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QSL Information Pages - Moldova (MDA)

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33843 km2
4431600 inhabitants
capital : Chisinau (

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 7, FM 50, shortwave 3 (1998)

(since Aug 27, 1991)
(Former Soviet Union)

Last update for this page :
Samstag, 02. Mai 2020

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from Moldova

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  1. Domestic
  2. R Moldova
  3. R Poli Disc
  4. R Studio B
  6. External
  7. R Moldova Int

Domestic Stations

R Moldova Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

R Moldova 1 1494 card information 8 weeks A.Håkedal-NOR Norwegian DX News Jan 97
R Moldova 1494 card div 6 weeks. T.Nielsen-NOR Norwegian DX News Feb 98
1494 kHz, Cahul 03:10 25.10.97 03.02.98 101 days, QSL : kort info v/s : Pankov G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Feb 98
Received QSL card from R Moldova on 1593 kHz via QSL-Bureau : R. Pankov, Box 199, 1000 Sofia-C, Bulgaria. Some facts : My letter : march 16, In Sofia : april 3, Sent to Moldova : april 6, From Moldova : may 22, In Sofia june 6, from Sofia june 9 In Sweden june 15. All old reports for R Dniester Int may also be verified. 1 USD per report. I think 1 US $ is enough according to the information from Pankov. I sent 2 US $ (I didn't know how much to send), but that isn't much if you really get that QSL ! F.Dourén-S HCDX-ML Jun 98
1593 kHz R. Kisinau kort via Pankov, Bulgarien 4m. H.V.Lollike-DNK DDXLK 1998-11 Nov 98
Radio Moldova 1494, QSL-card and schedule in 11 months for US $1. A.Skalmeraas-NOR direct to QIP Sep 01
Radio Moldova. Very interesting 3 pages letter signed by Valentina Roshu (sub chief of the Russian sce of Radio Moldova Int’l) and Yuriy Moraru (dir of the RMI Dep). Also, 3 view cards, calendar and 2 stickers. 112 days for 1 irc. My ppc not used. Actually, I sent my report to the local Radio Moldova address (like in WRTH), they gave it to the RMI which doesn’t broadcast on any wavelength except the Web ( they’ve got the on-line sce in Russian on weekdays at 20 UTC, also 5 days archive is available). I.Zhurkin-RUS direct to QIP Jan 03
Radio Moldova 873 kHz verified with a undet. letter in 30 days. 1 US-$ for RP. QTH: Str. Miorita 1, 2028 Chisinau. v/s Anatol Caciuc P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Mrz 05
R. MOLDOVA 69.68 MHz. QSL in 36 days. Address: Street Miorita 1, MOL-2028 Chisinau. (HRD C/o: Acquasparta, UMBRIA, in 2002) F.Carnevalini-I Play-DX 2006-01 Jan 06
RADIO MOLDOVA, 70'31 MHz (Edinti tx), enthusiastic f/d letter, 35 d., v/s: Victor Tabirta, Executive Director of R. Moldova, ADDR: Radio Moldova, str. Miorita 1, 2028 CHISINAU. M.Molano Sánchez-E direct to QIP Sep 06

R Poli Disc Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

Radio POLI DISC 103,70 MHz letter 45d. Sent 1 US $. + stamps + stickers. v/s : ANDREW VASILATI DIRECTOR. QTH : SOS. HANCESTI 59 / 1, CHISINAU 2028, MOLDOVA. E-MAIL : root[ät] G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1049 Dez 99

R Studio B Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

Radio Studio B, Moldova Noua 107,90 MHz, heard: 1.6.2005 FFF, QSL 2005 J.Solatie-FIN mwdx-ML Dez 05

External Service

R Moldova Int : see under R Moldova Int (ROU)

