Mission QSL to Jan Edh” (and I hope others to come after me...). Thank you all! Best regards J.Edh-S HCDX-ML Sep 01
3344 kHz Rádio Ayopaya, Bolivia, Certificado de Sintonia (muito bem elaborado e completo), em 35 dias, através do Sr. Jorge Aquino, engenheiro. e-mail culayo[ät] Centro Cultural Ayopayamanta, Plaza Fidel Anze N°5, Casilla 2433, BOLIVIA S.Cássio Martins-SP-B Radioescutas-ML Sep 01
R Ayopaya 3344 b bro C.Brunström-S Norwegian DX News 2002-01 Jan 02

R Bandera Beniana Index Bolivia Index America South


R Bandera Tricolor Index Bolivia Index America South

Today I received a QSL-card from Radio Bandera Tricolor, Cochabamba, Boliva 1380 kHz. A great THANK YOU to Mr. Rogildo F. Aragão for help with the QSL. I heard this station back in May 1999. The card was sign by Dr. Alberto P. Manzo Comolli, Director General. One of my best QSL's ever! Thank you again Rogildo O.Forr-NOR Feb 03

R Batallon Topater Index Bolivia Index America South

4980 kHz, Oruro 03.06.80 04.07.80 31 days, QSL : brev v/s : Félix Machicado Galván G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jul 80
Radio BATALLON TOPATER 4960 kHz letter for old report of 80's + pennant ! v/s : Jose Cruz Monroy (Distance n. 16/98, dec. 98, Sweden) B.Norgren-S Play-DX 1013 Feb 99

R Camargo Index Bolivia Index America South

A few minutes ago I received a email from Radio Camargo. v/s: Jose Luis Garcia Pastrana. jlgarpas[ät] They confirmed a reception report from July 18, 2002 on 3390,4 kHz. Garcia Pastrana send a very, very nice full color picture of Camargo city, dedicated for me. A.L.Slaen-ARG DXplorer-ML Sep 02
R Camargo, Camargo 3390 e-post T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-01 Jan 03

R Caravani Index Bolivia Index America South

R.Caravani, Caravani 1450 b. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-09 Nov 00

R Centenario la Nueva Index Bolivia Index America South

4855 kHz, Santa Cruz 02:30 28.07.93 30.08.93 33 days, QSL : kort brev kalender v/s : Napoleón Ardaya Borja Director G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Aug 93
R.Centenario La Nueva on 4855, QSL card v/s Julio Acosta, dir., in 50 days, e-mail. mision.eplabol[ät], fax : (+ 591) 3-524747. (Play DX # 958 Nov 24) J.Manolo Cabrera Perez-CNR TFW 044 Nov 97
R.Centenario La Nueva, S.ta Cruz on 4855, fd QSL card, personal letter, stickers, v/s Julio Acosta Campos, Dir., in 6 weeks (DSWCI, Denmark, SWN # 1 Jan 1998 Vol 42, QSL Corner) V.Korinek-AFS TFW 049 Jan 98
4855, R. Centenario, printed QSL-card, ltr, decal and calendar in 3-1 / 2 yrs. after original rpt; for $ 1. Never give up hoping ! T.Williamson-ON-CAN Numero Uno 1488 Aug 98
QSL from Radio Centenario La Nueva, 4855, f/d card, letter, sticker, in 24 days. (SWN 11, DSWCI) M.A.Cornachioni-ARG DX Window 141 Nov 98
R Centenario 4855 qsl-card. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 1998-09 Nov 98
Radio Centenario de Nueva 4855. Laminated B & W QSL card, sticker and letter about station in 2m for USD, postcard, Spanish report. v/s Napoleón Ardaya B., Director. R.Jary-AUS Cumbre DX 265 Okt 99
Radio Centenario " La Nueva ", 4855 confirm with letter, sticker and QSL my report in 40 days (1 $), v/s Napoleon Ardaya Diretor, addr. Casilla de Correo 818, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, e-mail mision.eplabol[ät] D.Canonica-SUI A-DX-ML Nov 99
4855 kHz, Radio Centenario " La Nueva ", Casilla 818, Santa Cruz. Tarjeta QSL, carta, calco. v/s : Napoleon Ardaya, Director. Respuesta en 36 dias. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Conexion Digital 033 Dez 99
4855, 6 Radio Centenario, La Nueva, Casilla 818, Santa Cruz. Tarjeta QSL (plastificada !), carta personal y calcomania en 55 dias. A.L.Slaen-ARG Conexion Digital 035 Dez 99
eine nicht mehr erwartete QSL gab es heute: Nach 16 Monaten hat R Centenario La Nueva aus Bolivien mit Brief und detaillierter Karte bestaetigt. Die Karte wurde sogar in Plastik eingeschweisst. Die Sendeleistung auf KW (4855) wurde mit 5 KW angegeben. Postalische Adresse ist Centenario La Nueva, Casilla 818, Santa Cruz, Bolivien, als e-mail Adresse wurde mision.eplabol[ät] genannt. V/s war Napoleón Ardaya, Director. E.Glantschnig-SUI A-DX-ML Mai 02
Centenario La Nueva, Santa Cruz, 4855 confirmed in one year with letter and full data QSL card. v/s Napoleon Ardaya B. (director). Address: Casilla 818 Santa Cruz G.Bernardini-I HCDX-ML Jun 02
4855 Radio Centenario, Casilla 818, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Escuchada el dia 15 de octubre de 2000 en Lascano, Uruguay. Una de las pocas estaciones bolivianas que contestan a los reportes. Se nota un interes en mantener contacto con los oyentes. Aunque un tiempo despues, la emisora contesto: mayo de 2002 !! Encima yo habia cambiado mi direccion de correos, asi que la carta habia llegado en el mes de junio a mi antigua casilla y finalmente llego a mis manos 2 anos despues. Me gustaria reconocer al correo uruguayo que habiendo cambiado mi direccion, igual me hicieron llegar la carta. En el sobre, algun funcionario del correo le coloco un pegotin amarillo con mi nueva direccion. Me enviaron una carta donde me cuentan sobre las 2 frecuencias en que transmiten (1161 y 4855) y sobre el caracter religioso-cristiano de sus contenidos, algunos datos de la ciudad de Santa Cruz y su actividad economica. La carta esta firmada por el director, Sr. Napoleon Ardaya. En el pie de la carta esta impresa una direccion en Internet: mision.eplabol[ät] Tambien me enviaron una tarjeta QSL plastificada!! No hay que perder las esperanzas, muchas veces, despues de un tiempo, llegan las respuestas. V.Castaño-I Conexion Digital 192 Jan 03
R. Centenario / 4855 kHz, 300 Tage, detailed qsl-card (eingeschweißt), pers. B / IRC H.Wolf-D ADDX 2003-06 Mrz 03
R.CENTENARIO LA NUEVA 4865 kHz QSLcard + LETTER in 620 d. sent 1 US $ + ITALIAN STICKERS. V/s : NAPOLEON ARDAYA B. (Director) EMAIL : mision.eplabol[ät] M.Vizzoni-I Play DX J2003-4 Apr 04

R Centinela Index Bolivia Index America South

R. Centinela, Tupiza, verified my 16th f/up for an old logging on 5502v. The station director, whose title is somewhat unusual but typically Latin, is -Oficial del Ejercito- (Army Officer). This must be a lowly affair, considering that the standard procedure (no matter whether active, reserve, or retired) is to spell out the rank in full. So this fellow is likely an under-sub-3rd class lieutenent or the like. He says the station quit broadcasting on SW years ago due to technical problems with the SW xmtr and that currently they are only on FM 99.1 MHz. Then, rather inadequate for an -Oficial del Ejercito, - he asks for a donation to fund repairs of the SW xmtr. It seems the Peruvian malaise has reached Bolivia. J.Perolo-B Numero Uno 1492 Sep 98

R Chiwalaki Index Bolivia Index America South


R Difusora Mamore Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio DIFUSORA MAMORE' 4815 kHz letter 30d. v/s : not readable. G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1070 Mai 00

R Difusora Tropico Index Bolivia Index America South

4774,5 kHz, Trinidad Beni 02.01.80 28.01.80 26 days, QSL : kort v/s : Carlos Avila Alberdi G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jan 80
4552,4 kHz, Trinidad 22:50 06.01.92 24.02.92 49 days, 'R El Trópico', QSL : brev kassett C60 v/s : Eduardo Avila Alberdi G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Feb 92
Rdfa. Tropico-- qsl in Jan. 1996 T.Palmersheim-MT-USA HC-DX-ML Jan 96
v/s from Radiodifusoras Trópico / Trinidad / Beni / Bolivia (4550 kcs) was on my PPC-QSL Eduardo Avila Alberdi, Director Gerente, also mentioned in WRTH. Besides the PPC he had also sent a nice viewcard with jungle wildlife motive. A.Schmid-D HC-DX-ML Apr 00

R Eco, San Borja, Beni Index Bolivia Index America South

4409,3 kHz, Reyes Beni 23:00 03.01.91 19.04.91 106 days, QSL : brev vykort mm v/s : Carlos Espinosa Cortez G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Apr 91
4702.26 Radio Eco, San Borja; has sent a nice verification letter dated March 27, 1996 with 2 pages of information in 6 months. (RPDX No. 83) T.Inoue Nozaki-J Cumbre DX 099 Aug 96
R.Eco on 4702, san Borja QSL, form letter in 270 days, 90 days after F / up, v/s Gonzalo Espinoza Cortez, Director (Play DX # 932 28 / 04 / 1997) V.Korinek-AFS TFW Apr 97
Gonzalo Espinoza Cortes verified my follow up report of Radio Eco San Borja operating on 4702 kHz. He said that the station in at the present not operating due to the death of his brother Freddy Espinoza Cortes in a power plant accident (planta termo electrica) on the 6th of August. J.Hytönen-FIN Sep 03
4403, Radio Eco verified with a short personal letter indicating I heard them at the date and time noted in my report and "Deer: Beautiful animal of the Beni fauna" postcard in 417 days from v/s Rolman Medina Méndez, QSL Manager. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Apr 04
Radio Eco, Reyes 4410 kHz, heard: 4.6.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05
4410 Radio ECO correo-e v/s Gonzalo Espinoza C. demoró: 3 días. informe enviado a: (gracias al colega Fabricio Andrade Silva de Brasil por suministrar la dirección de contacto) R.Orlando Rodriguez R.-CLM Lista Conexion Digital-ML Mai 12

