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QSL Information Pages - The Bahamas (BAH)

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The Bahamas

13940 km2
297900 inhabitants
capital : Nassau

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 3, FM 4, shortwave 0 (1998)

(Central America)

Last update for this page :
Freitag, 01. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from the Bahamas

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  1. Domestic
  2. 100 JAMZ

Domestic Stations

100 JAMZ Index Bahamas Index America Central

100.3 100 JAMZ Freeport v/l 24d f/up#2+$1. v/s: Stephen Haughey M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Jun 07

96.1 Freeport Index Bahamas Index America Central

96.1 Freeport v/l 41d f/up#2. v/s: Taylor Ferguson (Miss),PD M.Procop-OH AMFMTVDX-ML Feb 05

Cool 96 Index Bahamas Index America Central

COOL 96,00 MHz friendly letter 20d. + info paper + COOL 96 junkanoo ornament, sent 1 IRC + italian stickers + postcard v/s : Miss Lesley Davies, station mgr. QTH : P.O.Box F-40733 Freeport, Grand Bahama. FAX : (+ 242) 3528709. E-mail : cool96[ät] G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1035 Sep 99

R Bahamas Index Bahamas Index America Central

ZNS : I do not know if it can be still useful, but I got their QSL for the 1540 on November '95. v/s was Patric E. Walkes AGM / Customer Service + P.R. and cosigner was Picewell Forbes host of -Speak Up Bahamas-, the program heard. QTH as per (P.O.B.) WRTH. B.Gornati-I HCDX-ML Apr 98
ZNS : Try Mr. Wycliffe Miller - Senior Supervisor of Radio Programming. Although ZNS is a sporadic verifier, I wouldn't consider them a -notorious non-verifier-, as I have seen QSLs reported from time to time in various DX bulletins and publications over the last several years. I received a QSL letter from ZNS-810 in Freeport on the first try. My QSL from ZNS-1540 took a couple of followups, but wasn't what I would consider too difficult to obtain. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary in order to get these veries, I just tried to make my reception report as detailed, friendly, and interesting as possible. If you haven't received a reply to your first report, a couple of friendly followups, including return postage, and perhaps a photo, postcard, or information brochure about your city or country should help. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA HCDX-ML Apr 98
Radio Bahamas ZNS1 1540, f /d form verie letter in 5 weeks from v/s Carl Bethel, Assistant GM for US $ 1. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 1999-11 Nov 99
R Bahamas 1540 letter f/up. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99
1540 The Broadcasting Corporation of Bahamas, P.O. Box N. 1347, Nassau. Carta QSL correspondiente a un follow up de un informe realizado en 1986 ! Ademas, envio un adhesivo gigante. v/s Anthony Foster. A.L.Slaen-ARG Conexion Digital 040 Jan 00
Radio Bahamas -1540 answered with full detailed QSL- letter and over large stickers. I got my reply some days ago, meaning 170th medium wave country. Quite a beautiful experience, thought it will take some time before 180 countries is reached. My warmest thanks to Swedish DX-friend Kurt Norlin in Skellefteå, who helped me with this station ! P.-O.Stenman-FIN HCDX-ML Apr 00
ZNS1 Radio Bahamas 1540, Nassau. f /d form letter, business card and sticker in 5 weeks from v/s Anthony Foster, Senior Deputy General Manager. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2000-09 Sep 00
ZNS1 Radio BAHAMAS 1540 kHz letter AFTER F / UP v/s : WYCLIFFE MILLER (senior annoncer) (ARCTIC Radio CLUB N°2 YEAR 41, AUGUST 2000) S.Björn-S Play-DX 1084 Okt 00
ZNS-1 R Bahamas 1540 b 5år (6u e/pm) A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News 2000-09 Nov 00
BC of the Bahamas / 1540, 30 days, B / Rp., SAE; geh. in DOM. D.Schulz-D ADDX 2001-06 Mrz 01
ZNS-1, Nassau 1540 kHz. F/D form verie letter from Anthony Foster, Senior Deputy General Manager. This was in 240 days after my 4th follow-up with cassette and $1 (U.S.). Letter was dated January, but not mailed until June! N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2001-08 Aug 01
Radio Bahamas 1540 kHz V/s: Antony Foster (Senior Deputy General Manager). QSL-CARD + stickers. QTH: see WRTH 2002 (HRD in the Caribbean area) A.Petersen-DNK Play-DX 1160 Jun 02
Sometimes, this hobby needs much patience. Some 32 years ago, I used to hear ZNS Bahamas 1540 regularly, but could never QSL them. In 1989, whilst on vacation on Harbor Island, I logged the 3 AM and 1 FM ZNS outlets and have been trying for some 13 years to secure a QSL. I recently found an email address for the GM of ZNS which sounded more promising than others. Imagine my surprise to get an almost immediate reply, and now I have four Bahamas QSLs, a new country verified and some more enthusiasm for sending reports. Those follow ups can sometimes score a bullseye, so dig out the old reports and get them away again. And, never give up on a station (Oct NZ DX Times via DXLD) D.Ricquish-NZL DXLD 2-163 Okt 02
1540 ZNS-1 Nassau v/l + history 103d. v/s: Donald Rolle, Dir. of Eng. M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2004-05 Jun 04
104.5 ZNS Nassau v/l 569d f/up#2. v/s: Donald Rolle, Dir. of Eng. mentions "Harris 10K FM transmitter" and "ZNS (Zephyr News Sunshine)" M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Jul 06

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