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QSL Information Pages - Mexico (MEX)

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1972550 km2
101879200 inhabitants
capital : Ciudad de México

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 865, FM about 500, shortwave 13 (1999)

(Central America)

Last update for this page :
Sonntag, 17. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Mexico

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  1. Domestic
  2. BCN
  3. Candela FM
  4. R Globo
  5. R Huayacocotla
  6. R Monitor
  7. R Unam
  8. R Universidad
  9. R Univ Nac de México
  10. R Univ Baja California
  11. XE000
  12. XEAI
  13. XEAZ
  14. XEB
  15. XEBACH
  16. XEBI
  17. XEBS / R Sinfonola
  18. XECF / La Mexicana
  19. XECL / La Rockola
  20. XECS
  21. XECT / La Morena
  22. XECU
  23. XEDM
  24. XEDTL
  25. XEEP / R Educación
  26. XEEX / R Formula
  27. XEFC
  28. XEFR / R Felicidad
  29. XEFTA
  30. XEFW

Domestic Stations

BCN Index Mexico Index America Central

1700 Mexico, Tecate, BCN, rec. e mail QSL back in 2d for e mail report. V/S: Bill Lipis-CE . e mail address: P.Martin-OR-USA mwoz-ML Sep 06

Candela FM Index Mexico Index America Central

CANDELA FM Mérida 6104.7 kHz, Cartolina QSL e lettera in 57 giorni. RP: 1$. QTH: Grupo Sistema RASA Comunicación - Edificio Publicentro - Calle 62 No. 508 altos x 63 y 65 - 97001 Mérida. V/s: Ariadne Gallardo. Spedito CD MP3. Come per BBC Southern Counties-BBC Wiltshire, all'emittente hanno ascoltato il CD MP3 e hanno confermato l'ascolto perché, pur ammettendo la scarsità del segnale, hanno riconosciuto la voce dello speaker in onda quella notte (ora locale del Messico). Un altro esempio del buon vecchio "true (Play) DX spirit". L.Botto Fiora-I Jul 10

R Globo Index Mexico Index America Central

Radio GLOBO 590 kHz letter pers. 120d. v/s : Lic. Jose Ignacio Miranda Rodriguez, dir. gen. QTH : Rosales Y Elias, Calles Edificio Cremi Pitic, Despacho 4005, CP 83000 Hermosillo, Sonora. E-mail : uniradhm[ät] Rpt via E-mail welcomed (hrd in México, Dec 97) G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 0984 Jun 98

R Huayacocotla Index Mexico Index America Central

2390 Radio Huayacocotla partial data letter in 93 days for a Spanish report and $ 1.00. v/s : Martha Silvia Ortiz Lopez - Coordinadora. This verie obtained with the help of Jeff White and attendees of the Mexican DXers Convention in Veracruz. Jeff took a batch of Mexican reception reports to the convention with him, and distributed them to convention attendees, who delivered my reports direct to the stations, or mailed them from within México. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 163 Nov 97
2390 Radio Huayacocotla; full-detail prepared card, signed and stamped with great looking station seal by Martha Silvia Ortiz Lopez, Coord. Also received informative letter and flyer. Power listed as 500 watts. This in 30 days after a follow-up report, 11 months total. I included a self-addressed stamped envelope, which was used. S.Martin-CA-USA Cumbre DX 164 Nov 97
2390, R. Huayacocotla, no-data ltr and photocopy of articles on human rights for Indians; in 38 days, v/s Martha Silvia Ortiz Lopez. (RNM) S.Yamada-J Numero Uno 1485 Jul 98
2390, R. Huayacocotla, "Certificado de Sintonia," full-data confirmation on an A4 sheet of paper showing artwork of a Mexican farmer holding a microphone, with local musicians and families in a rural scene. Also incl. a lovely letter in SP from Pedro Ruperto Albino (Coordinator) who also runs one of the mx prgms. Power of 500 watts is restricted by the govt and can't be increased; they rarely get intl rpts from lstnrs. Stn has been in operation for 38 years. Also included CD of mx from the region. All this came in a padded post bag with nice stamps on the front. For rcpn on July 26; I included US$2. (via J.Berg in DXplorer-ML) ?.Wagner-OZ EDXP-ML Dez 03
2390, Radio Huayacocotla, Full data QSL letter in Spanish and a music CD of "Trios Huastecos" for a Spanish postal report, $2.00 and an audio CD of my reception. Received after 4.5 months. v/s Pedro Ruperto Albino. G.Maroti-NY-USA direct to QIP Apr 04

R Monitor Index Mexico Index America Central

R Monitor, Mexico City 1560 e-post T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-06 Okt 05

R Unam Index Mexico Index America Central

9600 RADIO UNAM. QSL-Certificado de Sintonia, V/S Teofilo Huerta Moreno. Departamento de Planeacion. Incluyendo hermosa agenda universitaria 2007. por el 70 aniversario de la emisora. Demoro 78 dias, informe y archivo de audio enviado R.Rodriguez R.-CLM ConDig 416 Apr 07
Radio UNAM 9600 kHz, Full data logo card and 2 CDs of classical Mexican music in 3 Months for $1. V/S Teofilo Huerta Moreno J.M.Fisher-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 07

R Universidad Index Mexico Index America Central

[No, Mexico is correct. I meant 6045, not 6105.] 6105, Radio Universidad verified with a no data verification letter received in 32 days from v/s L.C.C. Ma. Leticia Zavala Pérez, Coordinadora General de Radio Universidad indicating the power was 250 watts into an inverted antenna. The letter notes that in addition to shortwave, the station also operates on 88.5 FM and 1460 medium wave. Although the verie signer said there was a present with the reply, there was a hole in the envelope so I presume the pen "slipped out" in transit. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 04
6045 R Universidad n/d ltr & pen in 18 ds after f/up v/s LCC Ma. Leticia Zavala Perez S.Paszkiewicz-WI-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 04

R Universidad Nac de México Index Mexico Index America Central

9600, Radio Universidad Nacional de México verified with a full data two-page personal letter in 29 days for a follow-up report from v/s Ing. Miguel Angelo Gonzalez Lopez, Subdirector de Ingenieria who also sent two nice stickers. I now have all the -Universidad's- verified. I'll have to check NASWA to see if they have an award for this accomplishment, hi ! R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Cumbre DX 063 Dez 95

R Universidad, Baja California Index Mexico Index America Central

Radio Universidad, Universiad Autonoma de Baja California 1630, full data verie letter & 81 / 2 x 11 'Certicicado de Sintonia' sheet, with decals and nice wall poster in 60 days from v/s Martha Adriana Marquez. Address : U.A.B.C.-Radio Universidad 283 Paulin Avenue P.O. Box MSC 5163 Calexico, California 92231-2646 USA E.Kusalik-AB-CAN CIDX QSL Column 2001-02 Feb 01

XE000 Index Mexico Index America Central

XEOOO - R. Pirata / 1050 kHz, 19days, qsl-letter in SS, qsl-letter in EE, Stickers, Coverage Map / Foto, Sticker, $ (returned), heard in Florida. W.Werb-D ADDX-Kurier 1998-21 Nov 98

XEAI Index Mexico Index America Central

I just received a nice reply from XEAI-Radio Formula, México City with a pcc and personal letter from v/s Ing. Isaac Castillo L., Technical Manager. This was for a taped report from 1998 when I heard them on 1500 kHz. XEAI is now on 1470 while 1500 in another Radio Formula station XEDF. This reply came with the great assistance of Mexican DXer Ernesto Hernandez who delivered my report in person for me after a couple of f/ups to the station. I am very pleased with this reply and Ernesto's help. Isn't this what the hobby is all about. M.Delmage-AB-CAN HCDX-ML Mrz 01
1470 XEAI MÉXICO DF, sent e-F/up, received F/D email 20min. v/s: José Pablo Coello, <jcoello (a)> M.Molano-E mwdx-ML Mai 10

XEAZ Index Mexico Index America Central

Radio Zeta 13 XEAZ 1270 kHz Letter + Stickers 32d. NO IRC. QTH: Avenida Baja California 1310, Zona Norte, Tijuana.BC. e-mail:radiozeta13[ät] (HRD in USA) B.Gornati-I Play-DX 1163 Jul 02

XEB Index Mexico Index America Central

XEB La letter Grande, México 1220 email 10 weeks A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News Feb 98
XEB : Well, after first sending them a reception report in 1976, and in subsequent years, I've finally eked a QSL out of XEB ! This time I sent an e-mail report to the following address and received a prompt reply by way of a friendly Guadalupe Hurtado Treviqo, Gte. E : The reply came by airmail post from the following s-mail addr : Mayorazgo No. 83, Col. Xoco, CP 03330, México DF. P.Ormandy-NZL AMDX 4-16 Jul 98
XEB La qsl-letter Grande, México 1220 qsl-card qsl-letter A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 1998-07 Aug 98
XEB 1220 kHz NO QSL reply after 10 years tentatives and F / ups (20, twenty) They sent a bloddy reception report form ! Hi ! D.Taylor-G Play-DX 0988 Aug 98
LA GRANDE 'B' XEB 1220 kHz BIG QSL card multicolored + pers. letter NO IRC, after 10 years tentatives and final 'strong' F/up in 8d. [what did you sent ? nitro or koke ? ? Hi ! Dxed] v/s : Guadeloupe Hurtado Trevino, gerente (is a lady) QTH : Mayorazgo 83, Col. Xoco, 03330 México, DF D.Taylor-G Play-DX 0995 Okt 98
XEB 1220 kHz sent a second verification and a beautiful giant poster of a live show photograph in 1942, with a wall pennant of XEB, this is the oldest photo of a pennant ever seen documentated. D.Taylor-G Play-DX 0997 Okt 98
XEB 1220 kHz LA GRANDE B DE México pers. letter + QSL card 90d. signed : Mrs. Guadalupe Hurtado Trevinto, gerente QTH : Mayorango 83, Col. Xoco, MEX-03330 México DF. C.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1043 Nov 99
1220 XEB México, México D.F., a real surprise today when I got home from work to find a "Federal Express" pack from XEB! I sent my taped report out registered which cost me $9. Received a very nice letter in SS in 21d. v/s: Sra. Guadalupe Hurtado Trevino and Lic. Santiago Ibarra Ferrer, Gerente de XEB La "B" Grande de México. Adddress: Mayorazgo #83, Col. Xoco, 03330 México D.F., México. I am very pleased with this. In the 40 years I have DXed MW, this is only my 27th QSL from México. México & Hawaiian QSLs both in one day! P.Martin-OR-USA HCDX-ML Sep 02
XEB La B Grande, Mexico DF 1220 e-post, v/s Jesus Flores y Escalante, Gerente J.Alvestad-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-08 Nov 05

XEBACH Index Mexico Index America Central

540 XEBACH TJUANA, BCN, México-rec. vf in 11d from : Tom White-CE. Address : C / O P.O. Box 250028, 1500 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90025. P.Martin-OR-USA AMDX-NL Dez 98

XEBI Index Mexico Index America Central

790 XEBI, Aguascalientes. Amistosa carta QSL y dos adhesivos remitidos por el Ing. Alfredo Rivas Godoy, Director General de la emisora, quien tambien le conto a nuestro colaborador que la XEBI es una de las mas antiguas emisoras de México, habiendo sido establecida en Sept. 1936. Paul agradece al colega Henrik Klemetz por proveerle la ID de esta emisora. P.Ormandy-NZL Conexion Digital 225 Aug 03
XEBI 790kHz, Aguascalientes. Friendly VL and two stickers from Ing. Alfredo Rivas Godoy, Dir Gen who also said that XEBI is one of the oldest stations in México, having been established in Sept 1936. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz for originally providing the id on this one. P.Ormandy-NZL Dxplorer-ML Aug 03

XEBS / R Sinfonola Index Mexico Index America Central

XEBS R Sinfonola 1410 letter. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News Mai 98

XECF / La Mexicana Index Mexico Index America Central

XECF La Mexicana, Los Mochis 1410 e-post v/s Aracely Arembura B.Mjelde-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-05 Sep 05
XECF La Mexicana, Los Mochis 1410 e-post, v/s Arecely Arambula J.Alvestad-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-01 Jan 06
XECF La Mexicana, Los Mochis 1410 e-post v/s Aracely Arambula Arambula A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05
XECF La Mexicana, Los Mochis 1410 e-post v/s Aracely Arambula Arambula O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05

XECL / La Rockola Index Mexico Index America Central

XECL "La Rockola 990", Mexicali 990 kHz, heard: 1.1.2005, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XECS Index Mexico Index America Central

