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QSL Information Pages - Djibouti (DJI)

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22000 km2
460700 inhabitants
capital : Djibouti

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 2, FM 2, shortwave 0 (1998)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Djibouti

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

R Djibouti
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Radio Djibouti, 4780 kHz verified with a drt. Card in 42 days. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Sep 91
Radio Djibouti 4780 kHz bestätigte meinen Empfangsbericht innerhalb von 62 Tagen mit einem det. Brief und Aufkleber. QTH: Rue St. Laurent du Var, B.P. 97, Djibouti. E-mail . Web: Folgender Sendeplan wird für die Chaine Internationale auf 1539 kHz und 4780 kHz (jeweils 50 kW) angegeben: unter der Woche 0300 - 2000 UTC bzw. Freitag & Feiertag 0500-2000 UTC. Nx in Somali gibt´s um 0330 / 1200 / 1700 UTC, Nx in Afar um 0430 / 1000 / 1830 UTC und Nx in Arabisch um 0600 / 1400 UTC P.Robic-AUT A-DX-ML Mai 05
4780, Rdfsn-TV de Djibouti, nice QSL rcvd; computer-produced QSL sheet, date-time veri statement, logo, signature and stn stamp on top, sked and picture of (apparently) their HQ on bottom. Also sent an RTVD sticker. No postal address shown on ltr or envelope, but gives E-mail address as, URL as In 9 wks. for EG rpt, $1 and CD recording. I also sent them a copy of my 1973 QSL from them, and the veri statement and the layout of the sked on the new one is exactly the same as on the old. [Later:] I sent the same rpt to two places: (1) Radiodiffusion Télévision de Djibouti, 1, Avenue Saint Laurent de Var - B.P. 97, Djibouti, Rep. of Djibouti; and (2) Ministére de la Communication et de la Culture, Charge des Postes et de Telecommunications, 1, Rue de Moscou - B.P. 32, Djibouti, Rep. of Djibouti. I assume the reply came from the former, as the RTVD logo is prominent on the ltr, and it was an RTVD sticker that they sent. But I can't be absolutely sure, as there is no return address on the envelope. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 05
Today 5/27/05 I received a nice full data letter and sticker from Radio Djibouti. Report date was 3/26/05, 0300 - 0400 UTC, 4780kHz. Letter was in french with a photocopy of studio and a schedule of broadcast + RTD seal. Sticker is nice red/green/blue circular RTD peel-off. Veri signer was chief of Technical Services. Letter arrived in 62 days. I sent two reception reports ... both in french/english. One was sent to the old BP address, other sent to Ministry of Information. Don't know which one they answered. (No return address). I enclosed $2.00 and a cd recording of the broadcast. I am happy with this one! J.Maples-GA-USA HCDX-ML Mai 05
RT Djibouti 4780 kHz, brev sti 68d v/s Mohamed Moussed Yaya B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-04 Mai 05
R Djibouti 4780 kHz, f/d QSL sheet and sticker, 14 days, rp 1 US$ R.Bessler-D direct to QIP Sep 05
Radio Djibouti 4780 kHz f/d letter, sticker at 131 days. H.Yokoi-J direct to QIP Okt 05
4780, Radio Djibouti, Full data prepared card, station sticker and partial data QSL sheet for my reception of them in March, 2005. Ten weeks after a taped, follow-up report in French, with $1.00 enclosed for return postage. Return address was RTD, BP 97, Djibouti. V/S is illegible, but title is Le Chef des Services Technique. E-mail address is G.Maroti-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 05
Radio Djibouti, 4780 kHz, Date /Time QSL sheet (like Jerry Bergs) in 2 months. This was a follow up. The original report was sent in March and not answered. The return address on the envelope was " RTD, BP 97, Djibouti. " sent $1.00 for RP. Also sent a nice sticker. Very happy with this one. J.M.Fisher-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 05
4780 kHz. Radio Djibouti ( Carta QSL, calcomanía. Contestó en 138 días. J.Hernández Madrid-E Conexion Digital 343 Nov 05
R.diff TV Djibouti 4780 kHz QSL letter, stacker in 201d for English report with 1$. K.Hashimoto-J direct to QIP Nov 05
Radiodiffusion-Télévision de Djibouti 4780 f/d form letter and sticker in 7 weeks for a tape report and 1 IRC. v/s illegible, but per the letter he is "Le chef des Services technique" A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Nov 05