R El Mundo Index Bolivia Index America South

6014,8 kHz, Santa Cruz 00:30 19.02.94 17.03.94 26 days, QSL : kort brev dekal v/s : Lic. Freddy Banegas C. Gerente G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Mrz 94
6015 R El Mundo verified with full data card and letter in 35 days for US $ 1.00 from v/s Lic. Juan Pablo Sainz, Gerente General. ALSO SENT NICE PENNENT. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Jihad DX 23 Mrz 95
6015 Radio El Mundo, Santa Cruz, has a new verie-signer : Estanys Jauregui S., Gerente de Adm. y Finanzas. Replied in four weeks with a letter, QSL card, sticker and a pennant. M.Mäkeläinen-FIN Jihad DX 49 Sep 95
Radio El Mundo (6014.8 kHz), Santa Cruz; letter, full data QSL card, sticker and beautiful pennant in one month for SS rprt, ham QSL and $ 1.00. v/s Lic. Jose Luis Velez Ocampo C., Director. R.McVicar-EQA Jihad DX 52 Sep 95
R El Mundo, Santa Cruz CP 234 6015 qsl-card qsl-letter sti. O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 1996-10 Dez 96

R Em 16 de Marzo Index Bolivia Index America South

4865, R. Em. 16 de Marzo, two ppc's and friendly two-page personal ltr two mos. after follow-up with an SASE. The stn has a new director, Rolando C. Montecinos Vedia, Director, who is only 21 years old. He is unmarried, and resides in the centro minero Bolivar despite the fact that he was born in the city of Oruro. He calls it " R. 16 de Marzo, " although the station stamp bears the name mentioned in the beginning of this rpt. He says that the stn transmits on two fqys, 106.3 FM and 4865 SW. For the last two mos. SW has not been in operation because of a shortage of spare parts, but he expects to be back on the air soon. He also mentioned that times are hard in Bolivia because of a mining crisis, " la crisis de la minera, " and because of the effects of the Asian crisis. In fact, he said that R. 16 de Marzo is the only mining stn which is on the air (he possibly means that it is transmitting on FM), and he refers to the stn as " la ultima emisora Minera y Sindical de Bolivia. " The other stns are " paralyzed " by the mining crisis. Anyone who needs this stn might want to send a follow-up now, as the v/s obviously only recently became the director and seems to be receptive to rcpn rpts. In fact, he expressed surprise that his predecessor, Victor Flores Salas, had not answered any of my ltrs. The address is : R. " 16 de Marzo, " Centro Minero Bolivar, Canadon Antequera, Provincia Poopo, Oruro, Bolivia. H.Lazarus-LA-USA Numero Uno 1528 Mai 99

R Em Ballivian CP 152 Index Bolivia Index America South

4785 kHz. Radioemisoras Ballivian, CP 152, San Borja, Beni. Carta QSL, banderin. Respondio en 107 dias. J.Carlos Buscaglia-ARG Conexion Digital 059 Jun 00

R Em Bermejo Index Bolivia Index America South

1560 kHz. Radio Emisora Bermejo. Despues de dos intentos fallidos (extravio o substraccion del correo), Radio Emisora Bermejo me contesto por tercera vez (a 4 meses de mi reporte) gracias a la atención de su Director, el Padre Jose Rodriguez Murrillo, verificador de la carta QSL, incluyendo carta firmada por la Secretaria Paola Ordon~ez, en nombre de la Direccion, casete con grabacion de programa especial emitido con motivo de mi contacto (realmente emocionante) y banderin alusivo al XIV Aniversario de la emisora (2 de abril de 1986 / 2 de abril de 2000) en color verde con el lema 'Radio Emisora Bermejo al Servicio del Pueblo y de las Comunidades Campesinas'. Segun la información suministrada, la emisora fue fundada por los Misioneros Claretianos a iniciativa del padre Victor Guerendain quien actualmente se encuentra en una poblacion llamada Acacia, en Potosi. La programacion es de concientizacion y evangelizacion. 'Realmente no contamos con equipos sofisticados sin embargo trabajamos bien y llegamos aunque con algunas falencias a mucha gente que, como usted, nos escucha a la distancia', dice en su carta Paola Ordon~ez. Radio Emisora Bermejo emite en OM 1560 kHz y FM 99.1 MHz integrando un multimedio con Claret TV Canal 3, esta afiliada a Erbol, Aler y Amarc y sus estudios estan ubicados en la Av. Barrientos O. Esquina Ameller s / n, Bermejo, Bolivia. Tel-fax : 069 61584. E-mail : radiobjo[ät] R.G.Margenet-ARG Conexion Digital 060 Jun 00

R Em Mallku Index Bolivia Index America South

4778, R. Emisora Mallku (ex-R. ANDES), pleasant and detailed verie ltr from v/s Freddy Mamani M. (Responsable de Programacion) in 2 mos. after follow-up, total time 3-1 / 2 yrs. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1572 Apr 00
R. Mallku. A nice long letter, courtesy of E. Freddy Mamani Machaca, Jefe de prensa y progamacion. Gives details of station, programming and about the area. Also photograph of " Hotel de sal ", a rather lonely looking building in the middle of what appears to be a dry salt lake. All in just under 3 months for Spanish report, US dollar & postcard. R.Jary-SA-AUS Cumbre DX 294 Mai 00
Some days ago I got a very nice QSL-letter from Señor Erwin Freddy Mamani Machaca, the station manager of Radio Mallku in Bolivia. The letter contains a lot of information concerning Radio Mallku. I hope that it will be of interest to some of you. Here now the details : Personal and ownership structures : The staff of the station consists of exactly two persons. The just 22 years old Freddy Mamani calls himself as program manager of Radio Mallku. He is the leader of the station since three years. His co-worker is Señora Clotilde Yucra de Cayo. Beyond that they still have three honorary co-workers. Under the name " Radiodifusoras A.N.D.E.S. " the station began to transmit already in December 1996. The former station name consists of the initial letters of the five provinces in the Potosí department. The telecommunications authority in La Paz however refused the transmission license at that time, because Radio Los Andes from Tarija already existed as a radio station of similar name. Only renaming in Radio Mallku, which is Quéchua and means " condor ", legalized the operation of the station. Owner of Radio Mallku is the agricultural worker organization " Frutcas ". [..] Therefore Señor Mamani is not the owner of Radio Mallku, but rather a type of leading employee. [..] M.Schnitzer-D HCDX-ML Jun 00
One interesting QSL arrived today after 162 days : Oversized partly detailled letter from Radio Emisora Mallku from Uyuni / Bolivia. v/s was Erwin Freddy Mamani Machaca, who wrote some interesting details about the station. A.Schmid-D HCDX-ML Dez 00
Radio Emisora MALLKU 4796.5 kHz confirmed my report of 24.06.2000 with long PC letter (send 1 $), v/s Erwin Freddy Mamani Machaca (he say : ".contarle que mi persona ya no es parte del equipo de la radio, puesto que me reeplazan los señores David Mamani y Clotilde Yucra. "), address : Radio Emisora " Mallku ", voz de los trabajadores campesinos del altiplano sud, Casilla N° 16, Uyuni, Bolivia D.Canonica-SUI HCDX-ML Dez 00
R Mallku 4796,4 b foto sch 29d. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2000-10 Dez 00
R. Mallku / 4796, 155 days, teildetailed letter / $. J.Waga-D ADDX 2001-03 Feb 01
4796, R. Em. "MALLKU," Uyuni, partial-data personal ltr in 27 wks., v/s Erwin Freddy Mamani Machaca. V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1617 Feb 01
4796.4 Radio Mallku Received QSL and letter in Spanish with information about the station in 4 month. C.Olsson-S Cumbre DX 337 Mrz 01
4795 kHz Radio Emisora Malku, contestó en 104 días mi informe de recepción; mediante carta QSL firmada por su Director, el Sr. Freddy Juárez Huarachi (e mail: un banderín y recorte de un periódico que también edita FRUTCAS Explica la demora en contestar diciendo que asumió recientemente la Dirección de la emisora, en Marzo proximo pasado.- J.Carlos Buscaglia-ARG Conexion Digital 112 Jun 01
Radio Mallku, 4795 kHz, pers. letter in Spanish, beautiful cloth pennant after 126 days (sent 1US $), v/s Freddy Juarez Huarachi, Director. e-mail: Addr.: Casilla No. 16, Uyuni, Potosí, Bolivia H.-D.Buschau-D direct to QIP Okt 01
Emisora Mallku, 4797, has sent me a letter, pennant and a cutting from the manager´s locally published newsweekly. For their 5th anniversary celebration, Dec 1, the stn will sponsor a local bicycle race and would like listeners abroad to supply a couple of mountain-bikes (!) as prizes, and the stn itself is in need of new studio equipment, CD-decks etc. Seems as kind of anticipated Christmas celebration, too. H.Klemetz-S DXplorer-ML Okt 01
RADIO MALLKU in 200d. NO IRC. S.Nuzzi-I Play-DX 1133 Nov 01
Emisora Mallku 4796,4 kHz 42d. Letter + Beautiful Pennant. V/s: Fredo Juarez Huarach (QSL-Report, NASWA, USA) S.Barto-USA Play-DX 1160 Jun 02
R. Mallku 4796.4 KHz - Casilla 16 - Uyuni - Potosi - Bolivia con e-mail da in 102 giorni. Si 1 IRC. v/s Clotilde Yucra Huanca Directora Ejecutiva. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Okt 05
R Mallku, Uyuni 4796,75 e-post A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-07 Okt 05
4796 kHz BOLIVIA: R. Mallku, Uyuni, 3 dias. Recebido: e-mail. V/S: Max Nelson Olazo, ?. Informe de recepção enviado por e-mail para : R.Walter Grimm-SP-B ConDig 426 Jul 07

