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Pictures of Clandestine Radio Stations for Uganda can be found at the CRW Clandestine Radio QSL Card Gallery

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BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Uganda

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  1. R Rhino Int Africa

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[D] 17555, R. Rhino Intl Africa (via DTK), two-day E-mail reply for E-mail rpt including RealAudio clip. Sent 3 pg. personal ltr on RRIA ltrhead as Word attachment. V/S Godfrey Ayoo, who first got the idea for RRIA three yrs. ago. He is 41 yrs. old, married with two kids, and considers himself a Ugandan exile, living in Cologne for 4-1/2 yrs. Comments at length about the situation in Uganda, and suggests checking out, and for more on the topic. Does not indicate his exact position with RRIA, but appears to be in charge. Says he will also reply to me by postal mail. Interesting. Rptd to, reply rcvd from J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Sep 03
[D] R. Rhino Intl. / 17555 kHz, 75 Tage, PPC D.Schulz-D ADDX 2004-06 Mrz 04
[D] Heute eingetroffen: QSL-Brief von Radio Rhino für die Sendung am 25.02.2004 auf 17870 kHz in Englisch über die Sendestelle Jülich. Unterzeichner ist Godfrey Ayoo. Im Text wurde allerdings die 17780 erwähnt, wahrschein-lich ein Zahlendreher. M.Grallert-D A-DX-ML Mai 04
[D] Radio Rhino International Africa 17555 kHz verified with an undet. letter in 248 days. QTH: Koernerstr. 77-79, D-50325 Koeln, Germany. v/s Godfrey Ayoo, Director RRIA. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Mai 04
[D] Radio Rhino International-Africa is apparently getting caught up on a backlog of verifications. I received, just a day apart, form letters for reports of 17,555 kHz. and 17,870 kHz.—in 7 months and 13 weeks respectively. The letters are from Godfrey Ayoo, Director RRIA. W.Craighead-KS-USA direct to QIP Mai 04
[D] R. Rhino Intl (via Jülich): I rcvd an E-ltr QSL from them back in Sep 2003 and did not rpt them further, so I was surprised to get a "QSL Verification of Reception" ltr from them recently. Good veri statement, but no specific details as rptd, just the times and fqy they use (fqy shown as 17780, tho I hrd them on 17555). On orange paper, and V/S Godfrey Oyoo, Director, RRIA. Postmarked Germany. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 04
[D] (Uganda) 17555 (letter incorrectly lists 17880), Radio Rhino International-Africa via Jülich verified with an orange paper form letter in 220 days from v/s Godfrey Ayoo, Director RRIA "on behalf of a sinking boat of Humanity whose boat has been torn apart by one Africa's most dangerous Political Sharks in Uganda bred and sustained by certain Western imperialists and establishments to continually keep Uganda and Africa in perpetual state of civil wars, sickness, poverty, illiteracy, etc." Ah, I miss great radio station phrases like that which were quite common during the cold war days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 04
[D] R.Rhino Int'l-Africa via DTK Jülich, 17780, "QSL Verification of Reception" letter, on orange colored paper, w/ dates and frequencies of transmission from "Sept. 2003 to date" from Godfrey Ayoo, Director RRIA. Letter also mentions Ugandan crisis, MLK quote and info for donations. S.R.Barbour Jr.-NH-USA DXplorer-ML Mai 04
[D] R Rhino Int-Africa/Jülich 17870 kHz, letter 155d v/s Godfrey Ayoo, Director B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2004-04 Mai 04
[D] 17870 kHz Radio Rhino International, Koenerstr. 77-79, 50325 Koeln, Germany. QSL letter full data in 27 days. V/S: Godfrey Ayoo, ELUM-ANIAP, Director RRIA A.Leonel Slaen-ARG HCDX-ML Jun 04
[D] DTK - Jülich: The following Prepared Verification Cards where sent back after posting reports to DTK-Jülich. The Cards where my own design with a photo of the Jülich Towers, super imposed on a verification statement. Cards where signed and stamped. They are: 17555 - Radio Rhino International, 17705 Radio Kompanya Golos Russia, 15650 Waymarks International Ministries, 15650 Greater Victory Church, 15650 World Bible Mission,, 9555 Russian International Radio. Sent along with the reply was three photo's of the Juilch site, one of the transmitter and two of the towers and curtain aerials. Reply in 4 months, two weeks after sending a e-mail follow-up inquiry. V/s: Ralf Welf. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Aug 04
[D] R. Rhino Int. Africa, 17555, orange partial data form letter with a wrong frequency in 31 months (?? -CRW) from Godfrey Ayoo (Director of RRIA). V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Aug 04
[D] R. Rhino Intl. Africa / 17780 kHz, 78 Tage, B / Rp. F.-W.Adam-D ADDX 2004-18 Sep 04
[D] R. Rhino Intl. / 17555 kHz, 172 Tage, teildet. Form-B / Rp. K.-P.Hilger-D ADDX 2004-20 Okt 04
[D] 17870 Radio Rhino International - Africa. Time/Frequency verification/ information letter direct from their German Address. Reply in 40 days time. v/s Godfrey Ayoo Director RRIA Address for reports: Radio Rhino International - Africa, Koernerstr. 77-79, 50325 Köln, Germany. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Okt 04
[D] R Rhino Int./Jülich 17780 letter 7,5m, v/s Godfrey Ayoo T.-H.Ekblom-FIN Norwegian DX News 2004-07 Okt 04
[D] R. Rhino International, 17870: They verified with no data QSL. They mentioned that this was an SOS broadcast from Cologne on behalf of a sinking boat of Humanity whose boat has been torn apart by one Africa’s most dangerous political Sharks in Uganda, bred and sustained by certain Western imperialists and establishments to continually keep Uganda and Africa in perpetual state of civil wars, sickness, poverty, illetracy etc. Godfrey Ayoo, ELUM-ANIAP Director RRIA. QTH: Körnerstr. 77, 50823 Köin, Germany. E-mail: mail @ nc-godfreel @ vivaupc @ vovi-ug @ (in DSWCI DX Window Nov 3) M.Ishii-J DXLD 4-169 Nov 04
[D] R Rhino Int./Jülich 17555 letter 216d, Som vanlig ma vi ta et lite forbehold nar det gjelder korrekt QTH for enkelte clandestine- stasjoner. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2004-08 Nov 04
[D] R Rhino Int. E-mail 17870 kHz, e-mail 5 days J.Parker-G BDXC-UK 2005-01 Jan 05
[D] R. Rhino Intl. / 17780 kHz, 85 Tage, B / Rp. A.Heiles-LUX ADDX 2005-04 Apr 05
[D] Radio Rhino International 17555 h/d letter, sked in 39 days. V/s Walter Brodowsky, Account Manager for short-wave broadcasting. QTH: T-Systems International, Media&Broadcast Regional MediaBroadcast Cologne Merscher Hoehe, D-52428 Jülich, Germany. Phone +49 24 61 697 - 350, email: walter.brodowsky Q Central: Hahnstrasse 43 d, 60528 Frankfurt am Main; Telefax: (02461)697371 E-mail: info Q Internet: S.M.Kolesov-UKR Signal DX 153 Sep 05

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