XECS 690 kHz Manzanillo letter - sticker + calendar 43d. v/s : Guillermo Gonzales, eng. (Trelford, USA in Confirmed DXer, DX News NRC, Vol. 65, n. 25, April 98, USA) ?.Trelford-USA Play-DX 0986 Jun 98

XECT / La Morena Index Mexico Index America Central

XECT 'Morena', Monterrey 1190 kHz, heard: 28.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XECU Index Mexico Index America Central

XECU 1450 Los Mochis, Mexico. Full data prepared form from Ing. Gamaliel Robles C, in 34 days for SASE. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2005-08 Aug 05

XEDM Index Mexico Index America Central

1579,98 kHz, Hermosillo Sonora 03:20 20.09.94 23.11.94 64 days, ' La Grande de Sonora', QSL : brev vykort dekaler v/s : Reyna Isabel Banuelos V Gerente Administrativo G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Nov 94

XEDTL Index Mexico Index America Central

XEDTL México C, 660 kHz - after several follow-ups to a 1996 report, finally an e-mail VL from Miguel Fernandez A., Dir de Ingenieria del IMER, (jvictom12[ät] P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Sep 02

XEEP / R Educación Index Mexico Index America Central

XEEP R Educacion, México DF 1060 card information div. B.Mjelde-NOR Norwegian DX News Mrz 98
XEEP 1060 kHz QSL card + stickers + flag mexican + calendars 1997 + newspaper + letter + more leaflats. Sent 1 US $ with follow up.v/s : not readable (sorry), on calendar Director : Luis Ernesto Pi Orozco. QTH : Angel Urraza 622, Col. Del Vale 03100 D.Taylor-G Play-DX 0988 Aug 98
DF 1060 XEEP Mexico City QSL card + info/technical card (100kw) + schedule 878d. v/s: Mtra. Lidia Camacho Camacho, Director General (Angel Urraza 622, Col. del Valle, México D.F., C.P. 3100) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2004-03 Mrz 04

XEEX / R Formula Index Mexico Index America Central

XEEX "Radio Formula", Culiacan 1230 kHz, heard: 28.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEFC Index Mexico Index America Central

XEFC 1090 kHz MERIDA, letter + CD, signed by ING. GUILLERMO FARFAN CERVERA (Jefe del Dept.Tecnico) QTH : CALLE 62 n°465, MERIDA, YUCATAN C.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1085 Okt 00

XEFR / R Felicidad Index Mexico Index America Central

XEFR R Felicidad, DF 1180 kHz, heard: 28.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEFTA Index Mexico Index America Central

Just received an e-mail QSL for XEFTA 770kHz, for an e-mail follow-up to a written report from April. The v/s is: Matías A. Navarro Yamuni. mnavarro[ät] Director Técnico. P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Nov 01

XEFW Index Mexico Index America Central

XEFW-810, Tampico. P/d letter in a little over 3 months for SS rpt and $1.00. V/s: Lic. Sergio Luis Ayala Diaz - Director de Operaciones. After numerous f/ups went unanswered, I had this latest rpt mailed from within Mexico by a friend visiting there. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA direct to QIP Okt 06

XEG / LVd Norteamerica Index Mexico Index America Central

XEG La Voz de Norteamerica, Monterrey 1050 card letter 14 days A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News Jan 97
XEG La Voz de Norteamerica, Monterrey 1050 card letter 14 days R.Torvik-NOR Norwegian DX News Jan 97
XEG LV de Norte America 1120 card. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News Mai 98
XEG 940 kHz México City letter + sticker + QSL card + pennant + info 27d. v/s : Ing. Manuel Angel Barrientos V., tech. dir. after 6 F / ups ! (in Confirmed DXer, DX News NRC, Vol. 65, n. 25, April 98, USA) J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Play-DX 0986 Jun 98
1050 kHz, Monterrey NL 04:10 19.12.98 09.02.99 52 days, QSL : kort och brev v/s : Teofilo Bichara Zimeri G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Feb 99
NL 1050 XEG Monterrey letter + QSL card in 14d after f/up. v/s: Lic. Bernardo Bichara Kawas, Director General (Apartado Postal 118 C.P. 64000, Monterrey, N.L. México) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2000-09 Sep 00
XEG Monterrey 1050 k O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-03 Apr 03
XEG La Ranchera 1050 e-post, v/s Adrian Pena, Gerente de Programacion J.Alvestad-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-07 Okt 05
XEG La Ranchera, Moterrey 1050 e-post m/ videohilsen og mange fotos, v/s Roberto Galicia, Eng. Chief O.-J.Sagdahl-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-02 Feb 06

XEGEM Index Mexico Index America Central

XEGEM Metepec 1600 kHz. FD QSL letter for SS report & US$, v/s Lic. Edgardo Benitez Calada, Director de Radio Mexiquense, Av Estado de Mexico, km 1.5 Fracc. La Viregn, Metepec, Mexico (CE) C.Edwards-NT-AUS direct to QIP Jan 06

XEHB Index Mexico Index America Central


XEJAZ Index Mexico Index America Central

540 XEJAZ México, Tijuana, rec. vf in 6d. v/s : Tom White-Director of Eng. Address : P.O. Box 250028, Los Angeles CA 90025 P.Martin-OR-USA HCDX-ML Jan 01

XEJJR / La Encantadora Index Mexico Index America Central

XEJJR "La Encantadora", Los Mochis 770 kHz, heard: 3.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEJN / R Huayacocotla Index Mexico Index America Central

R.Huayacocotla, Huaiacocotla, 2390 kHz f/d letter enclosed broadcasting phone with mp3 file in 106 days. v/s: Pedro Ruperto Albino, coordinador. H.Yokoi-JPN direct to QIP Mai 03
XEJN- Radio Huayacocotla, Veracruz, México 2390, f/d paper card in 5.5 months for Sp. report, $1.00, SASE (used). V/s Pedro Ruperto Albino, Coordinadar. G.Myers-FL-USA CDX-ML Jun 03

XEKAM / R Formula Index Mexico Index America Central

XEKAM 950 kHz Radio Formula, Tijuana. Laconico e-mail 62d.V/s: David Parente Director e-mail: david.parente[ät] (Hrd in USA, Baja California, august 2001) B.Gornati-I Play-DX 1163 Jul 02

XEKB Index Mexico Index America Central

XEKB 1410 kHz Guadalajara. f /d verie letter via registered mail from Ing. Daniel Arturo Martinez Orozco, Gerente General, in 44 days for $ 1 US, which was returned. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX QSL Column 2000-03 Mrz 00

XEM Index Mexico Index America Central

XEM 850 kHz e-mail letter V/s: Miguel Alfredo Alvarez Gerente de Operaciones e-mail: alvarez_taboada[ät] QTH : Radio Exitos Calle Novena 120, Secundo piso, Colonia Centro, MEX-31000. The station manager said in the reply they will print soon a PENNANT-BANDERIN. (march 2002??) (HRD in USA) B.Gornati-I Play-DX 1163 Jul 02

XEMO Index Mexico Index America Central

XEMO La Poderosa Tijuana 860 letter 3sti f/up. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99
860 XEMO México, BCN, Tijuana, rec. very nice vl in SS in 40d for taped report. Also ent " La Poderosa " bumper sticker. v/s : Sergio Golarle Quiros, Gerente de promociones. Address : XEMO, Grupo Uniradio, Gral. Manuel Marquez de Leon No. 950 Zona Rio, Tijuana BCN 22320, México. P.Martin-OR-USA HCDX-ML Dez 00
860 XEMO Tijuana f/d ppc in 43d after f/u. v/s: Ricardo Astiazaran, GM T.Palmersheim-MT-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-05 Mai 02
XEMO 860 kHz 5 kW e-mail letter V/s: Oscar Arreola Magana chief Engineer (un PO XEMO.) e-mail for reports : amoh70[ät] (HRD in USA) B.Gornati-I Play-DX 1163 Jul 02

XEMVS Index Mexico Index America Central

XEMVS 820 kHz e-mail MESSAGE signed by PABLO BRIZUELA (DIRECTOR) e-mail: PABLOBRIZUELA[ät]USA.NET Web : http://WWW.MVS.COM.MX G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1175 Nov 02

XENK Index Mexico Index America Central

XENK- Radio 6.20 - Mexico D.F. Personal letter via registered mail in 2 months after f/up for October 2006 reception from Ma. Guadalupe Laris Rodriguez, Gerente. Also included stickers, a lapel pin, web info and a CD of music from the station. Gerente Rodriguez said they never received my original report even though it was also sent registered mail. The f/up was mailed from Cozumel by a friend who was visiting there. Address used was Radio 6.20, S.A., Aten: Lic. Guadalupe Laris Rodríguez, Calle Durango #331; Colonia Roma., México, DF 06700, MÉXICO J.Pogue-TN-USA direct to QIP Mrz 07

XENU Index Mexico Index America Central

XENU LA RANCHERITA 1550 kHz Nuevo Laredo v/s : Carolina Irenne Villareal De Noguez, president in 2 years. 9m. letter No F / up. O.Alm-S Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
XENU 1550 kHz Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Brief e-mail verie text with promise of QSL on station letterhead. 30 months after posted report, 3 months after e-mail follow-up. v/s Sergio Korlowksy, Head Engineer, Organizacion Radiorama. e-mail addr : P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Sep 00
XENU 1550 kHz Nuevo Laredo. F/D QSL sheet and sticker from affiliated FM station in 32 days from Ing. Jose G. Avedillo for $1 U.S. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2005-04 Apr 05
1550 XENU LA RANCHERITA, Nuevo Laredo, finally received a replay for this Feb.2008 dx! after s-mail report, two s-f/ups and two more e-f/ups unanswered, the third one was the good!: email QSL in 2h. v/s: Ing. Ernesto Castro Vallejo, Depto. de Operaciones, ecastro (a) M.Molano-E mwdx-ML Jun 10