R Estambul Index Bolivia Index America South

The Bolivian station Radio Estambul, 4498.1 kHz, has replied to a report from Swedish DXer Gert Nilsson. More info at H.Klemetz-S HCDX-ML Jun 05

R Fides Index Bolivia Index America South

R.Fides A n / d brief form QSL letter from R.d'Rojas and a *beautiful* Fides 2000 antique radio calendar. It lists the R.Fides email address as : rafides[ät] The only problem is that my QSL was addressed to Joseph Benjamin of NJ. Later that night, I received a telephone call from Mr. Benjamin, who said that he had my QSL + he wondered if I had his. This is one way to meet other DXers. In 56 ds for SP report, cassette + $ 1. A.Yoder-NY-USA Cumbre DX 126 Feb 97
R.Fides on 4845, nd letter, calendar, v/s Eduardo Perez Iribarne, Dir in 20 weeks for 1 USD (via SWN-Denmark March 1997) A.Fernández Llorella-E TFW Mrz 97
4845, R. Fides, signed/stamped ppc, 1921 days from last rpt, encouraged by TIN while visiting. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1616 Feb 01

R Illimani Index Bolivia Index America South

R. Illimani 4845 - Long personal letter about new project called " Comunicanion Creativa SRL " involving radios, program production and so forth. Even with internet translation I can't really make it out, and a South American Spanish speaker at work had similar problems. He suspected the writer may no longer be working at Radio Illimani and wanted support for his project. v/s Ruben Dario, email probably but bad handwriting makes it hard to tell. 4 months for USD & Spanish report. R.Jary-SA-AUS Cumbre DX 248 Jun 99
R.Illumani 4945 kHz : Frendly personal letter and QSL in 144days for a Spanish report and $ 1, view card. v/s Ruben Dario (No.62) H.Katayama-J Japan Premium 1999-07 Jul 99
R Illimani, v/s Guido Pizarroso Daran, Av Camacho 1485 or Casilla 6500. 4945 kHz, letter, rp : $1 1550 days. P.Cody-IRL WDXC QSL Report Jan 00
Radio Illimani 6025 : after 34 days I recieved a friendly QSL-Letter from Radio Illimani. The verie-signer, Senor Garbriel Astorga Guachalla, request my reception report from 19. May 2000 and inform me, to take in future their new (?) email-adress : The mail-adress : Edif. La Urbana Piso 6°, Av. Camacho N° 1485; Fax : 379275. M.Sander-D direct to QIP Jul 00
R. Iilimani / 6025 kHz, 31 days, detailed letter, Info / $; v/s Gabriel Astorge Guachalla, Dir. General. J.Waga-D ADDX 2000-18 Sep 00
R. Illimani / 6025 kHz, 43 days, detailed qsl-letter, pers. letter / IRC, AK. K.Oxenbauer-D ADDX 2001-12 Jun 01
R Illimani no ret. postage 6025 qsl-letter 81 days L.Botto Fiora-I BDXC-UK 2003-03 Mrz 03
Radio Illimani, 6025 kHz, received f/d "station" QSL plus f/d ppc in 80 days for Spanish report, cassette tape, ms and $1 US. Mint stamps and SAE not used but additional address label was. I put station QSL in quotes as the text is identical to the enclosed Bill Plum ppc. Power is 10 kW. V/s José Luis Almanza, Director. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Sep 04
6025, Radio Illimani, recibida bonita tarjeta QSL con datos completos, firmada, v/s José Luis Almanza, Director de la emisora y sello de: República de Bolivia, Ministerio de la Presidencia, Radio Illimani. Tardaron en contestar 9 meses y junto al informe de recepción se envió 1 US $ para ayuda del sello de retorno. [..] El informe de recepción se envió a la siguiente dirección: Radio Illimani, Avenida Camacho 1485, Edificio La Urbana P.6, La Paz, Bolivia M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Feb 06
Letzten Freitag hatte ich einen absoluten Kracher im Briefkasten. Denn da hatte ich einen Brief von dem brasilianischen DX-er Rogildo F. Aragao aus Bolivien erhalten. Er ist wohl mit einer Bolivianerin verheiratet. Inhalt waren zwei fanstastische QSL- Karten von Radio Illimani, eine für mich und eine für einen DX-er aus Chemnitz, die ich mittlerweile weitergeleitet habe. Ich hörte Radio Illimani während unserer Dänemark- Tour im Jahre 2004 auf 6025 kHz. Gedauert hat es dann 631 Tage, ehe ich meine erste QSL aus Bolivien in den Händen halten durfte, und was für eine. Mein spezieller Dank gilt natürlich dem DX-er Rogildo F. Aragao!!! E.Röscher-D direct to QIP Mrz 06
R Illimani f/d QSL-card in 19 months for a tape report. v/s José Luís Almanza, Director. The QSL-card was mailed from Cochabamba by DX-er Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão. A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Mai 06
6025 kHz - R. Illimani, La Paz, Bolivia. Recebido: Cartao QSL. 74 dias. V/S: Jose Luiz Almanza, Director. QTH: Av. Camacho 1485, Edificio La Urbana, P. 6, La Paz, Bolivia. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Atividade DX 304 Jun 06
6025 kHz - R. Illimani La Paz (BOL). Recebido QSL. 427 dias. V/S: Jose Luiz Almanza QTH: Av. Camacho 1485 Edificio La Urbana P 6 La Paz Bolivia . L.dos Santos Nascimento-MG-B Atividade DX 308 Jul 06
R. Illimani / 6025 kHz, 232 Tage, detailierte Karte / IRC, $ W.Kaiser-D ADDX 2006-08 Aug 06
6025 Radio Illimani. correo-e. v/s Marina Arrocha C. Responsable Marketing. demoró: 4 días. informe enviado a:, R.Orlando Rodriguez R.-CLM Lista Conexion Digital-ML Mai 12

R Impacto Cristiano Index Bolivia Index America South

QSL from Bolivian gospel pirate : Norwegian DXer Tore B Vik last year logged a Bolivian religious broadcaster on 6883 kHz, which was identifying itself as Radio Impacto Cristiano. As their address remained unknown even several months after the initial logging, he asked me to find it and and do the talking to the people in charge of the station to see if they would be in a position to issue a QSL. Two phone numbers had been picked up on the air by Aragão, I believe, and so I went through with my mission. Four weeks after the phone call, Tore B proudly acknowledges receipt of his QSL, a truly unique verie this is, from a station which is being run by a local Adventist church. The address to the station is c/o René Vino Turco, Calle Cuarto Centenario No. 1427, Villa Nueva Potosí, La Paz, Bolivia. The SW txer is located in the Tacagua neighbourhood of La Paz, Calle César Franco No. 225. When talking to Señor Vino just before Christmas, I asked him if they had an e-mail address. He said they did not have one. Now, in their QSL letter, received by ordinary mail, they do mention one, Impa_cris[ät] H.Klemetz-S DXplorer-ML Jan 02
R Impacto Cristiano, La Paz 6883 e-post v/s Octavio Flores gav Tore bolivianer nr. 33 og en primula - med gullkant. 500 watt!. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-02 Mrz 02

R Juan XXIII Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio JUAN XXIII 4965 kHz 60d. pers. letter v/s : Maria Elffy Gutierrez Mendez, encargada de la discoteca QTH : Calle Santa Cruz, San Ignacio de Velasco, Santa Cruz. FAX : (+ 591) 9622188. R.Wikström-S Play-DX 1041 Okt 99

