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QSL Information Pages - Nigeria (NIG)

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923768 km2
126635600 inhabitants
capital : since 1976 : Abuja
capital : until 1976: Lagos

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 82, FM 35, shortwave 11 (1998)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Nigeria

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  1. Domestic
  2. FRCN Abuja
  3. FRCN Enugu
  4. FRCN Ibadan
  5. FRCN Kaduna

Domestic Stations

FRCN Abuja Index Nigeria Index Africa

Radio Abuja QSL: Heute erhielt ich nach einer Laufzeit von 127 einen teildet. QSL-Brief von Radio Abuja 7275 kHz. QTH: Broadcasting House, P.O.Box 377, Gwagwalada / P.M.B.71, Gark1, Abuja, Nigeria. v/s Ben Obeta. P.Robic-AUT A-DX-ML Nov 05
7275, FRCN-Abuja, nice looking date+fqy veri ltr confirming Abuja xmsn and giving hrs. as 0430-2130 (not sure if all on the same fqy) in EG and Nigerian langs. V/S Ben Obeta for Exec. Director; in 20 wks. for CD rpt and $1. Ltr is dated Aug 4 but postmark is illegible, so I can't tell if it was really en route for 3 mos. or not. Address on ltr: FRCN Abuja National Station, Broadcasting House, P.O. Box 377 Gwagwalada/P.M.B. 71, GARK1 [that's "GARK one"], Abuja, Nigeria; tel. 09-8821065 & 8821341, FAX 09-8821040. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 05
7275, Radio Nigeria - Abuja verified with a date/frequency letter in 108 days from v/s Ben Obeta for the Executive Director. Address from letter: Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (Abuja National Station), Broadcasting House, P. O. Box 377 Gwagwalada / P.M.B 71, Gark1, Abuja, Nigeria. The verie letter provided the schedule as 0430-2130 UTC (0530-2230 Nigerian time). R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 05
Nach 106 Tagen kam ein QSL-Brief von Radio Abuja aus Nigeria für einen Bericht über 7275 kHz. Beiglegt hatte ich einen Dollar. v/s Ben Obeta, for Executive Director. Selbiger meint, sie würden mit 100 kW senden. Da ist aber meines Erachtens wohl eine Null überflüssig. H.-D.Buschau-D A-DX-ML Mrz 06
Radio Nigeria Abuja, 7275 kHz, QSL letter in 2 months from V/s: Ben Obeta (for Executive Director). Broadcasting House, P. O. Box 377 Gwagwalada / P.M.B 71, Gark1, Abuja, Nigeria (via D.Monferini-I) J.A.Arranz Sanz-E CoRad Newsletter-ML Okt 06

FRCN Enugu Index Nigeria Index Africa

FRCN Enugu. 6025 kHz. Full data prepared card with full data letter in 71 days for 2 IRCs. v/s Engr. L. Nnamuchi, Asst. Director Technical Services. According to the reply, the transmitter on 6025 is 10kW with three wire folded dipole. J.Yamada-J Cumbre DX 085 Mai 96
QSL Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Enugu 6025 kHz : Full data prepared card and full data letter with personal letter in 69 days for my registered mail and $ 1.00. v/s Engr Louis Nnamuchi, Deputy Director. J.Yamada-J Listening Points Japan 1999-15 Aug 99
Radio Nigeria-Enugu, Radio Nigeria-Enugu 6025 confirmed in 5 months with date and frequency "Tourist mask from Northern Nigeria" card and "Wood carving from Benin City Nigeria" card (two cards for the same report) with statement "Your reception report of january 11th 2003 is hereby acknowledged. You reported on our 10 kw NEC Shortwave transmitter on 6025 kHz", V/S Engr. Louis Nnamuchi Deputy Director (ES), for 2 IRCs. Report to: Radio Nigeria-Enugu, P.M.B 1051, Enugu (Anambra), Nigeria. This is the PWBR 2003 address! Reply from Enugu. J.Talbot-AB-CAN direct to QIP Jun 03
I could be the happiest man on earth today. I just received my first QSL full data cards from Radio Nigeria Enugu, Nigeria. It was for my report of 19 th November 2002, on 10kw's 6025kHz. It was signed by Engr. Nnamadi Louis, deputy Director (ES). My self addressed envelop was return, but i guess my stamp was used for the reply. This again after almost ten years of faithful listening and numerous reception reports and follow ups. I also remember reporting  late last  year that I called up the station to compline about those qsl cards, and they promise to look into the issue. Apparently after many months of patience, there is finally good news. E.Ezeani-NIG direct to QIP Jun 03

