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QSL Information Pages - Nicaragua (NCG)

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129494 km2
4918400 inhabitants
capital : Managua

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 63, FM 32, shortwave 1 (1998)

(Central America)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Nicaragua

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  1. Domestic
  2. La Voz de Nicaragua
  3. R Catolica
  4. R Corporacion

Domestic Stations

La Voz de Nicaragua Index Nicaragua Index America Central

5950 kHz, Managua 03.11.80 25.01.81 83 days, QSL : brev v/s : Eustasio Sanchez G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jan 81
La Voz de Nicaragua 5950 kHz, det. personal confirmation letter in 78 days, pennant, newspaper, info, v/s Rodolfo Garcia Gutierrez, Director Shortwave Dept. R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Apr 83

R Catolica Index Nicaragua Index America Central

Radio CATOLICA 720 kHz pers. letter n / d 150d. sent 1 US $ + italian stickers radio + postcard v/s : Lic. Alberto Carballo Madrigal, ger. gen. QTH : Apartado 2183, Managua. E-mail : catolica[ät] G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1031 Jul 99

R Corporacion Index Nicaragua Index America Central

Radio CORPORACION 540 kHz letter 5m. v/s : Martin Maltez Rivas, dir. QTH : Ciudad Jardin Q-20, Managua E-mail : rc540[ät] Web : G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1031 Jul 99

R Maranatha Index Nicaragua Index America Central

R Maranatha - det. PPC Vordruck 1440 kHz 1200 29.11.94 picked up personally, heard in Managua D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Nov 94

R Maria Index Nicaragua Index America Central

Radio Maria Nicaragua 1400 QSL : Received this e-mail from Radio Maria today: Sr.ole forr espero en Dios este bien de salud bueno hoy 25 del mes 11 recibimos su carta en donde nos cuenta de la señal de radio maria de nicaragua. para nosotros es un placer que este escuchandonos bueno lo invitamos a nuestro sito web que es usted podra conocer nuestras instalaciones y un poco de nicaragua en la web gracias por su carta y le contestaremos pronto. ing.Rafael Burgos. ing.camilo torres O.Forr-NOR Nov 02
R Maria, Managua 1400 e-post, Ser man på! Montro om det blir noe svar på de to andre karene som hørte stasjonen akkurat samtidig...? T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-01 Jan 03
YNRG R Maria, Managua 1400 e-post Yer ed greide å sette feil signatur på denne i forrige nummer, men Ole var altså rett mann. Tore venter vel fortsatt, eller hva? O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-02 Mrz 03
R Maria, Managua 1400 e-post Joda, Tore har også fått svar, jfr. de to fore-gående spaltene. Så spørs det med Geir, kanskje du må overvinne din motvilje mot e-post QSL for å få denne i permen, OM? T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-03 Apr 03

R Matagalpa Index Nicaragua Index America Central

Radio MATAGALPA 1330 kHz letter 120d. Sent 1$ + Italian stickers. SIGNED: T.GERMAN ALFARO Director. QTH : MATAGALPA, NICARAGUA. G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1107 Apr 01