Relayed Stations or Programs

Deutsche Welle (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

Deutsche Welle via Grigoriopol 999n no r.postage 112 days. Z.Elias-CZE WDXC QSL Report Jun 97
DW Tiraspol 999 qsl-card no r.postage 60 days. I.Zhurkin-RUS WDXC QSL Report Jul 97
DW Grigoriopol 999 qsl-card no r.postage - - days. P.Miroshnikov-RUS WDXC QSL Report Okt 97
DW, Köln 999 kHz, D tx-site: Grigoriopol gehört in: AUT/Strasshof K- det 31.12.1998 08.02.1999 39 Tage H.Süss-AUT direct to QIP Feb 99
Heute war die Freude gross, als ich meinen Briefkasten oeffnete und eine QSL-Karte von der DW Relais Grigoriopol (999 kHz) fand. Die Laufzeit betrug 81 Tage, den RR verschickte ich via Email an die technische Abteilung der DW. W.Stengel-D ADXB-OE-ML Apr 99
DW Relay/999 kHz, 64 days, detailed qsl-card, program guide, pennant, sticker, Zeitschrift. E.Röscher-D ADDX 1999-20 Okt 99
DW Relay Pridnestrowje/999 kHz, 23 days, detailed qsl-card. W.Fiedler-D ADDX 2000-04 Feb 00
Deutsche Welle/999 kHz, 58 days, detailed qsl-card. G.Klösel-D ADDX 2000-12 Jun 00
DW Grigoropol 999,00 kHz, D 102 days, qsl-card, ST ja. P.Robic-AUT EAWRC 290 Jul 01
DW/999 kHz, 58 Tage, detailed qsl-card. G.Klösel-D ADDX 2001-18 Sep 01
Deutsche Welle Grigoilpol det. Karte Digital Radio Mondiale 999 kHz 1800 27.09.01 48 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Nov 01
Deutsche Welle bestätigte einen RR des russischen Programms vom 19.01.2002, 1900 UTC auf 999 kHz (abgeschickt in DNK am 20.01.2002) nach nur 6 Tagen Laufzeit mit QSL-Karte (Motiv Köln), einem Reisebegleiter sowie mehreren Stickern. M.Reiff-D direct to QIP Feb 02
DW Maiac 999,00 kHz, 8 Tage, K Details : ja, -A.Schwegeler-D A.Schwegeler-D EAWRC 302 Jul 02
DW Grigoriopol/999 kHz, 48-62 Tage, det. K. diverse-D ADDX 2002-18 Sep 02
Deutsche Welle relay no rp, 999 kHz, qsl-card, 21 days. P.Gager-AUT BDXC-UK 2002-10 Okt 02
DW relay no rp, 999 kHz, qsl-card, 45 days. P.Gager-AUT BDXC-UK 2002-11 Nov 02
DW - Relay (999 kHz) : f/d QSL-card, location on card "Moldavia", complete DW B02-schedule after 1m fr email-RR via T.M.Rösner-D direct to QIP Nov 02
DW Relay 999,00 kHz, - 231 card, details : ja P.Vaegler-D EAWRC 306 Nov 02
Überrascht hat die russische Redaktion der DW mit Jubiläums-QSL und großen Stationswimpel. Hörte die Station auf 999 KHz via Moldawien. Antwort kam nach etwa 4 Wochen. M.Lindner-D A-DX-ML Mrz 03
Deutsche Welle Relay Grigoriopol 999 kHz, 8 Tage, det. Karte Motiv Schwerin Kirche D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jan 07
Deutsche Welle, Grigoriopol 999 kHz. Full data DW QSL card v/s Horst Scholz. (Craig Edwards) C.A.Edwards-NT-AUS direct to QIP Feb 07
Deutsche Welle 6225 kHz, 36 Tage, det. Karte Motiv 20 Years fall of the wall / /per E-Mail D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Feb 10