FRCN Ibadan Index Nigeria Index Africa

6050 kHz, Ibadan 06.06.80 28.06.80 22 days, QSL : brev v/s : G O Olaoshun G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jun 80
FRCN Ibadan 6050 kHz verified with a det. Letter in 81 days. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Okt 93
FRCN Ibadan on 6050, QSL letter f /d in 330 days after F / up, v/s Dare Folarin, Principal Public Affairs Officer. QTH : P.M.B. 5003 Ibadan. FAX : + 234 22 413930. Sent 1 USD. Exexutive Director Reverend Olukunle Ajani. (Play DX #921 Feb.10 1997) B.Gornati-I TFW Feb 97
FRCN IBADAN 6050 kHz QSL letter in 185d. NO IRC. QTH : Broadcasting House, PMB 5003, lbadan. v/s : Nike Adegoke, Executive director (after 3 tentatives, NO IRCs sent) . L.Botto Fiora-I Play-DX 0984 Jun 98
Radio Nigeria-Ibadan 6050 p / d letter in 3 months after a follow-up sent registered with SASE (used) and $ 1.00. v/s Dare Folarin. G.D.Myers-FL-USA Cumbre DX 266 Okt 99
FRCN Ibadan, F/u stamped, addressed envelope 6050 lt 191. G.Brown-G BDXC-UK 2002-04 Apr 02