XEOI / R Mil Index Mexico Index America Central

Radio Mil-México City, 6010, personal SS letter in 3 weeks on third try for a SS report w / SAE (used) from Zoila Quintanar Flores. Also sent wallet calendars, bumper sticker and a -Gracias Por No Fumar- decal ! (Lobdell) C.Lobdell-MA-USA Cumbre DX 073 Feb 96
6010,03 kHz, México DF 08:40 08.01.94 24.02.97 29 days, QSL : brev+dekaler v/s : Zoila Quintanar Flores Ny rapport : 26.01.97 G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Feb 97
R Mil 6010 letter (pm). T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News Apr 97
R Mil 6010 letter 2 stickers 3 weeks v/s Zoila Quintanar Flores A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News Jun 97
6010 XEOI Radio Mil QSL letter, stickers, schedule in 83 days. v/s Zoila Quintanar Flores. Address : Colonia Florida, México DF, México. N.Eramo-ARG Cumbre DX 154 Sep 97
6010 Radio Mil Letter verified in just 20 days for $ 1. A.K.A 'Nucleo Radio Mil'. Also sent me two cool station Stickers. Signer is Zoila Quintanar Flores. They also have an E-mail address inform[ät] (I'm not quite sure they use a logo of a jumping first I thought it was from some MW Aussie station. I Wish ! T.Messer-WI-USA Cumbre DX 164 Nov 97
R.Mil on 6010, fd letter after f/up (did not get my original rpt), v/s Zoila Quintana Flores, in 1 year and 7 months (DSWCI SWN Nov 97) P.Cody-IRL TFW 043 Nov 97
XEOI R.Mil on 6010, letter QSL, v/s Zoila Quintanar Flores, in 30 days (Play DX # 958 Nov 24) J.Manolo Cabrera Perez-CNR TFW 044 Nov 97
R Mil 6010 fl no r.postage 570 days, v/s : Zoila Quintana Flores. P.Cox-G WDXC QSL Report Nov 97
6010 XEOI Radio Mil Next month, Radio Mil will have a new QSL card. It will be sent to all who send correct reports to this postal address : XEOI Radio Mil, Apartado Postal 21-1000, 04021-México, D.F., México. H.G.Bojorge-MEX Cumbre DX 170 Dez 97
XEOI : I have been informed by Ivan Lopez Alegria of the NDXC that Radio Mil is planning to separate their shortwave outlet from their mediumwave for a few hours, with special programming for shortwave that would include letters from listeners and another program about DXing. They are asking for letters and reception reports. P.Sedano-E Cumbre DX 170 Dez 97
R.Mil on 6010, friendly pd letter, sticker, v/s Zoila Quintanar Flores in 4 weeks after f/up. (DSWCI SWN # 12 Dec 97) H.Kuhl-D TFW 046 Dez 97
R. Mil, 6010 Nice f/d card, pers letter, sticker, infos 150d (1 $). v/s illegible. Two months later a letter, bumper-sticker and CD through DHL courier service ! v/s then Edilberto Huesca Perrotin, Director General Asociado M.Elbe-D direct to QIP Jan 98
Radio Mil, México City. f /d 2 page letter for their mediumwave outlet, but the letter advises that they have a new QSL card for reports on their SW outlet (6010 kHz), and that the following address should be used for reception reports, which is different from that listed in WRTH and Passport : Apartado Postal 21-1000, 04021, México, D.F., México. v/s : Julian Santiago - Seccion DX. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 204 Aug 98
XEOI Radio Mil 6010, card, letter, schedules, sticker J.Lehtinen-FIN HCDX-ML Aug 98
As a result of the advice of the Encuentro DX group, R. Mil, 6010, has started sending out its first QSL cards, and continues plans to separate SW programming from MW. XEQM, 6105, which simulcasts Candela FM, has started replying to all reports with a QSL card and plans to increase power (RIB via Hauser) ? RIB Cumbre DX 211 Okt 98
R.Mil on 6010, 2 QSL cards (1 in English & 1 in Spanish), letter, schedules, sticker, v/s Julian Santiago, in 20 days for 1 IRC & photo (hrd in Texas / DSWCI SWN # 10/98) A.Petersen-DNK TFW 071 Okt 98
Radio MIL XEOI 6010 kHz QSL card new one very nice 20d. NO IRC v/s : " seccion DX ". QTH : Apartado Postal 21, 1000 México, DF 04021. M.Angel Rocha-MEX Play-DX 0997 Okt 98
Radio Mil 6010, f /d " Beautiful multi-coloured logo card ", personal letter and stickers in 3 weeks for a SS report and US $ 1. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 1999-02 Feb 99
R Mil 6010 qsl-card, $ 1 60 days. P.Cody-IRL WDXC QSL Report Feb 99
Radio Mil (6010 kHz) antwortete am gleichen Tag auf ein e-mail follow-up eines RR vom 11.01.99. Angekündigt wurde nicht nur eine baldige QSL-Karte, sondern auch Promo-Material (CD ?), außerdem wurde die verspätete Antwort bedauert. Wenn nur alle Sender so reagieren würden. E.Gehrig-E ADXB-OE-ML Apr 99
6010.7 kHz. Radio MIL-XEQI [XEOI - QIP], Apartado Postal 21-1000, 04021 México 21, D.F. Tarjeta QSL, carta personal, folletos, formularios de informe de recepcion, calcomania. Contesto en 25 dias. A.L.Slaen-ARG Conexion Digital 016 Aug 99
QSL 6010 R.Mil Yes, even two QSLs. After 5 months a beautiful card, letter and promo material. v/s unreadable, but it came from " Seccion DX ". And 2 months later a personal letter through DHL courier service from Edilberto Huesca Perrotin, Director General Asociado, along with a bumper sticker and a CD celebrating Cuarto Aniversario of " Morena FM 89.7 ", a station belonging to the Nucleo Radio Mil Network. Perhaps it helps to send the reports to Seccion DX ? M.Elbe-D HCDX-ML Apr 00
Radio Mil is a very common reception here in Spain, however, I have not logged the station in the last three weeks or so. Maybe it's inoperative due to some technical problems. Radio Mil is hard to QSL, I have tried it several times within the past three years, I have sent follow-up reports by snail and e-mail, I have even been promised a QSL card and free publicity gifts by station personnel, however, I never got anything. I think Martin Elbe received a QSL card from Radio Mil a year or so ago. E.Gehrig-E HCDX-ML Apr 00
QSL-Karte von Radio Mil : Mit dieser QSL-Karte hatte ich schon eigentlich nicht mehr gerechnet : heute kam ein dicker Umschlag von Radio Mil (6010 kHz) mit f/d QSL, Stationsaufkleber, Sendeplan und persönlichem Brief unterzeichnet von Julián Santiago Díez de Bonilla, in welchem er sich für die lange Laufzeit (532 Tage) entschuldigt. Begründet wurde diese mit einigen Umstrukturierungen innerhalb des Senders. Zukünftige Empfangsberichte sollen schneller beantwortet werden. Der Brief enthielt auch eine Einladung zum 6. DXer-Treffen im August in Oaxaca, México (leider bißchen weit von hier). E.Gehrig-E A-DX-ML Jun 00
6010 Radio Mil, XEOI heard 14 December 1999 at 0454- 0502. Air Mail response in 190 days with personal letter inviting me to the DX meeting scheduled for 6 August in Oaxaca, México, and QSL in English, plus a conference schedule, broadcast schedule, reception report form, and sticker all in Spanish, in reply to my DX Report in Spanish + $1.00 + 10 U.S. stamps + Santa Fe postcard. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 301 Jun 00
I received today from XEOI Radio Mil (6010 kHz) f/d QSL, broadcasting schedule, sticker, and personal letter apologizing for the delay in replying to my reception report of 11 Jan 99. v/s Julián Santiago Díez de Bonilla. Along with the letter came an invitation to participate in the sixth Dxer's meeting in Oaxaca, 4-6 August 2000. E.Gehrig-E HCDX-ML Jun 00
Today I received a very colourful Radio Mil " Globe / Logo / Onda Corta " f /d card, personal letter, schedule, sticker and report form in 547 days for a taped report from v/s J.S. Diez ?. Also received info about the upcoming Mexican DX convention to be held in Oaxaco in August. BTW : the letter was dated June 30, 2000 so never say never. M.Delmage-AB-CAN HCDX-ML Jul 00
6010, XEOI, R. Mil, artful and colorful card, full-data on back; also sticker, nice personal ltr, sked, rpt form, invitation to DX mtng. v/s Julian Santiago Diez de Bonilla. In 8 mos. for taped rpt. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1585 Jul 00
R Mil 6010 kHz, f/d card, rp : $1 241 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Jul 00
Radio Mil 6010, f /d " Multi-color logo " card, personal letter, schedule, report form, sticker and DX Convention invite in 20 months. [Allan says " This is XEOI's second reply to the same report ! " Better two than none, hi ! (md)] A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2000-09 Sep 00
XEOI R Mil 6010 Brief und Sticker sowie Info im 3. Anlauf nach 400 Tagen für Dolores (sorry Dolares) J.Stiller-D direct to QIP Mrz 01
Radio Mil / México : Radio Mil antwortete nach 3 Monaten mit einem n/d Brief, in dem man sich für die lange Laufzeit entschuldigt. Der Grund hierfür war eine Umorganisation der Direktion. Hierbei sind möglicherweise Briefe von DXern abhanden gekommen. Wer also noch auf eine Antwort wartet, sollte es noch einmal versuchen. Für die "Sección DX" von Radio Mil XEOI ist Héctor García Bojorge zuständig. Als email Adresse wurde auf dem Briefkopf info[ät] angegeben. Postadresse wie gehabt: Apartado Postal, 21-1000 in 04021 México, D. F. Neben dem Brief wurden noch eine Programmübersicht, ein eigener Empfangsberichtsvordruck, ein Aufkleber und ein Kalender mitgeschickt. A.Schmid-D A-DX-ML Jan 02
6010 XEOI Radio Mil F/D with signature of Hector Garcia Bojorge including cover letter, calendar and sticker received in approx. 425 days for letter report including $1. In his cover letter, he stated that during 2001 XEOI had many changes and reorganizations forcing delays in answering their correspondence, including some responses to letters that were lost, for which we express our apologies. J.B.Miller-USA Cumbre DX 383 Jan 02
Radio Mil 6010. Personal letter in Spanish, sked, sticker in 18m for USD and Spanish report. Letter appears to be apologising for delay in reply, thanks for the dollar and talk about reorganisation. V/s Hector Garciá Bojorge. R.Jary-SA-AUS Cumbre DX 384 Jan 02
6.010 RADIO MIL, México, México. Verificacion a traves de QSL, incluyendo carta, programacion onda corta, Formato para informe de recepcion, calcomania y Calendario. v/s Hector Garcia Bojorge Seccion DX. EL colega Hector informa que se estan poniendo a dia en la correspondencia ya que duramnte el año pasado tuvieron algunos incovenientes. Gracias Hector!! R.Rodriguez R.-CLM Lista ConDig-ML Jan 02
6010 Radio Mil 47 days for $1. QSL card and veri letter with details, signed by Hector Bojorge. Sticker, calender and sched included. T.Messer-WI-USA Cumbre DX 392 Mrz 02
6010, XEOI-R.Mil, full-data card, pers.letter, reception report form, schedule, sticker in 14 months. V/s Hector Garcia Bojorge (Seccion DX) who apologizes for the late reply caused by the management reorganization. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Mrz 02
R. Mil / 6010 kHz, 90 Tage, undetail. qsl-letter, PG, RRV, Sticker, Kalender / $ A.Schmid-D ADDX 2002-08 Apr 02
XEOI Radio Mil 6010, card,letter,sticker, after 6 months M.van Arnhem-HOL direct to QIP Aug 02
R Mil $1 6010 kHz, f/dc 6m A.Bollin-D BDXC-UK 2002-11 Nov 02
QSL recibida en un mes desde el envío el informe de recepción. MEXICO, Radio Mil, 6010, Recibida carta por correo aéreo, con preciosos sellos, conteniendo tarjeta QSL con datos completos, firmada por Julían Santiago Díez de Bonilla, Encargado Proyecto Onda Corta de Radio Mil, carta de agradecimiento de la emisora, manuscrita por el Sr. Julían Santiago Díez, en la que se agradece el "muy completo y correcto informe de recepción, el cual nos es de gran valía", formularios para informes de recepción y varias pegatinas "stickers" de distinto tamaño y formato. La carta tardó en llegar un mes y el informe, junto al que se acompañó 1 US $ para ayuda del sello de retorno, se envió a la siguiente dirección, XEOI RADIO MIL, Apartado Postal 21-100, 04021 México, D.F., MEXICO. Los informes de recepción deben enviarse única y exclusivamente a esa dirección, pues, por ejemplo, la que figura en el WRTH 2005 no es válida, y se agradece algún tipo de ayuda para el sello de retorno, tal como US $ o IRC. M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Jul 05

XEOY Index Mexico Index America Central

DF 1000 XEOY Iztacalco QSL card + letter + stix + schedule + blank reception form in 83d. (QSL card + letter only ment. XEOI 6010 kHz, sticker says "1000" on it.) v/s: Hector Garcia Bojorge, Seccion DX, XEOI (Insurgentes S 1870, Colonia Florida, DF, 01030. México.) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-01 Jan 02

XEPC / Sonido Estrella Index Mexico Index America Central

XEPC SONIDO ESTRELLA 890 kHz v/s : Jesus Gerardo Jacquez Berudez. E-mail : xepc[ät]internet.zac.itesm.rm. P.Ormandy-NZL Play-DX 0995 Okt 98

XEPE Index Mexico Index America Central

XEPE Tecate BC (1700 kHz) has responded to me recently, v/s President Jaime Bonilla, from email address jmendez @ He wrote in English. (via M.Mäkeläinen-FIN DXLD 5-203 Nov 05
XEPE Cash 1700, Tecate BC 1700 e-post, v/s Rich Bachman O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-08 Nov 05
XEPE - 1700 e-mail after 2 weeks v/s Bill Lipis L.Weirell-S direct to QIP Feb 06
1700 XEPE Mexico, Tecate, BCN rec. full detail e mail QSL from Bill Lipis-CE of XEPRS/XEPE in 2 days for e mail report. XE QSL #29, MW QSL #2934. I am pleased with this as XE QSLs are not easy to get these days. P.Martin-OR-USA IRCA-ML Okt 06
1700 XEPE Tecate, BCN. P/D e-mail verie in about an hour for an e/mail f/up to Bill Lipis, C.E., at . Previous Snail Mail attempts via both US and XE addresses had been unsuccessful. J.Wilkins-CO-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 06
1700 XEPE Tijuana, BCA email same day for a follow up email to Bill Lipis, CE. M.Foltz-CA-USA IRCA-ML Mrz 07
Received today a f/d prepared card from XEPE-1700 in Tecat?, BCN in 5 days. V/S was Bill Lipis, CE. My 43rd x-band station verified. T.Palmersheim-MT-USA HCDX-ML Mrz 08
1700 XEPE Tijuana Baja California. Emailed and called the station studios a couple of times over a 3 week period with no reply. I wondered if PM had a QSL from them. Yes of course he had. Patrick gave me the engineer's name (Bill Lipis) and email. Bill replied within a couple of hours. Job done! Many thanks OM B.Davies-G IRCA-ML Nov 09