R Netherlands (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, Grigriopol 6015 kHz, card winter on the lakes, 1 week G.Huijbens-BEL direct to QIP Feb 06
Radio Nederland Relay Grigoriopol 6015 kHz verified with a det. card in 32 days. QTH: P.O.Box 222, NL-1200 JG Hilversum. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Mrz 06
R. Nederland Relay / 6015 kHz, 38 Tage, detailierte Karte mit QTH / RR per eMail E.Röscher-D ADDX 2006-06 Jun 06
R.Nederland relay, 6015, card in 5 weeks. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Aug 06
R. Nederland Maiac 6015 kHz, Cartolina QSL in 72 giorni. E-rpt spedito a: V/s: Jaime Baguena. L.Botto Fiora-I CoRad Newsletter-ML Okt 06
QSL CARD FROM RADIO NEDERLAND: 6040 kHz QSL card from Radio Nederland via Grigoriupol for the champions league special transimission of 03-0-2007 in 82 dd. Repor sent to PO BOX 222 - 1200 JG HILVERSUM - THE NETHERLANDS. The picture is available on F.Ceccioni-I BCL-News-ML Jun 07
R. Nederland Relay / 6090 kHz, 45 Tage, detaillierte Karte mit QTH P.Gager-AUT ADDX 2007-02 Aug 07

Russian Int R (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

7125 MOLDAVIA: Russian International Radio, via Moldavia, 179 dias. Recebido: cartão QSL, carta, schedule. V/S: ?. Informe de recepção enviado por e-mail: . R.Walter Grimm-SP-B ConDig 408 Feb 07

Trans World R (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

999 kHz, Trans World Radio in Ukr via tx in Moldova, QSL-card (full data), personal letter in En, v/s Annemarie Dobos, rp 1 IRC, in 11 days for a tape-report in En to Box 141 A-1235 Vienna, Austria. M.Schöch-D BC-DX 360 Apr 98
ERF/TWR, Wien 999 kHz, AUT tx-site: Grigoriopol gehört in: AUT/Strasshof K, QRG-plan 18.02.1999 18.03.1999 30 Tage H.Süss-AUT direct to QIP Mrz 99
TWR relay, v/s Olga Shevelyova, Editor. Address: TWR, PO Box 9393, Kharkiv 61003, Ukraine. 999 kHz, letter, rp : no, 34 days. R.Petraitis-LTU WDXC QSL Report Nov 99
Trans World R Grigoripol det. Karte Junge mit Radio im Baum 999 kHz 2000 11.03.00 137 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jul 00
TWR Grigoriopol/999 kHz, 77 days, 2 detailed qsl-card, programm guide, W / IRC. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX 2000-18 Sep 00
TWR Grigoripol 1548,00 kHz, AK, SAE, PPC, IRC, - 14 Tage, K, PPC. D.Schulz-D EAWRC 286 Mrz 01
TWR Grigoriopol 1548,00 kHz, E 21 days, qsl-card, W, PG ja. P.Robic-AUT EAWRC 290 Jul 01
TWR Maiac 999,00 kHz, IRC 53 Tage, K, Programm Details : ja, -A.Schwegeler-D A.Schwegeler-D EAWRC 302 Jul 02
TWR Grigoriopol/999 kHz, 61-85 Tage, det. K, PG, Info. diverse-D ADDX 2002-18 Sep 02
TRANS WORLD RADIO Maiac 1548 kHz, Cartolina QSL e scheda in 84 giorni. No RP. QTH: P.O. Box 141 - A-1235 Vienna (Austria). V/s: Betty Click. L.Botto Fiora-I BCL-News-ML Dez 04
Trans World Radio, Grigoriopol 1548 kHz. Full data TWR QSL card and A06 sked along with personal note from v/s Beth Chick, TWR Europe, Postfach 141, A-1235 Vienna, Austria (CE) C.A.Edwards-NT-AUS direct to QIP Mai 06
Trans World Radio, Grigoriopol 999 kHz. Full data TWR QSL card for IRC, v/s Beth Chick, PO Box 141, A-1235 Vienna, Austria. (Craig Edwards) C.A.Edwards-NT-AUS direct to QIP Feb 07

Vatican R (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

Vatican R Grigoripol 1467,00 kHz, 42 days, qsl-card, details : ja S.Schliephacke-D EAWRC Bulletin 305 Okt 02

Vo America (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

VOA relay 15240 kHz, card, rp : no, 55 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Feb 01
Voice of America via Usseriysk 648 kHz. FD QSL card, magnets, pen and calendar, v/s illegible (CE) C.Edwards-SA-AUS direct to QIP Jun 05