FRCN Kaduna Index Nigeria Index Africa

4770 kHz, Kaduna 29.06.80 25.07.80 26 days, QSL : tryckt brev v/s : Ismaila Mohammed G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jul 80
R Kaduna 4770 kHz, det. qsl-letter in 58 days / IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Jan 83
FRCN Kaduna 4770 kHz verified with a det. Letter in 54 days. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Mai 91
R Kaduna 4770, letter in 10 weeks for 1 IRC, L.Weirell-S direct to QIP Aug 91
R Nigeria Kaduna 4770 qsl-card no r.postage 130 days, v/s : Ahmed A Abdulalhi, Technical Officer. Z.Liangas-GRC WDXC QSL Report Aug 96
FRNC Kaduna on 4770, fd letter v/s Ahmed Abdullahi in 6 months for 2 IRC (DSWCI -SWN, QSL Corner June 97) M.Gatzke-D TFW 031 Jun 97
R Nigeria Kaduna 4770 qsl-letter no r.postage 46 days. D.Saunders-G WDXC QSL Report Jul 97
R Nigeria Kaduna 4770 qsl-letter rp : 1US $ 137 days, days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 98
FRCN KADUNA 4770 kHz QSL folder f /d 32d. QTH : P.O.Box 250 Kaduna. Sent 1 US $. FAX : (+ 234) 62-241071. U.Sennewald-D Play-DX 0984 Jun 98
FRCN KADUNA 4770 kHz QSL letter NO IRC 49d. v/s : R.B.Jimoh, eng. ass. dir. technical services studios, link and o.b. QTH : P.O.Bo. 250 Kaduna. C.Catellani-I Play-DX 0986 Jun 98
FRCN KADUNA 4770 kHz QSL letter 132d. NO IRC- QTH : 7 Yakubu Gowon Way, P.O.Box 2W, Kaduna. v/s : Engr. R.B. Jimon, ass. dir. tech. services, studios, links O.B. FAX (+ 234) 62-241071. Reply sent in a registered letter. L.Botto Fiora-I Play-DX 0988 Aug 98
FRCN Kaduna 4770 qsl-letter 1 IRC 83 days. N.Borovenski-RUS WDXC QSL Report Sep 98
4770 FRCN Kaduna bestaetigte nach drei Monaten mit Formbrief und Aufkleber. v/s war Engr. R.B. Jimoh, Asst. Director Tech. Service, Studios, Links & O.B. Anschrift : FRCN, 7 Yakubu Gowon Way, P.O. Box 250, Kaduna, Nigeria. H.Kuhl-D ADXB-OE-ML Okt 98
FRCN : Gerade kam ein QSL-Brief von FRCN-Kaduna nach 112 Tagen an. H.Süss-AUT ADXB-OE-ML Nov 98
FRCN, Kaduna 4.770 kHz, NIG tx-site: Kaduna gehört in: AUT/Döbriach B 29.07.1998 18.11.1998 112 Tage H.Süss-AUT direct to QIP Nov 98
4770 letter received in 165d for reception report, no IRC v/s Engr. R.B.Jimoh Asst. Director Tech. Service Studios, Links & O.B. S.M.Kolesov-UKR Cumbre DX 238 Apr 99
FRCN 4770 kHz KADUNA QTH : FRCN, 7 Yakubu Gowon Way, P.O.Box 250, Kaduna v/s : R.B. Jimoh, assistant dir. technical service (Dx-clusive, n. 780, Feb. 99) ?-? Play-DX 1022 Apr 99
FRCN Kaduna 4770 kHz, letter, rp : 1, 141 days. G.Coles-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 99
FRCN Kaduna 4770, Partial data letter after 97 days. v/s Shehu Mohammad, Chief Technical Officer, Studios. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Feb 00
R. NIGERIA KADUNA 4770 kHz P / d. letter 240d. SENT 1 $. v/s : R. B. JIMOH, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICE (QSL-REPORT, NASWA, DEC. 99, USA) ?.Molander-USA Play-DX 1059 Mrz 00
Radio TV KADUNA 4770 kHz letter 160d. SENT 1 IRC. v/s : SHEHU MOHAMMAN Chief Eng. (BOROKOWSKI, USA, NASWA QSL-REPORT, MARCH 2000, USA) ?.Borokowski-USA Play-DX 1072 Jun 00
FRCN Kaduna, 4770, p / d letter in 37 days for 2 IRCs. W.Phillips-G direct to QIP Aug 00
FRCN Kaduna 4770 kHz, letter, rp : 1, 125 days. V.Rozhkov-RUS WDXC QSL Report Okt 00
R Nigeria Kaduna, v/s Shehu Muhammad 4770 kHz, card, rp : no, 64 days. C.Elliott-TAS-AUS WDXC QSL Report Apr 01
FRCN KADUNA 4770 OLD 1997 RPT, AFTER 3rd FOLLOW UP!! SENT MINT STAMPS, V/s: SHESU MUHAMMAD, Chief Technical Officer of Studios & Links & O.B. (BROUILLETTE, USA, QSL-REPORT, NASWA JOURNAL, JANUARY 2001, USA) P.Brouillette-IL-USA Play-DX 1107 Apr 01
I also returned home to find a qsl from Radio Nigeria Kaduna, for my report of 14-11-2002, on 4.77 MHz. It was veried by Shehu Muhammad, chief technical officer studio, link & O.B. My SASE was used. Return was given as Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria-Kaduna, no. 7 Yakubu Gowon way, P.O.Box 250, Kaduna-Nigeria. E.Ezeani-NIG direct to QIP Mrz 03
A new, 117th country in my QSL list. That's Nigeria. There were several attempts to report reception to the Voice of Nigeria -- but all in vain. My QSL letter comes from Radio Nigeria Kaduna, 4770 kHz. Unfortunately, my name and time of reception are missing on the sheet. Report sent on 13 June, reply received on 18 Dec -- all in all 183 days. V/s Shehu A. Muhammad, Chief Tech. Officer. Address: Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Kaduna National Station, No.7 Yakubu Gowon Way, P.O.Box 250, Kaduna, Nigeria. D.Mezin-RUS HCDX-ML Dez 03
FRCN Kaduna sae 4770 kHz, lt 34 days, (f/up. v/s Sheha A. Muhammad, chief Tech Officer) G.Brown-G BDXC-UK 2004-03 Mrz 04
FRCN Kaduna, 4700 kHz. E-mail:  We received your report on 4770kHz dated 09 December 2005 at 05.36.00 UTC. Your report corresponds with our log Book. F/V Bala M Madugu (P.T.O. Studios) Tardaron 22 meses en contestar. (via D.Monferini-I) J.Antonio Arranz-E direct to QIP Sep 07

FRCN Lagos Index Nigeria Index Africa

3326 kHz, Lagos 26.05.80 07.07.80 42 days, QSL : stencilbrev G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jul 80

Kano State R Index Nigeria Index Africa

KANO STATE RADIO CORPORATION 549 kHz. EMail TEXT QSL in 120 days. V/s: Inusa Ibrahiim Kachako (Managing Director). EMail: V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06

R Jigawa Index Nigeria Index Africa

R Jigawa, Dutse 1026 kHz, heard: 20.7.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

