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QSL Information Pages - Benin (BEN)

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112620 km2
6590800 inhabitants
capital : Porto-Novo / Cotonou

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 2, FM 9, shortwave 4 (1998)


Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Benin

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  1. Domestic
  2. ORTB Cotonou
  3. ORTB Parakou

Domestic Stations

ORTB Cotonou see R Benin    

ORTB Parakou see R Parakou

R Baniganse Index Benin Index Africa


R Benin Index Benin Index Africa

ORTB Cotonou 4870 kHz, det. qsl-card in 32 days / IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Mai 83
ORTB, Cotonou, QSL card by surface mail in 6 weeks. P.Finkle-GA-USA Cumbre DX 084 Mai 96
ORTB Cotonou 1475 qsl-card 12 weeks T.Woxen-NOR Norwegian DX News 1996-10 Dez 96
ORTB Cotonou (4870 kHz) -QSL card in 56 days for a taped report. E.Bueneman-MO-USA TFW Jan 97
Radiodiffusion du Benin / Cotonou / on 4870, QSL card after F / up with 1 IRC in 229 days L.Zazzeri-I TFW 034 Aug 97
ORTB 4870 qsl-card no r.postage 88 days G.Grigoriev-RUS WDXC QSL Report Okt 97
4870 R. Diffusion du Benin partial data card in 9 months after one follow up for a French report and $ 1.00. G.Maroti-NY-USA Cumbre DX 166 Nov 97
ORTB Cotonou - From Benin I received a nice QSL in only 31 days for my report in French, accompanied by 1 IRC. D.H.Friese-D direct to QIP Aug 98
ORTB-Cotonou bestätigte mir nach 3 Monaten einen Bericht über die Frequenz 4870 mit einer det. QSL-Karte. Als Rückporto waren 2 IRC beigelegt, ebenso eine Ansichtskarte und ein Aufkleber. Der Bericht war in Französisch geschrieben. M.Grill-D ADXB-OE-ML Sep 98
4870 ORTB Cotonou sent their colorful date-only QSL card (mailed as a postcard), no verie signer, in 206 days (on 1st try, no follow-up) for cassette tape, French report and $ 1. I was just about to prepare a follow-up letter when this finally arrived. I'm beginning to think the old Gerry Dexter rule-of-thumb that -if it's been 3 months, follow-up- no longer applies. ALL stations, it seems, are taking longer to reply no matter what we DX'ers do on our end. R.Stewart-MO-USA Cumbre DX 207 Sep 98
R Benin 4870 qsl-card, 1 IRC 138 days N.Borovenski-RUS WDXC QSL Report Nov 98
ORTB 4870 kHz QSL card Fid in 156d. NO IRC. QTH : BP 366, Cotonou L.Botto Fiora-I Play-DX 1001 Nov 98
R Benin FR 4870 qsl-card, 2 IRC 22 days G.Coles-G WDXC QSL Report Dez 98
ORTB Benin 115 Tage 1 US $ QSL-Karte U.Heller-D Eastside DX 05 Mrz 99
ORTB Cotonou, p / d QSL after 32 days for 2 IRC and post card, no v/s E.Gehrig-E HC-DX-ML Mai 99
Radiodiffusion et Television du Benin 4870, P / D " Multi-coloured map & flag " card in 6 weeks for FF report and US $ 1. [Allan says that the Africa contour map on the card put Benin where Cameroon is so someone used white-out to put Benin closer to its proper place. (M.Delmage)] A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 1999-06 Jun 99
ORTB 4870, f /d " Logo / Map / Flag " card in 144 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1999-07 Jul 99
R Dif Du Benin 4870 kHz. Full data multicolored map / logo card with illegible signature. Received in 96 days after a second French follow report, and two U.S. dollars, plus souvenir postcards. Station address : Boite Postal 366, Cotonou, Benin. G.Van Horn-NC-USA Cumbre DX 296 Mai 00
ORTB-Cotonou 4870. Part data card in 36 days after 2nd follow up report from May 1998. I have been trying to verify this one for about eight years, sending ten reports ! T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Jul 00
ORTB Cotunou 1476,00 kHz, via HQ, US-$, - 28 Tage, QSL-Karte, Details : ja S.Schliephacke-D EAWRC Bulletin 285 Feb 01
7190 Office de Radiodiffusion Benin heard 9 September 2000 at 1119-1132. SINPO = 15311. Full data QSL showing map of Africa, map of Benin with locations of domestic and SW transmitters, flag of Benin, station logo, and broadcast schedule, all in French. Responding to my mail DX Report + $1 + 10 U.S. stamps + Santa Fe postcard in 192 days. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 340 Mrz 01
Radio BENIN, RTP enviado Fevreiro 10, 2002, QSL CARD sin datos y boletim da programacao C.Perez Dioses-PRU Radioescutas-ML Apr 02
ORTB, Cotonou 7210 kHz , QSL card received in 56 days. Reception report sent in French along tape, postcard of Long Island and US$ 2.0 No v/s. M.Toniolo dos Anjos-NY-USA HC-DX-ML Jun 02
7210 ORTV du Benin Cotonou Full data card for a French Report H.Rutstein-NY-USA ODXA 2002-08 Aug 02