R La Cruz del Sur Index Bolivia Index America South

R la Cruz del Sur La Paz det. Brief Radio-Logo 4875 kHz - 30.05.89 86 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 89
4875 kHz. Radio La Cruz del Sur, La Paz. Tarjeta QSL (verificador Dott Reyes Baltazar Quispe), carta de la emisora. Contesto en 96 dias. Anuncia direccion de e-mail : cruzdel-sur[ät] S.Micciché-I Conexion Digital 010 Jul 99
4875 kHz, Radio " La Cruz del Sur ", Casilla 1408, La Paz. Carta confirmatoria y un bellisimo banderin " Bodas de Oro " (50 años de transmision de Radio " La Cruz del Sur "). Contesto en 36 dias. Verificado por Ptr. Reyes Baltazar Quispe, Director. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Conexion Digital 028 Nov 99
Received in June an e-mail from La Cruz del Sur from following address : cruzdelsur[ät], Reyes Batlazar Quispe sent later also verification letter and information on the station via snail mail. (via HCDX via Moore) J.Hytönen-FIN Cumbre DX 272 Dez 99
R La Cruz del Sur, v/s Pastor Reyes Baltazar Quispe, Casilla 1408 4875 kHz, letter, rp : $1 1580 days. P.Cody-IRL WDXC QSL Report Jan 00
La Cruz del Sur / 4875 kHz, 1 days, teildetailed eMail nach f / up per eMail A.Schmid-D ADDX-Kurier 2000-04 Feb 00
Radio La Cruz del Sur 4875 date only letter and pennant in 1 month for SP report and $ 2.00. Vs Dtc. Reyes Baltazar Quispe, Director G.D.Myers-FL-USA Cumbre DX 292 Apr 00
R. La Cruz del Sur, n / d Ltr, brochure and official receipt for $ 1, after 34 days. v/s Ptr. Reyes Baltazar Quispe, Directór E.Gehrig-E HC-DX-ML Mai 00
La Cruz del Sur 4875. Letter about station, receipt and pamphlet in 5w for USD, Spanish report & postcard. v/s Ptr. Reyes Baltazar Quispe, Director. R.Jary-AUS Cumbre DX 312 Sep 00
4785, R. La Cruz del Sur, QSL-card with stn history brochure and beautiful 50th Anniversary 1999 pennant; 5 wks. for no return postage. R.Rodriguez R.-CLM Numero Uno 1622 Mrz 01
Radio La Cruz del Sur 4875 kHz, I have received after only 23 days personal letter and fantastic "50 years" pennant: v/s Dtr. Reyes Baltazar Quispe - Diretor; addr. Casilla 1408, La Paz, Bolivia - email: cruzdelsur[ät] (I have enclosed 1 $) D.Canonica-SUI A-DX-ML Apr 01
4876.7, R. La Cruz del Sur, n/d TNX ltr and pennant in 2 months. v/s : Reyes Baltazar Quispe, Director. e-mail : cruz2001[ät] T.Sejimo-J DXplorer-ML Mrz 02
La Cruz del Sur 4875 kHz sent Beautiful NEW Cloth Pennant, Letter Signed by Julio Huanca Rocha (Director) He Collect Stickers & Pennants, e-mail: cruz2001[ät] QTH: Casilla 1408, La Paz. R.Gori-I (sticker) Play-DX 1160 Jun 02
Radio La Cruz del Sur, 4876,8 kHz verified with det. card, letter and pennant in 133 days. 1 IRC for RP. QTH: Calle Nicaragua 1759, La Paz, Bolivia. v/s Carlos T. Montecinos P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Okt 02
La Cruz del Sur $1 4875 c/lt 152 days C.Rooms-G BDXC-UK 2003-02 Feb 03
LA CRUZ DEL SUR 4875 kHz LETTER & VERY NICE CLOTH PENNANT !! SENT 5 $ !! & TAPED REPORT. 52 d. WEB : E-MAIL : cruzdelsur[ät] R.Celestre-I Play-DX J2003 Apr 03
Today in the mail I just recieved a QSL card, letter and very nice pennant from Bolivian La Cruz del Sur. Also in the envalope I recieved a QSL card for Jurgen Waga. If any one know this person please let me know so I can forward this QSL to them. M.Delmage-CAN HCDX-ML Jul 03
R. La Cruz del Sur / 4875 kHz, 36 Tage, detailed card, B, W / $; v/s Carlos Montecinos T., Director J.Waga-D ADDX 2003-15 Aug 03

R La Plata Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio La Plata in Sucre, Bolivia on 9717 kHz. A nice letter, a real qsl-card and a sticker. Veriesigner is : Guido Donoso Bleichner, Director-Ejecutivo. K.Olofsson-S HCDX-ML Apr 99

R Logos Index Bolivia Index America South

4865, Radio Logos verified through Latcom office in New Castle by signing and stamping my prepared card and with a separate postcard from Hope Cummins, Bookkeeper in 12 days. The separate 'Cup Offered to All' postcard contained a handwritten note from the verie signer mentioning: 'We received your letter about receiving Radio Logos from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I faxed your letter to Bolivia perhaps they will reply. LATCOM-EPLABOL has been broadcasting since 1985. At peak we had AM-FM and shortwave. Now we just have SW. Thanks for listening!' R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 07

R Mauro Nunez Index Bolivia Index America South

R. Mauro Nunez : Just got a call from my dear friend Kenneth Olofsson. Today (Apr. 10), he received a QSL letter from R. Mauro Nunez, 6142, postmarked April 25, 1995. So there must be a good chance for QSL for those who reported the station during January (but you have to wait some time, hi). Hope to come back with the [v/s] name next week. (Ekwall) K.Olofsson-S Cumbre DX 082 Apr 96
R Em Mauro Nunez 6142 letter div. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News Apr 97

R Metropolitana Index Bolivia Index America South

6194,5 kHz, La Paz 00:25 19.02.93 03.01.94 318 days, QSL : 3-sidigt brev standar v/s : Carlos Palenque Avilés G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jan 94
6195, R. Metropolitana, nice ltr in 1921 days tnx to a visit by TIN, v/s Juan Carlos Oblitas, Responsable de alta Frecuencia RTP. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1616 Feb 01

R Mineria Index Bolivia Index America South

4980,9 kHz, Oruro 23:55 09.07.92 16.11.92 30 days, QSL : brev v/s : José Carlos Gómez Espinoza Ny rapport : 17.10.92 G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Nov 92
R Mineria, Oruro 5927 e-post T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-01 Jan 03

R Mosoj Chaski Index Bolivia Index America South

On Tue, 11 May 1999 11 : 09 : 29 -0600, Radio Mosoj Chaski wrote : " Greetings, Just a short note to acknowledge the reception of your message reporting that you have been able to hear Radio Mosoj Chaski. I'm new at all of this - so request your patience as I try to learn about QSL cards, etc. If you would care to orient me on this I would very much appreciate that. Sincerely, Eldon Porter ", Radio Mosoj Chaski (Quechua Radio) - SIM, Broadcasting in Quechua from 5-8AM and 6-9PM (Bolivia), On the SW, 90 Meter Band at 3.310, Casilla 736 Cochabamba, Bolivia, Tel. Home : 591-4-244513; Office : 591-4-220651 or 591-4-220644 E-mail : or R.Vos-HOL HCDX-ML Mai 99
3310 kHz. Radio MOSOJ CHASKI, Casilla 4493, Cochabamba. Carta QSL, informacion de la emisora en quechua. Confirmo en 25 dias. D.Rogério-SP-B Conexion Digital 011 Jul 99
3310, R. Mosoj Chaski, no-data ltr and colorful tiny leaflet in 2 mos., also returned $ 2. v/s Eldon Porter, Gerente. Excellent ltrhead which is arranged with " a post boy " (yes, " Chaski "). S.Yamada-J Numero Uno 1536 Jul 99
R.Mosoj Chaski Cochabamba 1310 letter. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-07 Aug 99
R. Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, SP no-data veri ltr and Quechua info-leaflet for a SP postal rpt, v/s Eldon Porter, Gerente. Took about one month. Mailing address : Casilla 4493, Cochabamba. Bolivia street address : Calle Abaroa 254, Cochabamba. Tel. 22-06-51, 22-06-44, FAX 25-10-41, E-mail It is always interesting to see how fast or slow the envelopes travel from different parts of the world to your home. This ltr from Bolivia arrived within 10 days. Recently I rcvd a QSL from VNG, Llandillo, Australia and the Economy Air envelope was stamped 13 mos. earlier. I wonder what kind of aeroplanes they use delivering these letters, hi. (HC-DX) J.Savolainen-FIN Numero Uno 1537 Aug 99
3310, R. Mosoj Chaski, short E-mail note from v/s Eldon Porter at in 17 days. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1540 Aug 99
3310, R. Mosoj Chaski, ltr in SP in 12 wks. for U.S. $ 1 and SP rpt; v/s Eldon Porter, but did not enclose stn folder as they aaid they had. All Quechua-lang. stn, Casilla 4493, Cochabamba. T.Williamson-ON-CAN Numero Uno 1545 Sep 99
3310 kHz, Cochabamba 23:50 09.07.99 09.09.99 62 days, QSL : brev v/s : Eldon Porter, Gerente G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Sep 99
R Mosoj Chaski 3310 b, info 6 weeks. v/s Eldon Porter O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-08 Okt 99
R Mosoj Chaski 3310 b, info 6 weeks. v/s Eldon Porter Ø.Kolobekken-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-08 Okt 99
R Mosoj Chaski 3310 letter inf 71d. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99
R. MOSOJ CHASKI 3310 kHz letter + depliant 30d. v/s : ELDON PORTER GERENTE QTH : CASILLA 4493 COCHABAMBA. E-MAIL : G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1049 Dez 99
3310 Radio Mosoj Chaski, Casilla 4493, Cochabamba. Carta QSL, folletos en quechua en 73 dias. v/s Luis Eldon Porter, gerente de la emisora. NO IRC J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B Conexion Digital 043 Feb 00
Heute war ein Brief von Radio Mosoj Chaski im Briefkasten : Schöner QSL-Brief und Stationsinfos. v/s Ptor. Benedicto Ibarra M., Director. Gesamtlaufzeit 338 Tage, 84 Tage nach e-Mail follow-up. M.Elbe-D A-DX-ML Nov 00
3310, R. Mosoj Chaski, verified with a date-only ltr and religious brochures in 320 days, v/s Ptor. Benedicto Ibarra M., Director. I sent an E-mail and paper rpt to the stn, with the latter containing US $ 1. Postal address : Casilla 4493, Cochabamba, Bolivia, E-mail R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1604 Nov 00
Radio Mosoj Chaski 3310, N / D verie letter and brochures from Ptor. Benedicto Ibarra M. in 123 days for $ 1 U.S. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2000-12 Dez 00
Radio Mosoj Chaski 3310,00 kHz, - 150 Tage, QSL-Brief, Details : nein. S.Schliephacke-D EAWRC 283 Dez 00
R. Mosoj Chaski / 3310, 367 days, undetailed letter; v/s B. Ibarra A.Schmid-D ADDX 2001-03 Feb 01
R Mosoj Chaski 3310 b bro 1år A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-02 Feb 01
3310, R. Mosoj Chaski, very nice personal ltr on stn letterhead rcvd from Wayne R. Wasser, Technical Support. Notes that Eldon Porter is "no longer working directly with the radio stn." Rcvd 18 mos. after 1st postal rpt with tape (apparently not rcvd by stn), 12 mos. after new postal rpt; he sent his reply ltr by E-mail and postal mail, postal mail reply did not arrive but he sent another after an E-mail follow-up from me. Quite friendly, and both rpt to and response from were in EG. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1631 Mai 01
Gestern kam die erste QSL der diesjährigen Tropenbandsaison. R. Mosoj Chaski 3310 kHz bestätigte in 30 Tagen mit einem freundlichen f/d lt. v/s war Paul G. Pittman, Administrator. Adr. R. Mosoj Chaski, Casilla 4493 Cochabamba, Bolivia. Dem Brief lag ein Exemplar von "the Chaski from Bolivia" bei. Demzufolge ist R. Mosoj Chaski die einzige ausschliesslich in Quechua sendende Station. Die Station versorgt 4 Millionen Quechuas in zumeist abgelegenen Regionen Boliviens nicht nur mit Bibelprogrammen sondern mit Beiträgen zur Gesundheitsfürsorge, mit Nachrichten, Musik und man fördert "community development". M.Zwoch-D A-DX-ML Aug 03
3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, partial data English letter from Paul G. Pittman, administrator, in 6 mo. for a compact disc of my reception and Spanish report sent to Bolivia address. Reply was received from Quechuan Radio, c/o SIM USA, PO Box 7900, Charlotte NC 28241 but postmarked in NH (via NASWA Flashsheet) J.Dybka-TN-USA DXLD 3-144 Aug 03
R. Mosoj Chaski / 3310 kHz, 135 Tage, teildet. QSL-Brief, "The Chaski from Bolivia" / $; v/s Paul G. Pittman J.Waga-D ADDX 2002-23 Dez 03
Radio Mosoj Chaski 3.310 N/D ltr in 53 days for EG ltr, ms, and SP rpt. V/SPaul G. Pittman, Administrator. Also received calander card and newsletter. Nice letterhead design on envelope! R.Comeau-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 04
3310 kHz, R. Mosoj Chaski, f/d EG letter (but lacking actual veri statement!) and f/d ppc in 1 mo. for a followup report of an Oct 2001 reception. Enclosed ms (used) and addr label (used). They used their own very nice envelope. Also enclosed newsletter and station info. V/s Paul G. Pittman. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX-ML Feb 04
Letter confirmation from Radio MOSOJ CHASKI 3310 kHz for Easter 04 report. In english from Ann Matthews Director, gives email, snail-mail: Calle Abaroa 254, Casilla 4493, Cochabamba. R.Killick-NZL HCDX-ML Jun 04
3310 R. Mosoj Chaski w/ f/d letter from Ann Matthews, Director in 92 days for EE follow-up report from July 22, 2001 reception. B.Churchill-CA-USA HCDX-ML Sep 04
3310 kHz - R. Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba - BOLIVIA. Recebido carta QSL e schedule. 120 dias. V/S: Ana Matthews. QTH: Av. Casilla 4493, Cochabamba, Bolivia. (via radioescutas) M.Rogerio Rodrigues-B Atividade DX 238 Feb 05
R. Mosoj Chaski - 3310 kHz. Received n/d letter from Ann Matthews, Dir., in 52 days for US $2 along with brochure and schedule. Nice stamps on the envelope. T.Palmersheim-MT-USA HCDX-ML Apr 05
R. Mosoj Chaski 3310 kHz - Casilla 4493 - Cochabamba - Bolivia con lettera, info e adesivi in 59 giorni. v/s Ana Matthews Gerente. Si 1 IRC. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Jun 05
R. MOSOJ CHASKI 3310 kHz. Letter + Depliant + Little Sticker in 120 days. Sent Taped RPT + 1 US $. Address : CASILLA 4493, Cochabamba. EMail : V/s: Mrs ANA MATTHEWS (Gerente) P.Albini-I Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06