XEPH / La Sabrosita Index Mexico Index America Central

XEPH La Sabrosita, Mexico 590 kHz, heard: 2.12.2004 FFF?, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEPL Index Mexico Index America Central

XEPL Cd. Cuauhtemoc 550 kHz, heard: 31.10.2005 FFF, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEPOP / La Movidita Index Mexico Index America Central

XEPOP La Movidita, Puebla 1120 kHz, heard: 2.11.2005 FFF, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEPPM - R Educación Index Mexico Index America Central

6185 kHz, México DF 09:50 06.01.92 08.04.94 115 days, QSL : kort + info Ny rapport : 14.12.93 G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Apr 94
R. Educación on 6185, QSL card and sticker in 6 weeks for 2 IRCs. v/s Luis Ernesto Pi Orozco, Director General A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Mrz 95
R Educacion 6185 qsl-card no r.postage 98 days, v/s : Luis Ennesto Pi Orozo, General Manager. Z.Elias-CZE WDXC QSL Report Nov 96
6185 XEPPM, Radio Educacion, f /d logo card in 168 days for $; address is Apartado Postal 21940, CP 04021, México DF México; v/s illegible (who signs a lot of QSLs); also sticker and calendar, station history brochure and station info brochure (Frodge-MI) H.Frodge-MI-USA Cumbre DX 134 Apr 97
6185 kHz XEPPM / R.Educacion p / d logo cd, station info brochure, Nice program sked, 1997 / 1998 two-sided folding calendar, and a multicolor animated microphone sticker. In 210 ds for SP report, cassette + $ 1. A.Yoder-NY-USA Cumbre DX 136 Mai 97
R Educacion 6185 qsl-card rp : 1US $ 67 days, days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 97
R Educacion 6185 qsl-card rp : 1US $ 153 days, days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Okt 97
R Educacion 6185 qsl-card 2 IRC 60 days. M.Barraclough-G WDXC QSL Report Apr 98
6185 kHz, XEPPM Radio Educación, México DF, México QSL-c (partial data), magazine, stickers, ruler, letter, calendar etc. v/s Luis Ernesto Pi Orozco-Director General, arrive in 172 days 3 IRC (after one follow up) N.Eramo-ARG TFW 060 Mai 98
6185, XEPPM, R. Educacion, attractive multi-color certificado card, sticker, calendar, prgm notes and questionnaire. Very nice pkg, in 10 wks. for SP rpt and $ 1. Prior to this also rcvd a ltr from a lady ancr at the stn who -hoped to visit Canada- and said they had many rpts from our land. T.Williamson-ON-CAN Numero Uno 1481 Jun 98
R Educacion 6185 kHz, det. qsl-card in 46 days, sticker, schedule, calendar / 2 IRC R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Aug 98
6185 Radio Educación - QSL with 3 stickers, schedule and information about Radio Educacion for 2 IRCs in 2-1 / 2 months. (Caneva Sep 28) M.Caneva-ARG Cumbre DX 210 Okt 98
R. Educacion / 6185 kHz, 68 days, detailed qsl-card, program guide, W, calendar / stamps. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX 1999-02 Jan 99
Radio Educación (MEX) bestätigte nach 98 Tagen mit persönlichem Brief der Sprecherin Deyanira Morán (per e-mail). QSL-Karte kommt hoffentlich nach. E.Gehrig-E ADXB-OE-ML Jan 99
R. Educacion / 6185 kHz 91 days qsl-card Infos / $, picture postcard. D.H.Friese-D ADDX 1999-06 Mrz 99
R. Educaion / 6185 kHz 46 days detailed qsl card, px-schedule, Sticker, calendar / 2 IRC. R.Sonntag-D ADDX 1999-06 Mrz 99
R. Educacion, Mex. 115 Tage 1 US $ QSL-Karte. U.Heller-D Eastside DX 05 Mrz 99
6185 R. Educacion 0814 ID by w : " Esta Ud. en la sintonia de Radio Educacion, México ". Mexican music. SINPO 35444. H.Nigro-URG Cumbre DX 238 Apr 99
6185 kHz Radio Educacion kort, info, blad, sticker 6m. P.Witten-DNK DDXLK 1999-05 Mai 99
Radio Educación, Certificado de Sintonia, sticker and detailed info material after 178 days, v/s Illegible, Director General E.Gehrig-E HCDX-ML Mai 99
R. Educacion / 6185 kHz, 79 days, qsl-card, sticker / 2 $, picture postcard, SAE. D.Schulz-D ADDX 1999-11 Jun 99
R Educación 6185 kHz, card, rp : no, 167 days. P.Travers-G WDXC QSL Report Jun 99
Radio EDUCACION 6185 kHz certificado de sintonia + schedule + magazines in 178d. v/s : Deyanira Moran. QTH : Apartado 21-940, MEX-04021 Ciudad de México S.Gómez-E Play-DX 1031 Jul 99
6185 kHz. Radio EDUCACION. Respuesta via correo electronico. Verificadora : Angelica Cortes, locutora. S.Micciché-I Conexion Digital 018 Sep 99
6185 kHz Radio EDUCACION, Ciudad del México, Angel Urraza 622. Col. del Valle C.P. 03100, México (gracias a la intervencion de Angelica Cortes), v/s Luis Ernesto Pi Orozco y otras firmas, con carta en italiano, QSL, folleto y boletin " Audio Tinta ". Contesto en 6 meses. S.Micciché-I Conexion Digital 022 Sep 99
6185 Radio Educacion date and frequency card in 4 months for $ 1. J.Talbot-AB-CAN Cumbre DX 263 Okt 99
R Educación, v/s Luis Ernesto Pi Orozco, Director General. 6185 kHz, card, rp : no, 129 days. R.Martínez-E WDXC QSL Report Okt 99
Radio EDUCACION 6185 kHz QSL + depliants + program schedule + pers. letter in Italian 180d. NO IRC sent 2000 lire Marconi banknote v/s : Luis Ernesto Pi. S.Micciché-I Play-DX 1043 Nov 99
Radio Educacion (XEEPPM-OC) 6185 kHz, p/d card 9/13/94, v/s : Not listed "Certificado de Sintonia" card, site : Not listed J.Dybka-TX-USA Webpage Jan 00
6185 kHz. Radio Educacion, Angel Urriza 622, Colonia del Valle, 03100 México DF. Tarjeta QSL (verificador : Felicitas Vazquez Nava, Coordinadora de Onda Corta). Contesto en 90 dias. S.Gómez-E Conexion Digital 062 Jul 00
6185 kHz. Radio Educacion, Ciudad de México. Tarjeta QSL (verificador : Felicitas Vazquez, Coordinadora de Onda Corta), banderin, calendario, boletin informativo Audio Tinta, folleto de la emisora. Demoro 286 dias. J.Carlos Buscaglia-ARG Conexion Digital 064 Jul 00
R.EDUCACION 6185 kHz, SAME IN 150d.NO IRC. QTH : ANGEL URRIZA 622, COLONIA DEL VALLE, CP03100, México, DF. J.Manolo Cabrera Pérez-CNR Play-DX 1085 Okt 00
6185 - Radio Educacion XEPPM - Ciudad do México - Cartão QSL, vários folhetos e carta - 90 dias. QTH : Apartado Postal 21-940 - CP 04021 - Cidade do México - México - NM M.Narciso Freire de Castro-B Atividade DX 000 Nov 00
6185 XEPPM Radio Educacion Full data card + November / December schedule in Spanish + personal letter in English received in 115 days in response to my mail DX Report + $ 1 + Indian jewelry postcard. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 327 Dez 00
XEPPM R. Education 6185,00 kHz, IRC, - 173 Tage, K, Wimpel, Kalend, Info Details : ja. P.E.Boeck-D EAWRC 283 Dez 00
Meine Nachbarin, die für mich die Wohnung die vergangene Woche in Ordnung gehalten hat, hat am 08.01.2001 einen dicken Brief von Radio Educacion entgegen genommen. Darin war eine QSL für die deutsche Sendung vom 14.09.2000. Beantwortet wurde mein Brief vom 14.09.2000 am 31.10.2000 mit Briefen in Spanisch und Englisch. Verschickt wurde der Brief, der ebenfalls einen sehr schönen Kalender 2001 und Sticker enthielt, jedoch erst am 27.12.2000 (!). Zieht man die Verzögerung zwischen Beantwortung und Aufgabe zur Post ab, eine - wie ich meine - schnelle Bearbeitung. QSL-Karte und die Briefe wurden unterschrieben von Lic. (keine Ahnung was das bedeutet) Luis Ernesto Pi Orozco, General Manager. [Lic. ist die Abkürzung für Licenciado, dies ist ein spanischer Universitätsgrad. Anwälte werden in Südamerika z.B. so angeredet (hier in Spanien nicht). E.Gehrig] M.Reiff-D A-DX-ML Jan 01
Gestern [habe ich einen] umfangreichen persönlichen Brief mit QSL von Radio Educación aus México erhalten. Für ersten RR vom 6.9.2000. 1 IRC beigelegt. War damals eine englischsprachige Sendung, die gut zu verstehen war. W.Briese-D A-DX-ML Jan 01
R. Educación / 6185, 173 days, detailed QSL-card, W, Kalender, Info / IRC. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX 2001-03 Feb 01
Bei mir kam am Samstag ein DIN A3 Umschlag von Radio Educacion aus México an. Voll mit wunderschönen Sonderbriefmarken - das jeden Briefmarken Fan begeistert. Inhalt : ein rießiges Poster von der Station, 2 Sticker, ein Programmplan, 1 Empfangsberichtsvordruck, sowie ein persönliches Schreiben von Ana Christina del Razao Esqueda (Manager). Ihre eMail ist übrigens H.-J.Koch-D A-DX-ML Feb 01
Radio Educacion 6185,00 kHz, IRC, Report in Englisch, 85 Tage, K, B, ST, info Details : ja. P.Robic-AUT EAWRC 285 Feb 01
R Educacion 6185 kHz, h cd rp : 1, 170 days. S.M.Kolesov-UKR WDXC QSL Report Apr 01
R Educación 6185 b k trykksaker C.Brunström-S Norwegian DX News 2001-04 Jun 01
R Educacion - det. Karte Radio-Logo 6185 kHz - 30.01.01 138 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jun 01
R Educacion - teildet. Brief Radio-Logo - - 30.01.01 138 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jun 01
XEPPM [not XEPP -QIP] XEPP RADIO EDUCACION 6185 QSL + INFO 138d. SENT 1 IRC. V/s: Miss DEYANIRA MORAN Segretaria. S.M.Kolesov-UKR Play-DX 1118 Jul 01
6185.3 kHz. Radio Educación, angel Urriza 622, Colonia del Valle, 03100 México, DF. Tarjeta QSL Certificado sintonía (Verificadora: Lidia Camacho), calcomanía, revista, carta personal. Respondió en 100 días. S.Gómez-E Conexion Digital 123 Sep 01
Radio Educacion dal Messico conferma in 129 giorni con : cartolina QSL, lettera, palinsesto dei programmi, 2 adesivi e alcuni depliant. (inviati 2 IRC) La conferma mi è arrivata ieri e l'ascolto era del 29/04, la frequenza è la classica 6185 kHz, e l'orario era dalle 0356 alle 0420 utc Indirizzo: Apartado Postal 21-940, C.P. 04021 México D.F. M.Givonetti-I Play-DX-ML Sep 01
6185 kHz. Radio Educacion, Angel Urriza 622, Colonia del Valle, 03100 México DF. Tarjeta QSL (Lidia Camacho), Certificado de sintonia, calcomania, revista de la emisora, carta personal. Respondio en 100 dias. S.Gómez-E Conexion Digital 151 Mrz 02
XEPPM [not XEPP -QIP] Radio Educacion 6185 kHz Letter + Sticker + felpa Pennant V/s: M.tra Lidia Camacho Camacho Directora General.WEB: R.Gori-I (sticker) Play-DX 1163 Jul 02
6185, Radio Educación, full data QSL and letter signed by Virginia Bello Méndez received via UPS after 603 days for SS report mailed to México City address. Sra. Méndez explained that during changes, many letters were lost and they are now dealing with them. D.Malloy-MA-USA direct to QIP Jun 07
R. Educación / 6185 kHz, 408 Tage, teildetaillierte Karte, pers. Brief per UPS / $ E.Röscher-D ADDX 2007-02 Aug 07
MEXICIO. 6185, XEPPM, R. Educacion, verified with a colorful date-fqy "Certificado de Sintonia" card and a date-only personal ltr from V/S Lic. Virginia Bello Mendez, Directora General; in 233 days for $1 return postage. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Jun 08