R Katsina Index Nigeria Index Africa

Last week I receiver a nice e-mail QSL from Katsina State Radio and Television Service (they use this name on the air!) 972 kHz which was heard on May 25th, 2002 at my home QTH between 2211-2300 UTC. J.Korhonen-FIN Jun 02

R Kwara Index Nigeria Index Africa


Rima R Index Nigeria Index Africa

RIMA RADIO SOKOTO 540 kHz (SOKOTO STATE MEDIA CORPORATION). Pers. Friendly Letter in 29 days. NO IRC SENT. V/s: Alh. Aminu Tukur (Managing Director). V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06

External Service

Vo Nigeria Index Nigeria Index Africa

Vo Nigeria 15120 kHz, det. qsl-card in 342 days, schedule R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Nov 84
Vo Nigeria Lagos det. Karte Sportarena 15120 kHz 2000 04.04.89 90 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jul 89
Voice of Nigeria 7255. Full data card showing broadcasting house in 122 days. v/s looks like Frank Blocty T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Okt 97
Voice of Nigeria 7255 qsl-card no r.postage 79 days, v/s : Frank Ilogy. J.Kumar-G WDXC QSL Report Jul 98
Voice of Nigeria QSL received Nov 6 for a logging on Jul 13. The QSL (postcard) was sent Aug 28. J.Penrod-MN-USA Cumbre DX 216 Nov 98
7255 Voice of Nigeria, photo post card : Broadcastig House, Lagos. Full data Signed by station manager Frank Iloye. Received after 6 months for 2 IRC and report in English and French. (E.Jordan Nov 20) E.Jordan-IA-USA Cumbre DX 218 Nov 98
Vo Nigeria / 15120 kHz, 134 days, detailed qsl-card / $ J.Waga-D ADDX 1999-02 Jan 99
7255 Voice of Nigeria. Card w / picture of administration bldg. of VON for reception report and 2 IRC's on 4 Jan., 0600 on 7255. Full data and signed by Frank Ilogn. S.Baca-NM-USA Cumbre DX 236 Apr 99
15120 Voice of Nigeria, Full-data QSL card of the Broadcasting House for English report and 1 IRC in 19 months (!). Verification signer is Frank Ilogu (Asst. Director Programs). K.Ogino-J Cumbre DX 249 Jul 99
Voice of Nigeria 15120, f /d " Administration building " card in six months from v/s Frank Ilogu, Asst. Director of Programs. D.Crystal-ISR CIDX 1999-08 Aug 99
Vo Nigeria / 15120 kHz, 354 days, detailed qsl-card. H.-C.Barth-D ADDX 1999-20 Okt 99
V.O.Nigeria 15120 kHz : Full data card in 112days for $ 1.00. J.Yamada-J Listening Points Japan 1999-20 Nov 99
Voice of Nigeria kHz Not listed n/d card, Date : Not listed, v/s : None "Yellow Logo" card, site : Not listed J.Dybka-TX-USA Webpage Jan 00
15120 kHz. La Voz de Nigeria, Broadcasting House, Ikoyi, P.M.B. 40003 Falomo Post Office, Lagos. Tarjeta QSL (verificador: T.Gyang, Ingeniero de VON-Voice of Nigeria-Director del Depto. de Ingeniería de Transmisión). Calcomanía, esquema de emisiones de VON, carta de la emisora firmada por el ingeniero Gyang con devolución de 1 dólar enviado para paliar los gastos de correo postal. Respondió en 180 días. C.Morales-ARG Conexion Digital 113 Jul 01
Nach mehr als 7 Monaten habe ich heute morgen einen Einschreibebrief von der VoNigeria mit QSL, Aufkleber und Frequenzplan erhalten. Es geschehen also noch Zeichen und Wunder, denn das war über die Jahre hinweg mein fünfter (wie ich bis heute dachte erfolgloser) Versuch. Vielleicht ist das aber auch ein Anzeichen dafür, dass die VoNigeria Ihren Auslandsdienst wirklich aufpeppeln will. Von einer geplanten deutschsprachigen Sendung stand im Programm allerdings nichts. H.-J.Schmelzer-D A-DX-ML Sep 01
Vo Nigeria Lagos det. Karte Voice of Nigeria Logo 7255 kHz - 22.04.01 153 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Sep 01