R Miskut Index Nicaragua Index America Central

5770 kHz, Puerto Cabezas 23:10 03.04.93 22.06.93 80 days, QSL : 2-sidig stencil v/s : Evaristo Mercado Pérez director G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jun 93
R Miskut - det. Brief Brief 5770 kHz 0830 04.12.94 204 Tage, heard in Managua D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jun 95
R. Miskut, 5770. Full-data letter from director, Sr. Evaristo Mercado Perez, in six months for taped rpt and greenbacks for rp. He says they usually run 1Kw but at present they're only at 500 watts. Very happy with this reply. D.Sharp-FL-USA Jihad DX 54 Okt 95
R. Miskut FD letter VIA Air Mail in 48 days for SS report, $ 1 plus MS. v/s Evaristo Mercado Perez, Director de Operacion y Programas. They asked me if I knew -un amigo oyente internacional de nombre John Freeman de Carolina del norte.- Glad to have this one in the bag before they leave SW. [John Freeman is the fella, Ibelieve, who recently visited the station and helped them with their tx. (Johnson)] C.Rippel-USA Cumbre DX 072 Feb 96
R. Miskut (5770) verified by letter after nearly 3 years and one follow-up in 2/96. The Director, Senor Evaristo Mercado Perez, told me that the original report never arrived. The Tx is a 1 kW ITT Macka y and the antenna a Telex Hi-Gain 1903 wire dipole, mounted horizontally in a height of 40 feet. W.Passmann-D Cumbre DX 090 Jun 96
Radio Miskut, 5770, personal letter in 132 days from v/s Evaristo Mercado Perez, Director de Operacion y Programas. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Cumbre DX 097 Aug 96
R. Miskut on 5770 kHz, pers. letter + certificado sintonia f /d. v/s Evaristo Mercado Perez, director. 1st report did not arrived. F / up QSL in 140 days. Sent 1 USD in 1st report. v/s ASKING FOR DONATION AL LEAST FOR 20 USD IN MONEY TO MAKE BETTER THE NEXT YEAR 14th ANNIVERSARY OF Radio MISKUT, 9 JANUARY 1997. SENDIND GREETINGS TO.- INOVIDABLE Y GRAN AMIGO GIUSSEPPE ZELA YA TENGO RATO DE NO SABER NADA DE EL.- QTH : R. Miskut, Puerto Cabezas (via Play DX 911 Nov.25 1996) B.Gornati-I TFW Nov 96
R Miskut 5770 letter. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News Apr 97
Radio Miskut 5770 f/d letter in 135 days after 2nd SS taped f / up and $ 1.00. v/s : Evaristo Mercado Perez - Director. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 192 Mai 98
5770 R. Miskut Full data letter in 5 months for a fresh report in Spanish sent via registered mail and $ 2.00. My original report from 2 years ago, and subsequent follow-ups, were never answered. The v/s Sr. Evaristo Mercado Perez mentions that in June 1998 they received a 1 kW amplifier for shortwave due to the generosity of John Freeman. G.Maroti-NY-USA Cumbre DX 223 Jan 99
5770 R. Miskut sent full-data personal letter (in Spanish) apologizing for the long delay in responding, from v/s Evaristo Mercado Perez, Director. He mentions that sometime after the first of the year they'll be installing a Henry 3kW short wave transmitter that he hopes will result in better reception; he says this transmitter, and the station's FM equipment, were donated by Mr. John Freeman of the United States. Received in 10 1 / 2 months for a Spanish report, cassette tape and $ 1. Address : Radio Miskut, Puerto Cabezas, R.A.A.N. (Region Autonoma del Atlantico Norte), Nicaragua. R.Stewart-MO-USA Cumbre DX 223 Jan 99
R. Miskut / 5770 kHz 42 days detailed pers. B / s, Foto, Sticker; v/s Evaristo Mercado Perez, Director. W.Werb-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-06 Mrz 99
Radio Miskut : Heute kam nach einer Wartezeit von über zwei (!) Jahren ein detaillierter QSL-Brief von Radio Miskut (Nicaragua) an. Aktueller v/s ist Osorno Coleman Salomón, Director y Presidente. Also ran, wer das Land noch nicht bestätigt hat ! J.Waga-D A-DX-ML Aug 00
I received a QSL letter from R.Miskut. 5770 kHz Radio Miskut 57 days for 2US$. f/d friendly letter, signed by Sr.Lic. Evaristo Mercado Perez, Director de R.Miskut. The letter was talking about a Mr. T. Hirahara. Y.Uemura-J direct to QIP Dez 02

R Sandino Index Nicaragua Index America Central

750 MW, YNX, R. Sandino, ppc enclosed in Xmas card in only 6,981 days (19.1 years) for 1981 log. Actually, 25 mos. from one and only follow-up sent in Nov 1998. v/s Lic. Roberto Corea Gonzales, Administrativo Financiero, at WRTH address for YNRS-740. Never give up! J.Wilkins-CO-USA Numero Uno 1613 Jan 01

Relayed Stations or Programs

Vo America (NCG) Index Nicaragua Index America Central

VoA via R. Miskut 5770,00 kHz, 1 US-$, Report in Englisch, 52 Tage, K, via QSL-Desk Details : ja A.Schwegeler-D EAWRC Bulletin 288 Mai 01

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