XEPRS Index Mexico Index America Central

Friday I received a prepared card from XEPRS-1090 in Rosarito. I'm happy as XEs haven't been very easy to verify. XEPRS, the Mighty Double X, is English with Sports programming. They are the only station that carries the Padres baseball games in English. XEMO-860 broadcasts them in Spanish. M.Foltz-CA-USA IRCA-ML Jul 06
XEPRS 1090 kHz, F/D prepared form and bumper stickers in 12 days from v/s Rich Bachman, Promotions Director for rp. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2006-12 Dez 06

XEQ / TropiQ Index Mexico Index America Central

XEQ TropiQ, México 940 k b v 7sti Ett felles svar for alle de tre ovenstående fra v/s Ing. Miguel Angel Barrientos V., Director Técnico. Og vips kunne Arnstein registrere 100 prosent økning i MB-QSL fra México. A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-06 Sep 01
DF 940 XEQ México City QSL card + 3 stix + letter in 52d after f/up. v/s: Ing. Miguel Angel Barrientos V.,Director Tecnico M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-01 Jan 02

XEQR - R Centro Index Mexico Index America Central

XEQR-1030 "Radio Centro", Mexico City. P/d letter in English w/ multi-page glossy color station brochure and sticker via Reg. mail, in a couple of months for SS rpt, mint stamps, and CD of my reception. V/s: Ing. Luis Cepero Alarcon - Director de Ingenieria de Audio. Logged this during my failed attempt to hear the KEVT-1030 Arizona DX test. I'm happy with the consolation prize. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA IRCA-ML Mai 06
XEQR-1030 "Radio Centro", Mexico City. P/d letter in English w/ multi-page glossy color station brochure and sticker via Reg. mail, in a couple of months for SS rpt, mint stamps, and CD of my reception. V/s: Ing. Luis Cepero Alarcon - Director de Ingenieria de Audio. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA direct to QIP Nov 06

XERCN - R Hispana Index Mexico Index America Central

1470 kHz - XERCN - México, B.C.N., Tijuana rec. verie letter in SS in 76d from : Sergio Golarte Quiros- Gerente de Promociones, along with stickers. Address : Gral. Manuel Marquez de Leon No. 950, Zona Rio, Tijuana B.C.N. México. P.Martin-OR-USA HCDX-ML Feb 00
XERCN "LA KALIENTE" 1470 kHz PERS.letter F/d. + STICKER 84d. V/s: SERGIO GOLARTE Gerente de Promociones. QTH : GENERAL MANUEL MARQUEZ DE LEON 950, ZONA RIO, TIJUANA, B.C. (hrd IN USA) V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 1118 Jul 01
XERCN Tijuana (1470 kHz) QSL Email verification v/s Sergio Golarte Quirós, Gerente de Promociones Externas. Sent a couple of color logos of "R Unica" (affiliated to this Spanish network) and "La Kaliente" (slogan of the station since 1997) as attachment. XERCN is part of Grupo Uniradio, which in Tijuana alone has 2 AM and 3 FM stations. M.Mäkeläinen-FIN Apr 02
XERCN 1470 Tijuana, Radio Unica, f/d letter, sticker and business card in 75 days. v/s Sergio Golarte Q, Gerente de Promociones Externas. H.Yokoi-J direct to QIP Feb 03
XERCN R Hispana, Tijuana 1470 e-post 3sti bro mm. 7 uke (weeks) A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05
XERCN R Hispana, Tijuana BC 1470 e-post, v/s Alice Hentzen B.Mjelde-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-07 Okt 05

XERE Index Mexico Index America Central

XERE / La Comadre, Celaya: E-mail in 4 wks for letter in SS & postcard. CD rec. sent as well, v/s Alejandro Maldonado, Engineer i/c (alejandromruelas[ät] and Jorge J. San Martín Barrios, Engineer (jsanmartin[ät] - he attached photos too S.Forsyth-NZL direct to QIP Mai 04

XERED / R Red Index Mexico Index America Central

XERED 1110 México City. P / D verie letter in EE along with key chain bottle opener and pen in 120 days for taped report from v/s Ana Rosa Gomez Q., Producer Assistant. This after an e-mail contact telling Ana Rosa of my reception. She told me to send her a cassette and she would be able to verify my f/up report via registered mail. M.Delmage-AB-CAN CIDX 1998-12 Dez 98
XERED 1110, México City, Date / Freq only verie letter and stickers via registered mail in 2 months from v/s Ana Rosa Gomez Quezada, Producer Assistant for US $ 1. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 1999-05 Mai 99
XERED / R Red: 1110kHz. E-mail in 6 weeks for letter in SS & postcard. V/s Ing. Luis Cepero Alarcon, Director de Ingieria de Audio (cguillen[ät] S.Forsyth-NZL direct to QIP Mai 04

XERF / La Poderosa Index Mexico Index America Central

XERF-1570 : I have this stn qsl'ed, report was in Spanish as they don't any more broadcast (?) in English. QSL came from IMER (Instituto Mexicano de la Radio). v/s Lic. Eduardo Sanchez Hernandez says power is currently only 18 kW ! J.Mäntylä-FIN HCDX-ML Nov 98
I have XERF verified since 1996, they wrote the following address on the envelope : X.E.R.F. " La Poderosa 15-70 ", Lic. Gonzalo Romo Ponce, Hidalgo #349 Pte. Cd. Acuna, Coahuila, México, C. P. 26200, Telefono : 2-09-30. " Lic. Gonzalo Romo Ponce " is (or was ?) a " Gerente de X.E.R.F. " and the letter is signed by him too. There was also a rubber stamp print on the envelope saying : Instituto Mexicano de la Radio, X. E. R. F., CD. ACUNA, COAH. They sent me a verie letter and a CD ! A small CD (5 inch, 12, 5 cm) with one " promo " song of Angeles Ochoa, a mexican female singer. At that time they were sending such small CDs, but of various singers, so for example Martin Elbe from Germany got a CD with a German singer singing in Spanish ! Martin was very disappointed as I remember : -) I think I enclosed 1 USD banknote to my report. K.Honzik-CZE HCDX-ML Nov 98
XERF La Poderosa, Cd. Acuna 1570 e-post v/s Carlos Sanches K.-E.Stridh-S Norwegian DX News 2005-01 Jan 05
XERF Radio La Poderosa 1570 AM , Carta QSL Full data, recibida en 30 dias VRS/ Herberto Pérez Espín , Gerente de XERF, IR enviado a Madero # 600, Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila CP 26200 , MEXICO. C.Perez Dioses-PRU ConDig 417 Apr 07
1570 XERF LA PODEROSA, Cdad. Acuña, after several s-mail reports and e-f/ups I have received two emails from Heberto Pérez Espín in 25d. annoncing me they will read my letter in one of their programs. v/s: Heberto Pérez Espín, Gerente XERF. heberto.perez (a) M.Molano Sánchez-E mwdx-ML Aug 10

XERO / R Recuerdo Index Mexico Index America Central

XERO "Radio Recuerdo", Aguascalientes 1240 kHz, heard: 28.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEROK / R Cañon Index Mexico Index America Central

XEROK R Cañon, Cd Juaréz 800 qsl-letter div 6 month (pm), v/s Aida M de Otanez, Gerente Administrativo A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 1998-07 Aug 98

