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1731671 km2
45.561.5556 inhabitants
capital : Al-Khartum / Khartoum

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 12, FM 1, shortwave 1 (1998)

since July 9, 2011 without the 
southern regiom : South Sudan

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Sudan

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

R Omdurman Index Sudan Index Africa

R Omdurman 5039 kHz, n/d letter in 74 days, personal letter from International Relations Department of Radio Omdurman / IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Sep 85
R. Omdurman : QSL-1994 innerhalb weniger Wochen mit reg. mail und 2 IRC an Mr.Mohd., E. Khalil, P.O.Box 572, Omdurman, Sudan. Das war damals der zustaendige Techniker. J.Haas-AUT ADXB-OE-ML Nov 98
Not a QSL, but finally hrd back from the Embassy in Ottawa that my rpts for National Unity Radio and R. Omdurman were being forward to proper authorties for verification. So there is hope for these two, this after waiting a year for a reply from Ottawa. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Numero Uno 1538 Aug 99
Some time ago I have got a letter from the Sudanese Radio. I simply sent them a reception report for their english broadcast and a letter in which I introduced myself and the DXing hobby. As a souvenir I enclosed a picture post card. I did not send them any return postage. As you may state I did not use any special trick.hi Add was P.O.Box 572, Omdurman G.D'Amico-SUI HC-DX-ML Mrz 00

R Peace Index Sudan Index Africa

Radio Peace 4750 kHz somewhere in Southern Sudan. Ich hatte die Adresse für Spotlight genommen, dem englische Programm von 02.30-02.45, eine Adresse in Zypern. Sie schreiben das sie nur Programme machen und nichts über den Sender sage können. Absender FEBA Radio Cyprus office. An die Project Foundation in Warrenton, Virginia habe ich ebenfalls einen Bericht geschickt. Bisher noch keine Reaktion. D.Knust-D A-DX-ML Jun 04
Radio Peace 4750 kHz, 120 Tage, 2 undet. E-Mails mit dem Persecution Projekt D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 04
R.Peace, 4750 kHz, brief e-mail verie statement in 10 days for an air mail report from Verie signer: Peter Stover. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Nov 04
Hallo Runde, ich erhielt am 23. Juli 2004 schon eine Bestätigung von Radio Peace über und später noch mal diverse Unterlagen über Radio Peace. D.Kraus-D A-DX-ML Dez 04
Radio Peace Sudan - QSL schon da! Nach einer Stunde kam gerade die "QSL"! Zitat Anfang: "Rudolf, Thanks for the report. Consider it confirmed! [..] Pete Stover" Zitat Ende. Consultant. Benutzt wurde die eMail Dies ist die Educational Media Corp. aus USA. liefert einige Infos über den Zusammenhang mit Radio Peace. R.Sonntag-D A-DX-ML Dez 04
Radio Peace 4750 kHz, 1 Std. , undet. E-Mail von Pete Stover / per E-Mail D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Dez 04
Radio Peace, 4750 kHz, e-mailed verie from Peter Stover, Consultant, within 5 minutes for a follow-up for a report from March 2004. Original report sent to Persecution Project Foundation P.O. Box 102, WARRENTON VA 20188, USA and remained unanswered. M.Elbe-D direct to QIP Dez 04
Radio Peace 4750 kHz verified with an undet. e-mail one day after an e-mail reminder to v/s Peter Stover. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Dez 04
4.750 kHz, no data email verification from v/s Peter Stover,, 1 day R.Bessler-D direct to QIP Dez 04
Radio Peace 4750, det. eMail-confirmation in 1 hour from Educational Media Corporation, USA, v/s Pete Stover, Consultant, R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Dez 04
4750, R. Peace, E-mail QSL from Pete Stover, Educational Media Corp., for a Feb 13 reception. This was the shortest QSL I ever received (containing the word "verified"), and the fastest (1 sesquihour) for an E-mail report with a 4 minute MP3 file and a .pdf QSL Sheet I send with my reports. To I think the only way you can directly QSL R. Peace is to find the station and go there, or have someone do it for you. The MP3 file was decent enough for a verie. B.W.Churchill-CA-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 05
R. Peace / 4750 kHz, 3 Tage, eMail / RR per eMail B.Schmidt-D ADDX 2005-04 Apr 05
R. Peace / 4750 kHz, 1 Tage, eMail / RR per eMail R.Sonntag-D ADDX 2005-04 Apr 05
Radio Peace, 4750 e-mail from Peter Stover after trying several different addresses. He tells us about test transmissions at 0600-0630 and 2000-2030 local time in Sudan on 5895 kHz (it is not obvious from where the transmissions originate). (in SW Bulletin April 3, translated by T.Nilsson-S) C.Brunström-S DXLD 5-058 Apr 05
R Peace 4750 e-post 1d v/s Peter Stover T.-H.Ekblom-FIN Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05
R Peace 4750 e-post 1d v/s Peter Stover T.Nyen-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05
I got a mail (QSL) from Pete(r) Stover of Edmedia with some more information about Radio Peace in southern Sudan. He tells me that both frequencies (4750 and 5895 kHz) are in daily use, but with different programs and patterns. 4750 kHz is on with 1 000 W for the southern parts of Sudan in six languages (English and five Sudanese languages). 5895 is on with 5 000 W for central and northern Sudan and in two languages (English and Arabic). "The stations are domestic. The signals throughout the rest of the world would be weak if existing at all except for the "right" conditions". says Pete Stover. J.Edh-S HCDX-ML Jun 05
4750, R. Peace, same-day E-mail from for follow-up to unanswered postal rpt originally mailed to Persecution Project in Culpeper, VA in April 2004: "Jerry. Please consider your monitoring of Radio Peace VERIFIED. Sorry we don't have QSL cards available yet. I hope this can suffice. You might be interested in our second transmission over 5895 kHz at about the same time of day as 4750. One English program followed by two Arabic programs is what we present for now for one hour on 5895 kHz at 6am & 8pm local time. Thanks for monitoring. All the best! Pete Stover." J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 05
4750, Radio Peace verified an e-mail follow up report with a brief e-mail reply in 4 days from Peter Stover ( "Sorry for the long delay in responding. Please accept this Email as confirmation of your report. You might also want to try to during the same hours to Radio Peace on 5895 khz as well. This facility is operating in English and Arabic for the Nuba and northern Sudan." R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 05
4750, Radio Peace, Received a p/d e-mail QSL from Peter Stover in about 6 hours for my follow-up e-mail report to him. This was for my reception of Radio Peace in March, 2004. In his e-mail (copied below) Pete requested that DXers no longer send him e-mail audio attachments as it consumes too much hard drive space. He also clarified which organizations were supporting Radio Peace. G.Maroti-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 05
R. PEACE 4750 kHz. EMail Text in 10 days. NO IRC SENT. V/s: Peter Stover. EMail: V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06


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