4780 kHz - Radiodiffusion Television de Djibouti - ?? Recebida carta QSL partial data (sem a freqencia) e bonito adesivo. 79 dias. V/S: Ilegivel (Le chef des services techniques). Obs: O e-mail da emissora e: O website e : Enviei carta em ingles e CD com audio. QTH: Radiodiffusion Television de Djibouti, 1 Avenue Saint Laurent de Var, Djibouti, Republique de Djibouti, BP : 97 R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 278 Dez 05
Radio Djibouti, 4780 kHz, F/D QSL sheet with picture of station in 6 months for $1 US. J.Fisher-MA-USA CIDX 2005-12 Dez 05
RTV Djibouti 4780 k sti 2 months, v/s Mohamed Moussed Yaya C.W.Englund-S Norwegian DX News 2006-01 Jan 06
RTD 4780 kHz QSL-Letter + Sticker !! 138 days. Sent EMail Rpt !!. EMail: WEB: Address: Radiodiffusion Television de Djibouti, 1 Avenue Saint Laurent de Var, B.P. 97, Djibouti. WEB : J.Hernández Madrid-E Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
Heute im Posteingang war ein det. QSL-Brief mit Bildaufdruck des Rundfunkgebäudes, dazu ein Aufkleber. Der Briefumschlag war mit zwei verschiedenen Briefmarken versehen. Laufzeit: 197 Tage, nach E-Mail-Bericht an: J.Thiel-D A-DX-ML Mai 06
Ja, ja- Radio Djibouti hat Briefschulden abgearbeitet. Auch bei mir traf am Samstag ein QSL-Brief ein, wo man gleich meine zwei Empfangsberichte (der erste vom Dez. 05) detailliert bestätigte. Ein Aufkleber lag auch bei. Glaubte schon,daß die nie antworten werden. M.Lindner-D A-DX-ML Mai 06
Radiodiffusion Television de Djibouti 4780 kHz, 250 Tage, det. Brief,Sticker / 3 Dollar D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mai 06
Radio Djibouti, 4780 kHz, det. letter and sticker in 57 days for an eMail report in French to R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Mai 06
Radiodiffusion-Télévision de Djibouti 4780 received envelope containing the same content as received in novermber 2005, i.e. a f/d form letter and sticker. This was the second reply to the same report, 8 months after sending the original reception report. A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Mai 06
R. Djibouti 4780 kHz, Lettera QSL e adesivo in 107 giorni. E-rpt spedito a: L.Botto Fiora-I CoRad Newsletter-ML Jun 06
RTV Djibouti 4.780 P/D form letter with station stamp in 398 days (inc one follow-up). Illegible V/S. Also received a small round bumper sticker. Very happy to see this one (C/V #173)! Not much arrives in the mail these days, but this makes up for it. R.Comeau-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jun 06
Full data QSL letter and beautiful station sticker in nine months for a FF report. V/S illegible. S.Price-PA-USA ODXA-ML Jun 06
RT Djibouti / 4780 kHz, 179 Tage, detailierter Brief, Sticker / $ , f/up per eMail E.Röscher-D ADDX 2006-08 Aug 06
RT Djibouti / 4780 kHz, 48 Tage, Brief, Sticker / SBM J.Leyder-LUX ADDX 2006-08 Aug 06
RT Djibouti / 4780 kHz, 42 Tage, detailierter Brief, Sticker / 2 IRC K.-P.Hilger-D ADDX 2006-08 Aug 06
RTD Djibouti / 4780 kHz, 112 Tage, det. B, Sticker / IRC D.Stange-D ADDX 2006-12 Dez 06
RADIODIFFUSION-TELEVISION DE DJIBOUTI, 4780. Full-data paper folder including radio & TV schedules and building & tower photo. This QSL was received almost 1 year to the day after my report. But I had already received a QSL five months after that report. W.Craighead-KS-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 06
RTD Djibouti QSL: I received a full data QSL letter/folder stamped and signed by Chief of the Technical services and a sticker from Radio Television de Djibouti for a reception report on 4780 kHz in 64 days. I mailed them a printed report along with 2 IRCs as return postage. The QSL shows a black and white photo of the Radio station along with broadcast schedules of radio and TV (time & freq) in french. Radio frequencies mentioned are 1116, 1539 medium wave and 4780 kHz SW. Broadcast starts from 0300-2000 GMT(still they use it istead of UT) and languages are Afar, Somali and Arabic. (But I monitored them in French too!). E-mail of technical department:, and address Boite Postale 97, Djibouti, Rep of Djibouti. T.Ramachandran Rajeesh-IND HCDX-ML Dez 06
R. DJIBOUTI 4780 kHz, in 240 days. Sent 2 US $ + Taped Report + Letter QSL with photos + Sticker. EMAIL : WEB : (June 2006) P.Albini-I Play-DX 2007 Jan 07
QSL Radiodiffusion Television de Djibouti : heute habe ich für meinen Empfangsbericht vom 06.01.2007 einen QSL-Brief aus Djibouti erhalten. Man darf die Hoffnung also nie aufgeben. G.Puhlmann-D A-DX-ML Mrz 08
4780 RTV de Djibouti. Date/time 8x11 QSL sheet in 66 days for a French report sent to B.P. 97 in Djibouti. V/S ??, Le Chef des Services Technique. VIC #216 using the NASWA List. J.Wilkins-CO-USA DXplorer-ML Apr 08


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