QSL card from Voice of Nigeria for reception on 7255 kHz. Thay also enclosed two booklet-style schedules, stickers and a pilot version of VON Airwaves magazine. All received in 113 days. V.Kovalenko-RUS Signal DX 034 Okt 01
Recebi, dia 22/10, confirmação de escuta da Radio Voice of Nigeria a propósito da escuta da emissora em 7.255 kHz no dia 5 de Janeiro deste ano, portanto, uma demora de 280 dias. Recebi cartão QSL (New Morn at Voice of Nigeria), adesivo e grade de programação em seis línguas. Observação: enviado informe de recepção em fita K-7 + 30 minutos de música brasileira + souvenirs + 1 dólar. QTHs: (1) Broadcasting House, Ikoyi, PMB 40003, Falomo, Lagos (2) Radio House, 6th Floor, Herbert Macaulay Way, Garki, PMB 5089, Abuja (3) e M.Xavier Vieira-PR-B Atividade DX 071 Nov 01
15120 - Radio Voice of Nigeria - prov. Lagos-NIG - Cartão QSL (Zuma Rock, Abuja) e schedule. pouco mais de 3 anos. v/s: ilegível. obs: No QSL consta a freqüência de 7.255 kHz e não a de 15.120 kHz. Ouvi duas transmissões em 15.120 kHz. O e-mail da VON é: ( QTH : Broad. House - P.M.B 40003, Falomo, Ikoyi - Lagos-Nigéria. R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B DXCB 2001-11 Nov 01
7255 VON QSL, sked, sticker in 277 days for RR to Mr. Frank Llogy, Assistant Director Programmes Broadcasting House, PMB 40003, Falomo, Okoyi, Lagos. S.M.Kolesov-UKR Cumbre DX 378 Dez 01
7255 Voice of Nigeria heard 4 October 2001 at 1325-1340. SINPO=23322. Email QSL received from Mr. Tope Idowu in 71 days in response to my Email DX Report + Email reminder. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 379 Dez 01
7255 -Voice of Nigeria - Lagos-NIG - Cartão QSL, schedule e adesivo - 141 dias. V/: ilegível. QTH: P.M.B 40003 - Falomo-Lagos - Nigeria - O.Rodrigues-SP-B DXCB 2001-12 Dez 01
Vo Nigeria / 7255 kHz, 199 Tage, detail. qsl-card, PG, Info. P.Vaegler-D ADDX 2002-08 Apr 02
Voice of Nigeria, 15120, Partial data (without Time) card in 99 days by Registered mail for EG report sent by Air mail with $1.00 postage. K.Watanabe-J Japan Premium 214 Mai 02
15120 kHz, VOICE OF NIGERIA, partial data QSL-card in English (site, power & time missing), card shows 'Zuma Rock, Abuja', v/s not given, sticker, station guide, registered mail with several stamps on the envelope, in 172 days for a report with 1 USD to Voice of Nigeria, External Svc., Broadcasting House, P.M.B. 40003, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria. ( try in 10 years) M.Schöch-D direct to QIP Jun 02
7255 - Voz da Nigéria - Ikorodu-NIG - Cartão QSL mostrando Zuma Rock em Abuja (confirmação de uma escuta de 1º de novembro, escuta que não realizei!), adesivo, sked. QTH: Broadcasting House, P. M. B. 40003, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigéria. M.Xavier Vieira-PR-B DXCB 2002-06 Jun 02
15120 Voice of Nigeria, Broadcasting House, P.M.B. 40003, Falomo, Ikoyi-Lagos, Nigeria. QSL card full data, sent from the Office of the Director Programmes, programme schedule (january-june 2002) and a beautiful sticker in 154 days. A.L.Slaen-ARG DXplorer-ML Jun 02
7255, Voice of Nigeria, very nice card, picture of Zuma Rock, Abuja, and stn name and logo on front, good date-and-fqy veri statement on back, but not filled in! (Close enough..) Back also has handstamp of VoN, "Office of the Director programmes." Sent sticker and prgm sked booklet as well. Addresses on card: B/Cing House, Ikoyi, PMB 40003, Falomo, Lagos,; and Radio House, 6th Floor, Herbert Macaulay, Garki, PMB 7310, Abuja, In 7 mos. by registered mail. I see that others are rcvng this as well, so they may be emptying out the barrel. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jun 02
