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QSL Information Pages - Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Lebanon

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Pictures of Clandestine Radio Stations for Lebanon can be found at the CRW Clandestine Radio QSL Card Gallery

Up-to-date Clandestine Radio Information for Lebanon can be found at the pages of under

BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Lebanon

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  1. FPM R

FPM R - see Vo Freedom

R Sawt Lubnan Al-Huriya - see Vo Freedom

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- FPM Radio - Voice of Free Lebanon (11515 kHz) : f/d Email (without location) after feq hours for Email-RR to radio[št] (FPM: Free Patriotic Movement an "anti pro-syrian regime in Beirut"-organisation). T.M.Rösner-D direct to QIP Nov 00
- FPM : nach 1 Tag kam eine email QSL von FPM, der Station, die nach Libanon und dem Mittleren Osten sendet. Man benutzt einen 250 kW Sender in Belgien, so das Schreiben. J.Leyder-LUX A-DX-ML Nov 02
- I got this e-mail after having heard the new FPM Radio Station on 11515.4 kHz on the 22nd of November at 16.00 hours UTC. I heard it thanks to very good information from different DX sources! : "Dear sir, Thanks a lot for your interesting report. We are surprised how u knew our broadcasting program, and the most surprising is how you knew our emails (maybe the 1st one from the station; but the second????) As my part, I'm a radio amateur also. These days, I only have my CB (11m band). And i'm the one receiving the emails of the FPM Radio Station. It would be nice to keep in touch, and to hear from you soon. We'll be broadcasting in the coming few days the same program (as a test). After that some programs will be prepared including news, political commentary on the situation in Lebanon. Best Regards." B.Fransson-S direct to QIP Nov 02
- FPM Radio Station Voice of Free Lebanon 11515 kHz verified with a detailed e-mail in 1 day. Their e-mail address is: radio[št] P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Nov 02
- FPM Radio, 11515 kHz, det. eMail-Bestätigung ohne Sendestandort, Laufzeit 2 Tage, Bericht per eMail an radio[št] R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Nov 02
- 11515, Free Patriotic Movement: E-mail rpt and RealAudio clip sent to fpmradio[št] and radio[št] brought E-mail reply the next day from tayyar address. Not the usual flat E-mail msg, but a colorful, green-background HTML message with website logo design at top, "We confirm your rcpn rpt to our "FPM Radio Station," and full-data (rpt date rather than rcpn date, however). "We are happy about your interest and we hope you can get some information about our occupied country and our struggle for freedom and democracy against the suppression of the pro-Syrian regime in Beirut. The widening of information is very important to us. Check our website for more info about our occupied LEBANON. Best Regards." Very nice for an E-QSL. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Nov 02
- Voice of Freedom : I received an e-mail QSL from FPM Station Lebanon A.Chaabane-TUN HCDX-ML Nov 02
- 11515 FPM Radio, the voice of the Free Patriotic Movement of Lebanon, political movement linked to general Aoun, confirmed my e-mail report in a couple of hours with a full data message. They wrote that they would like to receive my full time recording of their broadcast and "we would like to know if the signal fades in different weather conditions". I heard them heard from 16.18 to 16.59 UTC, 22 November, in Arabic. It was reported as their first broadcast (test). E-mail: radio[št] G.Bernardini-I HCDX-ML Nov 02
- I recentry received a QSL from the Voice of Free Lebanon. K.Hashimoto-J direct to QIP Dez 02
- Voice of Free Lebanon 11515 kHz, Full data e-mail QSL (HTML format) in 4 days. Report sent to radio[št] According to this QSL, Station name is Voice of Free Lebanon K.Hashimoto-J direct to QIP Dez 02
- Vandaag heb ik een volledig gedetailleerd QSL documentje ( groene achtergrond met o.a stationslogo) ontvangen via e-mail van de Free Patriotic Movement Radio station - Voice of Free Lebanon ( via Samara?). Zeer mooi voor e-mail QSL! FBN Radio is sedert 22 november dagelijks in het Arabisch (met veel muziek) te horen op 11515 kHz tussen 16.00 en 17.00 UTC Mijn rapport verstuurde ik via radio[št] . Website: H.Matten-BEL DX Antwerp-ML Dez 02
- Voice of Freedom : Full-data E-mail verie back real quick. Is 250 kw and xmtng from Belgium. They say there is no other time or fqy for b/cing at this time. E-mail address is radio[št] (via J.Berg-USA) R.Crawford-AUS DXplorer-ML Dez 02
- 11515, Voice of Free Lebanon (the Free Patriotic Movement of Lebanon station) verified an e-mail report with a full data e-mail reply featuring a green background in 1 day from radio[št] address. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 02
- 11515 Voice of Free Lebanon. E-mail verification reply stating my report correct and to check their web site ( for further information about occupied Lebanon, in 17 days. Reply sent too and replied from 'radio[št]'. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Jan 03
- Voice of Free Lebanon : I got an email qsl from FPM radio station, voice of free Lebanon for my report of December 5th, 2002. It was a response to an email report send to radio[št] E.Ezeani-NIG direct to QIP Mrz 03
- FREE PATRIOTIC MOUVEMENT (VOICE OF FREE LEBANON) 11515 kHz E-MAIL REPLY in 180 MINUTES !! WEB : E-MAIL : radio[št] G.Bernardini-I Play-DX J2003 Apr 03
- FPM R. / 11515 kHz, 2 Tage, eMail / RR per eMail R.Sonntag-D ADDX 2003-12 Jun 03
- Voice of Free Lebanon (FPM Radio Station): 11.515 F/D e-mail in 3 days for e-mail rpt to radio[št] R.Comeau-MA-USA direct to QIP Jun 03
- Radio Sawt Lubnan Al-Huriya 11520 kHz, 60 Tage, det. Karte Motoiv TDP Logo / 1 Dollar D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 03
- FREE PATRIOTIC MOUVEMENT RADIO 11515 kHz EMAIL REPLY in 1 d. ! EMAIL : radio[št] F.Carnevalini-I Play DX J2003-4 Apr 04

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