XERTA / R Transcontinental Index Mexico Index America Central

XERTA reception report to Box 375 in Tijuana returned and marked cancelled. S.Paszkiewicz-WI-USA Cumbre DX 180 Mrz 1998
4800.7, XERTA : See Numero Uno Sight and Sound, -QSLs, - for a letter from this one to Adrian Peterson, the first -piece of paper- I have seen from the stn. Ltrhead says -R. Emisora de Cobertura Mundial.- Promotes prgms in 10 langs., gives boldfaced fqys as 4800, -frecuencia nocturna, - and 9750, plus 6110, 11720, 15120, 17720, 17880, 21460 and 25620. Ltr is signed by Roberto Najera Martinez, Pdte. y Director Gral. Address is shown as : Torre Latinoamericana Eje Lazaro Cardenas, No. 2 piso, 37 Desp., No. 3706, C.P. 06000 México, D.F., Apdo. Postal 653. Worth a look. Tnx, Adrian. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1493 Sep 1998
Radio TRANSCONTINENTAL XERTA 4800, 7 kHz QSL + printed materials 24d. sent 1 IRC + C10 cassette + stickers v/s : Juan José Miroz Lozano. QTH : Ap. 118-133, CP 07051 México DF. M.Giroletti-I Play-DX 1031 Jul 1999
4800, XERTA, R. Trans Continental de America, ltr-sized QSL card, personal ltr, brief information sheet, ltr-size photo of owner, ltr-size photo of xmtng equipment, ltr-size logo sheet featuring eight-point star with slogan " La Estrella del Milenio, " 2 yrs. 8 mos. after original rpt and 14 mos. after most recent follow-up. v/s Roberto Najera Martinez, Pdte. y Director General, says they moved to 4810 because their b / cs on 4800 were being interfered with by stns in Guatemala and China. Address : Plaza San Juan No. 5, Esq. Ayuntamiento 1er Piso Desp. No. 2, Centro Historico, México, D.F., or Aptdo. Postal 653, C.P. 06000, Correo Central, México, D.F. H.Lazarus-LA-USA Numero Uno 1604 Nov 2000
R. Transcontinental de America-XERTA México City 4800.7 kHz P/d e-mail in 11 days after several follow-ups for a 1998 rpt. Also stated that Ing. Roberto Nájera Martinez is no longer at the station and that their format has changed. New website: v/s: Veronica Coria Miranda, Representante Ejecutiva. T.Palmersheim-MT-USA HCDX-ML Jul 2002
4880.1 Radio Transcontinental de America, XERTA Acknowlegement/Date letter along with 2-PPC's, stamped received via the assistance of Héctor García Bojorge from Radio Mil , who visited the station with my report in September. I initially wrote to Roger Chambers,who was good enough to forward my Tape report while he attending the Conference in México back in August. Roger stated it could be rather difficult and would do his best with the help from Héctor García Bojorge. In the letter they acknowledge my tape recording and that it agrees with the programming of that hour (which is good enough for me) They also thanked me for the Postcard from Canada. Unfortunately there was no verie signature either on the cards or the letter. Their studio office address is: Plaza San Juan No. 5-2 Centro Historico, C.P. 06000 México e-mail: Web site: Reply took 31/2 months from the time the report was sent to Roger Chambers. My SASE was used. Total of Five years trying... E.Kusalik-AB-CAN DXplorer-ML Nov 2002
XERTA R Transcontinental, México City 4800 e-post T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2003-01 Jan 2003
4810, XERTA, received a nice freq/addr multi-colored (31) flag JPEG e-QSL today. No v/s. E-mail address is And mailing address is: Radio Trans-Continental, S.A. de C.V., Plaza San Juan No. 5-2 Col., Centro Mexico D.F. Even though I'd much rather have a f/d hard copy QSL, this is a nice design and still glad to have it!! The message w/JPEG QSL attachment was also sent to Jerry Berg and Rich D'Angelo. D.Valko-PA-USA Cumbre DX-ML Feb 2004
4810, XERTA: Sent good looking "QSL--Certificado de Sintonia" as a .jpg E-mail attachment, SP veri statement, basically "tnx for your rpt, we're happy to confirm your rpt on 4810 kHz." Has flags, stn logo, no other rcpn data but very colorful. This for a Sep 2003 E-mail rpt with RealAudio attachment followed by a paper rpt, $1 and CD of my rcpn. I sent an E-mail follow-up on Feb 25 and, after a reply that the QSLs were at the printer, the .jpg arrived Feb 29. Glad to have it. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 2004
Just got a .jpg QSL from XERTA. Pretty nice looking design, flags, fqy only, "thank you for your rpt, we are happy to confirm your rcpn on 4810" in SP. I'll take it. Sent them a follow-up E-mail rpt a couple of days ago and rcvd an E-mail in response that their QSLs were "at the printer." I don't know if a paper card will follow, or if this is it. On the E-mail to which the .jpg was attached is a "cc" to one Richard A. D'Angelo. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 2004
4810, XERTA Radio Trans-Continental de América verified with a frequency only electronic "Certificado de Sintonía" in 123 days from electronic XERTA address. Quite nice with a border of flags from various countries. As previously reported by Jerry Berg, this was sent "to" him and I was the "cc." Not sure what that means, if anything. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 2004
4810, XE-RTA, got the following e-mail (From: Radio Transcontinental de America in 1 mo., for which I sent an e-mail and mailed hard copy/$1. Happy with this but will be glad when the QSL comes. R.Howard-CA-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 2004
XERTA Radio Trancontinental de America 4810 kHz bestätigte meinen Empfangsbericht nach nur 1 Tag mit einer teildet. e-mail, und im Anhang auch noch die QSL-Karte als .jpg-File. e-mail: v/s war Ruben Castaneda Espindola, Presidente y Director. P.Robic-AUT A-DX-ML Mrz 2004
4810, XERTA, Radio Trans-Continental de America, E-mail verie, Same As Jerry berg's and Rich D'Angelo's in 100 days. Very nice flag border, Xerta logo and picture of Mexico City's Latin America Tower. Brought back memorys of a trip to Mexico City in 1981, where I met several times with Speedx Latin American editor Carl Huffaker. Carl was one of the nicest persons I had ever met. We spent several evenings dxing at his home and talking radio, qsls, etc. He wrote a nice book on Latin American Dxing in 1991 titled Carl Huffaker's Latin Notebooks. The long gone SPEEDX club published it. If any show up at swap meets, ham fests, etc, grab it...Its a nice book on Latin DX. J.Fisher-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 2004
4810 kHz, XE-RTA, p/d freq only e-QSL in 3 days for an e-mail followup report of a Sept. 2003 reception. Same as received by JB, Rich and others. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 2004
Also received the same e-QSL from XE-RTA on Monday afternoon (March 1) for a September 2003 report sent e-mail Friday night (Feb 27) after 11 pm after seeing the recent activity.. So actually took a half-business-day. Mine was sent to me by and cc to . J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Mrz 2004
R Transcontinental e-mail, 4810 kHz, e-mail, c 1 days, A.Bollin-D BDXC-UK 2004-04 Apr 2004
XERTA $1 4810 kHz, e-mail, ? days, J.Berg-MA-USA BDXC-UK 2004-04 Apr 2004
XERTA 4810 kHz, partial data QSL card recevied in 30 days for a CD recording plus USD $1. Address: Radio Transcontinental, Plaza San Juan #5, Despascho 2 Esq. con Ayuntamiento, Col. Centro CP 06050 - Mexico DF, Mexico D.L.Srebnick-NJ-USA direct to QIP Mai 2004
XERTA 4810 kHz verified with an undet. card in 58 days. QTH: Plaza San Juan No. 5-2, Col. Cento, Mexico D.F. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Mai 2004
4810 kHz, XERTA, p/d card 7 months after latest report (and almost 2 months after e-mail QSL which was the same style as the postcard) for SAE (not used), mint stamps and address label (both used). V/s illegible on back of card. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 2004
4810, XERTA, Certificado de Sintonía, flag QSL card (same as Jerry’s), v/s unreadable, received in 3 months for $1 and SP report. Address on envelope: XE-RTA RADIO TRANSCONTINENTAL DE AMERICA S.A. DE C.V., PLAZA SAN JUAN #5-2 Col. Centro Histórico, Esq. Con Ayuntamiento, C.P. 06050, México D.F., México R.Howard-CA-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 2004
MEXICO - XERTA 4810 p/d cd in 19 ds S.Paszkiewicz-WI-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 2004
Radio Transcontinental 4810 kHz - Plaza San Juan 5-2 - Col. Centro - Mexico DF - Messico con e-mail e file allegato in 11 giorni. v/s Lic. Ruben Castaneda Espindola Director General. Si 1 IRC. (via S.Micciché-I) R.Pavanello-I Dxlandia-ML Jun 2004
XERTA (R.Transcontinental de America) 4810 kHz QSL card in 24d for Spanish report with 1$. K.Hashimoto-J direct to QIP Nov 2004
R.Transcontinental de America/XERTA, 4810 kHz, partial data card in 7 months. No verie signer. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Nov 2004
XERTA RADIO TRANSCONTINENTAL DE AMERICA 4810 kHz. QSL CARD CERTIFICADO DE SINTONIA showing differeent flags of the world. No data , no 15 days. I logged this station on January 24th at 05.25 UTC with a good signal. C.Pérez Dioses-PRU HCDX-ML Feb 2005
XERTA 4810 kHz. Partial data QSL card and letter in 34 days for $1 U.S. from verie signer illegible. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2005-04 Apr 2005
XERTA / 4810 kHz, 56 Tage, det. QSL-Karte, B / $ M.Arndt-D ADDX 2005-08 Aug 2005
MEXICO, 4810, XERTA, Radio Transcontinental de América, recibida e-mail tarjeta QSL en un archivo adjunto (attachment), muy bonita, con banderas de muchos países, anagrama de la emisora y vista de la Torre Latinoamericana, y con la siguiente inscripción: "QSL, Certificado de Sintonía, Radio Trans-Continental de América, S.A. de V.C. Plaza San Juan Nº 5-2 Col. Centro México D.F. Telf. 55-18-49-36 Licenc. Rubén Castañeda Espíndola Director General Muchas gracias por su informe de recepción. Tenemos mucho gusto de confirmar su control de nuestra emisión en 4810 kHz. XERTA, via ionosférica. ¡Más cerquita de Dios!. Radio Emisora de Cobertura Mundial 4810 kHz. Banda Tropical de 60 metros. No aparece firma, ni fecha ni hora de la escucha. No v/s, partial data e-QSL card. Al imprimirla en color, en papel de buena calidad, queda realmente bonita. Me indican que ya se fue enviada, por correo ordinario, otra tarjeta QSL. Tardaron en responder 10 días, y el informe se envió por correo ordinario a la dirección que aparece arriba. Se acompañó 1 US$ para ayuda del sello de retorno. M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Aug 2005
MEXICO, 4810, XERTA, Radio Transcontinental de Amércia, recibida una gruesa carta conteniendo: tarjeta QSL a mi nombre, firmada por, v/s, Victor Rosas, carta de agradecimiento firmada por el Director de XERTA, Licenciado Rubén Castañeda, así como una carpetilla conteniendo una colección de 8 tarjetas postales de Ciudad de México con fotografías de: [..]. Tardó en llegar 40 días y el informe de recepción, adjuntando 1 US $, se envió a la siguiente dirección: XERTA, Radio Transcontinental de Amércia, Plaza San Juan nº 5, Int 2, Col. Centro, México, D.F. MEXICO M.Méndez-E direct to QIP Sep 2005
R. Transcontinental / 4810 kHz, 22 Tage, teildet. QSL-K, B / $ K.-P.Hilger-D ADDX 2005-10 Okt 2005
4810 XERTA Radio Transcontinental de America, Plaza San Juan No. 5, Int. 2, Col. Centro, Mexico D.F., C.P. 06050, Mexico. Very nice QSL card with many small flags in the front. Not V/S. Station information and short personal letter. Delay: 37 days. A.Leonel Slaen-ARG DXplorer-ML Nov 2005
XERTA R Transcontinendal de America 4810 e-post m/vedlegg 1d A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-08 Nov 2005
XETRA R Transmundial, Mexico Cty 4810 k b O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-01 Jan 2006
XERTA "Radio Transcontinental de America" 4810 kHz Mexico, D.F., NEW ADDRESS : XERTA, Calle Lopez, 157 (1er. piso, Despacho 4), Coonia Centro, MEX-06010 Mexico, D.F., BOX ADDRESS: XERTA, Apartado Postal, 207 - 033, MEX-06078 Mexico, D.F. THIS INFORMATION IS FROM : Director de la emisora el Sr. Ruben Castaneda Espindola. (February 2007) J.Santiago Diez de Bonilla-MEX Play-DX 2007 Jan 2007
Nach drei Jahren (!) hat mir Xerta Radio Trans-Continental de América die QSL-Karte für einen Bericht vom Januar 06 mit den besten Weihnachtsgrüssen zugestellt! Das wäre dann also persönlicher Rekord, was die Laufzeit angeht. R.Bagattini-SUI A-DX-ML Jan 2009

XERUY / R de la Uni Auto de Yucatan Index Mexico Index America Central

XERUY 1390 kHz Radio DE LA UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE YUCATAN, MERIDA after 8 years of F / ups. v/s : Irving Berlin Villafana. QTH : Apartado 63 / B, 97000 Merida. D.Taylor-G Play-DX 0986 Jun 98

XESDD / La Tremenda Index Mexico Index America Central

XESDD La Tremenda, Ensenada, BC 1030 kHz, heard: 2.12.2004 SFF, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XESJ Index Mexico Index America Central

XESJ Saltillo CO 1250 e-post, v/s Javier Melgoza Fernandez O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-08 Nov 05
XESJ Saltillo 1250 kHz, heard: 28.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XESURF Index Mexico Index America Central

540 XESURF México, Tijuana, BCN, rec ppc in 8df. V/S: Unreadable, but sent to Tom White CE. Address: 1500 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles CA 90025. P.Martin-OR-USA HCDX-ML Nov 02
XESURF 540 kHz Tijuana, BCN. F/D prepared form, signed by Director of Engineering Tom White, along with stickers, in 12 days for SASE. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2004-12 Dez 04

XETB - R Laguna Index Mexico Index America Central

XETB R Laguna, Torreon 1350 2 e-post 23d A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-07 Okt 05

XETOL / R Lobo Index Mexico Index America Central

1130 XETOL " Radio Lobo " Toluca, México. Prompt e-mail reply to follow-up from Oscar Beltran, Sales Director of HQ for Corporacion Mexicana de Radiodifusion S.A. to which XETOL belong, in very good English. E-mail cmr[ät] P.Ormandy-NZL AMDX 4-41 Jan 99
1130 kHz - XETOL - México, Toluca. Rec. very nice letter from Oscar M. Beltran- Sales Dept. at Network Hq in 35d from taped report. I have been trying to QSL this since I heard the station in 1993 ! Address : Corporacion Mexicana De Radiodifusion, S.A. DE C.V., Calle Tetitla No. 23, Col. Toriello Guerra, Delegacion Tlalpan, C.P. 14050, México D.F. Returned my cassette tape and $ 1 U.S. Very nice stamps on the emvelope too. I am pleased with this one. Thanks to Paul Ormandy for the E Mail address. P.Martin-OR-USA HC-DX-ML Aug 99
XETOL 1130 kHz, Toluca, Date/Frequency only e-mail reply from v/s Oscor M.. Beltron, Director General in 34 days for a taped report and US$1. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2003-05 Mai 03
XETOL 1130 kHz, Toluca. Hard copy version of the date only verie letter I'd received earlier via e-mail and postcard of México City in 95 days from Lic. Oscar M. Beltran, Director General, for $1 U.S. (which was returned). Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2003-08 Aug 03

XETRA Index Mexico Index America Central

XETRA 690 kHz, Tijuana, B.C. F/D form letter/card in 15 weeks for ms. [Reception made during Allan vacation to Arizona… (md)] A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX QSL Column 2001-07 Jul 01

XETUL Index Mexico Index America Central

XETUL, Radio Mexiquense, Tultitlan,  1080khz n/d letter in 46 days, and my report was the 1st from Asia for 20 years. v/s: Edgardo Benltez, Director. H.Yokoi-JPN direct to QIP Apr 04

XEUDS / R Univ de Sonora Index Mexico Index America Central

Radio Universidad de Sonora (XEUDS) 6115 kHz, p/d card Not listed, v/s : Not listed "University of Sonora" card, site : Hermasillo, Sonora J.Dybka-USA Webpage Jan 00

XEUN Index Mexico Index America Central

XEUN-860 "Radio UNAM". F/d logo card and two CDs of local music in 52 ds. after 4th SS followup and Mexican stamps. V/s: Teófilo Huerta Moreno - Departamento de Planeación. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA direct to QIP Jun 07

XEUR Index Mexico Index America Central

1530 XEUR RADIO FIESTA, MÉXICO DF. Sent e-report, received f/d email in 3h.30m. v/s: Lic. Federico Cánovas Gómez Urquiza. fcanovas (a) M.Molano Sánchez-E mwdx-ML Aug 10