Vo Russia (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

1548 kHz, Grigoriopol 18:00 07.03.94 14.04.94 38 days, QSL : kort G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Apr 94
Voice of Russia Kisinev 1467 qsl-card no r.postage 41 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Feb 97
7125 Voice of Russia. Email verification from Ms. Olga Troshina of my November 11 reception and email report to But where is the transmitter really located ? The verification states Kishinyov (Chisinau) (Kishinev when Radio Moscow had a central Moldovan site in the 1980s). PWBR 1998 states Moldova (but where ?). WRTVH 1997 makes no mention of an active Chisinau transmitter on shortwave, but says the Voice of Russia relay is at Maiac near Grigoriopol in Pridnestrovye. I vote for the latter, as it is a separate NASWA country. During 10 + years of chasing Radio Moscow transmitter sites in the 1970s and 1980s, it was common to receive a QSL lisiting an inaccurate site, sometimes thousands of miles away. Any thoughts on this one ? J.Evans-TN-USA Cumbre DX 168 Dez 97
7100 VOR WS via Kishinev (Site marked on card). -Peoples' Friendship fountain- Radio Moscow card in 67 days. B.Harms-MD-USA Cumbre DX 196 Jun 98
Voice of Russia via Chisinau. 7125 p / d " Arbat Square " card w / friendly thank you letter and skeds in 62 ds. v/s : Mrs. Tanya Stukova - VoR World Service Letters Department. Despite requesting the site be listed on the QSL card, it was not, so I think I'll return the QSL to Mrs. Stukova with a polite request that the site be indicated. Radio Moscow / Voice of Russia used to be excellent about listing transmitter sites on QSL cards. J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Cumbre DX 198 Jul 98
Voice of Russia via Kishinyon 7105, 7125 and 9585, f /d " People's Friendship House " card in 62 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-09 Sep 98
Voice of Russia; 7125; verified an email-report of Feb 10, 1999, after 8 days via email. Transmitter Site : Kishinev / Moldova. v/s : Elena Frolovskaya, World Service in English, Voice of Russia. Broadcast was in English language to North America. K.W.Elsebusch-D HCDX-ML Feb 99
Voice Of Russia World Service via Kishinyov (MOLDOVA) Received a thank you for my report and an e-mail QSL in about 3 working daysfor reception report I sent via e-mail. In part it reads : " Dear Mr. Silvi, This verifies your report of the Voice of Russia's broadcast in English. Date - February 15, 1999 Time - 0400-0445 UTC Frequency - 7125 kHz via Kishinyov (Moldova) " E-mail was from " Tanya Stukova (Mrs.) " L.Silvi-OH-USA Cumbre DX 232 Mrz 99
7125 Voice of Russia Full data e-mail QSL in 6 days for an e-mail report. v/s Olga Troshina. Although transmitter site was listed as Kishinyov, subsequent e-mails from Ms. Troshina indicate that this frequency is actually via Grigoriopol. G.Maroti-NY-USA Cumbre DX 233 Mrz 99
Voice of Russia, 7125, verified an eMail-RR within 9d by card and px-schedule. v/s not given but transmitter site stated as Kishinev (Chisinau). K.W.Elsebusch-D HCDX-ML Mai 99
Voice of Russia 9665 kHz, f /d " The People's Friendship Fountain " card, schedule and personal letter in 84 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2001-03 Mrz 01
7180, 7260 e 7350 - Rádio Voz da Rússia - Kishinev - Grigoriopol, Armavir - Krasnodar e Moscou - Rússia 26 dias. Recebido 3 belíssimos QSL's (2 da série We talk to the whole world), 3 formulários para informe de recepção, carta pessoal, cartão postal, 1 selo, 3 adesivos e folheto " Nociones abreviadas de Diexismo”. v/s: Francisco. QTH : Redación Latinoamericana - ul. Pyatnitskaya 25, 113326 Moscow - Rússia (informe enviado por e-mail (letters@v.). R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 026 Apr 01
Vo Russia 1548,00 kHz, 30 days, qsl-card, PG, details : yes. P.Vaegler-D EAWRC 291 Aug 01
Vo Russia / 1548 kHz, 30 Tage, detailed qsl-card, PG. P.Vaegler-D ADDX 2001-18 Sep 01
