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QSL Information Pages - Turks & Caicos Islands (TCA)

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Turks & Caicos Islands

430 km2
18100 inhabitants
capital : Cockburn Town

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 3 (one inactive), FM 6, shortwave 0 (1998)

(Central America)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from the Turks & Caicos Islands

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  1. Domestic
  2. Atlantic Beacon

Domestic Stations

Atlantic Beacon Index Turks and Caicos Index America Central

1570 kHz, South Caicos 23:10 23.11.86 17.01.87 55 days, QSL : brev kort mm v/s : Jerry Kiefer G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jan 87

Caribbean Christian R Index Turks and Caicos Index America Central

1020 kHz, Grand Turk 00:45 02.09.95 26.09.95 24 days, QSL : kort G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Sep 95
CARIBBEAN CHRISTIAN Radio - P.O.Box 200 - Grand Turk 1020 kHz - QSL in 60 dd, 1 USD sent S.Mannelli-I Webpage Jan 98

R Visión Cristiana Index Turks and Caicos Index America Central

532 kHz, South Caicos 01:50 03.09.95 05.10.95 32 days, QSL : kort handskrivet brev v/s : Wendell Seymour G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Okt 95
R Vision Cristiana 535 qsl-card rp : 1US $ 46 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Mrz 96
R Vision Cristiana - det. Karte Radio-Logo 535 kHz 1530 25.11.96 58 Tage, heard in Cabarette D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jan 97
Radio VISION CRISTIANA INTERNational - North End - South Caicos Islands 535 kHz - QSL in 52 dd, 1 USD sent v/s Wendell Seymour S.Mannelli-I Webpage Jan 98
R Vision Cristiana 530 card. B.Mjelde-NOR Norwegian DX News Mrz 98
R. Vision Cristiana / 530 kHz, 67 days, det. qsl-card / $, Sticker, Foto heard in Florida. W.Werb-D ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
R Vision Cristiana 530 qsl-card. O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-06 Jun 99
Radio VISION CRISTIANA 530 kHz QSL letter v/s : Peter Polanco, chief eng. 90d. NO IRC DXer R.Rodriguez, Colombia) QTH : North End, South Caicos (WRTH 99) R.Orlando Rodriguez R.-CLM Play-DX 1030 Jun 99
R Vision Cristiana* 535 kHz, n/d, rp : $1 - - days., heard in Dominican Republic G.Coles-G WDXC QSL Report Mai 00
R Vision Christiana 530 b k bro 120d. R.Torvik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-06 Jun 00
Turks and Caicos Islands 530 RVC South Caicos QSL card + letter + schedule in 25d after f/up. v/s: Vanessa (on card and letter) + David Gonzalez M., Program Manager (P.O. Box 2889, Miami, FL 33144 or 15485 Eagle Lane Suite 220, Miami Lakes, FL 33014) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2000-07 Jul 00
Radio Vision Cristiana International, 530 kHz, full data letter, v/s Peter Polanco - Chief Engineer, in 5 weeks, for taped report and IRC. This using the South Caicos addresss. J.Talbot-AB-CAN HCDX-ML Feb 01
R. Vision Cristiana / 530, 19 days, B, Sticker / $, SAE; geh. in DOM. D.Schulz-D ADDX 2001-06 Mrz 01
R. Vision Cristiana International, 530, F/D letter and tourist brochures in 28 days for report to North End, South Caicos Island. 1 USD. A.Lisowski-VA-USA direct to QIP Feb 02
530 - R. Vision Cristiana, South Caicos Island - 73 dias. Recebida carta QSL full data, indicando detalhes do transmissor e informando que os estúdios localizam-se na cidade de Paterson-NJ, e a programação é enviada ao centro emissor de Turks & Caicos através do satélite Galaxy 6. Além disso recebi um belo postal mostando as praias da ilha com saudação de próprio punho (no verso) do funcionário da emissora. Foi enviado um CD contendo gravação da programação captada além de uma carta em inglês. V/S: Wendell Seymour, Manager/ Technician. QTH: Radio Vision Cristiana, Technical Department, North End, South Caicos Island, Caribe OBS: Na carta QSL foi fornecido o seguinte e-mail p contato: C.Fernandes Lopes-MG-B radioecutas-ML Mai 03
530 kHz - R. Visión Cristiana - South Caicos. Recebida carta QSL full data e bonito postal. 26 dias. V/S: Wendell Seymour. Obs: IR enviado por e-mail: . QTH: Radio Visión Cristiana International 530 AM South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 165 Sep 03
