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QSL Information Pages - Mauritania (MTN)

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1030700 km2
2747300 inhabitants
capital : Nouakchott

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 1, FM 2, shortwave 1 (1998)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Mauritania

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

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ORTM Nouakchott 4845 kHz, n/d personal confirmation letter in 52 days / IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Jul 87
Radio Mauritanie, 4845 FD QSL card and form QSL letter for French report and $ 1. Returned the $ 1 ! P.Finkle-GA-USA Cumbre DX 089 Jun 96
One of the " impossible " QSLs arrived today for a report in French of January '99. I included $ 1 and a broschure about Finland and sent it registered with arriving certification and addressed it to Mr. Abdallahi Ould Mohamedou, Gen. Dir. of R Mauritania as given in WRTH '99. The letter was stamped by Direction General - Secretariat but no v/s. A bit unclearly written schedule is as : Sat-Thu 0630-0830 4845 1200-1600 7245 1800-0100 4845, Fri 0800-1700 7245 and 1705-0100 on 4845 kHz. No mention on 1350 (1349) kHz. Languages used : Arabic, French, Hal Poular, Soninké, Ouolof. Address : R Mauritanie, B. P. 200, Nouakchott, Rep. Islamique de Mauritanie. Fax : 512-64, which surprisingly didn't seem to work. Radio country no. 199 for me. M.Ritola-FIN HCDX-ML Mrz 99
4845 R. Mauritanie 0630. Green and yellow card with map of Africa showing Mauritania, and Mauritanian flag. With French and Arabic writing. Received for an e-mail reception report in 1 month and 2 days (really fast for Mauritania) with 3 authentic Mauritanian stamps ! R.Dragon-NV-USA Cumbre DX 318 Okt 00
R Mauritania, 4845, Nouakchott, QSL full data, no VS, QTH : BP 200 Nouakchott, Rep. Islamique de Mauritania Report send in french. 90 days. G.G.Barrionuevo-B direct to QIP Mrz 01
Radio Mauritanie, 4845 kHz, full data " Ici Nouakchott Map Card " with station stamp, in 11 weeks, for taped report, English letter and IRC, no v/s only Arabic initials. Sent direct from Canada air post to : Radio Mauritanie, B.P 200, Nouakchott, Republic Islamique de Mauritanie. J.Talbot-AB-CAN HCDX-ML Mrz 01
ORTM Nouakchott / 4845 kHz, 77 days, detailed qsl-card, / $, IRC, SAE. M.Martin-D ADDX 2001-12 Jun 01
4845, R. Mauritanie, F/d yellow and green "Huna Nouakchott map card" received in 38 days for a f/up French report and audio tape sent via registered mail from Hungary. One IRC was enclosed. G.Maroti-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 01
Recebi sim o QSL da R. Mauritânia. Escrevi em Frances e mandei tbem techos da tx em formato MP3 em um disquete dentro do envelope. [more details a few lines above -QIP] G.G.Barrionuevo-B Radioescutas-ML Sep 01
He recebedo QSL da Radio MAURITANIA: confirmo via e-mail: 20 dias, prometeu enviar QSL C.Perez Dioses-PRU Radioescutas-ML Feb 02
Gestern kam bei mir eine QSL von ORTM Nouakchott an - für einen Bericht vom Juli 2001. H.-J.Schmelzer-D A-DX-ML Jun 03
Radio Mauretania - QSL-card after 6m, heard in Mauretania, RP stamps for 90UM T.M.Rösner-D direct to QIP Jun 03
R Mauretanie 4845 k 175d Ikke dagligdags å se denne i spalta. B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-04 Jun 03

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