R Movima Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio Movima 4472 Letter received in 1983 v/s Mario Erband Chavez Shiguekuni. R.Vos-HOL direct to QIP Jun 83

R Nacional de Bolivia Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio Nacional de Bolivia : After a station visit, where I received from the very friendly "gerencia" the wanted QSL and their last wonderful and quite old cloth pennants (if you have interesting swapping proposals for the duplicates, please feel free to contact me) I can tell you the following changes: The new frequency is 1.400 kHz, no longer 1.390 kHz. The new address is Tumusla 612, 3°. piso, no longer Isaac Tamayo 640. A.Schmid-D HCDX-ML Sep 01
RN Bolivia / 1390 kHz, 861 Tage, detailed qsl-letter, CD, Poster; geh. in BOL; selbst abgeholt A.Schmid-D ADDX 2001-23 Dez 01
CP3 R Nac de Bolivia, La Paz 1400 e-post. v/s Deobra Herbas, Jefe de Progr. O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-01 Jan 04

R Nacional de Huanuhi Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio NACIOINAL DE HUANUNI 5964 kHz pers. letter 90d. sent SS rpt, after F / ups v/s : Secretria General Luisa Santos FIores, also received pennant station (QSL-Report, NASWA, December 98) K.W.Field-USA Play-DX 1013 Feb 99
R. Nac. Huanuni / 5965 kHz, 861 Tage, PPC; selbst abgeholt A.Schmid-D ADDX-Kurier 2001-23 Dez 01

R Norte de Montero CP110 Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio Norte/Montero : Coming back from radio related trip from Bolivia I can tell you, that the new director of Radio Norte/Montero gave me some few signed original QSL-cards. So if you can send a reception report and if you are willing to pay the postage fees from Germany to your QTH, I can help you to fill this gap. A.Schmid-D HCDX-ML Sep 01
Unfortunately I have to inform you that meanwhile all remaining Radio Norte QSL cards have been ordered by Scandinavian hobbyfriends, so no longer any Radio Norte QSL cards on stock. A.Schmid-D HCDX-ML Sep 01
If this is a new way of QSL-ing stations I am not agreeing at all. How can you possibly know anything about whether the DX-er has heard the station or not (if not by a recorded ID, which might have been produced anywhere in the world), about program details or anything? No, in my opinion such a QSL isn't worth anything but the souvenir worth. Maybe others have other opinions? I have reception reports, remaining unanswered, from Radio Norte, but if not the station itself cannot confirm them, nobody can. B.Fransson-S HCDX-ML Sep 01
R. Norte / 4939 kHz, 5840 Tage, detailed qsl-card; selbst abgeholt A.Schmid-D ADDX-Kurier 2001-23 Dez 01
R Norte de Montero 4939,3 k ste mm via Andy Schmid. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2001-08 Dez 01
4939,31 kHz, Montero Santa Cruz 05.08.84 05.12.01 361 days, QSL : kort v/s : Leonardo Arteaga Rios Director Ny rapport : 09.12.00 G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Dez 01
CP110 R Norte, Montero 4938 k v A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-03 Apr 02

R Nueva Esperanza Index Bolivia Index America South

R Nueva Esperanza 6856 e-post T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-06 Sep 03

R Panamericana Index Bolivia Index America South

6105. R. Panamericana La Paz, Bolivia. Received FD QSL air in 4weeks for $ 1 USD with picture of South America and the words QSL. verie signer was Daniel Sanchez Rocha. This was made 4th attempt in 25 years. SS report. J.Wright-NSW-AUS Cumbre DX 141 Jun 97
RADIO PANAMERICANA 6105 Letter n/d. 35d. SENT 1 $. V/s: DANIEL SANCHEZ ROCHA Director. QTH : EDIFICIO 16 DE JULIO, PISO 9, OFICINA 902, EL PRADO, LA PAZ. R.Borelli-I Play-DX 1133 Nov 01
Radio Panamericana, La Paz 6105 kHz, cd, lt f/up 3 months. addr.: Casilla 503, La Paz; v/s : Daniel Sanchez Rocha, Director N.Reiner-D direct to QIP Sep 05
R. PANAMERICANA 6105 kHz. QSLcard + Letter F/up in 180 days. Address: Casilla 503, La Paz. V/s : Daniel Sanchez Rocha (Director) P.Albini-I Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
Radio Panamericana 6105.5 kHz - Casilla 5263 - La Paz - Bolivia con QSL in 278 giorni. v/s Daniel Sanchez Rocha. Si 1 IRC. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Mrz 06
R. PANAMERICANA 6105 kHz QSL Card in 25 days SENT 1 $US. V/s: Daniel Sanchez Rocha (Director). ADDRESS : Edificio Panamericana, 16 de Julio, Piso 9, Oficina 902 (El Prado), La Paz. or Casilla Postal 503, La Paz. EMAIL : NEW WEB : (October 2006, DX LISTENING DIGEST 6-153, USA) T.Akabayashi-J Play-DX 2007 Jan 07