Recd 2 registered letters from "VON " with 2 different QSLs for RRs for Dec 01 & Jan 02,stickers & schedules but no VON Airwaves. It seems VON will be responding to letters in future also. H.S.Brar-IND GRDXC-ML Jun 02
Recd a new QSL from VO Nigeria (7255 kHz) with April –June 2002 edition of "VON Airwaves" after several email & postal follow ups. VON Airwaves can be obtained from tidowu@y. S.Chakroborty-IND GRDXC-ML Jun 02
Vo Nigeria 7255 k sch sti 251d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-04 Jun 02
Vo Nigeria 15.120,00 kHz, 1 US-$ 127 Tage, K, Sticker, Info Details : ja. A.Schwegeler-D EAWRC 302 Jul 02
Vo Nigeria 15120 k sch sti C.Brunström-S Norwegian DX News 2002-05 Aug 02
Vo Nigeria / 15120 kHz, 176 Tage, det. K, Sticker / $. M.Arndt-D ADDX 2002-18 Sep 02
Vo Nigeria, Reported : 30.11.01, Reply : 01.06.02, UTC : 915, Lang.: E 15120 kHz, card, sticker, schedule. 183 days. V.Ostroverkh-D Signal DX 072 Sep 02
Vo Nigeria no rp, 15120 kHz, qsl-card, 53 days A.Ferguson-G BDXC-UK 2002-12 Dez 02
I also called VON during my stay in Lagos. A guy from the monitoring unit did assure me that they do verify all reception report they received. I return to my base only to find their qsl card waiting for me. It was for my report of 26/10/2002 on 7255 kHz. It also contained a personal letter from Ayodele Suleiman the director of programmes, stickers and the qsl card veried by the director of programmes. Address was given as Abuja: 6th floor, radio house, Herbert Macaulay way, Garki Abuja. & in Lagos: Broadcasting House, Ikoyi, PMB 40003, Falomo, Lagos. Email: E.Ezeani-NIG direct to QIP Mrz 03
Vo Nigeria / 15120 kHz, 98 Tage, K / $ M.Arndt-D ADDX 2003-15 Aug 03
QSL Laufzeit 17 Monate: Die Voice of Nigeria bestätigte mir einen Empfangsbericht vom 25.6.2003 mit einer schönen detailierten QSL Karte. Die Adresse: Voice of Nigeria, Broadcasting House, P.M.B. 40003, Falomo, Ikoyi-Lagos, Nigeria. auch eine E-mail steht am Briefumschlag: Ich habe meinem Empfangsbericht einen IRC und eine Ansichtskarte beigelegt. F.Latsch-AUT A-DX-ML Nov 04
15120 Voice Of Nigeria,Broadcasting House, P:M:B: 40003, Falomo, Ikoyi- Lagos, (NIGERIA). QSL con datos completos, no firmada solo matasellada por el sello del de el Director de Programas. NO IRC.NO $. Tiempo de demora ¡688 dias!. idioma verificado:Ingles J.Hernández Madrid-E Conexion Digital 291 Nov 04
15120, Voice of Nigeria verified with a date/frequency "Zuma Rock, Abuja" card in 738 days from the Office of the Director Programmes. Two postal addresses (Broadcasting House, Ikoyi, P.M.B. 4003, Falomo, Lagos and Radio House, 6th Floor, Herbert Macaulay Way, Garki, P.M.B. 7310, Abuja) and one e-mail address ( noted on card and envelope. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 04
15120 kHz - Voz da Nigeria - Lagos Recebido cartao QSL. 690 dias. V/S: Ilegivel. QTH: Apartado 6277, 10600 Habana 6, Cuba I.Dias da Silva Júnior-SP-B Atividade DX 230 Dez 04
Vo Nigeria no return postage 15120 kHz, card 200 days D.Rhodes-AUS BDXC-UK 2005-02 Feb 05
Voice of Nigeria 15120 Khz 60 Tage, det. Karte Motiv Zuma Rock, Abuja / 3 Dollar D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mai 05
7255 Voice of Nigeria in French, QSL ( Zuma Rock, Abuja ) in 2 months. R.Roussel-NB-CAN ODXA 2005-08 Aug 05
VOICE of NIGERIA 15120 kHz. QSL F/d. in 688 days. NO IRC Sent. in 688 days. Address: Broadcasting House, P.M.B. 40003, Falomo, Ikoyi-Lagos. J.Hernández Madrid-E Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
Nice V.O. Nigeria QSL also, only took a few months to get to me, not bad T.Messer-WI-USA HCDX-ML Mai 08

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