9665 - Radio Voice of Russia - Kishinev-Grigoriopol-MDA - Belíssimo cartão QSL (The "Kosmos" Hotel) e carta pessoal. v/s: Tanya Stukova (The Voice of Russia World Service Letters Department). ?? dias. QTH : 25, ul. Pyatnitskaya, 1133326 Moscow - Russia - obs: escuta em inglês e IR enviado por e-mail ( R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B DXCB 2001-10 Okt 01
9965 - Radio Voice of Russia - via Moldavia-MDA - Cartão QSL full data, carta e boletím de prog. - 38 dias. V/S: ilegível. QTH: 25, ul. Pyatnitskaya - Moscou 113326 - Russia. J.Moura dos Santos-SP-B DXCB 2002-01 Jan 02
VoRussia, Moskau 1.548 kHz, RUS tx-site: Grigoriopol gehört in: AUT/Strasshof K, px+QRG-plan, pers.Brief, Minikalender, Grußkarte 18.11.2001 11.01.2002 38 Tage H.Süss-AUT direct to QIP Jan 02
7125 R.Voice of Russia, via Moldova. 3 dias. Recebido: Email confirmatório, com informação da emissão e envio de um QSL correspondente a este informe de recepção. v/s: Elena Osipova, Letters Department, World Service. Email: Escuta verificada em São José-SC. A emissão foi no idioma russo. Não compreendo nada de russo, mas procurei elaborar um informe de recepção em inglês o mais detalhado possivel no tempo de 15 minutos. Resultado: O informe foi considerado como correto, e o resultado está mais uma confirmação chegando por ai. R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Radioescutas-ML Feb 02
7180 Voice of Russia via Kishinyov. F/d Kosmos Hotel cd in 58 days M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2002-06 Jun 02
Voice of Russia via Kishinev -Grigoripol. 11750 - emaletter - 14 days. W.Bastow-NSW-AUS ARDXC 443 Nov 02
Vo Russia relay no rp, 999 kHz, qsl-card, 55 days. P.Gager-AUT BDXC-UK 2002-11 Nov 02
Voice of Russia via Kishinyov 7180 kHz, F/D "On the Waves of the Voice of Russia" card, letter and schedule in 2 months. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2002-11 Nov 02
7125 - Voice of Russia, Kishinyov - 22 dias. Recebido cartão QSL (mencionando site em Kishinyov, Moldavia), cartão de Natal, carta pessoal de agradecimento pelo detalhado informe de recepção e assinada por Tanya Stukova (Mrs.), boletim de horários e frequencias e folheto de participação no concurso de celebração de 60 anos da resistência do Exército Vermelho frente ao Exército Nazista em Stalingrado. Apenas enviado informe de recepção e postal de Nova York. Meu rádio país confirmado número 138. M.Toniolo dos Anjos-NY-USA Atividade DX 128 Dez 02
9665 kHz, Radio Moscow, full data "Moskva River Near Kremlin" card with site (Kishinyov Moldavia), no V/S, in 2 months, for 1 IRC, received sticker, summer schedule and letter from Ms. Olga Troshina- World Service In English. J.Talbot-AB-CAN direct to QIP Jun 03
Vo Russia Relay / 7180 kHz, 28 Tage, det. Karte / RR per eMail E.Röscher-D ADDX 2004-06 Mrz 04
7180 Voice of Russia via Kishinyov - QSL card 28d, report sent to, address: 25, ul. Pyatnitskaya, Moscow 113326 Russia M.Procop-OH-USA direct to QIP Mrz 04
Today I received a QSL card, letter and info after 9 weeks from the Voice of Russia 1548 via Kishinyov, Moldova [real tx-site is Grigoropol -QIP] M.van Arnhem-HOL direct to QIP Mrz 04
7125 kHz - Voz da Rússia - Kishinev. Recebido cartão QSL, carta pessoal e sked. 126 dias. V/S: Ilegível. QTH: 520 25, ul. Pyatnitskaya, Moskow 113326, Rússia I.Dias da Silva Júnior-SP-B Atividade DX 200 Mai 04
VOICE OF RUSSIA - GRIGORIOPOL - 7180 kHz, QSL CARD 01.00 UTC, FEBRERO 15. V/s: PANCHO RODRIGUEZ. (Servicio Espanol) (via D.Monferini-I) C.Pérez Dioses-PRU BCL-News-ML Mai 05
Voice of Russia via Kishinyov 7180 kHz, F/D "St. Petersburg: Summer Garden & Central Gate" in 5 weeks. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2005-05 Mai 05
Voice of Russia, Kishinyov 1467 kHz. FD VOR card no v/s, via VOR 25, ul. Pyatnitskaya, Moscow 113326 Russia (CE)Russia C.A.Edwards-SA-AUS direct to QIP Jun 05
Vo Russia/Grigoriopol 7125 k 17 days B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-05 Sep 05
Vo Russia/Kishinov 9665 k b 29 days T.Nielsen-NZL Norwegian DX News 2005-05 Sep 05
Voice of Russia, 1548 kHz, QSL in 26 days. E-mail: letters Q S.M.Kolesov-UKR Signal DX 153 Sep 05