R Pio XII Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio PIO XII 5952, 5 kHz REPLY BY E-MAIL : v/s : JOSE' BLANCO Jefe de Progr. (SHORTWAVE BULLETIN 1430, APRIL 2000) R.Wikström-S Play-DX 1070 Mai 00
5951 R.Pio XII, Llallagua-BOL, 1 dia. Recebido e-mail confirmatório. v/s: José Blanco. Endereço eletronico: (mencionado no Passport 2001) (*). Ontem, 11.07, sintonizei esta emissora com boa qualidade. Aproveitando um sinal inferior da Radio Gazeta 5955, consegui identificar a emissora, a cidade e ouvir uma série de anuncios em espanhol e aymara. Enviei ontem mesmo um informe de recepção com dados completos para o endereço eletronico mencionado no PWBR2001 (no sentido de agilizar a informação), solicitando a confirmação por carta, ou mesmo um cartão QSL, e hoje recebi a confirmação da sintonia através de e-mail. Novamente afirmo, não é o que esperamos, dado que o QSL ou uma carta confirmatoria está no alvo principal. Mas, sabemos que muitas emissoras por questões financeiras de seus paises usam deste expediente: Recebem o informe por e-mail, e confirmam também por e-mail. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Radioescutas-ML Jul 01
R. Pio XII / 5973 kHz, 2646 Tage, PPC; selbst abgeholt A.Schmid-D ADDX 2001-23 Dez 01
R. PIO XII, 5953, received non detailed E-mail letter in 3 days. v/s José Blanco. Addr: A.Fernández Llorella-E HCDX-ML Mai 02
R Pio XII 5925,5 kHz, e-post 30d A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 02
R Pio XII 5925,5 kHz, e-post 30d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 02
Freudige Überraschung im e-Postfach. Nach rund 5 Monaten kam auf einen eMail-Bericht an Radio Pio XII in Bolivien (5952 kHz) heute die Antwort ebenfalls als eMail mit meinem angehängten Originaltext. eMail-Adresse ist: v/s Jose Blanco R.Sonntag-D A-DX-ML Okt 02
Radio Pio XII, 5952, eMail mit meinem angehängtem Empfangsbericht in 162 Tagen als Antwort auf eMail-Bericht an v/s Jose Blanco. R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Okt 02
QSL Radio Pio XII : Da: radio Pio XII [] Inviato: lunedì 21 ottobre 2002 15.14 A: Salvo Oggetto: Re: Escuchada Pio XII! "Hola amigo Salvo gracias por el reporte de escucha. Radio Pio XII es una emisora alternativa y participativa esta al servicio de grupos indigenas y mineros muy pobres de Bolivia. Desde este lugar tenemos la mision de promover la mayor participacion del pueblo pobre en las politicas publicas del nuestro pais y que ellos beneficien mas a los pobres." Atte. Jose Blanco S.Micciché-I Dxlandia-ML Okt 02
5952 Radio Pio XII Oruro Bolivia - Casilla 434 Oruro qsl- electronica 30 dias H.Goyena-ARG Lista Conexion Digital-ML Sep 05
5952 kHz - R. Pio XII, Llallagua, Oruro. Recebido e-mail confirmatorio. 3 dias. V/S: Jose Blanco Villanueva. E-mail: F.Mattos-SC-B Atividade DX 311 Aug 06
Recibida confirmación QSL vía e-mail Radio de Pio XII: BOLIVIA, 5952.5, Radio Pio XII, Siglo XII, recibida confirmación, vía e-mail a un informe de recepción, enviado por e-mail y por carta (con 1 US $) de una de sus transmisiones del día 5 de Julio de 2006, entre las 2228 y 2257 UTC. La escueta confirmación es un "replay" a mi informe enviado por e-mail el 28 de Julio y dice lo siguiente: [...] El informe se envió a la siguiente dirección: e-mail: Dirección postal: Radio Pio XII, Casilla 434, Oruro, Bolivia. Manuel Méndez-E direct to QIP Aug 06

R San Gabriel Index Bolivia Index America South

6085,35 kHz, La Paz 03.01.95 20.03.95 76 days, QSL : brev info v/s : José Canut Saurat G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Mrz 95
R. San Gabriel on 6080, v/s Hermano (Padre) jose Canut, Dir. General. (DX-clusive / Play DX # 916 6 / 01 1997) V.-J.Rinkinen-FIN TFW Jan 97
QSL from Radio San Gabriel, La Paz 6080.25 kHz I received today an e-mail verification to my reception report from August 2002 sent by Rómulo Copaja Alcón, who is the technical director of Radio San Gabriel, La Paz. He told that the transmitter & the aerial system of the sw outlet have been improved. The e-mail adress is J.Korhonen-FIN Apr 03
Radio San Gabriel de Alto La Paz, Bolivia, verifico por correo electronico un reporte de escucha realizado el pasado 5 de mayo de 2003 en 6085 kHz a las 0830/0910 UTC. Confirma via e-mail en 12 dias con informacion tecnica de la emisora y firmado por su Director Tecnico, Romulo Copaja Alarcon. La emisora se encuentra en plena renovacion de equipos y antenas, por lo tanto se hallan especialmente necesitados de informes de recepcion. F.Muglia-ARG Conexion Digital 220 Jul 03
CP229 R San Gabriel 6085 b T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-06 Sep 03

R San Jose Index Bolivia Index America South

R San Jose 5580,3 letter 4m, v/s Daniel Elias Posaibo A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-07 Okt 04

R San Miguel Index Bolivia Index America South

4925 kHz, Riberalta Pando 03:00 25.12.92 18.02.93 55 days, QSL : certifikat almanacka v/s : Felix A. Rada U. G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Feb 93
4925.1 kHz, R San Miguel, Riberalta (..) Prgr host asked for reception reports, adding that the stn would answer by way of a QSL, contestamos a través de una QSL. Unusual jingle at the outset of prgr, Amigo turista, no te vayas, amigo turista, es Bolivia, donde el pobre es pobre, donde el rico es más rico, which in rough translation means " Tourist friend, don't go, fellow tourist, it's Bolivia, where the poor are poor, where the rich are richer ". H.Klemetz-CLM Dateline Bogotá 1996 Jan 96
R San Miguel 4925 qsl-card rp : 1US $ 91 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Jan 96
Radio San Miguel 4925 kHz, p/d sheet 12/14/94, v/s : Felix A. Rada Q. "Certificado de Sintonia" sheet, site : Not listed J.Dybka-USA Webpage Jan 00

R Santa Ana Index Bolivia Index America South

4886,6 kHz, Santa Ana 29.12.82 10.03.83 71 days, QSL : brev v/s : Delicia Guardia de Lima G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Mrz 83