530 Radio Vision Cristiana Int. Reporte enviado el 27 de Junio del 2003 Carta QSL recibida el 20 de septiembre del 2003 V/S:Wendell Seymur, Manager and Technician C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Conexion Digital 230 Sep 03
530 AM Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional, con transmisor en Turks & Caicos. Recibida Carta de verificacion. QTH:Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional PO BOX 2908, Paterson New Jersey 07509 Tel: (973) 881-8700 / 1130 Web: L.Paz-VEN Conexion Digital 248 Jan 04
R Vision Cristiana $1 530 kHz, f/dl 72 days, (heard in FL. USA. Sent PPC. Letter says that Studios and Offices are in New York) P.Gager-AUT BDXC-UK 2004-03 Mrz 04
530 kHz. Radio Visión Cristiana, G. South Caicos. Carta QSL, tarjeta postal. Verificó en 66 días. J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B Conexion Digital 285 Okt 04
R Vision Cristiana 530 e-post brev ste 8-10u v/s Wendell Seymour G.Fredheim-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05
R Vision Cristiana 530 e-post brev ste 8-10u v/s Wendell Seymour T.Nielsen-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05
530 kHz AM. Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional. Recibida carta QSL con datos completos V/S Wendell Seymour, Manager/Technician de la emisora, además incluyeron una tarjeta postal. Tardó en llegar 62 días y junto al informe de recepción se incluyó 1 IRC. En la carta QSL informan de algunos datos técnicos de la emisora: "Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional broadcast at a Power ouput of 40 kW into a single 485 foot antenna using a Nautel Brand Ampfet50, 50 kW AM Broadcast transmitter. This transmitter facility is located at the Northern end of South Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our main offices and studios are located in Paterson, New Jersey and our porgram audio is distributed via Galaxy 6 satellite." Dirección de la emisora, address: Radio Visión Cristiana International, 530 AM South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islandas, British West Indies, Zona del Caribe. M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Aug 05
R Vision Cristiana 530 e-post b 1-77 days, v/s Carol Lebron/Wendell Seymour J.Alvestad-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-02 Feb 06
R Vision Cristiana 530 e-post b 1-77 days, v/s Carol Lebron/Wendell Seymour T.Nyen-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-02 Feb 06
R Vision Cristiana 530 e-post b 1-77 days, v/s Carol Lebron/Wendell Seymour T.Woxen-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-02 Feb 06
R. Visión Cristiana Internacional 530 f/d e-mail in 4 weeks and form letter and postcard by regular mail in 11 weeks for a tape report. v/s Wendell Seymour A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Mrz 06
R Vision Cristiana US$ 5030 kHz, qsl-letter 57 days (v/s Peter Polanco) A.Schwegeler-D BDXC-UK 2006-11 Nov 06
R. Vision Cristiana, 530 kHz, e-mail verie in 31 days - a form letter arrived 20 days later, no IRC, v/s Wendell Seymour. (via D.Monferini-I) V.Korinek-AFS direct to QIP Jul 07
RVC South Caicos, 530 kHz. Verification letter and Christmas greeetings received in one day for an email to V/s Wendell Seymour. Not bad for my first Caribbean MW QSL. J.Pukila-ON-CAN direct to QIP Dez 07

SuperPower 1020 Index Turks and Caicos Index America Central

TURKS & CAICOS IS 1020 Caribbean Christian Radio Super Power 1020, f/d qsl card mailed in an envelope received in 45d for English report, tape recording of 4/18/05 DX test, and US$1. v/s:Ron Gitschier Jr, QSL Manager. Add: 68 Roxboro Dr, Palm Coast, FL 32164. P.Griffith-CO-USA DX-MidAmerica 2005-05 Mai 05
SuperPower 1020, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Is. BWI, UTC 2355, 16 April 2005, during DX Test. QSL card in about 6 weeks for reception report and return postage. Signed by Ron Gitscher in Florida who was qsl manager for the test. Second card from this station and third from T & C. R.C.Watts-KY-USA direct to QIP Jun 05
TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1020 Grand Turk (CCR) QSL card 42d. v/s: Ron Gitschier Jr., CCR QSL MGR, by direction of Jerry Keiffer, CE M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2005-06 Jun 05


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