Vo Russia/Kishinov 7180 k 14 days T.Nielsen-NZL Norwegian DX News 2005-07 Okt 05
Voice of Russia 7180 kHz, F/D "60th Anniversary of the Great Patrotic War - Parade on Red Square" card and schedule in 3 weeks for e-mailed report. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2006-01 Jan 06
9665 kHz e 12070 kHz - R. Voz da Russia - Kishinev-Grigoriopol - MDA e Moscou - RUS. Recebido 3 belos cartoes QSL full data comemorativo dos 60 anos da Grande Guerra Patriotica. 60 dias. V/S: ??. Obs: IRs enviados por e-mail: QTH: English Service, ul. Pyatnitskaya 25, 113326 - Moscow - Russia. R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B Atividade DX 301 Jun 06
V. of Russia via Kishinev, 9665, f/d card with site in 2 wks for email report. The old email address didn't seem to be working so I tried as shown on their website. This produced a quick email reply from Elena Frolovskaya, Letters Dept., who said QSL was on its way. J.Herkimer-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Jun 06
7180 Voice of Russia via Kishivyov ( Kishinev) Same "Defense of Sevastopol" QSL card H.Rutstein-NY-USA ODXA 2006-06 Jun 06
Voice Of Russia-Kishinev, 9665, full data St Petersburg QSL with site in 5 weeks for postal mail report. Also sent sked and letter from Elena Frolovskaya of the letters dept. C.Lobdell-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 06
9665 Voice of Russia via Kishinyov. Full data 'Assault of Sapun Hill - 60th Ann. Card'. Reply in 89 days, 21 days, e-mail follow-up ( Report. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN DXplorer-ML Jul 06
Voice of Russia via Kishinyov 7180 kHz, F/D "The 60th Anniversary of the Victory in The Great Patriotic War: Assault of Sapun Hill" card in 6 weeks. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2006-10 Okt 06
7180 Voice of Russia Spanish BCB. 'Patriotic War' cd and VoR Sticker, in 6 months. T.Williamson-ON-CAN ODXA 2007-02 Feb 07
Voice of Russia via Kishinyov. 9665 kHz f/d "Parade on Red Square" card with site from Elena Osipova in exactly 6 months. Also included Christmas/New Years card and sked. J.Pogue-TN-USA direct to QIP Apr 07
9665 kHz - Voice of Russia, Grigoriopol. Recebido cartão QSL (St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral) e carta pessoal. 43 dias. V/S: Serviço em Português (Obs: Emissão realizada em língua inglesa). QTH: Pyatnitskaya, 25, 115326, Moscow, Russia. F.Mattos-SC-B ConDig 428 Jul 07
9665 kHz R. Voz da Russia, via Moldavia. Recebido: Cartão QSL, horários e freqüências da programação em espanhol. 104 dias. V/S: ?. Informe de recepção enviado por e-mail: R.Walter Grimm-SP-B ConDig 430 Jul 07
Voice of Russia via Grigoriopol, 9665 kHz. Yu.Neprintsev's "Resting After Combat" card in one month. J.Pukila-ON-CAN direct to QIP Jul 07
9665 Voice of Russia, via Grigoriopol, 162 dias. Recebido: cartão QSL (Radio La Voz de Rusia, 75 años). V/S: Francisco Rodriguez, Frecuencia RM. Informe de recepção enviado por e-mail: R.Walter Grimm-SP-B Conexion Digital 440 Okt 07
PRIDNESTRIVIE. 9665, Voice of Russia, rcvd a QSL-card from them, "via Kishinev." Actual site is Grigoriopol, which was acknowledged via e-mail, but which they apparently refuse to put on the card. Full-data in 15 days for an e-mail rpt. [via NASWA] S.Lare-MI-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 08
9665 Voice of Russia - Kishinev-Grigoriopol - MDA - Recebido belo cartão QSL (comemorativo dos 50 anos do voo de Yuri Gagarin ao espaço) e envelope t(ambém comemorativo dos 50 anboas do voo de Yuri Gagarin ao espaço) - 2.560 dias (12 dias após follow up). V/S: Elena Osipova?? - Informe enviado por e-mail: . QTH: Russia, 115326, Moscow, Pyatnitskaya st., 25 bld 1. R.Ferraz Pedroso-B radioescutas-ML Apr 12
1413 Moldova, VoR rec QSL card in 75d, after trying twice from tx site in Moldova, from reception 1/23/09. I am really pleased with this one. V/S: Alla Molodkina. Address: Pyatnitskaya st. #25, Building #1, 115326 Moscow, Russia. MW QSL; #3029. New Country QSL'd. (PM-OR) P.Martin-OR-USA MW-Pacific-Asia-ML Mai 12