XEUT / R Univ Mexicali Index Mexico Index America Central

1630 XEUT Tijuana, BCN Beautifull f/d 'Certificado de Sintonia' diploma w / large 24th Ann. poster, stickers, sched. in 130 ds. after f / u. v/s : Martha Adriana, Márquez, Jefa de Radio. T.Palmersheim-MT-USA AMDX 6-20 Aug 00
XEUT-1630 QSL : Just received a very beautiful 8½x11 " 'Certificado de Sintonia' from XEUT-1630 in Tijuana, BCN for a 7 Sept. 99 report. Also received a large, color 24th Anniversary Radio Universidad FM 104.1 poster along with FM stickers, questionaire, letter and schedule. v/s : Martha Adriana Márquez, Jefa de R adio Universidad and Gabriel Estrella Valenzuela, DG. Address on return label is : UABC-Radio, 233 Paulin Avenue, P.O. Box MSC 5163, Calexico, CA, 92231-2646. I sent an SAE, prepared card and $ 1, none of which I got back. But that's OK ! T.Palmersheim-MT-USA HCDX-ML Aug 00
1630, XEUT, Tijuana, BCN, nice full-data " Certificado de Sintonia " in 5 mos. for follow-up sent to WRTH 2000 address. Also rcvd ltr, sked, FM stickers, large FM poster. A verie nice package indeed. v/s on the certificado were Martha Adriana Marquez, Jefa, and Gabriel Estrella Valenzuela, D-G. U.S. address is UABC Radio, 233 Paulin Ave., P.O. Box MSC 5163, Calexico, CA 92231-2646. J.Wilkins-CO-USA Numero Uno 1590 Aug 00
1630 XEUT México, Mexicali, BCN, rec. a beautiful certificate, along with letter in SS, stickers for FM, program Schedule, and poster in 3 weeks for $ 1. v/s : Martha Adriana Marquez-Jefa de Radio Universidad and Gabriel Estrella Valenzuela-Director General. Address : UABC Radio, 233 Paulin Avenue, PO Box MSC 5163, Calexico CA 92231-2646. P.Martin-OR-USA HCDX-ML Sep 00
XEUT 1630 Tijuana, BC. f /d QSL certificate, program schedule, stickers and poster from Martha Adriana Marquez, Jefa de Radio Universidad, in 3 weeks for $ 1 U.S. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2000-10 Okt 00
1630 XEUT México, Tijuana BC - 02/07 - Received very nice 81/2 x 11 Certificado de Sintonía on heavy parchment paper, QSL letter with 2 official rubber stamp seals, program schedule, poster, and 2 bumper stickers (all in Spanish) in 125 days for Spanish report with tape recording plus $1US and 1 English followup. v/s: Martha Adriana Márquez, Jefa de Radio Universidad. Mailing Add: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) Radio, 233 Paulin Ave, P.O. Box MSC 5163, Calexico, CA 92231-2646 USA. Expanded band QSL #30 (1st foreign). Definitely worth the wait! P.Griffith-CO-USA AMDX 7-11 Jun 01
XEUT on 1630 kHz was heard last December and mailed report in rudimentary Spanish with 1 US$1 and a local postcard. 6 months later rcvd. a big envelope containing a full-data QSL cert, big wall poster, personal letter in Spanish, schedule and decal. Signer is Martha Adriana Arquez, Jefe & postal address is UABC Radio, 233 Paulin Ave. P.O.Box MSC 5163, Calexico CA 92231-2646 USA. W.Flynn-OR-USA ODXA-ML Jun 01
XEUT 1630 kHz, Tijuana, B.C. F/D "Certificado de Sintonia", verie letter, poster, program schedules and stickers in 130 days from v/s Martha Adriana Marquez, Jefa de Radio Universidad for a taped reprt and IRC. M.Delmage-AB-CAN CIDX 2001-07 Jul 01
XEUT Tijuana, B.C. 1630 kHz f/d card, program schedules, post card and stickers at 75 days v/s:Patricia Aviles Mu?oz, Jefa del Sistema Universitario de Radio. H.Yokoi-J direct to QIP Jul 05
XEUT Radio Universidad, Mexicali 1630 kHz, heard: 3.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEUVA / La Rancherita Index Mexico Index America Central

XEUVA "La Rancherita", Aguascalientes 1170 kHz, heard: 28.12.2004, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEUX Index Mexico Index America Central


XEVOS / R Bonita Index Mexico Index America Central

XEVOZ 1590 kHz v/s : Eduardo Linares, gerente. D.Taylor-G Play-DX 1043 Nov 99
1590 kHz, México DF 24.11.90 27.01.00 35 days, QSL : brev med rapport i retur med verifikationspåskrift. Penna nyckelring v/s : Eduardo Linares V Gerente Ny rapport : 23.12.99 Numera Radio Bonita G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Jan 00
XEVOZ R Bonita, México City 1590 letter div. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-02 Feb 00

XEW / LV de la América Latina Index Mexico Index America Central

900 XEW México DF, México verie letter, QSL card, pennant and about a zillion stickers via registered mail. v/s Ing. Miguel Angel Barrientos V. G.D.Myers-FL-USA AMDX 5-34 Nov 99
XEW México City 900 e-post. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-04 Apr 00
DF 900 XEW México City QSL card + v/l + 4 stix + pennent in 108d. v/s: Ing. Miguel Angel Barrientos V., Director Tecnico (Sistema Radiopolis, Tlalpan 3000, 04870 México DF) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-03 Mrz 01
XEW LV de la América Latina, México 900 k b v 7sti A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-06 Sep 01
La Voz de la America Latina 900 kHz: F/d black & white card plus f/d personal letter and sticker in 2 1/2 mos. for taped report and ms. V/s Ing. Miguel Angel Barrientos V. Director Tecnico. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA direct to QIP Feb 02

XEWD Index Mexico Index America Central

XEWD Cd. Miguel Aleman, TM 1430 kHz, heard: 2.1.2005 FFF, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEWK / La W Index Mexico Index America Central

1190 kHz XEWK La " W " de Guadalajara. Friendly VL for e-mail report. v/s forgot to put their name so I've asked and will advise later. The station is part of the Radio Polis group and their e-mail address for reports is xkguad[ät] P.Ormandy-NZL HCDX-ML Jun 99
XEWK 1190 kHz Guadalajovo. Frequency only verie letter, sked and 20 Peso note in 59 days from v/s Mayela Montero Noguez, Programerdera W Guadalajovo for US$1 and taped report. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX QSL Column 2002-05 Mai 02

XEWQ Index Mexico Index America Central

XEWQ "WQ 1330", Monclova 1330 kHz, heard: 1.12.2004 FFF, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

XEX / La Super X Index Mexico Index America Central

I just received a QSL from XEX-730 from a 1981 reception ! T.Palmersheim-MT-USA HCDX-ML Apr 00
XEX La Super X, México 730 k b v 7sti A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-06 Sep 01
DF 730 XEX México City QSL card 52d after f/up. v/s: Ing. Miguel Angel Barrientos V., Director Tecnico M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-01 Jan 02

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XEYC 1030 kHz Radio FORMULA 1030, CIUDAD SUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA. e-mail letter, signed by Mrs.ADA MEDINA. e-mail: OPERACIONES[ät]RadioNET1490.COM Address: JOSE BORUNDA 1178, COLONIA PARTIDO ROMERO, MEX-32030 CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA. Web : http://WWW.RadioNET1490.COM G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1175 Nov 02

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QSL Radio UNAM: XEYU Radio UNAM 9600 kHz bestätigte meinen Empfangsbericht in 41 Tagen mit einer det. QSL-Karte und 2 CDs. Meinem Empfangsbericht lagen 2 US-$ fürs Rückporto und ein Mitschnitt bei. Adresse: Radio UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Adolfo Prieto 133, Col. del Valle, 03100 Mexico D.F., Mexiko. v/s Teofilo Huerta Moreno, Departemento de Planeación. P.Robic-AUT A-DX-ML Apr 07
Radio UNAM/XEYU. 9600 kHz f/d logo card from Teófilo Huerta Moreno, Departamento de Planeación in 79 days for a CD recording and SS report. They also included a fascinating CD with a collection of indigenous Mexican music. I’m delighted to add a QSL from this fine station to my collection. Thanks to Glenn Hauser for keeping us up to date on their reactivation. J.Pogue-TN-USA direct to QIP Apr 07
9600 XEYU Radio UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Adolfo Prieto No. 133, Col. Del Valle, Código Postal 03100, Del. Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, México. QSL Card full data for a reception report sent to I received the QSL in one monthV/S: Lic. Teófilo Huerta Moreno Jefe del Depto. de Planeación y Asistente del Director General The station sent me a CD with poems by Enriqueta Ochoa & Juan Gelman A.Slaen-ARG DXplorer-ML Apr 07
9600 kHz, Radio UNAM sent a very nice f/d Certificado de Sintonia QSL for an EG-SP report and CD recording. Also enclosed was a hard cover SP day planner for 2007, the 70th anniversary of the station. Each page has a picture of an "old-time" radio, mostly AM but a few SW ones as well. A few pages have articles. Very impressive. V/s was Teófilo Huerta Moreno, Departamento de Planeación. Unfortunately, don't remember the time frame but did report in DXP earlier that they sent an e-mail in early March promising a QSL. The envelope weighed 880 grams (about 2 lbs) and the postage was 197.00, so I think that's pesos and comes to roughly $18. Can that be? J.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Apr 07

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XHCAO 89.1 Reynosa, TAMS. p/d e-mail reply in 77d for written rpt. V/s Ruben Cantu, Engr./Asst. IT. G.Myers-FL-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Aug 07

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102.9 XHMG Monterrey, NL. p/d e-mail reply in 30d aft. a written f/u. V/s Francisco Torres Villarreal, Dept. de Operaciones. (Ave. Madero Ote. 1110, A.P. 2747, Monterrey N.L.) G.Myers-FL-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Okt 07

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XHRM 92.5 MHz Tijuana, BC Freq only letter, bumper stickers and pencil from v/s DJ " Xavier, The X-Man " in 45 days for ms. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX QSL Column 2000-10 Okt 00

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TM 90.1 XHRYS Reynosa letter, stix 103d f/up. v/s: Gregorio Borbonio, Boss Engineer. Address: Calle Herón Ramírez No. 1015, Col. Rodríguez, C.P. 88630, Reynosa, Tamps. Address for 107.1 XHVTH: La Voz de Linares, S.A. Panamá 200 Col. Modelo, C.P. 87360, Matamoros, Tamps. M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Mai 07