R Santa Cruz Index Bolivia Index America South

R. Santa Cruz, 6135, nice letter in 16 days for SP report and $ 1. v/s Ma. Yolanda Marco, Secretaria. She intended to enclose a pennant, but unfortunately it was missing. H.Sandte-D Cumbre DX 097 Mai 96
R. Santa Cruz, 6135, QSLed in about 40 days w / IRC. Included stn folder, personal letter w / info re stn, info about the area, sticker for their FM freq. Address is as per WRTH Z.Liangas-GRC Cumbre DX 092 Jun 96
Radio Santa Cruz 6135, Very nice f/d verification letter with pennant and Stereo 92 FM sticker in 23 days for taped report, $ 1.00 U.S. and local postcard. v/s Ma. Yolanda Marco' E., Secretaria. M.Mohrmann-VT-USA Cumbre DX 099 Aug 96
6135 R. Santa Cruz f/d letter on nice full-color letterhead. Said running 7 kW at the time, although the transmitter is rated at 10 kW. Also sent a -Stereo 92.1- full-color sticker and an excellent -dancing microphone- pennant. v/s Ma. Yolanda Marco E. In 58 ds for an SP report, cassette, + $ 1. A.Yoder-NY-USA Cumbre DX 115 Dez 96
R. Santa Cruz on 6135 kHz, p / d letter, sticker, nice pennant. Sent 1 USD, reply in 17 days. v/s M. Yolanda Marco, Directora. (Play DX) ?-? TFW Jan 97
R Santa Cruz 6135 a date + time only Spanish verification letter from Ma. Yolanda Marco E. along with a banner and sticker. Received in 5 weeks for an English / taped report, $ 1 and local postcard. M.Prindle-NY-USA Cumbre DX 127 Feb 97
R.Santa Cruz on 6135, letter QSL, beautiful pennant cloth, sticker, v/s Maria Yolanda E., Segr. QTH : casilla 672, Santa Cruz. No IRC sent (Play DX # 926 16 / 03 1997) J.Quinones A.-PRU TFW Mrz 97
R Santa Cruz 6135 qsl-letter no r.postage 122 days. G.Grigoriev-RUS WDXC QSL Report Mai 97
R.Santa Cruz on 6135, fd letter, sticker, pennant v/s Yolanda Marco E. in 33 days for 1 USD (DSWCI SWN 08 / 97) M.Gatzke-D TFW 034 Aug 97
Radio SANTA CRUZ - Casilla 672 - Santa Cruz 6135 kHz - Letter, stickers and pennant in 86 dd, 1 USD sent - v/s Ma. Yolanda Marco E. - Secretaria S.Mannelli-I Webpage Jan 98
R.Santa Cruz on 6135, QSL, pennant, v/s Maria Yolanda Marco E., in 73 days. (in QSL's, DX Clube Paulista # 163, Febr. 98 / Play DX # 979 April 20) P.Machado Coelho de Castro-SP-B TFW 059 Mai 98
6135 Radio Santa Cruz personal letter and beautiful pennant ! in only 30 days, v/s Ma. Yolanda Marco Secretaria, addr. calle Mario Flores Esq. Güendá, Casilla 672-3213 Santa Cruz Bolivia. D.Canonica-SUI Cumbre DX 208 Sep 98
R Santa Cruz 6135 qsl-letter, 1 IRC, v/s Ma Yolanda Marcó, Secretaria, 35 days. D.Sharrard-G WDXC QSL Report Okt 98
6135 Radio Santa Cruz / Bolivia / : letter, pennant 49 ds. after F / up, total 21 ms. v/s : Maria Yolanda Marco, Secretaria. (heard in Iran, via E.Bergmann-D) I.Hegedüs-HNG direct to QIP Jan 99
Radio SANTA CRUZ 6135 kHz v/s : Maria Yolanda Marco', segr. Station has nice cloth pennant (Shortwave Bulletin, n. 1398, Sweden) J.Edh-S Play-DX 1022 Apr 99
R. Santa Cruz / 6135 kHz, 53 days, detailed qsl-letter, / IRC. $ ; v/sYolanda Marco. W.Jangel-D ADDX 1999-14 Jul 99
Radio SANTA CRUZ 6135 kHz 46d. QSL card + letter, inviato 1 US $ + stickers italian radio FM v/s : Yolanda Marco, directora QTH : Casilla 672, Santa Cruz. S.Micciché-I Play-DX 1031 Jul 99
Radio SANTA CRUZ 6135 kHz letter 38d. sent 1 US $ + cassette C10. QTH : Casilla 672, Santa Cruz 6213. R.Scaglione-I Play-DX 1041 Okt 99
R Santa Cruz 6135 kHz, card, rp : 1, 68 days. C.Elliott-TAS-AUS WDXC QSL Report Nov 99
R. Santa Cruz / 6135 kHz, 32 days, detailed qsl-letter, / $. J.Waga-D ADDX 1999-23 Dez 99
Radio SANTA CRUZ 6135 kHz letter + BEAUTIFUL PENNANT 35d. SENT 1 US $. QTH : CASILLA 672, SANTA CRUZ. v/s : YOLANDA MARCO' ADMINISTRADORA. M.Vizzoni-I Play-DX 1049 Dez 99
6135 Radio Santa Cruz partial data letter on station letterhead in 11 weeks for mint stamps, Australian post card used stamps. v/s Ma Yolanda Marco Secretaria. L.Morris-SA-AUS Cumbre DX 286 Mrz 00
6135, R. Santa Cruz, ltr, full-data prepared card and stn pennant. Ltr says 10 kw xmtr is now functioning at 7 kw. v/s Ma Yolanda Marco, Secretaria. D.Nelson-OR-USA Numero Uno 1571 Mrz 00
R Santa Cruz, v/s M A Yolanda Marco, Secretaria 6135 kHz, letter, rp : $1 77 days, - Leigh Morris, Adelaide, Australia L.Morris-SA-AUS WDXC QSL Report Mrz 00
R. SANTA CRUZ 6135 letter, 32 d., SENT NO IRC & $. v/s : MARIA YOLANDA MARCO' SECRETARIA. QTH : CASILLA 672, SANTA CRUZ (ATIVIDADE DX 186, DX-CLUB DO BRASIL, JAN. 2000) J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B Play-DX 1062 Mrz 00
6135 Radio Santa Cruz. Personal letter in Spanish from P. Francisco Flores, SJ, Director General in 26 days via Air in response to my DX Report + $ 5.00 + pumpkin seeds + Christmas ornament + 10 U.S. stamps. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 313 Sep 00
6135, R. Santa Cruz, full-data ltr with full-data ppc in 1 mo. for $1 and taped rpt, also sent two stickers. v/s Yolanda. When I sent this ltr to Bolivia, I put the green customs form on the envelope but inadvertently left the white section (still blank) in the sealed envelope, so redid it at the post office. Yolanda sent back the form with their name and address and mine typed in the proper areas and stamped with the stn stamp! Now I know why I married a girl named Yolanda. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Numero Uno 1632 Mai 01
6135 R. Santa Cruz F/d letter with f/d ppc in 1 mo. for $1 and taped report. Also sent 2 stickers. V/s Yolanda Marco. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Cumbre DX 352 Jun 01
Radio Santa Cruz 6135 kHz F/D verie letter and stickers from v/s Ma. Yolanda Marco Escoba in 3 months for $1 (U.S.). N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2001-08 Aug 01
6135 Radio Santa Cruz, date and time friendly Spanish letter with station stamp, in 6 months, v/s Yolanda Marco Escobar- Secretaria de Direccion, for EE report and IRC. She tells me that although their target audience is Bolivian, they are always happy to hear from listeners abroad. Also she said Radio Santa Cruz's anniversary is October 25th. The transmitter is 10 kw into a dipole antenna. Return postage was Bs.5 Address: Casillas 672 or 3213, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. E Mail: Fax: (519-3) 532257 J.Talbot-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 358 Aug 01
6135 - Radio Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz de La Sierra-BOL - Carta QSL e 1 adesivo - 48 dias. v/s: Maria Y. Marcó Escobar (Sec. de Direción). QTH : Casillas 672-3213 - Santa Cruz de La Sierra - Bolivia. M.Martins Pontes-SP-B DXCB 2001-09 Sep 01
Received today a very friendly detailed QSL Letter and sticker from Radio Santa Cruz (6135), in response to my 23 June reception report. These are the details of this QSL: V/s: Ma. Yolanda Marcó Escobar, Secretaria de Dirección Postal Address: Casilla 672-3213, Santa Cruz, Bolivia Fax (591-3) 532257 E-mail: Web: It should be noted that Andy Schmid, during his recent visit to the station, personally submitted a copy of my reception report to the station management, a fact which undoubtedly contributed to the reply. Thanks Andy!! E.Gehrig-E HCDX-ML Okt 01
QSL Radio Santa Cruz : Habe 1996 ebenfalls einen QSL-Brief, Sticker und ausführliche Stationsbeschreibung und einen sehr schönen Wimpel. Laufzeit 70 Tage. V/s war ebenfalls Ma.Yolanda Marco- ohne Escobar. G.Opalka-D A-DX-ML Nov 01
Radio Santa Cruz aus Bolivien 19.Mai 2002, 6134,8 kHz, 20:00-21:05 UTC, detaillierte E-Mail von P.Francisco Flores S.I.-Director General Laufzeit 1 Woche A.Spiegel-D direct to QIP Mai 02
Radio Santa Cruz 6135, f/d form letter and car stickers in 7 weeks for mint stamps. v/s Maria Yolanda Marcó Escobar, Secretaria de Dirección. A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Aug 02
Radio Santa Cruz/Bolivien, 6135 kHz, 6.August 2002, 13 Wochen Laufzeit, detaillierter persönlicher QSL Brief und Aufkleber gegen Rückporto 1$ von IRFA Radio Santa Cruz, Ma. Yolanda Marco Escobar-Sercretaria de Direccion, Casillas 672-6213, Santa Cruz, Bolivia A.Spiegel-D direct to QIP Aug 02
Radio Santa Cruz conferma in 45 gg con adesivo e lettera. Frequenza 6135 kHz. Radio la Cruz del Sur conferma in 93 gg con bandierina (bellissima), certificado de sintonia (con scritto QLS invece di QSL), lettera (in inglese, visto che il rapporto l'ho scritto in inglese) con indirizzo: Casilla 1408, la Paz (direccion Calle nicaragua n°1759 Miraflores la Paz, Bolivia) M.Givonetti-I Dxlandia-ML Okt 02
R Santa Cruz 6135 b sti 42 days-7 weeks A.Skalmeraas-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-07 Nov 02
R Santa Cruz 6135 b sti 42 days-7 weeks G.Fredheim-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-07 Nov 02
Radio SANTA CRUZ 6135 kHz letter + many stickers. signed by Sra. MARIA YOLANDA MARCO ESCOBAR (SECRETARIA DE DIRECCION) Address: CASILLA 672, SANTA CRUZ. e-mail: INFACRUZ@ROBLE.SCZ.ENTELTEL.BO G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1175 Nov 02
6134.8o Radio Santa Cruz, CP32 . Full data PPC's, signed and stamped, plus verie/information letter, with decals and stickers in 14 months, 3 months after sending a postal follow-up, previous to that a e-mail inquiry in which no response came back. v/s Ma Yolanda Marco Excobar, Secretaria de Direccion E.Kusalik-AB-CAN DXplorer-ML Dez 02
6135 kHz. Radio Santa Cruz, Casilla 632, Santa Cruz (Bolivia). Carta QSL con datos y agradecimiento, pegatina. Envíe 1 IRC. El tiempo de demora ha sido de 294 días. La verificadora es: María Yolanda Marcó Escobar (Secretaria de Dirección). J.Hernández Madrid-E Lista Conexion Digital-ML Feb 03
6135 kHz - R. Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz - BOL. Recebido carta QSL e adesivos. 35 dias. V/S: Ma. Yolanda Marcó Escóbar - Secretaria de Direccion. Enviado 1 IRC. QTH: Casillas 672 y 3213, Santa Cruz, Bolívia I.Dias da Silva Júnior-SP-B Atividade DX 169 Okt 03
R. Santa Cruz, 6135, p/d (date and time) SP verie letter on IRFA CRUZ stationary with station seal in 22 days for $2 and an EG rpt. V/S, Ma. Yolanda Marco Escobar, Secretaria de Direccion. S.R.Barbour Jr.-NH-USA HCDX-ML Mai 04
Radio Santa Cruz 6135 kHz, detailed letter and sticker in 44 days for 1 US-$, v/s Yolanda Marco Escobar, Secretaria de Direccion, QTH: Cas. 672-3213, Santa Cruz R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Aug 04
R.Santa Cruz 6134.80 kHz QSL letter, stacker in 34d for Spanish report with 1$. Ke.Hashimoto-J direct to QIP Aug 05
R. SANTA CRUZ 6135 kHz. Letter + Sticker in 177 days. Sent 1 IRC. V/s: Mrs. Maria Yolanda Marco Escobar (Secretaria de Redaccion) Address: Instituto Radiofonico Fè y Alegria, Casilla 672 y 3213, Santa Cruz. (in QSLreport, Febr.2006, NASWA, USA) ?.Wood-MA-USA Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
6135 Radio Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz - BOL. Recebido e-QSL no data (sem os dados do informe - so com agradecimento e me dizendo que nao possuem cartao QSL). ?? dias. V/S: Jose Velazco (Director de Radio Santa Cruz). O IR foi enviado para o seguinte e-mail: . QTH: Calle Mario Flores, esquina Guenda Nº 20 - Santa Cruz - Bolivia R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 289 Mrz 06
6135 kHz - R. Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz - BOL. Recebido e-mail de agradecimento e me informando que a emissora nao possui QSL. Posteriormente, apos enviado o informe por correio normal, foi recebida uma carta QSL partial data. ?? dias. V/S: Ma. Yolanda Marco Escobar (Secretaria de direccion). Obs: O e-mail da emissora e: A V/S informa que a emissora faz aniversario em 25 de outubro e que contam com um transmissor de 10 Kw. QTH: Calle Mario Flores esq. Guenda Nº 20 - Santa Cruz - Bolivia R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 295 Apr 06
Radio Santa Cruz, gehört am 21.05.06, 00.39, 6139,8 kHz bestätigte heute mit einem langen Brief in Spanisch und Sticker, nachdem am 08.06.06 schon eine mail eintraf, deren Tenor kurz zusammengefasst lautete:"Man freue sich, dass auch in Übersee R. Santa Cruz gehört wird." Nur einen Haken hat der QSL-Brief: Es wird das Datum 21.05. angegeben, aber dazu 20:39 Ortszeit und keine Frequenz. Warum ich das erwähne? Weil es z.T. Schuld eigene ist! Wenn man nämlich im Empfangsbericht zum Datum und der UTC zusätzlich ein zweites Datum und die dazugehörige Ortszeit am Senderstandort angibt, kann die Direktionssekretärin Yolanda bei ihrem Antwortbrief schon in's Straucheln kommen. [...] W.-D.Behnke-D A-DX-ML Aug 06