R Parakou Index Benin Index Africa

Radio ORTB Parakou 7190 kHz, 112 Tage, det. Karte / 3 Dollar erhalten schon 1991 vergessen einzutragen D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Apr 91
5025 kHz, Parakou 04:00 24.10.91 29.03.93 522 days, QSL : kort G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Mrz 93
5025 ORTB Parakou. Nice colored card with information on broadcast times etc, 6 weeks for French report and US dollar. No veri signer R.Jary-SA-AUS Cumbre DX 106 Okt 96
ORTB Parakou 5025 qsl-card 1 IRC 102 days D.Saunders-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 97
5025 kHz. ORTB-Parakou, Boite Postale 128, Parakou, Benin. Tarjeta QSL con datos completos. Demoro 6 meses pero se trata de un follow up de un reporte enviado en septiembre de 1996. A.L.Slaen-ARG Conexion Digital 065 Jul 00
ORTB Parakou / 5025 kHz, 82 Tage, teildetail. Karte aus Cotonou / $ E.Röscher-D ADDX 2004-23 Dez 04


Relayed Stations or Programs

Trans World R (BEN) Index Benin Index Africa

Trans World Radio Benin 1566 kHz verified via e-mail with a det. pdf-Attachment in 18 days. The report was sent to v/s Lorraine Stavropoulos, DX Secretary. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Feb 08
TWR Benin 1566 kHz - con QSL elettronica in 25 giorni da v/s Lorraine Stavropoulos. R.Pavanello-I direct to QIP Feb 08
TWR Benin 1566 QSL: Received today by e-mail a very nice, full-data QSL-card in .pdf format from TWR Benin. Reported their test 22 Jan on 1566. The announced e-mail address 1566 at is also mentioned in the card. J.Savolainen-FIN Dxplorer-ML Feb 08
TWR Benin, 1566, received full detailed E-QSL from Mrs. L. Stavropoulos, DX-Secretary. E-mail: A.F.Llorella-E HCDX-ML Jun 08
Benin, Trans World Radio, 1566 kHz pdf-card, 14 weeks after follow-up. v/s Lorraine Stavropoulos [lstavrop @]. G.Schotmans-BEL direct to QIP Jul 08
TWR Benin : Vor wenigen Minuten kam eine detaillierte eMail-QSL für meinen eMail-RR vom 28.09.2008 an TWR Benin, 1566 kHz, Unterzeichnerin Mrs. L. Stavropoulus, bei mir an. F.-W.Adam-D A-DX-ML Nov 08
TWR AFRICA Parakou 1566 kHz, E-QSL PDF in 98 giorni. E-rpt con ID MP3 spedito a: V/s: Lorraine Stavropoulos - DX Secretary Africa - L.Botto Fiora-I Bcl-News-ML Mai 10


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