World Beacon (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

7420, World Beacon (via Grigoriopol), Affiliated Media Group building card with verie statement but no details from v/s Jeff Johnson (Program Director) in 3 weeks. D.Foster-AUS Numero Uno 1614 Jan 01

World R Network (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

Recently one day I could monitor World Radio Network programs instead of IBC Tamil on 7460 at 0005 due to their switching error. An interesting qsl has just been received from World Radio Network, London by post for an email report to them which states that "this was a one time only reception due to a technical fault".v/s is Paula Dine, Adminstration. This qsl can be viewed at: J.Jacob-IND HCDX-ML Dez 03

WYFR (MDA) Index Moldova Index Former Soviet Union

Radio WYFR 7350 kHz, 18 Tage, det. Karte / 5 EURO D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 04
WYFR, 7350, f/d "30 years/Globe" card, w/o site, and a fistful of stickers and religous materials in 38 days for $1. S.R.Barbour-Jr-NH-USA HCDX-ML Aug 04
Family R/Grigoripol Maiac 7350 kHz, card 2sti kal 35d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-05 Sep 04
Family R/Grigoriopol 7350 card pk 4sti schedule inf 1m A.Husdal-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-08 Nov 04
WYFR/Grigoriopol 7360 kart sti inf 46d T.Nyen-NOR Norwegian DX News 2005-03 Apr 05
WYFR relay, 7350, full data card, religious literature, calendars in 31 weeks. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Jun 05
7430 Family Radio English BCB to Europe via Grigoripol Transmitter. Full data ( with site) 'Three Decades of Faithful Service' QSL Card in 39 days. E-mail report to: E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Nov 07
WYFR, 6240, Kishinov, col cd commemorating 30 years of broadcasting .. postal mailed report. B.Padula-Vic-AUS Cumbre DX-ML Jun 08
Eine QSL im Kasten von WYFR für die Sendung via Grigoriopol. P.Vaegler-D A-DX-ML Nov 08
17.555- WYFR - Kishnev-Grigoriopol - MDA - Recebido bonito cartão QSL, schedule, 2 calendários de bolso, 1 marcador de livro e 1 folheto religioso. 42 dias. V/S: Sem assinatura. Informe enviado para o  e-mail: . QTH: Family Stations Inc, International Headquarters, 290 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA " 94621. R.Ferraz Pedroso-B radioescutas-ML Mai 12


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