R Tacana Index Bolivia Index America South

R. Tacana, Rurrenabaque, 4781 kHz, partial data pers. e-verie in 3 weeks after follow up, v/s Roberto Carlos Chavez Ch. (Director), QTH: V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Apr 07

R Universitaria Index Bolivia Index America South

4732, Radio Universitaria - Cobija, Pando verified an e-mail report with a nice Spanish language no data e-mail reply from v/s CHARLY (Productor Creativo) in 13 days thanking me for my report. Report sent to and the reply was from R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 08

R Virgen de Remedios Index Bolivia Index America South

4545.4, Radio Virgen de Remedios signed, stamped my prepared card in 59 days for US$1.00 return postage for a report to Radio Virgen de Remédios, Casilla 198, Tupiza, Departemento de Potosí, Bolivia. Also included in the envelope was a picture postcard of "Virgen de Remedios de Tupiza", a picture postcard of La Torre in Tupiza, and an information sheet. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 07
R. VIRGEN DE LOS REMEDIOS 4545,3 kHz REPLY BY EMAIL: (via SWB 1608, SWEDEN. January 2007) ADDRRESS : Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria (Misioneros Redentoristas), TUPIZA. ( B.Fransson-S Play-DX 2007 Jan 07

R Yaguari CP107 Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio YAGUARI 1440 kHz Vallegrande, Santa Cruz v/s : Prof. Edgar Bonilia Mendez, director. QTH : Calle Montes Claros 143 Esquina Florida, Vallegrande (Distance 10/98) O.Pag-S Play-DX 1001 Nov 98
CP107 R Yaguari, Vallegrande 1440 letter. v/s Edgar Bonilla Mendez O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-08 Okt 99

R Yura Index Bolivia Index America South

Radio Yura, Yura 4716.8 very nice surprise today in my " e-mail box " Mr. Rolando Cueto F. ( confirm with e-mail QSL my e-mail report in 4 days, presumed address : Yura, Provincia Quijarro, Departamento de Potosí, Bolivia D.Canonica-SUI A-DX-ML Jul 00
Radio Yura, I got the e-mail QSL this morning too - and from the same Rolando Cueto. I heard the station already on April 20th at 0145, when it must have been very newly started. A really nice reply in my opinion ! B.Fransson-S HCDX-ML Jul 00
A nice-looking but rather vaguely worded multicolour e-mail diploma (80.5 kB) has been received from Rolando Cueto of Católica Televisión, in Potosí, founder of R Yura (4716.8). His e-mail address is but postal delivery seems to be working OK, too. Just be sure to write the address as Radio Yura, Yura, Provincia Quijarro, Departamento de Potosí, Bolivia. The station seems interested in listeners letters judging by a programme my friend Rafael Rodríguez, in Colombia, heard last weekend. H.Klemetz-S HCDX-ML Jul 00
Radio Yura, 4.715 kHz.Spanish, I got a e-mail QSL in.doc format with a beatiful logo and image of a native citizen. On July 05 I send a follow up via e-mail : that I read in Mika Makelainen Web Site. On July 10 I reveived a e-mail from Catolica de Television v/s.Rolando Cueto F. (Director) with a attach archive with QSL Card and Mr. Cueto tell me that in a envelope will send me more information about Radio Yura. The Address in the Letter is : Radio Yura, La Voz de los Ayllus, Yura, Provincia Quijarro, Departamento de Potosí, Bolivia. The text in spanish is as follow : " Confirmamos se REPORTE DE SINTONIA de nuestra emisora que transmite en la frecuencia de 4.715 kilociclos con una longitud de onda de los 63.60 metros, banda internacional de 60 metros, onda corta. Es cuanto certificamos para fines consiguientes. Potosí, Bolivia, Julio 2000 " W.Monges-VEN HCDX-ML Jul 00
4715, R. Yura, more on this one in NU 1587 : Posted on NUS & S is a revised image of the QSL that was sent to Rolf Fredriksson via Henrik Klemetz. Henrik also rcvd one with his name on it. It appears to have been sent unsolicited to him as a courtesy in response to his E-mail message to the stn wherein he described what was on Rolf Fredriksson's tape and requested that a reply be sent to Rolf c / o HK's address (RF does not have E-mail and had rcvd no response to a postal mail rpt sent in May). Henrik never hrd them and never rptd them-- " a reply to a rcpn rpt is not always a proof of your having tuned in to the particular station, " HK reminds us. There is no v/s on the QSL, though Cueto was the addressee of HK's message and the person who responded to it. ?-? Numero Uno 1588 Jul 00
R.Yura Yura 4717 ep i flere farger. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-09 Nov 00
4716.7, R. Yura, verified with ltr and signed/stamped ppc in 31 days tnx to TIN while visiting Bolivia. Indicated 1000 watts on ppc. v/s Rolando Cueto F., Director. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Numero Uno 1616 Feb 01
R Yura, v/s Rolando Cueto F., Director. 4716 kHz, letter, rp : no, 31 days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA WDXC QSL Report Jul 01
R Yura 4716,7 b dipl. v/s Rolando Cueto F. T.-H.Ekblom-DNK Norwegian DX News 2001-06 Sep 01
RADIO YURA 4715 QSL via E-mail 15d. After F/up E-mail rpt. V/s: ROLANDO CUETO F. Director. E-mail: SNAIL QTH : LA VOZ DE LOS AYLLUS, CASILLA 326, LOCALIDAD YURA, PROVINCIA QUIJARRO, POTOSI'. H.-D.Buschau-D Play-DX 1133 Nov 01
R Yura 4716,7 e-post. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2001-08 Dez 01
R Yura QSL Gisterenavond zond ik een e-mail ontvangstrapport naar R Yura in Bolivia. Vandaag (18 uur later) ontving ik een mooie QSL brief als Word-attachment. Het is mijn 180e geverifieerd land. Het ontvangstrapport ging naar en V/s is Rolando Cueto F. - Director. Je kan het Certificado De Sintonía bewonderen op G.Schotmans-BEL DX Antwerp-ML Mai 02
4716,74 kHz, Yura Potosi 01:00 09.05.02 18.05.02 9 days, QSL : email v/s : Rolando Cueto email till Ronaldo Cueto G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Mai 02
R Yura 4716,7 kHz, e-post letter fotos 21-31d v/s Francisco Dubert Novo A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 02
R Yura 4716,7 kHz, e-post letter fotos 21-31d v/s Francisco Dubert Novo C.Brunström-S Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 02
R. Yura 4716.7 KHz - Casilla 326 - Ayullu Yura - Potosi - Bolivia con lettera + pennant + foto in 69 giorni. v/s Omar Flores. Si 1 IRC. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Sep 05
Radio Yura 4716.8 n/d form letter, 2 photos and a nice pennant in 8 weeks for a tape recording and mint stamps. The reply was sent by registered mail and was signed by v/s Omar Flores. A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Sep 05
4717 kHz - Radio Yura, Bolivia Recebido carta de confirmacao, flamula e fotos 91 dias. V/S Omar Flores. QTH: Casilla 326, Ayllu Yura, Potosi, Bolivia C.Jean Fischer-SC-B Atividade DX 273 Okt 05
Radio Yura 4717 kHz verified with an undet. letter, sticker and pennant in 218 days. 1 IRC for RP. QTH: Casilla 326, Potosi. v/s Omar Flores. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Dez 05
Radio Yura 4716,7 kHz. Letter + Sticker + Cloth Pennant in 90 days. NO IRC Sent. (in QSLreport, Febr.2006, NASWA) S.Barto-USA Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
R.Yura, 4717, no-data form letter, photos with the local rural scenes, nice pennant in 17 weeks, v/s Omar Flores. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Mrz 06
R Yura $ as return postage, 5717 kHz, full data letter 2 years (v/s Omar Flores. Sent nice pennant) P.Cody-IRL BDXC-UK 2006-04 Apr 06
4717, Radio Yura. Recibido e-mail QSL en 8 meses. V/S Omar Flores. El informe de recepción se envió a la siguiente dirección de e-mail: Además de confirmar mi informe, explican datos e historia de la emisora [..]. M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Jan 07
R. YURA 4717 kHz Form Letter + Photos Rural Life + BEUTIFUL CLOTH PENNANT 2006 in 119 days. NO Rp. V/s: OMAR FLORES. (May 2006) V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2007 Jan 07
Radio Yura, Yura 4717kHz n/d ltr, pennant at 280 days, v/s: Omar Flores. H.Yokoi-J direct to QIP Feb 07
BOLIVIA, 4717, Radio Yura, the 3th of January I received an e-mail from the Station with a verification letter and details and history of Radio Yura. In addition, the Manager, Sr. Omar Flores, he promise me that by snail mail he will send a present from the Station. I received yesterday a certified letter from Mr. Omar Flores, with 6 Bolivian stamps, containing letter thanking my report, a CD with images about the people from that zone of Bolivia and its organization and a pretty pennant of Radio Yura with the following inscription: Radio Yura, La Voz delos Ayllus 4715 kHz, onda corta, banda internacional de 60 m. Provincia Antonio Quijarro Municipio Tomave-Ayllu, Yura, Calle Sucre nº 86 (Bolivar y Omiste) Telf: 082 24000, e-mail: POTOSI-BOLIVIA. Another e-mail address is: M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Feb 07

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RTV Chicha, Tocla 4763 e-post. Tore hadde kommet i skade for a skrive "RTV Chicas", uten at vi skal trekke noen slutninger om underbevisstheten hans av den grunn, hi! T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-06 Okt 04


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