External Service

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9705 XERMX R. México Intl; f/d card in EE, prgm schedule, postcard, and personal letter signed by Juan Mort. This for a SP report and 1 $ in 39 days. S.Martin-CA-USA Cumbre DX 073 Feb 96
I have just received a f/d QSL card and a personal letter from Radio México International which I heard on 9705 kHz a few weeks ago. - Their valid address is : Apartado Postal 21-300, México D.F. 04021. - The v/s is Senor Juan Mort. (in Hard-Core-DX) G.D'Amico-SUI DX Window 010 Apr 96
9705 MRI Spanish f/d crd, English cover letter v/s Juan Mort, sked, post card, mint stamps, all in 10 weeks. P.Conradie-AFS Cumbre DX 091 Jun 96
Today (9 July) a nice QSL-package for a report about reception of Radio México Internacional arrived in my P.O. Box. By registered letter they sent a proper QSL-card, a nice sticker, a new pennant, a detailed schedule, a report form and a personal letter. This letter has been written in a very friendly way and has been signed by Juan Mort. He writes that they are really interested in establishing contact with listeners around the globe. And judging from the package they sent, they are really prepared to deal with DXers and other strange people : -) The pennant is a simple but still nice one, showing the station signet as well as their (rather) new frequencies 5985 and 9705 kHz. Their postal address reads : Radio México International, Apartado Postal 21-300, México, D.F., 04021 México. It seems to me that they want to be a real international service now. (?) ?-? DX Window 021 Jul 96
R. México International verified within 24 days ! Beautiful card, nice personal letter, sticker, pennant, schedule and report-form. Answered via registered mail. Verie signer is Juan Mort, and the correct address is Radio México Internacional, Apartado Postal 21-300, Codigo Postal 04021, México D.F. M.Elbe-D DX Window 021 Jul 96
R. México Int.-XERMX 9705 f/d large logo cd. w / pers. ltr. + sticker + pennant in 37 ds. for $ 1. v/s : Juan Mort T.Palmersheim-MT-USA Cumbre DX 098 Aug 96
9705 XERMX / RMI Juan Mort sent a very nice letter, sked, pennant, sticker, + pgm list. Said QSL was enclosed but it wasn't there ! This has happened to me in the past from R.Dublin + All India R. Does this happen to everyone or am I just unlucky ? All in 80 ds for EG report, cassette + $ 1. A.Yoder-NY-USA Cumbre DX 123 Jan 97
XERMX / RMI A full data oversized logo card (unsigned), pennant, sticker and letter from Juan Mort in 6 weeks for an EE report + $ 1. M.Prindle-NY-USA Cumbre DX 124 Feb 97
XERMX / RMI After receiving everything except a QSL and sending an e-mail to the station, Juan Mort said that a QSL would soon be coming. I received it today. It's blank. Sigh. A.Yoder-NY-USA Cumbre DX 127 Feb 97
XERMX R. México Int. on 9705, QSL f /d, info, plush pennant, stickers, report form in 45 days, v/s Juan Mort. QTH : P.O.Box 21 - 300, MEX - 04021 México City, DF. (Play DX #921 Feb.10 1997) S.Gómez-E TFW Feb 97
R México Int. 9705 qsl-card no r.postage [f /d " QSL Certificate " card, sticker, personal letter and schedule] in 144 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Feb 97
R México Int on 9705, QSL, personal letter, schedule, v/s Juan Mort, Director in 42 days, no IRC sent (Play DX # 926 16 / 03 1997) J.Quinones A.-PRU TFW Mrz 97
R México Int - det. Karte Radio-Logo 9705 kHz 1310 02.12.96 94 Tage, heard in Cabarette D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mrz 97
R México Int - teildet. Brief Radio-Logo - - 02.12.96 94 Tage, heard in Cabarette D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Mrz 97
XRMEX R México Int on 9705, QSL card very nice f /d, plush pennant, stickers in 79 days for 1 USD, v/s Juan Mort, Director Servicio Int. (Play DX # 933 - 4 May 1997) V.Korinek-AFS TFW Mai 97
R México Int 9705 kHz, det. qsl-card in 46 days, schedule, rr form, pennant / $ R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Mai 97
XERMX R.México on 9705, fd card, letter, pennant, info in 43 days (DSWCI SWN 08/97) L.Roithmeir-G TFW 034 Aug 97
XERMX R. México Int on 9705, QSL f /d, new pennant with JUCA (What is it ? ? ?), pers letter, pgm schedule, v/s Juan Mort, in 231 days (Play DX 951 Oct 6) S.Gómez-E TFW 039 Okt 97
XERMX R.México Int. on 9705, QSL card quite psychedelic, new green-white-red plush pennant, sticker, schedules, report form, v/s Juan Mort, gerente, in 59 days for 1 IRC. (Play DX # 955 Nov 03) R.Pavanello-I TFW 042 Nov 97
XERMX on 9705, QSL, new pennant of plush, schedule, report form, letter, brochure, in 60 days. (Play DX # 963 Jan 5) L.Botto Fiora-I TFW 049 Jan 98
Radio México INTERNACIONAL - Apartado Postal 21-300 - 04021 México D.F. 9705 kHz - QSL, letter, schedule, folders and sticker in 112 dd, 1 USD sent - v/s Alejandro Joseph Esteinou - Chief of the English Department of XERM-OC S.Mannelli-I Webpage Jan 98
Radio México International, 9705. Full data grey-colored card showing a plant. In 12 weeks for IRC. Also received sticker, postcards, schedule, report form and personal letter from Alejandro Joseph Esteinou, Chief of the English Department. H.Sellers-ON-CAN ODXA 1998-02 Feb 98
9705 R.México Int., Partial data QSL card, Post card of Mexican tradition, Sticker, Pennant and Schedule for EG report and 1 IRC on 95 days. K.Ogino-J Cumbre DX 180 Mrz 98
XERMX Radio Mexiko International bestätigte gerade noch rechtzeitig vor Redaktionsschluß nach sieben Monaten Laufzeit einen RR über 9705 kHz. Beigelegt waren ein RR-Vordruck, ausführlicher Sendeplan, drei QSL-Karten, Sticker und ein Dankschreiben vom Chief of the English Department Alejandro Joseph Esteinou.. Rückporto war übrigens 1 US-Dollar, wobei ich den RR vorsichtshalber in EE und SS abgefaßt hatte. Adr. : XERMX.OC, Radio México Internacional, Apartado Postal 21-300, 04021 México, D.F., México. J.Adolph-D Eastside DX 01 Jun 98
Radio México International v/s Alejandro Joseph Esteinou Chef of english dpt. send letter and QSL in 90 days. D.Canonica-SUI Cumbre DX 198 Jul 98
XERMX/9705 kHz, 128 days, qsl-card, pennant, 2 picture postcards, program guide, pers. qsl-letter, $, picture postcard. T.Brandenburg-D ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
9705.07 kHz Radio México Internacional brev, schedule, rap.form. 3m. S.-H.Nielsen-DNK DDXLK 1998-12 Dez 98
R. México Internacional 5985 qsl-card flott vimpel qsl-letter schedule 116 days., v/s Alejandro Joseph Esteinou T.Nielsen-NOR Norwegian DX News 1998-10 Dez 98
R. México Intl./9705 kHz, 76 days, detailed qsl-card, picture postcard, pgrogram guide, W. rr forms, qsl-letter. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX 1999-02 Jan 99
XERMX Radio México Internacional 9705 kHz : e-mail RR. Detailled QSL card after 137 days, v/s Matin Rizo, postcards and sticker. U.Volk-D direct to QIP Jan 99
Radio México International (XERMX.OC). Full data card for reception report of 29 Jan. 1999 on 9705 at 2020. Also included was a small station pennant and sticker. S.Baca-NM-USA Cumbre DX 240 Apr 99
R México Int'l 9705 kHz, card, rp : no, 70 days. J.Crowley-IRL WDXC QSL Report Apr 99
Radio México Internacional. Card for reception report of 13 May at 23000 on 9705. S.Baca-NM-USA Cumbre DX 252 Jul 99
R.México Int 9705 kHz April 3 Spanish. Full date QSL card, View cards, Program schedule, Reception Report Form, Sticker, Constraction Manual of Wire Antenna Personal Letter by Alejandro Joseph Estenidou, Chief of the English Department (In this letter he is very interested in Origami). Received in 83 days for an English Report with $ 1, View Card and Origami. (No.65) H.Katayama-J Japan Premium 1999-07 Jul 99
Radio México International 9705, f /d card, personal letter and beautiful pennant in 53 days from v/s Martin Rizo, Manager for US $ 1. R.Comeau-MA-USA CIDX 1999-08 Aug 99
Radio Mexiko International XERMX bestätigte die am frühen Morgen bei guten Bedingungen und freier Frequenz auch in Europa empfangbare Frequenz 9705 kHz nach 39 Tagen mit detaillierter QSL-Karte, persönlichem Brief, Programminfo, Sticker und RR-Vordruck. v/s Martin Rizo, Manager. (E.Röscher) Hier traf nach 44 Tagen ebensolche Antwort für 9705 kHz ein, außerdem lagen noch drei undetaillierte QSL-Karten bei (Artesanias en papel mache. Coyoacan, Mexico), Bauanleitung für Rahmenantenne und CD-Info (Los Invasores) bei. Die Station ist sehr an RRs interessiert, genauso an Meinungen zum Programm. 5985 und 9705 werden von 12 bis 16 und 18.00 bis 22.30 UTC eingesetzt, danach nur noch 9705 von 22.30 bis 5 UTC, am Wochenende ist bereits 4 UTC Sendeschluß. Wichtigste Sendesprache ist spanisch, das englische Px,, Antena Radio Summary " läuft Montag bis Freitag 3.00 bis 3.30 UTC, am Sonnabend kommt zur selben Zeit "DXperience ", am Sonntag "La Hora National " auf spanisch. Rp war jeweils ein Dollar. Adresse : XERMX, Radio Mexico International, Apartado Postal 21-300, 04021 Mexico D.F., Mexico. J.Adolph-D Eastside DX 07 Sep 99
R México Int'l 9705 kHz, card, rp : no, 83 days. Z.Elias-CZE WDXC QSL Report Sep 99
R México Int 9705 card letter div T-skjorte 6 weeks Raus stasjon, sier Aslak, som noterer seg for et nytt land. A.Håkedal-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-09 Nov 99
R México Int. 9705 card letter v sticker sch pk 78d. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99
R México Int'l, v/s Martin Rizo Gavira. 9705 kHz, card, rp : $1 395 days. P.Cody-IRL WDXC QSL Report Jan 00
R. México Intl./9705 kHz, 47 days, detailed qsl-card, PG, Info. W.Fiedler-D ADDX 2000-04 Feb 00
R. México INTERNational 9705, letter + STICKER + INFO SHEET + DEPLIANT SCHEDULE, 60 d., NO RP. v/s : Licenciando MARTIN RIZO GAVIRA, GERENTE. ALSO RECEIVED NEW FELPA PENNANT . QTH : MAYORAZGO 83, COLONIA XOCO, CP-03330 México, DF. J.Manolo Cabrera Pérez-CNR Play-DX 1063 Apr 00
R. México Intl./9705, 72 days, detailed QSL-card, W, personal letter, Sticker, AK, RRV / 2 IRC. K.-P.Hilger-D ADDX 2001-03 Feb 01
Radio México Internacional - XERMX - 9, 705 kHz - Received a very nice multi-color full- data QSL card, letter, and a large colorful poster in nine (9) months for 2 IRC's. E.Tilbury-ALS direct to QIP Feb 01
Nette Überraschung heute in meinem Briefkasten: dicker Umschlag von Radio México Internacional (11770), geschmückt mit sehr schönen Briefmarken. Inhalt ein T-Shirt, eine CD und ein persönliches Dankschreiben der Stationsdirektorin Ana Cristina del Razo Esqueda für meinen Empfangsbericht vom letzten Oktober. Laufzeit 150T. In dem Umschlag von RMI befand sich auch noch eine detaillierte QSL-Karte. Die habe ich gerade eben entdeckt, als ich die schönen Sonderbriefmarken aus dem Umschlag schnitt. Leider habe ich die QSL-Karte dabei auch zertrennt. So was idiotisches ist mir noch nie nie passiert. Läßt sich aber gottlob mit etwas Tesafilm wieder reparieren. E.Gehrig-E A-DX-ML Mrz 01
Received today a thick envelope from Radio México Internacional (11770 kHz) containing a T-Shirt, a CD with Mexican jazz music and a friendly personal letter from Lic. Ana Cristina del Razo Esqueda, Gerente, thanking me for my RR of October 2000 and inviting me to visit the the station the next time I'm in México. E.Gehrig-E HCDX-ML Mrz 01
11770 kHz 9705 kHz, XERMX. OC Radio México INTERNACIONAL - 180gg v/s Ana Cristina del Razo Esqueda (Gerente de Radio México Internacional) AP.21-300 -codigo postal 04021 México D.F-México- e-mail Lettera+ QSL+ adesivo+ bandierina+ schedule+ CD musica indigena Tarahumaras (inviato rapporto con C60+adesivi) M.Giroletti-I Play-DX-ML Mrz 01
R. México Intl./9705 kHz, 226 days, detailed qsl-card, PG, RRV, W, 2 CDs, pers. letter, Infos, Poster / AK, 2 IRC. K.Oxenbauer-D ADDX 2001-12 Jun 01
R México Int 9705 b CD T-skjorte vimpel C.Brunström-S Norwegian DX News 2001-04 Jun 01
Radio México International 11770 kHz, F/D "Logo" card, lengthy personal letter, decal, schedule, RMI history sheet, report form and a CD in 22 weeks from v/s Lic. Ana Cristina del Razo Esqueda, Gerente del RMI. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2001-07 Jul 01
6185 kHz. Radio México Internacional, Apartado Postal 21-940, C.P. 04021, México D.F. Tarjeta QSL, carta de la emisora firmada por la Ministra Lidia Camacho Camacho (Directora General), folleto de la emisora, boletín de programación, Revista Audio Tinta, publicación sobre el arte en México. Respondió en 100 días. C.Morales-ARG Conexion Digital 114 Jul 01
XERMX 9705 + 11770 letter + QSL-CARD + FELPA PENNANT + SCHEDULE + CD MEXICAN MUSIC FOLK. SENT CASSETTE C60 + ITALIAN RADIONETWORKS STICKERS, NO IRC. 180d. V/s: Mrs.ANA CRISTINA DEL RAZO ESQUEDA Gerente de la Emisora. QTH : APARTADO 21-300, MEX-04021, México, D.F. WEB:// M.Giroletti-I Play-DX 1118 Jul 01
Radio Mexico International returned my report "A.P. 21-300 Cancelled 30-07-04" in 38 days. I quess they have closed shop for good...(md) M.Delmage-AB-CAN CIDX 2004-09 Sep 04

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